'Glee': Watch the Super Bowl episode's boobalicious opening performance set to Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Gleeks, I honestly have zero idea who is playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday (Wikipedia tells me it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers), but I’m hella certain that I will be tuning in for the post-game episode of Glee. But this super-sized episode could even attract non-Gleek eyes based on today’s big premiere: EW can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the opening Cheerios dance number set to Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” It’s a veritable boob-a-palooza — with more bikinis than an episode of Jersey Shore — produced to keep eyes glued to the screen even after the big football game is done. “I think our opening number is going to retain a lot of male viewers,” says co-creator/executive producer Ian Brennan. The Glee team knew that they would need to lure in the football audience and adjusted the episode to reflect those potential new viewers. “We put stuff in there understanding that there are a lot of dudes who watch the Super Bowl,” says co-creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk. “It was making sure that the dudes who refuse to watch Glee are like ‘Wait a second!'” Based on the clip below, I think they succeeded. Watch all the pyrotechnic glory after the jump.

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  • harry


    • whereisit

      WHy is this Gay show getting the post Superbowl slot. Why not give it to a show that needs it and will keep the FOOTBALL crown. How about Fringe, Human Target, or give a good kick start to Chicago Code.

      Glee is for teenage girls and Gay men, who won’t be wathcing the Superbowl.

      • Aroosa Khokher

        ^ So there are about 17 offensive things in here. Just saying.

      • Maha

        What’s wrong with Gay people getting a show? How many years have we been getting mainstream heterosexual shows?

      • Aaron

        whereisit – what an idiot you are. I watch the Super Bowl AND I love GLEE. So does the rest of my family, including my teenage sisters. Talk about ignorance. Feel very sad for you.

      • Leo

        I am a gay man who will be watching the Superbowl, and you are an idiot.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I am a huge football fan and used to be a big Glee fan and this season has been really gay and I couldn’t recommend it to any of my male friends, so this bikini scene is like false advertising. Fellow dudes, don’t fall for it!

      • UGH

        TNT should be airing the Super Bowl so they can increase the audience for Southland by airing an episode afterwards.

      • Q

        There are so many offensive things I can point out in your comment. I’m an 18 year old girl who loves football and I will definitely be watching the Superbowl. I also love Glee, so the show having the post Superbowl time slot is an added bonus. Your ignorance and idiocy is disgusting.

      • Rush

        You didn’t hear that Football is secretly a gay sport, what with all that squatting by men in spandex. And what kind of relationship do you think the quarterback really has with his center snap man and where he places his hands?

      • Michelle

        I’m a gay teenage girl who is a devoted football fan since birth. Not to mention I rock out ever Tuesday Night to Glee. You’re an idiot.

      • TJ

        I am as gay as a fraternity brother and I will be watching the Superbowl! Get over yourself

      • Rita

        Yup at least 17 I agree with ya Aroosa. Whereisit you need to reflect..

      • chistosa

        whereisit, you are so ignorant. First, I am neither a teenage girl nor a gay man. Not even close. And my husband and I enjoy the show. And we watch the
        Super Bowl each year and at times host Super Bowl parties. So instead of judgementally classifying people erroneously, why don’t you invest your time education yourself.

      • autie

        WOW. I’m a straight, African American woman in my late twenties who has seen every episode of Glee and also probably knows more about football than Wherisit. Just sayin’

      • JustAThought123

        Troll much?

      • Rachelle

        If you don’t like don’t watch it! Just because you can’t deal with your own sexuality vent to others.

      • argo

        @Maha: Gays already have a show. It’s called the Super Bowl.

      • Nicotine

        I’m a straight African American male in my early twenties who watches football religiously and has seen (and enjoyed) every single episode of Glee so far.

        You can’t put people in categories based solely on race, age and gender. People are different in many ways, but they can all enjoy the same things.

      • Mollie

        You’re disgusting. Also, why do you keep capitalizing ‘gay’?

      • KatieKat

        I am not a teenager or a gay man and I love Glee. I don’t know why you feel the need to insult people this way. You must have a small unit.

      • Javadude54

        I’m over 50, a straight male, and I love Glee. Sure, the show has a strong gay element but that doesn’t mean it isn’t entertaining. As long as Lea Michele keeps singing, I’ll keep watching.

      • Arty

        Gay guys who are into football. Hot.
        Straight guys who watch Glee. Hot.
        Ignorant people who don’t think before they speak. Not.

      • Petunia

        I’m an almost 50 straight woman who loves Glee and watches football. (STEELERS SUCK!!!)

      • Woot

        I’m a gay dude and until I read your comment, was planning on watching the superbowl. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t watch football because I’m gay!

      • Jason

        I watch the superbowl and glee and I am straight. Also, theres nothing wrong with gay people. So just shut up, because you clearly know nothing.

      • tanby

        Good point, whereisit. The show IS pretty damn gay, (ladies dig gay stuff, for obv reasons) though they perk it up a bit for the pedo crowd by making high school kids sex objects.

      • PaulMaka

        WOW! Just when you thought people couldn’t be any more ignorant. Just cause were gay doesn’t mean we don’t like sports.
        Nobody is telling you to watch glee anyway.

      • Caroline

        Wow that is offensive and rude

      • Jackie O

        oh of course us gays hate super bowl I forgot about that maybe replace glee with more men tackling eachother for “sport” .. -.- ignorant people like you make the world the way it is now. Pathetic.

      • Annette

        You guys do know this idiot is not going to post again! Besides your right they should not just think men are going to watch the Superbowl because if that is what they think their wrong!

      • Randy Owen

        That, ladies and gentlemen, is the mind of a podunk redneck.

      • Arielle

        Why air one of the shows that you mentioned when the audience rating is so slow??? The whole point of the POst SuperBowl Show is for Ratings. Not to mention Big names fund the Post show episode so Big Name=Big Show=Big Bucks!!! GLEE was bound to be chosen. oh and PS I’m a Straight as girly as they get girl who LOVES football and GLEE! So get over yourself already!!!!

      • KK

        I watch Glee and I also will be watching the super bowl! so Shut It and stop hating on Glee!!

      • Kristin

        So would this make me a gay man or a teenage girl??? Oppss!! I forgot because I am neither. Why don’t the haters just be quiet and go comment on something else! Glee is obviously awesome according to their millions of fans.

      • Alex

        lol YOU MAD!

      • Sarah

        What small town timbooktoo are you from whereisit…believe it or not in 2011 you can be gay, watch football and wear nail polish!! You need some serious culture my friend.

      • Jason C.

        Way to indulge whereisit who is obviously just trying to get some attention! I must applaud all of you for falling into his trap of showing just how heated people get about bs online.

        I honestly wondered how Glee got the post Super Bowl spot myself. Not for such false reasons as whereisit claims, but it really is overly obvious counterprogramming. Also, I think there are other shows with a smaller audience that are good that should get the post Super Bowl spot so that maybe they can strengthen their audience. Glee doesn’t really need higher numbers. Also, while there is naturally going to be an overlap in viewers, this isn’t going to appeal to many of the viewers of football. Glee’s audience has been up to 17 million, but the Super Bowl can draw 100 million plus. I don’t see Glee being that well of a holdover.

        This is coming from a Glee fan, although my loyalty is waivering as the show moves from the more character oriented first season to the overblown second season (seriously, how does a glee club with limited funding at a school with budget problems get such lavish sets?!).

      • Tarc

        I dunno… why are you a dead brained idiot?

      • Morgan


      • Superstar

        ok, your commnt is rediculous. maybe if your shows had some audience behind it then they could have gotten the post superbowl spot. Glee got it because they have fans, and they kicked butt in 2010. so keep your nasty opionions to yourself you pig

      • Insertnamehere

        because you know this show is totally awsome and yall are just jelose because oh snap sorry you may have to catch a glimps off is amazing ness after the superbowl grow up…

      • gleefan

        OK person, I am a 34 year old mother and wife and I love that show. My husband and I love to watch it together. For your information Glee is the most watched show right now. SO it being a “guy show for teenagers and guy men is very offensive.”

      • erc

        number 1-this show is for anyone at any age what ever they may be. im a straight guy and i happen to like glee i like it for a music and there is almost nothing gay about this show it doesnt evolve around gay people wow 3 gay people make this show gay no it doesnt there are about 20 other people in that show. number 1 soo if this show is socalled gay that means the music is too so im guessing you listen to gay music now. i hope your pleased bcause your about to get alot of crap from this so good job!

      • ignoranceisyournewbestfriend

        Okay first off. I am a teenage girl on her 3rd year of high school football and let me say that I grew up with footbalol and I love glee! so there. And let me tell you my uncle who just so happens to be gay HATES glee. But loves football. So, get the facts straight before you start judging others. treat others the way YOU want to be treated
        thank you :)

      • alex

        your one ignorant person….glee is watch by millions….and to say that shit is pretty dumb….its 2011 deal with it

        im a college student who loves football and im not gay.

      • Paul

        As a straight man, I can assure you that I couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl, but I’m looking forward to Glee.

      • josh

        ok really i am not gay and i love glee and dont be saying crap bout gay people its really rude

      • Cait

        but now that large audience is more likely to tune into the game at least the end of it…The actual Superbowl watchers really wont care what show is on after when most are drunk and at a party or whatever

      • Jane

        Glee comes on AFTER the Super Bowl. And so what if there is gay people on the show. I for one think it’s an awesome show and I’m a big fan. I set the DVR for this show because being a mom I will probably be in bed by the time is comes on…lol.

      • Reba

        Forty-five year old, het, female here! Love Glee… and you, my friend, are a jerk. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. But don’t judge or make generalizations about those who do.

      • Jaye

        Boo hoo. Glee is the perfect post Superbowl show. Nothing manly about men in tights running around tackling eachother and then showering together.

      • JOE DOE


      • Barbara

        You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I’m 66 yrs. old & Glee is my favorite show. Takes me back to my high school days. You watch your football game macho man, and the rest of us will enjoy Glee.

      • dustin true

        because its the best show ever daaa dont reply cuz i is alsome

      • Jack Lack

        I think you should use spell check….before you try to rant about a show you obviously know nothing about….And how old are you that you need to complain about ‘gay’ people…….the world is changing and obviously your mind isn’t…..GROW UP……i’m 18, straight, watch glee, and football…..it’s obvious some guys actually grow up….apparently you did’nt

      • junior

        it’s all about money my friend, all about money.

      • natalie

        I LOVE THAT SHOW and i a not a teen i am 10 so the show is for any one my brother and i love to watch it and so what if he is gay it does not matter. so you can not say that only gay men and teen girls watch it (i am nethier and i watch it so HAHAHAH) to you

      • Sandy

        Did you realize that Gay Men may watch the super bowl as do teenage girls? Thats a very ignorant statement.. Second of all They did this because those people who won’t generally watch it will watch it to see Glee afterwards plus drunk men love to see girls shake all they got.. so really its a win win for everyone especially you and your ignorance..

      • whittle

        I am a GIRL! And I love GLEE! And I spend all day Saturday and Sunday watching football! You are chauvinist pig. There’s actually a Glee episode about that. Maybe you should watch it?

      • Jenn

        Every show deserves a shot. True. You just put it the wrong way. Glee does not need this spot. It is already a strong show. Better to have given it to Human Target. An excellent show that has been trounced by a mix of switchout timeslots and pre-empting for the stupidity of American Idol. I was shocked to find it was on this past Monday opposite CHUCK! Had to catch it on Hulu today because, well, NO ONE usurps CHUCK.

      • @Jane

        Btw, Jane, there are only three characters in a cast of twenty that are gay. It is just that Murphy has chosen to highlight them.

      • Susan

        Get with it guy, when is the last time you had a girl friend. Gee!

      • Jimmy

        Dude, everyone posting after you is right… You are a major Idiot… I think you’d be a certainty to win a gold medal in the “stupid” olympics.

        Whereisit? obviously not between your ears…

      • Ryan

        Just saying I am totally straight as I am also watching the Superbowl and equally excited for this episode of Glee. As well as I know other straight men who will

      • Jerdizzle

        haha, i think its awesome that you went out of your way to go to this website, read the article, and then comment on it. i think youre a closet gleek.

      • Shin’ ai

        hahaha… bitter?

      • Liz

        And you live where exactly that teenage girls aren’t sports fans? Go ahead, throw in a comment about pink hats/shirts. I’m sure that’s your next reply, because men don’t seem to understand that women can be equally knowledgeable sports fans and cringe at the sight of pink paraphernalia. As someone who used to be one a few years ago, I’m sure there are plenty of teenage girls who’ll be watching the Super Bowl, maybe even knowing a thing or two more about it than some guys, and then staying tuned for Glee.

      • jenny

        Ok, have u even SEEN glee? how is it gay if you dint mind me asking. its girls sining a song that girls sing. their is nothing wrong with that! is American Idol gay? NO! is Britans got talent gey? NO! half the people who dont like glee, have never seen it! i bet u are one of that half. yes i agree that glee doesnt need the slot, but you can stop being such an as***** stop ruining pps joy! Its like if you got a puppy and i took a hammer and killed it! that would make u sad. Seeing glee makes ppl happy! even though this is a fake show, ppl can relate to what happens! weather it b a break up or a fight or whatever. this was a great performance. I LUV GLEE

      • jmack127

        I’ll be watching the Super Bowl partly because Glee is on afterwards (and partly because I’m a Steelers fan). Ever consider that Glee is drawing in a different audience to watch the Super Bowl???

      • whereisit

        WOW, nowhere in my post did I say that there is anything wrong with being Gay. But most of the responses brought their own prejudices in to this. Please don’t bring your own hatred of others and place it on me.

        Please be more caring of people who are different than you.

      • Really!!!?!!!

        WOW. I’m a straight, married, Caucasion woman in my late fourties who has seen every episode of Glee and also probably knows more about football than Wherisit. Just sayin’

      • lvlou

        I take offense to that remark. I am 55 and am a total Gleek and I’m not alone. I admit it’s a show that caters to women but I’m willing to bet that my older sons and husband will be glued to to the tube when this number takes to the screen.

      • Rush

        Dear Wheresit, What with all the muscular, sweaty, large men grappling each other, tackling each other, holding each other in intimate ways, the slapping on the backsides, I can totally see the appeal that football has to your masculinity. On the flip side, you could be right; Glee with its cast of attractive young women like Dianna Agron, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jayma Mays, Lea Michele, Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, is totally gay. I see your point. My Best, Rush

      • Buck

        This troll is getting hella fat… so lets keep on feeding him!

      • Marie

        wooow, sterotyping….
        k, first GO STEELERS, i am a diehard steelers fan, having a superbowl party AND then will watch glee, i am 19 years old Straight Girl and love it, even my parents love it and APPRECIATE it, its a great showw. Lots of good things in there

        oh yeah WHEREISIT… The one football player on the team in the show is GAY

      • DD

        Here’s a clue buddy – change the channel if you don’t want to watch Glee after the Superbowl. You have the power. And don’t yuck my yum, keep your hater opinions to yourself.

      • Nikki2Sox

        @Petunia: Woah, Woah, WOAH! Steelers suck??? Them’s fighting words! GO STEELERS!

        Oh…and also GO GLEE!!!!!!

      • Sonny Sixkiller

        You are all haters… whereisit is totally right.

        Most women watch football because they watch it with their boyfriend, husband, brothers or father. They enjoy the party atmosphere of watching the big game. They also enjoy being one of the guys and being accepted by their father/husband/boyfriend etc.

        The average woman knows nothing about football.

        I have a question to all the female football fans… do you watch football games alone? do you go on espn to check the scores and stats across the league? do you play fantasy football? do you listen to sports radio? do you watch sportscenter? do you read every article in the paper that has to do with football?

        Because that is what guys do.

        For women it is all about having friends over and everyone drinking beer and making hotwings and having a party.

        When was the last time you saw a group of 5-10 women all going to a football game together… with NO MEN??? Never.

        Men love football. Men do not like Glee.

        whereisit, you are right.

      • El

        Of course gay men don’t watch the superbowl, how could any gay man possibly be interested in watching a bunch of large, extremely muscular guys running around, crashing into each other, and then patting each other’s backsides? BTW, I’m straight and I enjoy Glee, although admittedly it is the gayest of any show that doesn’t air on LOGO.

      • HDuoiwe

        I find this extremely offensive. Fringe is a terrible show.

      • ari

        I love football and I love Glee. I’m neither a teenager or gay…..so what’s ur point now?

      • Steverino

        Gay men watch it you silly girl, what century do you live in?
        Please return to your own favorite shows…Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver!

      • Jim

        I am not gay, Glee is great, and the chicks on the show are hot as hell, I think you are the gay one…

      • Patrick

        Cuz the Superbowl is gay of course!

      • Jessi

        I am neither a gay man nor a teenage girl. I will be watching both the Superbowl AND the Glee episode afterwards, thank you very much. Macho moron.

      • Helly


        People who hate the Superbowl and have had to deal with it infecting their tv for so long deserve something they love back on asap. Don’t be so selfish…

      • Dan

        I’m awful comment got 100 awful responses. Cringe inducing.

      • megan

        you are a horrible person

      • Steven

        Um… I’m gay and I said the same thing to my lesbian sister. The show is gay. Cmon, it seriously is. Most people watching the superbowl would better enjoy Fringe or Human Target and those shows do need this more than Glee, which really has been horrible this year.

      • Katie

        Seriously people need to shut their mouths. I love glee and i also LOVE watching the superbowl, i love football. So everyone who like to big talk to their computer can just shut the hell up and stop steriotyping people!

      • angie

        ‘first of all you can sooooo tell a man wrote this comment! Second, Glee must be doin somethin right to get the post superbowl slot!!

      • jenny

        dear Sonney Sixkiller,
        yes, my mom and i both wacth football alone. i see her drop hrer work and walk over to the couch and watch the game. also, my dad watches glee every week. yeah, don’t say that women only watch football with men, cause thts no ture at all. don’t make judgements, they make an a** of you and me.

      • lucy

        oh hell no you dont talk hater u hatin u bein mad sterotypical so shut up….p.s and i dont even watch the show

      • Dee

        Sure, maybe instead of Glee after the Super Bowl Fox should air some wrestling, because that is the exact opposite of something that is “gay.” Come join us in the 21st century, Neanderthal, and realize that being gay is no longer offensive (not that it ever should have been seen as offensive).

      • Paige

        Okay seriously. The point of putting Glee on after the Super Bowl is good for Football AND Glee. I hate Football, but I’ll be watching the Super Bowl because you can’t decipher when it’s over cause it takes a million years to finish one game. By having Glee on after, a TON of Glee fans are going to watch the game so we don’t miss anything. Don’t be an ignorant idiot and call it ‘gay’ either.

      • Elisa

        You’re an ignorant. Nothing more.

      • hmmm..

        Who won the 2011 Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Comedy ?….. Oh that’s right… it was Glee. Lots of people enjoy both football and Glee. The people that matter apparently love the show or they wouldn’t have won such an incredible award.

      • Jack

        WOW Your an effing moron. First of all, its about ratings, and just because you don’t like the show, that doesn’t change the fact that with the exception of AI, gLee is Fox’s #1 rated show. Second, I think a football episode of gLee would be a perfect follow up to the superbowl. Lastly, this may, in fact, be one of the most boring superbowl games in recent years. I’m rootin for the Packers, but I dont really care. I’ll be in it for the food and liquor.

      • lois

        Agree with you..gay program !

      • Joelle

        Oh such an idiot you are, i really am enjoying Glee sure of my friends but none of them are Gay!

      • Jeff

        I found nothing offensive in his comment whatsoever. Read the post again, stop projecting VALUE judgments, and then compare his statements to Glee’s demographics to ascertain whether or not he’s right.

        Personally, I suspect he is.

      • Ang

        While I understand that your football game should be followed by something more “manly” in your eyes. Please keep in mind the following.

        1) Glee is one of the most popular and creative shows on right now, no other show on Fox (besides that karaoke show) would have the fan base to pull off enough viewers.
        2) This show is for people of all sexual orientations, religions, classes, and genders.
        3) Best Case scenerio: I am sure you will be passed out in a Trans Fat Food Coma or drunken stupor to even realize it’s on.
        4) Worst Case Scenerio: You are either in jail for beating ur baby momma while in said drunken stupor or make at the Walmart getting yourself some more cheese in a can.

        I Pray for people like you, hopefully someday you will evolve into a real man… until then.. please do not breed.

        Thank you & have a nice day.

      • Tired of Idiots

        I hope both whereisit and Sonny Sixkiller bet lots of money that the Steelers would win the Super Bowl.

        It’s amazing the amount of ignorance in whereisit’s statement about Glee being for teenage girls and gay men. Equally as ignorant is Sonny Sixkiller saying women only watch football because of men or for social reason. What MORONS.

        I am a 50 year old woman who has run the office football pool (over 70 people participate, not all are men), and am constantly being told I know more stats about players and games than anyone else people know. I have season tickets to the Redskins and Orioles (fans don’t stop being loyal when their teams lose), as well as season tickets for UM football and basketball.

        Any time Sonny wants to put his money where is mouth is, I’ll meet him at a sports bar and see who knows more about football (pro OR college).

      • Dede

        first dumb idiot that show is entertainment. don’t be a hater. Second it was after the superbowl!

      • Karin

        You obviously are not aware of your surroundings, because this show is widely known and enjoyed. It teaches people of all ages not to judge others by there different opinions. Maybe if you watched this show you would change your attitude. This show was made for people like YOU.

      • Pete in Texas

        whereisit is a pot-stirrer. He tosses a leftover chicken bone into the Amazon and watches the piranhas go into a frenzy. Great fun!

    • Rush

      The couldn’t get Artie to do the Snoop Dogg rap?

      • Rush


      • Sam

        That would have been so great!!

      • LOL

        “I’m bored” sums it up.

      • S.

        I’m bored was my thought before Sue said it.

    • Rush

      Unfortunately, none of the Cherrios have boobs to match Katy Perry.

      • TB

        Then again who wants to be like Katy Perry anyway? She sounds like a horse and her back probably hurts all day.

      • me

        yea, the cheerios just do not look very sexy in this video. Part of it is that the waistbands are too high

      • Rich

        Yeah, as a straight male who occasionally watches Glee… Great potential. Terrible execution. You have attractive women looking highly unattractive in that video, coupled with one of the worst songs of the last decade. If Glee desperately wants to “retain” those male viewers, just go full-blown sell-out and do the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie show.

        Jane Lynch funny as always, of course.

      • whereisit

        ” as a straight male who occasionally watches Glee” or ” as a occasionally straight male who watches Glee” ?

    • Alex

      OMG ! whereisit ! i think u are Dave Karofsky .

    • Che

      I LOVE GLEE, but this is terrible, the show was about diversity but the only have skinny pretty people (the new kid Sam) and Mercedes and Tina that are a little different are not loved in the show, they are not given the screentime they deserve!

      • Rush

        Did you not notice that this show is written and produced by the same guy that brought us Nip/Tuck? What’s wrong with fantasy TV bringing us beautiful people to look at. The show is not called “Freaks and Geeks”. Besides, Mercedes and Kurt have had *plenty* of screen time for their story arcs.

    • Tom

      I am so sick of seeing EW basically advertising constantly for glee. What about the other 100 shows on TV. Not saying good or bad about glee could care less like it if you like it but if you open EW.com 6 of 7 days they will have an article about Glee on the front page. Shows that it blow it away in the ratings are lucky to get a line here and there. I think personal preference has taken over for the writers here.

    • reality

      First off, Glee is gay. Very gay. Flaming. There’s not a straight guy a I know who watches the show. If you’re straight and watching the show you’re prolly just trying to get laid. Their covers are poppy, non-edgy,and mostly catchy. Every episode is like “hey remember that song?”. Its a musical with a run of the mill teenage drama. Lets call it what it is- sorta genius.

      Listen I hate the show but it has nothing to do with football.One is an athletic event, the other is a musical. Both entertainment.They aren’t mutually exclusive. Why does is it a suprise me they married the most viewed show after the most viewed event in the country?

      My point is everyone should just watch whatever you like, and if you hate- try and atleast be articulate why you don’t like it while posting so you don’t sound ignorant.

      ps- whats with that cover of dancing by myself with billy idol? Am I old or was that weak? Seemed hollow, and lack of any energy which drove the origional.

    • Lese Hines

      I am a mother of two and I love Glee so it’s not for gays and teenage girls. It’s nice to actually see a musical show on tv. I dont normally watch the superbowl unless the Patriots are playing, but my mother is having a party so I’m there along with my kids.

  • Andrew

    I agree with Sue’s assessment of “I’m bored” unfortunately. I wish they had Santana sing the song or something to spice it up

    • Snsetblaze

      I agree with your assessment. I was bored too. And I hate the song.

    • Charlotte

      I wanted to hear Santana, Quinn, and Brittany sing it so bad. I don’t particularly like the song, but that would have been awesome. It kind of bored me too, but I have a feeling that “the dudes who watch the Super Bowl” will like it anyway.

    • anya

      That’s what I was wondering. If they wanted to make this interesting they couldn’t have had someone from the Glee club sing the song? That song was way over played last summer, a lot of people are still sick of it, gotta mix it up or use something more interesting.

    • cheril

      i was also disappointed that they didn’t sing it…

    • Logan

      Bored myself, not a big fan of that song though even done by KP. Also, the hair with those outfits was somewhat painful to see.

    • jeannette

      I agree. Stupid and boring. Where’s the Glee I once loved?

    • sarCC

      Yeah. I actually like Glee and that makes me not want to watch it. Terrible song, terrible performance and not hot at all. That’s not going to work at all.

    • Jane

      Sue wouldn’t have allowed that because she doesn’t like the Glee Club…lol

  • bruno

    i was bored too, sue. lame.

    • AnaB

      Agreed. What the heck was the point of all that?! Come on, show…

    • maj

      and the blue hair was too distracting to notice anything else that was happening.

      • Greg

        Totally bored, Sue. “What does Glee dress up as this week? Tune in to see!” Boring. The music used to be tied in to the characters emotions (like a musical is) and now it’s just like a random talent show. Very, very bored.

      • anya

        I agree. I know Katy was wearing a blue wig everywhere last summer but even she’s noticed how silly she looked and taken it off by now.

    • Madox

      Agreed. I love “Glee”, but I just thought that number was blah.

    • Kat

      Agreed. Why do I want to watch a bunch of stunt cycling? I thought I would see the Cheerios put on a great dance show, but they barely did anything that could be called “dancing” and they just waved fiery stuff around. The flaming hula hoop was kind of interesting, but my interest waned from then on. I mean, only two girls had boobs making sparks, and they just walked forward at the end and knelt. That’s what all the hype has been about? It was a concept with potential, but I didn’t care for how it turned out. Sue was, of course, great.

      • Sam

        Yeah, there was a lot of hype made about it and this was a big let down. However, I did wonder how they were going to incorporate the song seeing as none of the characters are from California. Maybe it was just the wrong song choice all around. And could anyone tell which one was Quinn?

    • Sandi

      I thought this was a show about A high school with kids.. not a burlesque club..

      • HoneyB

        That was hardly burlesque. Have you seen high school dance/cheer teams lately? They’re far worse than this mess.

      • Mocha

        @HoneyB: Actually, I’m on a high school dance team, and though the video isn’t really burlesque, we would get in major trouble with the administration if we performed a dance like that.

    • b

      What was up with the lack of lighting? I couldn’t even see them dancing, though from what I could see it looked more like “strutting back and forth” than anything as impressive as actual dancing. Hello, perfect opportunity to give Heather Morris a dance solo and impress the shit out of everyone, but instead we get this crap?

  • Art

    So… this really should inspire 7-year-olds to pick up an instrument. Ryan Murphy is ALL ABOUT arts education!

    • CH

      LOL I like Glee, but I love this comment.

      • lefty

        But I love Glee?

        (that’s because I don’t HAVE a comment).

      • Katja

        LOL @ both Art and lefty. Lefty, perhaps you can answer a question for me. I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?

      • Rich

        And heaven forbid any musician would prefer their song NOT be used as the soundtrack to a blue-wigged-BMX-fire display, because that would mean they’re an out-of-touch over-the-hill has-been who hates America.

    • nuke

      yeah but…7 yr olds should not be watching glee…thats just creepy…oh well they have the brittany character..acting like a 5 yr old but also a slut…its not ike being a slut is a bad thing

      and oh…i was bored too…

    • Louise

      Haha! Well said.

    • HEN

      lol! i totally agree. this was mystifying- i kept waiting for something exciting to happen. I dont know what clip tim stack saw but it must not be this. there’s nothing worse than having high expectations that fall really, really short.

    • bruno

      haha! totally. what a crock of glee. can they cancel this crap already?

    • Cat


    • Tarc

      It’s a comedy segment, Art. Idiot.

  • Eli

    Glee is so lame.

    • Jen

      Thanks for coming in to show us how cool and above it all you are

      • Eli

        I’m not above it. I just think the show has become lame.

    • Ruby

      I agree. I barely got through season 1, since the writing was just so God awful. I mean, what the hell happened to the Rachel-Jesse “romance”. He would disappear for episodes, and then suddenly they break up and he says she “broke his heart”. What?? Talk about poor writing…

      • Ashley

        As a writer myself, I have to say that that was most certainly *not* poor writing! What it’s called is good writing, as a matter of fact. Glee makes fun of society, and the example you used of the Rachel/Jesse romance? That was a prime show of how incredibly fickle teens are. Furthermore, Jesse was only an arc of, say, nine episodes max? And the ep. he was missing during was attributed to Spring Break in the show, so he wasn’t really just disappearing. I can understand Glee, despite it’s absolute amazingness, not being to your tastes, however that is not a good reason to talk shit about it’s writers. To be able to write professionally in the first place, you have to be pretty damn good. And to be as much of a winner with the critics? You definitely have to be…beyond good, really. Please, bear in mind, there’s more than one way to perceive these things. :)

      • Emily

        Actually Jesse got mad at Rachel because she sung Run Joey Run with Puck and Finn.

  • Todd

    I felt the same way as Sue

    • Will

      As did I

  • Darrave

    I’m a fan, but this is just…pandering…and worse, it’s lame pandering!

    • mangotango

      So Murphy and co. are specifically writing the show to draw in football fans. Wonderful, now it can be crappier than it already was. I used to love Glee, and now I definitely won’t be staying up after the Superbowl to watch…

    • Ruby

      I agree with one poster above – Fox should have put Fringe or The Human Target after the Super Bowl. Both shows need a boost (especially Fringe, which is the best show on TV right now)!

  • Michael Sacal

    So, they plan to lure men by showing them teenage girls in cheerleader outfits?

    • Suz

      I think you meant to put a period at the end of that sentence…

    • The AVerage guy

      Yup and it will work. Me and my boys already plan to watch our first Glee episode this sunday. Call it sad chauvenist or whatever. But that’s the case. Hollywood isn’t stupid. That’s why their rich.

      • Emm

        You should start from the beginning of the show, or even the season.

    • anya

      Don’t forget stunt cycling! I think there were more shots of guys on bikes then there were of girls in bikini tops…

    • Sam

      Just to point it out…no one on this show is a teenager. I’m like 99% sure every single one of these actors is at least 20.

      • Barbara

        You’re right. and I believe Cory “Finn” is close to 30 yrs. old.

      • Really!!!?!!!

        Yeah Sam, they’re not really teenagers, I think the point is (if there is a point) that the characters are teenagers. Would I want my teenage daughter’s cheerleading squad doing this number? NO WAY! But Glee’s not reality; its camp. And watching it is not supposed to give teenage girls makeup and styling tips. That said the california gurls number is lame. Sigh, so much for pandering to men.

  • Kalick

    All the cuts were too fast to enjoy any of the “Boobapalooza”.

    • Michael Sacal

      They’ve been doing that a lot lately. It may be to hide errors in the routines. I don’t know.

  • Linh

    So excited for Glee to return!! This episode is going to be awesome.

  • hmmm…

    I’d call that a swing and a miss. Snooze…

  • Gabby

    Glee just gives me second-hand embarrassment. It’s a shame what happened to this show, it used to be so good.

    • KT

      I agree. I absolutely LOVED this show for the first season. Second season… I’m not sure what happened. Lack of character development (except for Kurt), the artist-centric episodes… I actually miss the mix of popular songs and those that were less well-known or of another generation. It was great to see them expose their audience to ALL kinds of music… where did that go?

      • AngieLam18


    • lois

      Agree..used to be good.

    • lois

      Agree..used to be good.

  • Rebecca

    This show has now lost what its original goal was. I’ve never been more disappointed with a show.

  • tori

    What’s the big deal? They’ve dressed like this before when Mercedes sang Bust Your Windows.

    • TT

      THIS. but they had soapy water ad was dancing on cars.

    • mscisluv

      Bust Your Windows was a lot sexier and more entertaining all around (oh, and fit in with the story – shocker). This was just lame and boring, and there wasn’t even any cheerleading.

  • C

    How awful! Glee has become the worst type of show.

    • Sandi

      Yes… hey watch us pimp highschool girls

    • Ben

      Agreed, and to think I used to like it (last week).

    • lois

      Agreed..All about gays and Lea Michele has gone Hollywood !

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