'Power Rangers Samurai': Sneak peek at the reboot's new intro -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Back in May, the news came out that the long-running Power Rangers franchise was making the leap from Disney to Nickelodeon after the entity was bought back by original owner Haim Saban of Saban Brands. Well, now the new reboot of the series is coming to delightful consumer fruition, with the Power Rangers Samurai — the series 19th season! — launching soon, on Monday, Feb. 7, on Nickelodeon. As a run up to that premiere, EW has obtained an exclusive sneak peek at the intro to the new series, which explains some of the mythology behind this new generation of samurai warriors.

What’s different about this Power Rangers reboot? “We wanted to get back to the original core DNA of the show that made it so powerful and resonant in the ’90s,” explains Saban Brands president Elie Dekel. “We made sure that moving forward we drew on the best possible elements that we knew kids responded to, so we embedded a lot more humor in the show, a lot more charm and fun. Bringing back some of the silliness of the original series was a goal, and now it’s in high-def, which has never been done before, which gives it a really great new look.” Beyond that, Dekel continues, “We really wanted to pay homage to, if you will, the show’s Japanese origins with Samurai.” Take a peek at it here:

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  • The Man

    I’m still waiting for Power Rangers: Underwater Basket Weaving. Some day, my dream will come true…

    • kamenrider

      You’re hilarious! I bet you’re the hit at all of your social gatherings where you and your friends sip sweet tea and share pleasant witticisms like this one you made on ew.com. How I envy you.

      • The Man

        If you liked that, kamenrider (you pathetic troll, you), you’re gonna love this: That’s what your mother said…

      • kamenrider

        Haha, you proved me wrong, The Man. You really are witty – well done. (And I sincerely mean that). Trolls trolling trolls, that’s what life’s about, bro.

    • JonnyT

      Ha! I actually thought that was pretty funny, Man. Not just saying that to be a troll, either. :-)

      • Timmy

        I’m entertained by the witty & sarcastic exchange between The Man & kamenrider!! In truth, it’s quite funny.

  • Eli

    Looks pretty cool. I’m glad they have confidence in this. I loved Power Rangers when I was a kid

  • harry

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Number Fifty-Four

    This is not a reboot, This is still in the original universe following (or in some cases, precluding) the seasons that aired before it, Bulk appearing in this season confirms it.

  • MWeyer

    Dear Lord, will this show never die?!

    • Amanda

      My thoughts exactly. I was five years old when the first Power Rangers was on and loved it then. Had all the toys, movies etc. but how many different versions of Power Rangers do they need? It’ll never be like the first one in the early 90’s that was just a different time.

  • johnnycagewins


    thats right… it’s morphin’ time, bitches.

    • dee dee1

      exactly! love it!

      • Cantu

        Can they bring back Tommy?

      • Orac

        For the fourth time? Probably not. You want Tommy, rent “Power Ranger Dino Thunder”. (which actually was pretty good)


      Dragonzord,tigerzord. lol

    • Mike

      Just made my day :) Thank you!

    • Timmy

      LOLOLOL, Johnnycagewins

  • John A

    Hehehe, my friends and I sometimes have marathons during which we watch shows from when we were young. Power Rangers is featured prominently (along with Reboot, Spider-Man from the 90s, X-Men from the 90s, and Digimon).

    • MeliBee

      Right on about X-Men from the 90s. That was a great cartoon! I wonder if it’s on Netflix streaming…

  • alex

    i wish they would come up with a new theme song instead of the going with the mighty morphing power rangers theme, its 2011!!! come up with a new theme

    • Uhh

      They change the theme song every season troll.

  • Angelo Barovier

    Oh, just what the world needed. I am filled with the urge to rejoice with unbridled glee. Or I ate some bad fish. Hard to tell, really.

  • alex

    they always manage to create a new theme song for every season of power rangers

  • David F.


  • thunderella

    Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, then green became white, and then the original black yellow and red left and were replaced. then they got ninja powers. the Kimberly left and Kat became the new pink. Then they became kids and had the Alien Rangers of Aquitar come. Then they found the zeo crystal, Aisha gave her’s to Tanya and became the Zeo Rangers with new colors for some, when King Mondo came to our galaxy, Then they defeated Mondo and Machina with the help of the gold ranger. Then they randomly needed to upgrade their powers in Turbo except Rocky because he broke his back gave his to little kid Justin. They had fought divatox. the original rangers graduated and gave their powers to new people. They chased divatox into space leaving Justin behind becoming the space rangers. they met up with Andros the red ranger and zhane (silver) to fight Astronema. Andros had to shatter Zordon’s tube to free all good everywhere turning Rita into the Mystic Mother. Divatox and demetria reunited, then lost galaxy and Astronema was karone again and became the pink ranger after Kendrix was killed. Then lightspeed rescue where titanium had no japanese counterpart. then time force, wild force which featured the forever red, then ninja storm which had the first blue girl and yellow boy combination. Then Dino thunder and tommy returned as the black ranger. then spd and it was in the future and had like many different rangers. 10 total. then they had mystic force with Udonna and leanbow. they had wands and capes. (Kinda fun) then operation overdrive where the red ranger was a cyborg. then we had jungle fury which kinda sounds like a porno, but it wasnt it was kinda fun cause their morphers were their sunglasses. they also had a bunch of rangers and allies. then we had rpm which was supposed to be the final season on disney. It was depressing in every way possible with it’s post apocalyptic nature. then we have the new one which i must admit is gonna be fierce!!! YAY! Go go power rangers live on!

    • Bec

      Ninja Storm (besides the original) was my favorite.

    • johnnycagewins

      woowwww. now THATs how you summarize a show. Cliffsnotes X10!!

      …but you forgot about the movie.

  • dryedmangoez

    On the contrary, I think kids respond a lot more to things these days that aren’t dumbed down. While the Power Rangers of the 90s was great for the time, I think the franchise needs to grow up too. Their last season, RPM, showed that the show can be more than just mindless explosions. Kids are looking for more than that these days. And after RPM, my expectations for this reboot (hopefully not rehash) are pretty high.

  • PowerRangerLove

    They should do this season then do one more were they wrap up the whole series and bring back as many people from all of the shows they can. Like a finale show down with all the people and bad guys from the past. Thats what I’ve been waiting for.

    • Thomas

      While I can’t agree with wrapping up the series, Google “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger” and you’ll see why a new series with a massive number of cameos from seasons past may just be possible in a few years.

  • Liu

    This isn’t a reboot EW. A reboot would be to have Zordon, Alpha and the Command Center back and reintroduce the original zords with original powers but obviously with different actors. Personally they should do that to give the show some creditability because the whole Power Rangers thing is getting stale now.

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