NBC reduces order for 'The Cape'

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Not a good sign: NBC has reduced its order for The Cape by three episodes.

So instead of 13 episodes, the network is only committing to 10. The move comes after a series low on Monday in the ratings (1.5 rating/4 share in adults 18-49, 5.3 million viewers).

This doesn’t mean the show is canceled but … with a new head of entertainment at NBC, who’s gonna save The Cape?

The news comes on the heels of Becki Newton, star of NBC’s much-delayed Love Bites, looking for a new gig. NBC definitely plans to promote the return of The Event, however, which just set a premiere date.


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  • Will

    No one. Muahahaha!

    • JACK

      It really is a bad show, far too cliche, and not so bad that it becomes good. Summer Glau strikes again

      • Javadude54

        Summer Glau is the ONLY good thing about The Cape.

      • helenann

        While I really do like her, she does have that…that unfortunate habit, doesn’t she?

      • D

        I was really looking forward to this show, but frankly have been let down by the writing… Pretty murky and confusing. I tried 4 eps, but that’s it for me…

      • Babs Anthony

        Who is Summer Glau?

      • Joe

        Summer Glau is a terrible actress who does nothing but below-mediocre genre TV (Firefly, Mammoth, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape) and who has a “habit” of accepting roles in shows that are quickly cancelled. Fanboys/nerds/comic book geeks are inexplicably tranfixed by her, which really boggles the mind, because apart from the fact that she can’t act to save her life, she is not even “hot” (in the traditional sense of the word)

      • Flanders

        Feel better, Joe?

      • JJ

        Did you really just call Firefly mediocre? Are you high?

      • Claudia

        Whoa, Joe is an actual IRL 4chan troll.

        What’s the matter? Are you that upset that /tv/ love Glau and crowned her God-Empress of /tv/?


      • Lucy

        I didn’t think this show would make it

      • Kenny

        Wow… I have no idea if Joe has ever even seen Summer Glau in anything but this. She’s actually a pretty good actress. Not amazing, but pretty damn good, and calling Firefly mediocre? Really? Have you even seen it? I’m going with JJ on this one and calling you high.

      • MrMike

        Summer Glau was briefly in The Unit; I think she might have been in about seven or eight episodes as one of the Unit wives. I thought she did very well in that; I didn’t like her all that much in Firefly but that was her character’s problem. The Terminator Chronicles bored me pretty quick, in spite of the good casing.
        As far as the rest of The Cape goes, I kind of agree with Brian K (below) in that there’s something about the whole concept that doesn’t work (his wife believing he’s dead; the circus thing … and in the end The Cape isn’t that great a superhero concept.

      • AT

        She was great in Dollhouse and Terminator was not a bad show at all. I think she’s an ok actress. The show is not great, but they should at least give it some time. Hearing news that it’s getting its episodes cut doesn’t exactly make people want to see it then.

      • Tevii

        @joe – have you even seen Firefly? To say below mediocre tells me you havent. I agree people are obsessed with Summer Glau for no reason, but Firefly was a GREAT show that Fox pulled the plug on too early… Like usual.

      • Tony

        Gee, and Human Target is a Cliche of James Bond Films, and it may have another season…

      • Andrew

        Any notion that Summer is the reason for show’s cancellation is backwards. It’s the shows that are slowing Summer’s career. She tends to be hired for niche genre shows and she accepts because she likes those kinds of shows. But those kinds of shows don’t do well on broadcast networks. She should only do them if they’re on cable networks, where they’re more likely to survive. The Cape would probably do fine on SyFy or some other cable network, like Smallville does.

        She’s only had starring roles: Firefly, TSCC, and now The Cape. Firefly was her first significant role and only as one actor of an ensemble cast, so it can’t be counted. TSCC was doomed by Josh Friedman and Friedman alone. Summer was the main good thing about it which he never properly used, especially in season 2 where, except for two episodes, she was reduced to being comic relief and the Connors’ pit bull. So really, your data points reduce to The Cape. One data point does not a trend make.

    • Blue Silver

      I say this show has a lot of potential…it just needs time to become a REALLY kick ass show! I sure hope NBC doesn’t ax it right away! :)

      • zeezee

        I agree, I like this show. Its fun, campy and knows it. Give it a chance for pete’s sake! The lead is hot…now, how to save it? Maybe an episode in speedo’s?

      • Lynn

        I agree with you. People do not give a show a chance now a days. If people where like this during the early days of tv then alot of “classics” would have been canceled in 3-6 episodes.

      • Barb

        I like the show. As one EW writer has said, it is like the comic book stories from when I was growing up. If they can vary the story line in various episodes as they did Monday night with guest star Mena Suvari, and NBC gives the show a chance, I think the show could succeed. The carnival angle is intriguing, and the characterization of his wife and son are strong. It deserves more than the flip comments of some people on this site.

      • Kebert Xela

        I agree with Lynn. It’s not a greatshow, but it is trying. I’d like to see them give it a chance to find it’s footing.

        It might flop, but why do we expect every new show to be a hit at the first episode.

        Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, Mash, etc… all those shows took some time before they took off.

      • Jaime

        The show had potential, and hasn’t lived up to it. Admittedly, that could be because it’s trying to hard to capture the audience in the first 3 episodes, because it has to or else, and failing miserably. I’d say you can only blame the networks for this destructive cycle.

        I’d say that if the show didn’t feel like it had to rush into the plot head first, and instead spent time developing the characters a bit, it could be really good. But shows these days aren’t given that kind of time, so what you get are really flat, blah characters and plots that are shoved down your throat.

      • Kevin

        I agree. The campiness is what makes this show fun. People were writing it off before it ever began and a mediocre 2-hour premiere did not help.

        Now that the story is developing a bit, I find myself getting more interested. The effects are decent (not spectacular) but I think it may be on the high budget end.

      • Richard Broberg

        I enjoyed the show too, its has some creative ideas.

    • Sharlin

      The reason I don’t watch it is because the circus theme reminded me of the horrible last season of Heroes and that it was on NBC.

      • whereisit

        Summer Glau needs to come to my house so I can make her feel better.

      • DFSF

        The “carnival-as-creepy-setting” concept has really played itself out. Remember Carnivale? No one watched that either.

      • Kim

        @DFSF – I watched Carnivale when it was originally playing on HBO. That show (at the time) had the most traffic on the message boards than any other HBO show before it. Tons of folks were watching and loving it.

      • Stephan

        Really? Taking swings at Carnivale? A show that was cancelled only because they couldn’t come to agreement at the cost per episode. HBO wanted no more than 2 Million. Production said 3-4 Million. Had nothing to do with ratings. Get your facts straight.

    • Rush

      “No capes!”

      • cirob

        Thanks, Edna. Every time we see an ad for it, someone in our house yells that.

    • Jethro

      Is it me or is this show filmed way too dark, half the time I can’t even see some of what is going on?

  • William Howell

    I wanted to like the Cape, but it only bores me.

    • Fresh

      I agree. I said the same thing to my husband after last week’s episode. Watching kinda feels like homework. Too bad, I thought it was going to be really good.

    • TJ

      I actually do like the Cape, but it could have been so much more. The writing has been just awful, I’m tuning in for the actors that I like. It’s so depressing seeing bad writing doom yet another series. No Ordinary Family has the same problem, solid actors but crappy plots.

    • Alia

      Exactly. When I do watch it, I fast forward through all of the non-Summer parts. Would someone PLEASE cast her in something with staying power?

      • kFed

        No, because shows with staying power generally require more acting ability than she has. Seriously, she has been in so many shows, you’d think she’d at least improve.

      • Claudia

        Cool Story Kfed, or KC or whatever your samefrind troll lias is on this site.
        Your always that one guy with the same butthurt lines getting mad that other people enjoy something that you do not.

        Does lack of control bother you?

  • googie

    That show came with a built-in cancellation!

    • Devin Faraci

      Haha! It’s pure garbage!

  • Brian K

    Well let’s look at the concept of this show. Married man with a child let’s wife and child suffer believing he’s dead while he goes off and has adventures with a 20 something hot blonde. But at the same time, because he’s still married the show can never have any real romances, which we all know draws some viewers in. Then they top it off by casting someone who spends most of his time straining to keep his American accent. It just wasn’t thought out at all.

    • Darren

      Could not agree more. Hot 20 something brunette, but still, could not agree more.

    • kFed

      So what you’re saying is, he’s living every man’s dream. Where are the viewers?

    • Brian K

      Every man’s dream is a sexless life while pissing off your wife and crushing your child?

      • jonny_quest

        what…you didn’t know that?

    • Don

      It’s a comic strip, not NCIS. Lighten up.

      • Dave

        NCIS is a comic strip. Hence, the head-slapping.

  • Jackie

    NO! I love The Cape! It combines so many of my favorite elements: comic book superhero, tech-y sidekick, interesting villains, and even the circus! Especially since Smallville is ending, I need a good superhero drama on tv. Please, NBC, don’t kill The Cape!

    • Devin Faraci

      Are you 9 years old?

      • Jackie

        I’m two months from 21. Do you have tact?

      • Tact

        You’re still counting your birthday in months. The point was you sound young, and adding an exclamation point after circus added to the effect. If you want to sound like a grownup, lose the !!!!!!!

      • Kebert Xela

        So, you’re criticizing Jackie for using punctuation or being excited?

        Who cares if Jacke is excited about “The Cape.”

        I fail to see how that is something to be critical of.

      • DGH

        Devin and Tact you two miserable souls seem perfect for each other!!(oops did I just show my age)

    • Katja

      Hey Jackie – my husband and I are in our late twenties and totally love The Cape pretty much for the reasons you state. Sure, it’s cheesy and sometimes absurdly nonsensical plot-wise – that’s comic books for you, and my husband is a total comic book nerd. We actually really enjoy the comic book-ish feel of the show. It’s not a particularly high quality show or anything, but we find it quite entertaining.

      • Jackie

        Thanks. I absolutely agree about the comic book quality of the show; that’s why I love it too! It’s obviously not the next The Good Wife, but it doesn’t pretend to be. I still look forward to watching it every week.

      • lol!

        i think you guys are just starved for something of the genre and are therefore apologizing for the poor quality of the show. i love sci fi/fantasy/superhero type stuff. but i will not claim something is good SOLELY bc it is in a genre i like. i may watch it (although i don’t watch this particular show) but i don’t claim it’s good.

  • Bre

    Can they send it over to sy-fy if worse comes to worse or something? It’s one of my favorites: my friends’ and I love it!

    • Chip

      yes! bring it too the syfy channel, love all their b rated movies especially sat nites

  • jenisedai

    My daughter LOVES the cape! I think it needs some retooling but I really hope they don’t take it off the air!

  • Andrea

    I really liked the season premiere, but the show doesn’t have enough of a hook to keep me watching week to week. Also, I find the cast of characters to be on the boring side.

    • Theresa

      Thank you. I tried, I really did. I liked the premiere. It made me genuinely laugh a few times but it has just gotten painful to watch. Aargh.

  • Andre

    Shocking that NBC failed again at programming…again. Its not like they have a track record for this or anything.

  • Jimmy

    This series was really a let down. A lot of wasted potential.

    • Merry Bear

      My feelings exactly. Wasted potential, unwatchable show. It could have gone so many places (I was hoping for the slightly cheesy effect of Buffy, not full-on cringe), but it’s likely to be cancelled.

  • AaronMrA

    Been writing about the Cape on Twitter that and The Human Target are shows I would like to come back now that Smallville is ending.

    • S.

      I like both of those too. Maybe CW can pick them up if they get canceled.

    • Shreela

      Cape is ok as a filler show, mostly because it’s comic-book, making it easier to suspend belief. Being that it’s an NBC show, I guess it’s pointless to hope that they’ll close the story out properly – instead of canceling it in the middle of a story like usual.

      I too enjoy Human Target, which I didn’t think I would. Guerrero is my favorite character, Isla and the younger lady are boring though.

    • Mary

      Love Human Target! The characters all have good chemistry. Guerrero is an icon. HT has a little of everything, including some great humor.

  • Josh T

    I’ve gotta say, after the past two weeks’ episodes, I deleted my season pass. It’s gotten boring.

    • Psac

      I did the same thing with my DVR. Couldn’t handle it anymore.

  • Jimmy

    I want it canceled so it doesn’t pull down Harry’s Law with it.

    • Mary

      Harry’s Law is one of my new faves. Kathy Bates is awesome playing the hardass lawyer with a soft heart.

    • Prue

      stuff it, Harrys law sucks the cape rules

  • dexx

    It hasn’t been the greatest of series, but I enjoy it. NBC has the cheesiest voicovers during promotions though so even if this series had been better constructed, it would be come across as crap and be unappealing.

    • talkfan

      I hate the cape but I love Summer Glau. I hope she finds something good after this. If Sarah Connor Chronicles got cancelled, this sure should. I can’t believe they even green lit this thing. And if anything, Summer should have been the star. That cape guy is corny!

    • lol!

      thanks for mentioning this. it’s been something that has been such a turn off for me in most network programming. but nbc is definitely the worst at silly hyperbolic voiceover ads.

  • Pam

    I wanted to like it but the lead is terrible. They should just remove him and emphasize on the supporting cast, which was pretty good.

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