TNT extends 'The Closer' final season to ready potential spin-off -- EXCLUSIVE

TNT is reopening The Closer.

EW has learned exclusively that TNT just ordered six additional episodes of its veteran hit, extending its final season to prepare for a possible spin-off. The network expects to air the previously announced 10 episodes this summer, followed by five in the winter … and now another six in the summer of 2012.

The final six will be the swan song for star Kyra Sedgwick (Brenda Leigh Johnson), while likely introducing a new central character who will headline the spin-off.

The new show’s working title is…

Major Crimes.

Details are sketchy, but it looks like the show will evolve into a gritty drama that focuses on what happens when criminals aren’t sent to death row – the behind-the-scenes dealmaking that’s as maddening as it is brutally realistic in today’s criminal justice system. It’s that give-and-take, EW has learned, that ultimately paves the way for Brenda’s departure.

Though TNT has committed to the six additional hours, bringing the final season to 21 episodes, there’s still a lot of work to be done to shore up the cast (for now, it’s unclear how Sedgwick would be replaced in the spin-off – if at all). Nevertheless, the pickup should be good news to fans, who helped to make the last season of The Closer the most-watched season with 8.4 million viewers.

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  • eliott256

    Major Crimes? Really? That’s the best they could come up with? Major Crimes?….Seriously?

    • Mole

      Working title.

      • dave

        not-working title

      • chris

        Well it doesn’t have to work right now… they don’t even know who will star in the new show. They’ll come up with a permanent title soon…

    • Tom

      Oh I was hoping this would have been canceled by now to make way for better entertainment. Seriously..

      • Brad

        This show ROCKS. Im glad they’re spinning it off since Kyra wants to leave.

      • Jobe

        I agree

      • BP

        You’re deluded. This is a fantastic show.

      • debbie g

        really You probably watch all the bs shows like…… jershy shore teen mom crap like that this show is a great show

      • debbie g

        whatever your crazy you probably watch crap on tv in the first place unlike a great show like this

      • jerseygirl

        Your set only have one channel?

      • DragonFire

        Why do you have to be a hater. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. Now shut up and let those who like it enjoy it. Hater.

      • suzie

        the show is great. i love it. it’s unfortunate that kyra is leaving the show. she makes it, along with all the other cast members.

      • jc

        You better be quiet the Closer it’s one of the best shows on tv right now. We hate all this new stuff it’s all the same !!!!!!

      • Naomi Bennett

        Please, please, do not cancel “The Closer “,It’s the best show on t.v. and Kyra is topp rated in my home. We just love the show, Please Kyra ,do not know what I will do with out your show to look forward to. You are great. Itis a wonderfully put together show, including all who have parts, and how it is so real,no dirty remarks, just a clean wonderfully serious and funny show, what more could you want. Thank You!!!

      • jmb

        This is one of the best shows on TV. Who wants more Jersey Shore, etc????

      • CDI

        LOLOLOL it must be tough to HAVE to watch ANY show – no remote? too much trouble to change the channel or is TNT the only one you get and Monday the only night it’s available?
        I love The Closer and really will miss it!

      • erin

        This show is awesome! It’s gonna suck not having new seasons year after year. I’ll miss Brenda but I will still watch the spin-off if the rest of the cast is still around. You’re one of the greats Closer, you will be missed.

      • Paige

        Let’s see…smart dialogue; interesting stories; humor; and an interest is more than superficial things… I guess you watch “The Kardashians instead??

      • dj

        I cat believe kyra is not gonna be on the show, I don’t even know how they could replace her she is unreplacable, have you seen the shows! Ughh deppressing, no detective show can come close to the closer,it has the perfect mix of personal and work involved is just so depressing knowing my al time favorite show is going to end and make it with this jail and people in it? That makes no sence how they can destroy a perfect show like that, this show has always kept me on the edge of my seat, and now wow, I just can’t see how they can cme close to what kyra has done, its like taking huge laure out of house, com on!

      • dj

        You are an as* whole

      • Beth&Rick Morse

        We enjoy The Closer, and hope TNT doesn’t replace it with some of the usual same ol same ol smutt, language, sex, more put down of family, or just plain boring. At least they have brought some ol fashioned figure it out stuff. The Cast work together~at least it seems they really work together and some of it’s down right funny. At first my Husband didn’t like it, but now he enjoys the “big mouth” as he calls Kyra. I get a kick out of just seeing his interaction. It’s a Monday night thing we look forward to. Keep up the good work, there must be years of good real stuff they can follow up on for their stories . It’s really too bad Kyra feels she has to leave, she is loved and nobody will be able to take her place. TNT has brought to the home some good clean entertainment, Kyra and her back up cast made it happen. Thank You and we hope and pray it works out for still more of “The Closer” with the Same Staff.

      • Sherry Jones

        I am so glad to hear the Closer is being extended. I am hoping Kyra and the whole staff will return. I think this is one of the best if not the best show on TV. PLEASE return.

      • Karen

        I agree..make Kyra an offer she can’t refuse so that everyone can continue to watch the best program. I have never seen an episode that I didn’t totally enjoy. A sequel!! Really?! Don’t see how that will every compare. Love the entire cast as they interact very well. Provenza and Flynn are hysterical. I agree the episode where they are in a diner while Provenza’s car is stolen is the best. They are a “softer” version of Laurel and Hardy!! Fritz and Brenda are great together..what chemistry. How can a show in its prime be cancelled??

    • HATERS


      • erma

        I agree with you why do we have to deal withj trash tv when good shows like this leave the air?

      • echo

        In this case it was Kyra’s decision to leave the show. TNT considers the final season “a gift” from her as her contract only called for 6 seasons.
        I agree that Kyra is “The Closer” but I’d definitely watch a spin-off featuring the current Major Crimes detectives.

      • dj

        I agree! What the h*** tnt pay kyra more money convince her something, its just dreadfull to see another great amazing show fall off tv once again, now we get to look forward to boring law and order lol

      • ruth

        please do not quit the show; Kyra; your show is the only show I look forward every day! the rest is just, nasty language. Please-please please. ruth

    • Zakry

      Makes sense to me, that’s the name of the department Sedgwick’s character heads.

    • tommy

      Gee, I guess you will lose sleep IDIOT

    • bj

      This the best show. I don’t know if Brenda can be replaced. They way the team’s personality and the way they relate is great. I wish she wouldn’t or if she does make guest appearances. It will be a great test to see the show is only good because of Brenda or if the writers are the secret

      • ruth

        i am so disapointed you are leaving the show-at least tour team is staying—-But you carry the show!!!!! there will be no one ablr to live up to you!!! Thank you for being there ….Thank you, thank you for all your hard work and your team, and your fiance-husband on the show)ruth

  • briguyx

    Much more likely that the show continues to deal with Brenda’s squad after she leaves, perhaps with a new commander, as the division is called Major Crimes…

    • BruceMpls

      Kyra really is the show, so they need to bring in a major new character to continue as I don’t see the remaining cast being able to hold an audience’s attention for very long.

      • Amanda

        I disagree, I really like all of the supporting cast, I’d watch a show that was based around any of them.

      • BruceMpls

        I also think the supporting cast is fine but the key word is “supporting”. I tried to think of a show where the main character leaves and they left the show intact without adding a new major character and I can’t think of a single instance. Actually, after re-reading the article, it sounds more like the new show will be with all new people (possibly doing it like how the tv show JAG introduced NCIS). But, who knows? We have a long wait until it happens.

      • Suncatcher

        @BruceMpls – I believe Criminal Minds lost its lead actor, Mandy Patinkin, in its 2nd season (he walked off the show). The show did quite well without him due to its very strong supporting cast / ensemble acting. They did eventually add Joe Mantegna but by then, the show was self-supporting and a hit. Today it is typically in top 5 each week.

      • Jules

        Not to mention the many casting changes of lead characters on the original Law & Order franchise.

      • myprettypony

        my husband and I love Flynn and Provenza and we remarked at the end of the last season that they should spin off a show with the two characters in it. I can see Lt Radar taking over Major Crimes…

      • BruceMpls

        @Suncatcher/Jules I’ve never seen Criminal Minds so I can’t compare it to The Closer but was the show centered specifically around Patinkin? In terms of Law & Order (a show I love) the difference between it and The Closer is you have a main cast who pretty evenly share screen time/storylines and receive equal billing (with Sam Waterston getting a slight edge). Bottom line is replacing a character on the show doesn’t change the premise of the show like it will with Kyra Sedgwick leaving. With The Closer, the shows are centered around Brenda’s work/life/family, and she is on screen the vast majority of the show.

      • Ames

        I could see a show about Sanchez in the gang unit. Sgt. Gabriel working his way up the bureaucratic latter. Flynn and Provenza looking at the end of their careers, what to do when they’re no longer cops. Focus more on the new chief (Courtney P. Vance, people!) Frankly, they could do a lot of different shows with this talented cast.

      • Marcus Moore

        Maybe they could replace Brenda Lee Johnson with Deputy Chief Michael Scott from The Office!

  • googie

    Trying to watch tennis and Xgames at the same time I read and type! I’m going to miss The Closer so much I hope the spin-off is worthy of the time slot!

  • Anthony

    Bring back Mary McDonnell’s Captain Raydor for spinoff :)

    • Momj

      Please no her character annoys me!

      • James

        Poisoned Kisses sounds like a great book.I can’t say that I have ever had annoye in my life that I thought was bad for me that turned out not to be. I’ve had people who were bad and once they were out of my life, things went much more smoothly, with less drama.

    • Roz

      Then she is playing her role well

  • DotDotDot

    The supporting case in this show is really very good. I can see them carrying their own show. It won’t be the same as The Closer, obviously, but it could still work.

  • ethelmertz

    As long as Flynn and Provenza stay around I will be very happy.Guess this means we lose Fritz as well but perhaps he could transfer to the LOLA division as that is a revolving door these past few weeks…

    • KevinG

      Here, here for Flynn & Provenza!!

      • terry smith

        flynn an pro. are the best lets not forget mom an pop from atlanta

  • JenR

    Have you seen the Sesame Street muppets version of The Closer? I would watch that every week.

  • Bobbi

    I’m very glad we’re going to get six more episodes and possibly a spin-off. I like the supporting cast in this show a great deal so I’ll enjoy watching them. The writing has always been great so I’m sure they can do this realistically. Great news!

  • Ben

    Put Capt. Raydor in charge. She will bring a different vibe to Major Crimes.

    • Bibi

      Her voice drives me up the wall.

    • Snsetblaze

      I thought she would be a good replacement character.

    • tvwatcher

      No! Her character is horrible. Even if they tried to redeem her, I would not watch. Pick someone else.

    • Zakry

      Oh Lord! They would have to do some major writing to get that Capt Raydor to place where she can even think of being the new Brenda!

      • Marilyn S.

        I agree that Capt. Raydor has been annoying at times. But to be honest, it took me most of the first season before I could say I liked Brenda as I found her really annoying at first. And Mary McDonnell is a great actress who could bring the necessary gravitas to play a squad leader (see her performance in the recent Battlestar Galactica as case in point).

        My only problem would be that so far MM’s best scenes have been with Kyra Sedgwick. The animosity between them has steadily built to a “frenemies” relationship. With Brenda gone, I don’t know how well Capt. Raydor would click with the supporting cast, assuming they will stick around for the spin-off.

    • beancounter

      Oh yeah!!! Bring more of Capt. Raydor!! Mary McDonnell is a perfect foil for DC Johnson. Maybe the new show could be writtenaround Capt Raydor and have DC Johnson make cameo appearances.

      I love their interaction on the Closer!

      • Linda

        Do not like Cap. Rador at all, no one can replace Brenda, but I do like the squad, all of them.

  • K

    I don’t see the point of making a completely different show as a spin-off. Why not just make a different show if that is what they want. I think what the fans want is for the show to continue with a new person in charge. I don’t think a completely new person would be a good idea. I think they should bring in someone who has been introduced before. Maybe that person could be introduced over the next year.

  • einnor

    i dont want the show to go off the air. the squad could use shuffle.
    THANK yuuuuuuu!

  • jfms777

    Great news but the concept sounds a little “unfocused.” But I bet they will figure out the way to go.

  • Jeff from Jersey; yes new Jersey

    Just saw the Sesame Street answer to The Closer. Still laughing out loud.

  • Sid

    I want a spin off that headlines Flynn and Provenza. Those two are hilarious together. Remember the episode where Provenza’s car was stolen and it had all the evidence in it? They were in a diner flirting with the prime suspect and you could see it all going on behind them through the window. It was great. I’ll miss “The Closer”, but it will live on in reruns, I guess.

    • KevinG

      Was that the same one where they ended up in a golf cart searching a parking garage for their car? It also had a part where Pope says to Brenda “They were outwitted by a stewardess”

      • myprettypony

        yes that was the one.

      • DDB

        Actually, those were two separate episodes.

      • brandon

        Nope, the episode sid is talking about is the one with Stiffler’s Mom in it.

      • DTC

        No. A different episode. The one Sid is saying is the one with a delusion guy who wanted to be a cop and was one step ahead of Major Crimes while pretending to be people from Major Crimes using their business cards. The other one is where Flynn and Provenza was taking the two women back to apt (with cows) where Provenza stumbled upon a dead body in the bathroom.

  • Marc


    • Avie Jo

      Please, please James Huff, make Kyra an offer she has to take. This is a show that I never miss. Brenda Leigh Johnson cannot be re cast with anyone else. All the other crime shows are Closer-wannabe s . Kyra is the real thing and we all are in love with Fritz Howard. How bout moving the venue? You could have them team up to chase the killer in another state, like maybe Colorado????? At any rate, I have loved this well written, well acted series and will miss it. I will shoot my tv . We will miss our Brenda!! Please reconsider???? Bye, Ya’ahl…

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