Spike orders car repo game show from 'Jersey Shore' producers

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Spike TV just announced a recession-era game show from the producers of Jersey Shore. Titled Repo Games, the show follows two real-life repo men who give debtors one last chance to keep their cars by playing in a quiz show.

They’re asked five questions, and if they get three answers correct, the car will be paid off on the spot. Answer wrong, the car is towed to the impound lot.  It’s “Cops meets Jeopardy,” says the network.

But isn’t there something depressing about playing a game show to keep your own car? Imagine this idea being done with, say, a home under foreclosure. Same concept yet feels very different, right? Kids crying, Sheriffs Department waiting to change the locks, while some poor bastard tries to remember the capital of Bolivia.*

Spike says the show will have a “fun tone,” similar to Discovery’s Cash Cab, and notes the contestants will come from all walks of life (read: not just poor people), noting that even celebrities like Paris Hilton have had their cars repo’d.

Anyway, Spike has also picked up another reality show, Bar Rescue, which is basically Kitchen Nightmares but with bars instead of restaurants and with a guy named Jon Taffer instead of Gordon Ramsay.

“The guys featured on ‘Bar Rescue’ and ‘Repo Games’ share that same authentic, real-life persona that will resonate with Spike’s expanding audience,” says Spike programming head Sharon Levy. “We are thrilled to partner with the incredibly creative production teams that developed The Jersey Shore** and The Biggest Loser to bring these unique concepts to life.”

Spike has 20 episodes of Repo Games and 10 episodes of Bar Rescue coming down the pipe later this year…

* Sucre, though La Paz is also correct

** Yup, Spike added “The”

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  • JM in San Diego CA

    Oh, TV just keeps getting better and better! Of course, I’m an idiot, so there you go.

    • JimRocky

      Jerry Springer has been exploiting idiots for years now, and is apparently quite successful with that. No one complains much about it, but now when it’s about exploiting deadbeats that think they can ride for free people want to get all upset.

      • JD

        It’s a bit much to say deadbeats in a blanket statement like that as if they’re trying to shirk their obligations, I’m sure it’s true in a lot of cases, but maybe not true in a lot of others.

    • zack

      call me crazy but even though I will be looking forward to this show, it won’t be nearly as good as Skins

  • DORI


    • junkwaffle

      What does this have to do with ANYTHING?

      • Rich

        What does this have to do?!? If they had a rifle they could stop them from repoing their car.

    • Mark

      LMAO… I get the joke completely

    • Squiggy

      Better yet – call a democrat and complain how unfair it all is. I’m sure we can find a few trillion laying around somewhere.

      • trippin

        No, better yet call a Republican and imagine he’s not raping your family’s livelihood and telling you it’s a Democrat’s fault.

      • Nate

        trippin, you realize the flaw in your “logic”? You made a deal with the bank to borrow money to buy a car and promised (which is why you signed a promisory note) to pay the money back. In that promisory note it says that if you don’t pay the money back, the bank gets the car. If you don’t like the terms and conditions, either go to another bank or save enough money to buy the car cash, no loan. If your car gets repo’d, in the end it’s your fault. You made a deal and didn’t uphold your end.

      • Joe

        Nate, would I be dealing with one of the banks responsible for crashing the economy? I get what you are saying, but if this is going to devolve into partisan mud-slinging I gotta jump in ya know?

        I am actually not surprised by this show. Next thing you know we will make a reality show out of car highjacking.

      • Pat

        Isn’t there a show called Bait Car about car hijacking? Or was that the joke you’re making?

    • John

      lol, good answer rich.
      Repo man: “sir, I’m going to have to take your car…unless you can answer these questions.”
      Owner: “how about you answer a question for me,(pulls out sawed off shotgun) do you feel lucky? well do ya, punk?”

  • bah

    “But isn’t there something depressing about playing a game show to keep your own car?” – It’s not your car if the bank has the title. What about the shareholders and taxpayers who these deadbeats are ripping off?

    • jessica

      Still depressing…even with your corporate, taxpayer spin…

      • bARACK oBAMA

        So if one can con someone into giving them an auto loan, then one doesn’t have to make payments, is that correct, you leftist idiot?

      • muah

        haha. worked w/hsbc auto countless yrs, then laid off, then same ex-employer repoed my car. oh the irony but no emotion involved. what was right was done.

      • Jerry

        In the naive utopia of the Reich-wing banks and corporate America are the only ones allowed to con you out of your money.

    • Tod


      What a moronic statement. The car isn’t their’s … they didn’t make the payments. That the entire point behind ‘repo’.

      Some times it just seems pointless to even point this stuff out.

      • junkwaffle

        Second paragraph first sentence. If you answer correctly the loan is PAID OFF by the show. No stockholders or taxpayers lose anything.

      • Mary

        I know right

      • JLC

        Car title loans are given on cars owned free and clear on a short term basis if cash is needed for whatever reason. No lender would give a loan without collateral securing repayment or for something already liened by a first in line creditor…….

    • Steve

      Deadbeats??? What hole are you living in? Good, honest people are hurting and losing everything because of this rotten economy. If you are comfortable and secure in your position, more power to you. Maybe losing your life savings and your possessions would be a good wake up call for you though. Show a little compassion.

      • JimRocky

        What about compassion for the car dealer, (car dealers are have rough times too BTW, many are going under).
        He got a down payment and maybe a few payments, that doesn’t even begin to cover the dealer’s cost invested in the vehicle, then has to find the car that the deadbeat customer has been hiding. Usually these deadbeats have a knack for turning a fairly nice automobile into a filthy piece of crap super fast. If it happens enough the dealer goes broke. The deadbeats then find some other dealer and rinse repeat.

      • JD

        JimRocky; what dealer finances his sales like that? Most dealers seem to sell someone else’s loans, most likely being an agent of one of those banks that got a bailout for predatory lending.

    • mike kilpatrick long beach, ca

      Ye. the depressing part is humiliating people who are down, which is pretty much everyone these days.

  • DB

    One minor correction. You’re NOT EVEN CLOSE to playing for your own car.

    If it was PAID OFF and it was your own car, it couldn’t be repossessed now, could it?

    Signing loan papers doesn’t make something yours. Making that LAST PAYMENT does.

    I blame the educational system and a newsmedia that plays fast and loose with facts these days.

    It’s not your car until you actually complete paying for it.

    Don’t like loans? Save all the money up front and pay for it all at once before you drive it off the lot.

    • LW

      Stop it with the logic DB. You’re going to hurt someones feelings.

      Nailed it.

      • Bubba Six Pack

        I believe it is yours but the bank has a secured interest in it.

      • Bubba Eight Pack

        Bubba Six Pack, the legal ownership depends on the state.

        In practice, though, it’s not your car until the last payment is made.

      • jessica

        Bubba 8 pack, but we aren’t talking about practice here are we? We are all responding to the fanatcial “fact king” DB. So let’s get it right and start listing all states, cities even, and what their laws are. After all, we cannot enjoy articles until their written in size 6 font, 15+ pages and riddled with legalese.

      • bARACK oBAMA

        Yeah. Jessica, why don’t you name the jurisdiction in which one owns a vehicle once one secures the loan, prior to paying off the loan? Are you a troll, or areyou so stupid you have trouble remembering to breathe? You idiot.

    • jessica

      When you borrow your wife’s car, do you specifically say “Honey, can I borrow the banks car?” If not, I’d love to sit in your drive way with a shotgun and point out your mistake.

      • BH

        Next on Obama’s “Destroy the Constitution Tour…..”

        Buy a car or you will be fined!!!

    • Steve

      Using your logic, here’s a wake up call. You never ever own your own home, whether you pay off the lender or not. Just stop paying your property taxes and see how long you keep that house, and, those property taxes never end. You just keep paying and paying and paying.

  • chris

    prey on the awful conditions of life electing a socialist/redistributor brings. I will not tune in. best of luck to you all, just don’t ask for my healp when it all goes to distruction.

    • DannyVice

      don’t ask for your “healp”? When it all goes to “distruction”?


      • mike kilpatrick long beach, ca

        yes those are the new tea party spellings. they don’t cotten to no book lernin’.

  • John

    This’ll be the first game show where someone gets shot on question #3. What a ratings coup! Everyone will be watching the next week.

  • Robin

    In the not too distant future Spike can have a quiz show for cancer treatment. Won’t that be fun?

    • bARACK oBAMA

      How about a quiz show for a mansion overlooking the sea? Because everyone is entitled to that, too. You idiot.

    • lolbama

      Cool! We can call it “Obamacare”.

      • Realist

        You nailed it. Whether you receive treatment under Obamacare or not will depend on something as random as a quiz show – or whether you contributed to the Dems’ election campaign.

    • mark

      Medical treatment is not comparable to a luxury home. Or, have we gotten to a point where the less successful should just die and get out of the way ? Wasn’t that an issue in the 40’s in Europe ? The problem with O-care is that it didn’t go far enough-private companies and profit don’t belong in the insurance side of health care industry. Tax me and give me medicaid, don’t make me pay a private company.

      • Realist

        “Wasn’t that an issue in the 40’s in Europe?” – – – No. The issue in the 40’s in Europe was that Socialists took over Germany and nearly destroyed the world.

  • Htos1

    And this is one of several reasons why I smashed my Sony in ’93.

    • bARACK oBAMA

      That didn’t stop stupid.

      • AK

        Sadly, neither did your keyboard…

    • Jerry

      Now we just have to worry about the Reich-wing destroying the world.

  • HarryK

    “But isn’t there something depressing about playing a game show to keep your own car?”

    Its not their own car until its paid off. If theyve missed enough payments to be in repo phase theyre lucky to get this last shot.

    • Mr. Kelly

      Why are so many leftists so eager to give second, third, forth chances to those who squander every chance they get? Wouldn’t it be much better to do this for people that actually pay their payments? Rewarding people that screw up is what is ruining this country.

      • MR TRUTH

        WOW Mr. Kelly! A truer statement has never been spoken!

      • Douglas J. Bender

        A cold, cold attitude. Grantd, there are certainly people who “screw up”, and do so by being lazy, or dishonest, or by doing drugs, or by gambling away their money, or making foolish, irresponsible choices. But there are also many, many people whose financial difficulties are not of their making, and who have had dire financial circumstances come upon them through no fault of their own.

  • Methadras

    The race to the television bottom continues.

  • Strider

    This isn’t too far removed from a game show from ~10 years ago called “Debt.” In that one, contestants started out with large negative numbers (their debt) and moved up toward zero by answering questions correctly. IIRC, Wink Martindale was the host.

  • Mike

    The posters who say that you don’t own your car until you pay it off are wrong. When you buy a car, you own it from the moment the bill of sale is executed — regardless of whether you borrow the money used to make the purchase. Only you have the right to drive the car and sell it — rights not enjoyed by the lender from whom you borrowed. A secured lender only has a contingent right (which may vary from state to state) to arrange for the seizure and sale of the car in the event that you breach your obligations under your loan agreement.

    • bARACK oBAMA

      And if you sell it, you have to go to the bank and pay off the loan before the lender will sign off on the title so it can be transferred to the buyer. YOU IDIOT.

      • Mike

        Thanks for your courteous and thoughtful criticism. After many years of practicing law in the field of secured transactions, I have grown familiar with the misconception among some consumers that granting a purchase money security interest in a thing amounts to complete alienation of the thing. A security interest has no such effect.

        A note of clarification: I am not same person as the Mike posting below in this thread.

      • Daniel

        Thanks for pointing this out Mike. Most people don’t seem to grasp the difference between titled owner and lien holder, and in the case of a vehicle the differentiation of rights and responsibilities placed on the lienor and lienee.

      • DannyVice

        To make things simple to understand… Yes you own the vehicle, which is why you pay property tax on it. But unless you take out a loan with some other type of collateral, the car becomes the collateral. Make a car payment even one day late and the bank can take the property (the collateral) that secured the loan.

        Provisions are also written into the loan agreement that allows the lender to seek additional monies, should the collateral not be high enough in value to offset the unpaid balance.

      • DannyVice

        Just to be REALLY clear here. The bank won’t ALWAYS come get your car if you default on a payment.

        Sometimes you can obtain an auto loan and use other collateral to secure the note. Let’s say you have $100,000 worth of CD’s at your bank and choose to use those CDs to secure the loan.

        In a case like that, the bank would not come get the car, they would use the contract you signed to cash CD’s until the sum total of the note was satisfied.

        The car IS your property, but you forfeit that property, by contract, in the even the bank decides to call the defaulted note.

    • rabbit

      It makes me laugh when some people think a car is theirs before the last payment, NO it is NOT, some are just plain STUPID!!!!!!!

      • DannyVice

        if you default on the loan, even by a single day, the bank (by virtue of the contract you signed) may take immediate ownership and possession of the vehicle, as it’s the property that secured the loan.

        So by law, so long as the payment is current, it is your property and you are obligated to pay property tax on it as that property’s owner. But the minute you go into default, it’s completely up to the lender to assume ownership or not.

    • Steve

      OMFG! Are you serious? Yes, when you take possession of a car you have a superior right to use it; superior to both car theives and the bank that supplied the cash for the sale. The bank’s right is inferior to your because you pay interest on the money they loaned you. When we don’t make your payment, you default. It is no longer your car, it is the banks.
      I can’t help but think you’re not really this stupid and you’re just trying to get our blood pressure up.
      You know what would be a great spin-off of this game? Death Row! Where the condemned are given a second shot at life (literally) if they can answer x questions correctly!

      • DannyVice

        ownership has nothing to do with whether or not you’re paying interest on the loan. Many car loans have zero apr.

        The ownership is based exclusively on whether or not you are in default of the contract you signed.

        There is no superior or inferior rights.

        You have ALL right to ownership of the vehicle, so long as you are not in default of the contract. This is why you pay ALL of the property tax on it.

        If you default on a payment, the lender, by contract, has a right to collect the collateral you used to secure the note. Most of the time, the collateral being the car itself.

    • Jake

      Well from a person’s perspective that is in the repo business and has been for several years. This is how it goes…. the vehicle is not yours until you have a clear title with your name on it and no lienholder. You may be the registrant owner, but the title owner. There is a difference. You cannot sell a vehicle with an open title (per which state) until the loan is paid off. If you get behind on your payments,, the best thing you can do is always stay in contact with the lienholder and if you get too far behind surrender the car back to the bank. Everyone gets down on hard times now due to the ecomony but you cannot keep a vehicle that you cannot pay for! That is how the world turns. It’s what keeps me in business! Oh and by the way I’m a woman that has bene doing this for a very long time!

  • Bob

    Now if they would have a game like this for people who have had their houses reposessed.

  • Kathy

    It’s NOT your car if you haven’t PAID for it. I think these people are getting a pretty sweet deal having someone else pick up the tab if they answer right. What if they owe 20 grand? Paid off. If they don’t want to be on the show they don’t have to sign the documents to release the tape to Spike.

    • BH

      This entire thread shows the ignorance and problem of the American people in general. Americans are so enthralled in material things and somehow equate credit to wealth.

      and yes….I am an American. It’s sad really. A $20,000 credit card does not make you $20,000 wealthier people!!!!

      If you can’t pay cash….You shouldn’t buy it!

      • DannyVice

        So every human being should live in an apartment until they can pay $100,000 for a house out of their piggy bank? You are correct in theory, but a bit naive in reality

  • mikedudical

    This is hillarious. Considering that there are more repossessed cars on the market than ever before in history (i.e. http://repofinder.com), why not glorify it? They’ll probably only pick people with crappy cars anyway. I want to see a guy getting his Ferarri repossessed.

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