Will Charlie Sheen pay out of work 'Men' crew?

TWO-AND-A-HALF-MENImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBSWith Charlie Sheen reportedly undergoing stay-at-home rehab, 300 or so cast and crew members are sitting idle because Two and A Half Men didn’t resume production today in Burbank, CA. Stars like Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones — both of whom signed rich new pacts recently with Warner Bros. TV — will likely get paid whether or not they’re working, but it’s different for the show’s crew members, who are considered freelance workers.

As a result, the studio is under no obligation to pay the Men crew, but some insiders suggest that it sure would be nice if Sheen did — especially in the wake of the extravagant expenditures for less noble pursuits by TV’s highest-paid star. (And hey, it wouldn’t be the first time the star of a show paid the salaries for his out-of-work minions. All the late night hosts covered the paychecks for their crews during the early days of the 2007-08 Writers Strike).

How long the Men crew goes without a paycheck depends on Sheen, who’s reportedly undergoing treatment at home with the help of experts, according to People. “Charlie has put together a team that he trusts to help get him sober once and for all,” says Mark Burg, Sheen’s manager who is also a producer of Two and a Half Men.

In the meantime, CBS hasn’t made any wholesale changes to its schedule just yet. TMZ posted a report today saying that production will resume in three to four weeks but the studio is not confirming it. The network still has two original episodes of Men in the can that aren’t scheduled to air until Feb. 7 and Feb. 14, and the use of repeats remains a viable option while the 45-year-old actor is absent. In fact, CBS on Monday aired a Men rerun, which still managed to rank as the most-watched show of the night with 14.7 million viewers.

Still, CBS has begun (albeit very slowly) to prepare for the spring by ordering two additional episodes of Rules of Engagement, its four-year-old comedy that averages 8.8 million. Despite published reports, the network has no plans to order more episodes of Mike & Molly to help pick up any slack in the schedule, especially if Men should change time slots or — worse case scenario — go off the air.

How much Sheen’s absence impacts the Eye depends on the actor, of course. Though an at-home treatment plan certainly raises eyebrows, where — or from whom — he gets help shouldn’t be an issue. “It’s not so much whether Charlie Sheen gets treatment in a residential facility or at home, it’s more about whether Charlie Sheen is ready, willing and able to take responsibility for his problem and start practicing the solution,” says William C. Moyers, a vice president at Hazelden, the addiction treatment center in Minnesota.

“There are a lot of very good counselors and other experts who can bring their expertise to Charlie Sheen wherever he is. But the bigger issue, the more fundamental issue, is whether he is ready and willing to take the advice,” Moyers continued. “The time has come for Charlie to stop being the problem, and start working the solution.”

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen breaks silence, issues statement

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  • Jim

    Any producer should WANT to pay the crew. These are the people who have to put up with the spoiled divas like Sheen who just cost a lot of people their mortage payments…that’s unfair. Imagine if you worked in a bank and tried that crap. Oh wait….if you did what Sheen did, you’d simply be fired and the company would hire a BETTER CALIBER of employee to replace him. How sad that the technical and support staff get screwed while the highly pampered stars just get all the perks.

    • BarnDog

      “BETTER CALIBER” of employee? Sheen is one of the greatest actors of all time regardless of what goes on in his personal life, I think the shows ratings speak for that fact. Everyone has their own demons, you are just a loser who has nothing better to do other than comparing a great actor to a banking employee. You are a moron!

      • Jen Jen

        “Sheen is one of the greatest actors of all time” That is one lofty statement. Were there drinks involved when you wrote that?

      • Karl

        Come on, you probably don’t have kids or a mortgage to worry about. He’s just another actor thats all, not anything more. Without the crew none of it could even happen. He owes them.

      • Tarc

        Sorry, Kark, but Sheen doesn’t ‘owe’ anybody anything. He’s an employee just like the crew, and the keep him or fire him, or hold up production (or not) as his boss wishes. Sheen’s boss is responsble for holding production, so he’s responsible for maintaining a crew. Tv and film are just like a lot of jobs, and things can change on a dime. If they don’t want to deal with Sheen, they should look for a new job. Frankly, I think the show (and Sheen himself) should be cancelled.

      • kaydevo

        “Sheen is one of the greatest actors of all time?” I swear, I nearly busted a gut over that hilarious joke. It was a joke, right, BarnDog?

      • Lois

        @Tarc, Charlie Sheen is responsible for the production shut down. They can’t tape the TV show without the lead actor. Since the lead actor isn’t showing up for work, they can’t tape the show. Sheen makes around $2 Million per episode for the show. They make between 22 – 24 episodes per year. Sheen can afford to pay the crew.

      • SANDY


      • Sam

        OMG -did you step into that one, pal. Sheen is no where close to what you are describing. I wonder when America will finally get a clue and figure that out. The sitcom and Charlie’s character is very one-note and is not nearly as good as Modern Family or Community. Sheen is alright but half the time it just seems he phones in his performance. If he cares anything about his crew he will do right and pay them while he holds up production while taking care of his private business.

      • kryptogal

        BarnDog – are you Charlie’s publicist? Only someone on his payroll would call him “one of the greatest actors of all time.”

      • whatevs

        The show gets good ratings, sure. However, you lost all credibility when you said that Sheen was one of the greatest actors of all time.

      • kathy

        Sorry BarnDog – apparently you have never seen a good actor before because Sheen isn’t one!!
        Sam is correct when he says – half the time he sounds like he phones in his performance. The guy is deadpan and shows no feeling or emotion in any of his deliveries. Hell the young actor is better then Charlie.

      • Craig

        GREATEST ACTOR of ALL TIME? You are nutso. Yes, I do like his acting and hope he gets better but he doesn’t even make the top 200.

      • Tim

        Yep, Charlie is one of the greatest actors of all time,and Lady Gaga is the greatest musician. Laurence Olivier, eat your heart out!

      • Amber

        Sheen is not “an employee just like the crew”. He is also an executive producer on the show, so whether it’s (as I suspect) a vanity title or he is supposed to have real responsibility, technically, that is part of his job as well. He needs to at least pay a percentage for as long as he can’t work. He is the boss, and his personal problem put these people out of work, and very likely some of them will have serious financial problems because of it. They are not paid nearly what he is, and the majority of them (if not all) don’t make anything on the back end through syndication. By turning over his syndication cut alone during this time he could help cover their loss of pay. Plus, let’s be honest, the guy could use the positive PR right now. I can’t see any viable reason to refuse to help the people he has put out of work.

      • NS

        Get real!! Playing yourself is not acting! Sheen is good in 2 1/2 men but sucks in most other rolls!

      • Scott

        I once had a dog that was raised in a barn, so, I guess he was a Barn Dog. His favorite actor was Lassie, a more-renowned star and better actor than Charlie Sheen, and unlike Sheen, never cost her cast or crew 10 cents. And 10 cents, by the way, is what sounds about all that was spent on BarnDog’s education in learning to discern (look that word up) what true characteristics define a good actor.

      • sharon

        “Men” is just another reality show….Sheen being Sheen. He is funny, but he is definitely not a GREAT actor. He is just acting normal (for him), Now Jon Cryer on the other hand, actually brings his character to life…That’s acting. Sheen should take a lesson.

      • sharon

        as for the ratings…that says more about the American mentality than I care to absorb at this point. Everyone seems to love to watch people behaving badly nowadays…and Sheen is the best at it. It fascinates people to watch someone self destruct right before their eyes.

      • Roger C.

        The truth is that Charlie Sheen, like Angelina Jolie and many other Hollywood stars, are only “successful” actors because their parents got them in the business. Some of them are so tricky that you have to dig into their biographies to see their industry connections.

      • peggym

        I think you have the wrong Sheen. His father is a great actor; he is competent.

      • Isembard

        Thanks, BarnDog; that’s the funniest post I think I’ve ever read! “Greatest actors of all time”!!! Charlie Sheen = greatest actor. Dear heaven, I’ll be giggling about your post for days.

      • bootsycolumbia

        “Charlie Sheen is one of the greatest actors of all time.” That was one of the funniest things I’ve read or heard in weeks. The star of Hot Shots is in the pantheon along with Laurence Olivier, Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracy, John Gielgud and James Stewart. You heard it here first!

      • Grumpster

        He just rode into Hollywood on his dad’s coattails. He’s nothing special. Time to give him the heave-ho permanently. B actor at best.

      • B. Williams

        The sow is funny yes. A great cast, yes. The reason Charlie Sheen is so good in the role of a booze swizzlin’ womanizer, is because HE IS ONE!! He doesn’t have to act…he can just be himself.

      • bandeti

        WRONG! They’ve done it before. Redd Foxx (Sanford and Sons) and Don Johnson (Miami Vice) both went AWOL from top-rated shows and they went on without them (albeit for money reasons). Kelsey Grammar (Fraiser) entered a program and they shot around him. They can shoot a few episodes without him. Cryer’s a fine enough actor to carry the show for a while.

      • opinion

        Charlie Sheen is not a great actor! This show is for the sexually frustrated. The show is not funny. Charlie Sheen is an actor of the lowest form because he chooses to be.

      • Damian

        One of the best actors? you have to be kidding, what an over rated piece of spoiled crap.

      • lolarites

        Barn Dog, you should get off the couch, put that doobie down and step away from the TV. If you want to see a Sheen who can act, check out his dad, Martin Sheen, Badlands is a good place to start.

      • Chris

        BARNDOG you are the moron, seriously how can you think that Sheen is not responsible for the crew working on HIS show??? Of course he deserves to pay for the employees, wake up!

      • Marcus Moore

        So let me guess–you only get one channel and it HAPPENS to have this particular show on it?!? Cuz I’m here to tell you that show SUCKS! I don’t care HOW successful it is, that is one BAD show and sheen is NOT a good actor! His father is a good actor and even his brother is a better actor but charlie sheen SUCKS!

      • Brian

        @Lois – whether Sheen can afford to pay them or not has nothing to do with what Tarq said regarding the fact that it is the executives halting production, not Sheen.

        It does seem like it would be a nice thing to do – and in some sense I could see how he might feel he owed it to them, but ultimately he certainly doesn’t owe them that money.

        The “he can afford it so he should do it” attitude is a dangerous one.

      • J0nx

        ROFL @ the greatest actor in the world. Get the F@!k out of here Charlie. We are talking about you, not to you.

      • Michael

        “Greatest” you say LOL.What crack have you been smokin’. He’s on a sitcom, not doing brain surgery, give me a break, the show will end he will be alive or dead and ‘another’ Justin Bebier will appear. Justin’s voice is changing so that means his balls are dropping. LOL

      • sickofsnowinnewyork

        “One of the greatest actors of all time”? Ha! I almost threw my back out laughing at that one. Two is a great show and Charlie is perfect for it simply because he’s playing himself:D

      • Brandy

        The employees at my bank are far more valuable to me than Charlie Sheen. How dare you disrespect the type of people who keep this country running, who make our everyday lives better! Celebrity worship is disgusting and pathetic. Get a life.

      • wimsy

        Clearly, controlled substances played a role in forming your opinion of Sheen.

      • Enzo F. Cannizzo

        Charlie Sheen may be a gifted actor that is all well and fine . It appears the industry and that includes the ” Stars ” protect themselves in the utilization of “employees” who are not legally employees but are in reality contractors who freelance . The primary actors and studios have no legal obligation to make payroll for the freelance /contractors .

        However since Mr Sheen may have a medical /physiological problems evidenced in his actions the studio and any holding company had blind due diligence in contacting with him and the assumption of employment of 300 freelance/ contractors to fulfill filing of an individual that may be incapacitated that is foreseen and not unforeseen .

        300 freelance / contractors should bring an action against Sheen , Studio and holding companies with in California Superior court where the filming takes place.

      • Jason

        NAVY SEALS!!!

      • Mar

        Love the show, but REALLY? “best of all time…” Get a grip (unless you’re 11 years old…then I understand.

      • Angie

        One of the greatest actors of all time?? Seriously? get real! These are JUST actors–they shouldn’t be pampered at all. Lets pamper and give special treatment to people who really do something worthwhile–scientist, doctors, teachers!

      • Barada

        That is one of the worst shows on the air. It is insulting to women and to men. But its biggest sin is that it is not even funny. Anyone who watches this is either related to the crew or a moron

      • NoName

        BarnDog; I think you have stayed too much in your barn. Best actor of all times? Haha, you just made my day. I think if there is a moron here, it is you. The show’s ratings don’t prove he is a great actor, it just gives you the number of simple-minded people like you who enjoy stupidity and have nothing better to do in their lives than watch crap and increase the size of their butts eating and drinking. You are a big loser, like Sheen.

      • Ron G

        I’m a big sheen fan and don’t think anyone could pull off his character on Men better than he. But greatest actor of all time?? com’on; his best roles were in Cadence and Wallstreet.

      • Tarc

        @ Lois – like others have mentioned, Sheen is unavalibale (which could be for any reason, inclusing a new child, an injury, etc). Sheen’s BOSS chose to hold production rather than cancel the show, have scripts rewritten to eliminate his bits, etc. Sheen does NOT hire, fire, employ, pay, or have anything to do with the crew, and thus is not responsible for them. Kelly from BBT has a recent medical reason for being out of several episodes of her show, and the producers chose simply to write her out and continue on. I’m not a Sheen fan in any way (I can’t stand him, actually), but it’s idiotic to suggest that an employee of a huge corporation should be paying other employees for taking necessary medical leave.

      • D Wright

        The show isn’t popular because of Sheen but the half naked chicks running around all over the place. Of course, I’ll watch it for that.

        Sheen could kick the bucket today and I wouldn’t shed a tear.

      • Martin Sheen

        HHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So says his press agent! Charlie is a grossly overpaid drunk playing to an audience of same. Seriously, anyone with an IQ over 80 watch this trash? No. Idiot.

      • tray117

        Hey Barndog, Hitchcock said all actors are cattle and he’s right. You can replace ANY one of them at ANY time since all the movies and TV shows are the same, only with different actors. Who the eff is Charlie Sheen? Another spoiled dope who is WAY too entitled. The show is allright but I can watch something else. Or nothing at all.

      • Seamus

        “I think the shows ratings speak for that fact.” True, it’s typical pop-junk television targeted to a broad range of drool, humorless morons across this great, stupid nation of ours. “Hey America, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind. Hey America”.

      • sdenver

        I don’t even think his dad would call him the “greatest actor of all time”.

      • AC

        Sheen is not funny and his behavior is disgusting. You want to see a sweet and unappreciated actor? Have a look at John Noble(Walter Bishop) on “FRINGE.” It is sickening that good actors get squat, but jerks like Sheen are rewarded. He needs to pay the crew!

      • saber

        You’re joking, right?

      • robinmar

        It’s a pathetic commentary on the state of our country and the people in it when a loser like Charlie Sheen could remotely be thought of as a good actor. I agree, if your IQ is over 80, you don’t watch his crap.

      • krumudgen

        Lassie had more talent in one paw than Sheen

      • Ray

        Sheen is just another Hollywood moron, and those of you that admire him are idiots……

      • sirays

        Is that you Charlie Sheen?

      • Kim

        I agree with the both of you except for the fact that Sheen’s personal life is spilling over into his professional life and affecting many, many people. It is my favorite show but maybe it is time to say “Sorry Charlie”!

    • Rick

      Jim, you ignorant douche. Charlie is the man! Yes he needs help & he’s getting it. I’m sure no one is going to lose their mortgage over this & if they do, they had problems way before this ever happened. In fact, Charlie has made MANY people rich because of them being blessed to be associated with him on this show. You have no clue as to the pressure this man has to live with on a day to day basis.

      • Jess

        the poor poor baby. sniff.

      • sharon

        Rick…I think I could handle the pressure for 2 mill a week. And besides…YOU don’t know him personally, so how do you know how much *pressure* Charlie is under? Give me a break…he is an out of control addict who has enough money to choose his own way of rehab. Narscisistic (SP) self absorbed. He is even going to control his own recovery. The first thing he has to learn is that HE HAS NO CONTROL…that’s his problem…He’s still in denial….this will ALL repeat itself AGAIN, or he’ll end up dead the next time.

      • sheppard

        Charlie is no ‘man’. He’s an over-grown kid who couldn’t spell “adult responsibility” if he was spotted the first 15 letters.

      • Marcus Moore

        When you make $2M per week, you HAVE no stress! All you have to do is memorize a few lines each week and then spit them out when the director yells action. And it’s taped! You make a mistake and you do it again. Nothing a hungry monkey couldn’t do! Time to cut this loser loose!

      • Dan

        Yea Charlie has made a lot of people rich. They are called prostitutes and drug dealers.


        puh-leeeeeeze! I don’t know the guy personally so I’m not about to speculate on his personality BUT here’s a guy who beats up his wives and girlfriends and, because of his extreme partying, is now responsible for 300 people being out of work. The average person would find themselves in a serious financial pickle if they lost their job for a month or 2! End of story. This is what his lifestyle is causing and he should man up.

      • Ray

        Rick, get a grip you pathetic man-lover!

    • Debs

      The production company may have an avenue, perhaps a form of insurance to cover this situation. I would certainly hope they would insist on this before resuming dependance on someone with such issues, no matter how functional an addict he is.
      We all love his work on this show. But how long can we overlook his ridiculous personal life. I just feel really badly for his family and his coworkers!

      • bruno

        here ya deb’s, and i think you’re more on the money than this article.

        do i like sheen or 2 and a 1/2 men? no. do i think writing an article throwing a dude who OBVIOUSLY has serious issues under a bus by asking if he should be responsible for his entire crew because he’s gone to rehab is a douchebag move? uhhh, yah.

        way to go lyntette rice! ya douchebag.

      • K. Harker

        I don’t know Bruno, I think that when he has been given repeated chances to get help, and has rejected or sloughed them off at every turn, then he as an executive producer on the show (if not as a d-bag star) is obligated to the people he PERSONALLY put out of work. Yes, he obviously has problems, but he has the support and resources to get himself out of it. He has chosen not to up to this point, the point where it became so bad, production had to be shut down. I doubt you’d extend the same sympathy to the drunk homeless man with no support network.

    • mypitts2

      Sheen messed up, but let’s not carry this too far. He’s the talent. The reason the staffers have a job is b/c he and the actors bring in viewers each week, and apparently, a lot of them.

      • Amie

        some of those “staffers” are writers who probably are just as responsible, if not more, for the viewership

      • Mikee

        My dead dog has more acting talent in his right paw than Sheen has in his entire body.

      • @amie

        If the writers were all that mattered they would have replaced Sheen a long time ago. Unfortunately for them, sometimes the writing only works because of Sheen.

      • Grumpster

        I don’t watch. He can’t act his way out of the paper bag he’s concealing his liquor bottle with.

    • @Jim

      Charlie Sheen should want to pay the crew. He’s the one who is keeping them from earning a paycheck.

      • Tarc

        Get real. Like any employee of a large, profitable corporation is going to pay their co-worker’s salary because they have to take medical leave. If the corporation is interested in retaining the services of the crew, THEY can pay then a retention bonus, or they can simply hire new people when they are able to resume production. That’s the way the real world works, folks.

    • sammy

      What? Get paid? You all choose to work for that looser and collected big bucks when others were not working at all. Just because your ‘star’ has a habit with re-hab shouldn’t mean the gravy train keeps rolling. Find another looser with whom to hook up.. or make a show about working for the Hollywood sleaze, you have plenty of material. I hear Sheen is big points in the KFI ghoul pool this year!!

    • Shellibelli

      maybe the crew should lie and say that they are all porn stars. That seems to work for Charlie.

    • Big E

      Really Sheen a great actor? How hard is it really to play yourself in a sit-com? He is a selfish jerk that obviously doesn’t think about anyone else that works on the show.

      • FloridaGirl

        Charlie is an extremely talented actor, especially comically. We must remember through all this media attention that drug addiction is a disease, and I hope that Charlie takes the time to get the help he needs, and he recovers fully.

    • KM

      I agree he’s the stereotypical spoiled celeb but didn’t “we” (not me) do this to ourselves? We still have the choice NOT to watch the show. Low ratings – No Sheen. Also, while I feel for anyone not earning a salary (I’ve been there) no one forced the crew to choose this as their career option. It’s the nature of the business so either change careers or get the union to negotiate a parachute for these events. Can we please just stop blaming everyone else for our problems? Take some ownership for a change. We all have choices and getting upset because an overpaid star won’t pay their salaray, while seemingly unfair, unjust or unethical… it IS what they signed up for.

      • Daisy

        Unfortunately the crew is not “contract” and neither the producers or the stars of the show have an obligation to pay them. Is how the business works – you get paid when you work. In a positive note, Charlie Sheen is seeking help which is a good sign. I hope he’s succesful in his recovery – he is one of our most gifted actors/comedians. We are not perfect and we don’t live in a perfect world.

      • BK

        Good for you, KM! I feel bad that people are out of work over this, and I think Charlie is a tool. But he’s not obligated to pay the salaries of the crew. I suspect they are used to sometimes being unemployed in the field they are in; I doubt they expect a “rescue.” People always want someone else to solve their problems.

    • Pattigee

      I agree completely. The reason the show gets so high a rating is because people love to watch a train wreck, whether it is voluntarily or not. I for one do not think he is a bad actor, or person for that matter, but his choices of how to live his life are adversely affecting other people. He needs to get help, or get out.

    • SandraD

      Two and a Half Men is hilarious, Charlie (& Jake) make the show. Like him or not, the viewing audience does that’s why he’s paid what he is. The staff is like any other occupation, they’re not irreplaceable, if they believe they can find better they should move on, he does’t owe them anything.

    • SandraD

      With the big bank bailout, you probably should’ve chose another occupation. Besides, I was always told everybody is replaceable, but with tv audiences whether they’d watch with another actor or not is debatable

    • Suzan

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I am tired of celebraties getting entirely more money than they deserve for anything they do. It’s acting!!!!! It’s not brain surgery! It’s not in anyway saving a life or ending world hunger. SandraD, you are a sad person!!!! It’s not the crews fault they are not working, it’s CHARLIE SHEEN’s fault!!!!! Why should they suffer for something they had nothing to do with? Let’s see, do you work? How would you feel if someone at your job, who had all the power, did something to cause you not to get paid? Would you really make the same statement you make to the TAHM crew? I don’t think you would! Especially not in this economic environment. Wait, maybe you are “real housewife” and don’t work and have no idea what it’s like to have to pay a mortgage. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOMETHING CHARLIE SHEEN! I am over those who need rehab, cheat on their spouses and take from others. I don’t throw my money at them, I just don’t watch their shows, buy their music or pay to see their movies. See, THEY ARE REPLACABLE!!!!! Someday the rest of society will learn and when the money stops pouring in for the likes of Charlie Sheen and those like him…….this will be a better world.

    • j29

      yea well they have a job because of those stars, people tune in to seen sheen and his problems off camera make people want to watch the show even more….the network probably loves it

    • Lulu

      I think actors, actress’, singers or stars have taken things for granted. They need to make a stipulation in the contract that they can drop them if they breach the contract. It is rediculus how they get away with it. Like Lindsey Lohan. Sheen needs to go.

    • pw

      No one watches 2 1/2 men cause of the crew. They watch it for Sheen and Cryer. I think it stinks that those people are out of work, but thats a negative aspect of being a freelance worker.

  • J

    I really wish that you would stop calling CBS “The Eye.” It’s in every single article that you have written covering this, and it’s just incredibly distracting. I read a LOT of media blogs, and you’re the only media writer who uses this term once a paragraph. Maybe once an article would be a good goal?

    • K.B.

      I agree. Please don’t tell me calling CBS “the Eye” is EW’s attempt at being “hip.”

      • JayNYC

        No, it’s their attempt at emulating Variety.

      • Sue1

        The “Eye” logo was created in 1951, and has been part of the network’s identity ever since. Hip? More like traditional.

    • Pete

      I on the other hand didn’t even notice it.

    • Anna

      LOL it’s ‘the eye’ and ‘the peacock network’ so that the can sound more professional.

  • Garry

    Just one of Sheen’s paychecks could probably pay all 300 members of the cast and crew (well, perhaps just the crew) and there would still be enough for him to spend on hookers and drugs until he passes out from an overdose of both. He’s such a loser.

    • Aunt Sassy

      I agree. I think that should be part of the actors contract – you mess everything up and act irresponsibly and cause these tyoes of delays, you don’t get paid for those weeks and your salary goes to cover the costs of the crew. Having said that, people love them some Charlie Sheen (I have no idea why) and even if all 300 people lost their job and their houses as well the public sympathy would be with Charlie. Sorry, but after all of his shenanigans you’d think that people would just tune the loser out.

      • Aunt Sassy

        That should read these TYPES of delays.

  • OU

    The workers should file a class action civil suit against the studio if they aren’t paid. The studio condoned risky behavior that put everyone’s jobs at risk. As above comment says- place it in a common situation like a bank. If the bank enabled one employee to continually sabotage the workplace, the company would be held accountable.

    • Ann

      This is absolutely dumb. As the article says they are freelance employees. They aren’t guaranteed employment for any length of time. There is no basis for a case in either of your scenarios.

      • lori

        Just because they aren’t guaranteed work for being freelance, doesn’t mean Charlie Sheen should be such an ass and cause hardships for them out of sheer stupidity.

      • Hellooooo…

        Just cause Lynette Rice writes an article and says the crew are “freelance” doesn’t mean they are. They are union. I don’t trust her fact checking…

      • Annia

        Yeah, I feel bad for the crew, but as my beloved grandmother used to teach us her wisdom, “save for rainy days & fetch the water before the well runs dry.” For as long as the show has been on, I sure hope the crew saved enough to cover all the mortgages & other expenses. Best wishes to them.

      • Daisy

        Freelance employers cover various levels. But, they are not hour-by-hour temp workers. They have rights and if the studio bears responsibility in endangering their workplace, there could be legal liabilities.

        Unfortunately, it seems like the article is talking about the low level employees who have no power.

        BTW, it’s presumptuous to say ‘save for a rainy day’- many of them were making ends meet with the paychecks and may have used any extra savings for things like medical expenses, car repair, you know, real life. Not everyone has the luxury of a nest egg, and it’s not a moral failing.

      • @Daisy

        Its the way their union works that they only get paid if they work. They went through the same thing during the writers strike. I’m sure it is set up that way since any show can go off the air at any time. Unless they have contracts guaranteeing them employment for a length of time, they have no rights.

    • Tarc

      Uh, no. The corporation is not in the business of policing their employess as long as it doesn’t directly affect job performance. As it has been reported, Sheen has clearly been successfully doing his job (even if, as in my personal view, he totally sucks at his job). Now, he’s on medical leave, just like happens in every other corporation across the country for employess with addiction issues. There is no doubt that the contracts with the crew have provisions that cover these instances, and they will get what they are contractually obligated to get an no more. If they don’t like it, they can find other work (and fight for a better contract through the union).

    • DaisyADay

      There seems to be two “Daisy” posters on here….changed mine to DaisyADay
      Why do some posters feel that is Charlie Sheen’s “responsibility/duty” to pay the crew’s salaries? Let them take responsibility for their own lives. We all live on our salaries, some of us have steady employment and some of us do not. No one is responsible for us except ourselves.

    • Really Now

      Banks are a bad example. Anyone remember that financial crisis that we still aren’t really out of? There were a few people near the top who decided to think of only themselves and put thousands of people out of jobs, which also gave momentum to the looming economic down-turn. It is the way business is done in this country, and the entertainment industry is nothing but a business venture of a different sort.

  • reader

    couldnt find any errors

    • Al

      “CBS hasn’t made any wholesale schedules to its schedule just yet.”

  • Jan

    Why don’t the excellent writers tell the truth and let Charlie go to rehab? Alan, Jake, Evelyn, Rose and Berta are all wonderfully talented actors that could make this show work till Charlie Sheen can get his act together.

    • Sue1

      Thank you, Jan. I thought I was the only one who thinks the show could survive without Charlie for a few episodes.

    • SandraD

      I disagree, they are a package deal, it wouldn’t be the same or as good by any stretch without Charlie (Allen maybe).

  • Meg

    Hopefully Sheen takes a cue from the late night hosts during the Writers Strike – one classy move if you ask me. These people’s careers are on hold while Sheen tends to his personal problems, so it just seems like the fair and kind thing to do. Man, this whole thing is just sad now.

  • Kate

    It would certainly be nice if the show found a way to pay the crew, but I think it would be great if it came from all the higher ups who profited off Charlie’s problems. There is no doubt Charlie has shown selfish behavior in his addictions, but there is also no doubting the amount of pressure that has been put on him to carry that show given how the first things that popped up after he went in to rehab were how much money the network, show, and crew would lose without him. Rehab is not a quick fix and I can’t imagine it’s easy to focus on getting better when all anyone around you can focus on is how much money you’re costing them. You can’t compare Charlie to some random employee in a company, because he is the show which is why CBS was willing to pay him anything when he wanted to quit the show last year. I’m really hopeful that he gets the help he needs, but it’s hard to be hopeful when he’s surrounded by people with their hands out.

  • dee123

    Completely agree OU, besides if this “rehab” drags on it could start to get even more messy then it is now.

    • B

      Except as freelance employees they have no rights to their jobs. If they don’t like being on hiatus they are free to move on.

      • lori

        Being on hiatus because the show has filmed all it should for a season is one thing, being on hiatus because an actor is such a screw up is quite another.

      • Freelance employees are not temp agency hires. They have contracts and expectations and rights. The studio could very well be liable if they enabled a destructive working environment.

        Also, I am amazed by the lack of sympathy here. If you lost work because of your jerk boss, it’d be great if you had money saved. But you would still feel frustrated.

      • Ben

        To -, They dont have rights that is the whole point of the article. They only get paid if they work. If they had rights, they would get paid whether he shows up or not. Right or wrong that is the way crew jobs work in Hollywood. The same thing happened during the writers strike, the crews didnt get paid.

      • Jim

        What’s all this crap about “destructive working environment” and “endangering their workplace”? These aren’t construction workers – there’s no danger in their workplace. They have cushy high paid jobs for which they need to thank Charlie every day. They only wory six months out of the year on Men anyway. Missing a few shows won’t kill them. They’ll just have to delay buying their next mercedes a couple of months…

      • jules

        @Jim…exactly. The reason that the producers haven’t done anything prior to this is because everyone associated with the show has said that Charlie Sheen has been nothing but professional on set. There’s absolutely no basis for a lawsuit, unless there was something in their contracts about him causing a break in prdouction, which I’m sure doesn’t exist because anyone dealing with HOllywood actors would be stupid to put a clause like that in a contract. They are freelance employees…meaning they are free to go find work elsewhere and are not required to stay with this show. Yes it would be nice if Sheen or one of the producers paid them for their time off but they don’t have to.

      • K. Harker

        Jules et Jim (ha!) – exactly how highly paid are the grips and sound technicians and editors? Cushy jobs? Buying their next Mercedes? Um, I think you’re confusing ground level workers with d-bag stars… like Sheen.
        I agree with -, the lack of sympathy here is baffling. Our cult of celebrity goes too far when our empathy lies with the uber-rich causing the situation rather than the powerless who are affected.

      • Floretta

        In 2006 the starting salary for a professional grip was $29.03 per hour for members of IATSE Local 80. Most grips work more than 40 hours per week and receive time-and-a-half for overtime.

        (per e-How)

  • Jerry

    Charlie makes me sick.

    • m

      agreed. i can’t stand him or his show.

  • anonymous

    Spare me the hard luck story of embarrassed fools.



    • Al

      He has. He is on probation.

      • biggie

        wow that sure kept him in line. he has a suitcase of cocaine delivered to him on probation? oh yeh, he learned his lesson. easy fix. stop watching the show, then he will fase away. if you watch the show, you’re an enabler, not to mention a bad judge of good tv. use that 30 min to watch a quality comedy like modern family.

      • biggie

        sorry, i meant fade away, not fase.

      • jules

        a suitcase full of heroin according to a prostitute. True or not, prostitutes aren’t exactly the most reliable character witnesses.

      • jules

        Make that a suitcase full of cocaine, not heroin.

    • Ben

      He hasn’t been prosecuted because there weren’t any police involved in this situation. A porn star said he had a brief case of cocaine. Last time I checked that wasn’t enough to prosecute anyone. If the cops had been called to his house and found him with it that would be grounds for prosecution, but a random girl seeking publicity isn’t enough.

  • lori

    Charlie Sheen is a disgrace as a father, an actor, and a human being. He could care less how his actions affect other people and their lives. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid Hollywood is to keep a jerk like him and others that are just a mess working. What a disgrace for his children to have him as a role model. He just makes me SICK!

  • Hellooooo…

    These people may not be “freelance” after all. Think about it, they are all union. And besides, if the producers knew (and ya know they did!) about Charlie’s problem, they had to have bought some of that pesky Lloyds of London insurance for just such an occasion. Just a thought…

    • MTmom

      Just because you are in a union doesn’t mean you have a contract. It just means they have to pay you a certain amount WHEN you work.

  • diane

    I don’t think Sheen can act at all. What he does on air is the same thing he does in real life. Shame on CBS for putting up with it. They could get a real actor to play the part … it’s the writing and other actors that make the show.

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