Who should play Wonder Woman?

Wonder-Woman-castingImage Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com; Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Sara De Boer/RetnaIf it’s not the hottest female role for next fall, it’s certainly among the top five: NBC and Warner Bros. are currently on the lookout for an actress who’s popular, tough, gorgeous, and sympathetic enough to play the classic comic-book character in the network’s much-anticipated reboot. Easy peasy: One on every corner of Hollywood, right?

Not exactly.

ABC didn’t make it any easier by locking up three twentysomething beauties for its redo of Charlie’s Angels  – another project that demands leads that are both likable and strong enough to carry such an important franchise. It’s unclear whether David E. Kelley will go with an unknown to play the dual role of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, though he’s definitely found success in the past with relative no-names. Calista Flockhart wasn’t exactly a household name when she landed Ally McBeal. In contrast, well-known gals like Teri Polo and KaDee Strickland weren’t enough to save Kelley’s 2007 dud The Wedding Bells.

One thing’s for sure: Kelley’s take on the superheroine could be a hoot to play. EW obtained a copy of his first draft from December, and, as promised, it not only features her signature golden lasso and pays homage (albeit oh-so-briefly) to Lynda Carter, but it should satiate those fans of Kelley’s memorable soapbox moments from Boston Legal and The Practice: At one point, Diana gives one helluva speech on Capitol Hill. And, Melinda Clarke, call your agent: The script features the juicy role of Diana’s nemesis that seems custom-written for a fortysomething hottie like Lady Heather herself.

EW polled a few great casting minds to find out who seems ripe for the picking — assuming they’d want to take on such a high-profile gig (one that, if not careful, could come with lots of ridicule). Every year, there are names of film stars that pop up for TV, but we’re going to guess that playing Wonder Woman on the small screen may not fly with gals like Amanda Peet, Zooey Deschanel, and Mandy Moore. And rule out Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristen Bell: CBS and Showtime just scooped them up for pilots. From what we hear, the search is still wide open.

Here are some actresses that seem up to the task:

Anna Friel. She was adorable in ABC’s Pushing Daisies, though not so much in the dreadful remake of Land of the Lost.
Jennifer Love Hewitt. The star of Ghost Whisperer was single-handedly responsible for the success of that Friday-night show on CBS, and she remains immensely popular (as evidenced by the impressive ratings for her appearance in Sunday’s Hallmark movie on CBS, The Lost Valentine).
Becki Newton. As James Hibberd just reported, the Ugly Betty alum is in play, now that Love Bites seems to be all but dead.
Taylor Schilling. She was just about the only good thing about NBC’s low-rated medical drama Mercy.
Katie Cassidy. She was the rare bright spot in CW’s low-rated Melrose Place. But would she want to tackle another reboot?
Kate Mara. Recognize her from 127  Hours, Entourage, and 24?
Malin Akerman. Yep, films are keeping her busy, but the costar from Watchmen has already demonstrated how excellent she looks in tights.
Keri Russell. Remember her swinging the nunchucks in Mission: Impossible III with Tom Cruise? She’d be good with a lasso, too.

Who are we missing?

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  • Pete

    Ten to one it will be canceled halfway through season one anyway.

    • HD

      Katie Cassedy for the win. She’s got it all, beauty, athleticism, wit and charm to spare. And she looks hot as both a blonde and a brunette.

      • Jeremy W.

        Sarah Lancaster should be written off “Chuck” and cast as Wonder Woman. Her character doesn’t really have much to add to the show anymore so NBC should just transfer her from one show to the other.

      • JACK

        All of you are WRONG – Bridget Regan is the obvious and only choice, unless she is offered the role of Lois Lane in the new Superman, which she should take over this

      • JJJ

        Sarah Silverman

      • Olivya

        Bridget Regan! Google her!!!

      • sawyer

        Bridget Regan is the prototype for Wonder Woman, easily the best and obvious choice

      • melokesm

        I really liked Bridget on Legend of the Seeker. She would be a good fit.

        I am not a big fan of fair haired people going dark to fit a character. Something about the skin tone makes it look unnatural and fake. Example: Malin Akerman in Watchmen – something was just not right.

      • Kelson

        Katie Cassidy would absolutely need breast implants. She is a 30 right now. She’s practically inverted.

      • Ted

        Bridget Regan is a great suggestion – she really would be perfect – gorgeous, hint of goody-goody, strong.

      • Jeff

        Sarah Lancaster. There’s even a photoshopped picture of her with the original costume. She looks like she could be Linda Carter’s daughter. And she looks much better with the dark hair on “Chuck” than she did with blonde hair on “Scrubs”.

      • Antwon

        My vote also goes for Katie Cassidy. I’ve loved her since I saw her on Supernatural. She can act, she’s gorgeous and I can see her pulling this off with ease!

      • Mike

        While I agree Bridget looks the part, she’s too soft. She was never quite the badass Amazon WW requires. However, sure she’s blonde, but Tabrett Bethell (the Mord-Sith Cara) would be MUCH more badass, sexy and fierce.

      • Karie

        Jamie Murray (AKA Dexter’s one time British girlfriend who played Lila. There’s actually a picture of her in a wonder women custome and I’m saying this as a straight girl (she looks amazing!). Not to mention she really made the character in Dexter come to life.

      • calistoga

        My first choice would be Emily Deschanel. She dressed as Wonder Woman for a Halloween Party in a BONES episode. Looked fantastic. Of course, it not realistic, because the fans expect Bones to go for at least another ten years! So, my second choice is Keri Russell even though she’s a very petite cutie~~~

      • EA

        I too agree that Sarah Lancaster would be the perfect fit. She’s 5’8″, a dancer which gives her mobility and flexibility for stunts just as it did for Lynda Carter and Jennifer Garner, and most of all she’s a dead ringer of Lynda Carter.

      • BK

        Yes, I would have to join the Bridget Regan crusade for WW because she would indeed be the perfect choice. However, I would also not be against Tabrett Bethell playing the part as well because both ladies are gorgeous and statuesque and could very well do WW justice.

    • Really?!

      This is a loaded questions … you can basically eliminate anyone who does not have boobs!

      • Billl

        When I picture a new Wonder Woman, I see Nadia Bjorlin from Days of Our Lives, and vice versa. Look her up.

      • @ Bill

        She may LOOK the part…but she’s not a very good actress.

      • Cans

        No offense, but Nadia Bjorlin looks like a ho and she truly is an awful actress. The rest of the list consists of tiny ladies… and i don’t just mean boobs. Bridget Regan is truly the only choice!

      • Kate

        Lets cancel One Tree Hill and cast Sophia Bush!

      • sally

        Yes…Nadia Bjorlin is perfect! She can act, just give her the chance.
        She certainly has the looks!

      • luke a young

        she is the one for this she is wonder woman .!!!!!!!.

    • Michael Sacal

      Before the first commercial.

      • kingcob

        Sophia Bush will be a young looking ww. but looks to be ok to play as ww

    • LOL

      Hillary Clinton.

      • YES


      • Steven B


    • stu

      ugly betty.

    • Eralane

      with any of these actresses it’ll surely get canceled. they should try for a movie version again and Sarah Shahi should play her.

      • Strepsi

        No, it can only be SARAH LANCASTER, who plays Ellie Bartowski pn “CHUCK”.
        She is funny, sweet, looks like both Lynda Carter AND Wonder Woman.

      • Kelson

        Sarah Lancaster is pregnant and due this summer. I doubt she would leave “Chuck” and I doubt she would be able to audition for the role of Wonder Woman.

      • Snsetblaze

        Actually Shari Shahi is a good choice. That show she is in now is awful.

      • Big Walt

        Sarah Shahi is too short.

      • Sara


        Sarah Shahi….

      • Jeanie

        I agree. Sarah Lancaster has the perfect look for Wonder Woman.

    • stu

      joan rivers daughter.

    • stu

      jennifer lopez=NOT

    • chris c

      Sarah Michelle Gellar would have been perfect for sure!

      • gokarm

        Gellar is TINY. I love her to death, but she’s not Wonder Woman.

      • jk

        I agree. You need statuesque with curves–SMG isn’t exactly that.

      • chase

        Chris I agree man. She would be perfect…

      • Diane

        Gellar would have been amazing. I think she should kill herself to do this part. And as far as being tall-who cares-they can make Diana Prince the runt of the island. I watched Buffy for 7 years and never thought 1X that she was too short to do anything

      • Rush

        No boobs.

    • Mary

      Mila Kunis

      • Emilio

        I can see that. She’ll have to hit the gym thou.

      • Abbey

        She’ll need to hit the gym? She is already tiny, plus WW is supposed to have at least some curves. If Mila “hit the gym” more she would be way to skinny to play WW. Besides, she would never take this role – too much movie stuff going on for her.

      • jordan

        I think “hitting the gym” meant getting more muscular, not tinier. Kunis would be okay, but I would rather see her as Lois Lane in the Superman reboot.

      • Kelson

        Love Mila, but she is way too short. Plus, I doubt you’ll see her in another TV role anytime soon.

      • WatchesEverything

        Mila’s already “on” a current series, but it probably only takes 10 minutes per week out of her time to voice Meg Griffin…

    • heidi

      I think Olivia Wilde or Blake Lively would be great

      I also think on your list Kate Mara is interesting, and Anna Friel is good in all her roles.

      • Lisa London

        Olivia Wilde – I can see that.

      • AngieLam18

        No to Blake Lively in anything. Cannot stand her constant mumbling.

      • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

        AGREED! There’s a reason I call her mush mouth. But she would LOVE the opportunity to show her boobs in every episode.

    • jj

      Man, you are being generous.

    • Marc

      RuPaul would make a kick-a*s Wonder Woman! See him/her twirl!

      • Steven B


      • so true

        she would ROCK.

    • Frank

      Evengiline lilly BAYBAY

      • Judy

        i agree

    • Kim

      Megan Fox

    • Diogo

      Not if Keri Russell was the one! She’s an amazing actress, perfect for the role!

    • Wickeddoll

      I agree with Jeremy – Lancaster is wasted on “Chuck” anyway; has the right look and presence.

    • Eric

      My vote is for Bridget Regan also. She looks the part, has the action experience, just needs a shot.

    • dwight clark

      What about Rose Mcgowan, Shannen Dorety, or,lacey Chabert? Also, have the original Wonder Woman on the show, thus, stepping down, and, handing the reins, to a younger replacement, similar to her daughter? Did the original Wonder Woman military love interest? Writers: Think of this as a storyline!

    • angela allen

      Nadia Bjorlin should play WONDER WOMAN…… Hands down!!!!!!

  • Erica

    Nadia Bjorlin from Days Of Our Lives
    Sophia Bush

    • Carrie #2

      Ooooh, Chloe from Days could definitely do it…good idea!

    • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

      YES for Sophia Bush! Perfect, Done! Lets get her in this thing!

      • stashbrown

        She would be incredible. Aside from the fact that she hasn’t been in anything, but One Tree Hill.

      • Ally

        Sophia Bush would be great!

    • Tom Hunter

      NOOOOOOO! While she may look the part, she is such a wooden actress.
      Just NOOOOOOO!

  • Nick

    Miracle Laurie!

    • Trey

      NO! I’m sorry, but have you seen Dollhouse? She cannot act.

      • soz

        Agreed. She’s pretty, and it was refreshing to see someone with her figure getting to play the romantic opposite of someone who looks like Tahmoh Penikett, but she is a horrendous actress.

    • Browncoatali

      That’s who I’d like to see! Miracle would be great!!

  • Rueben

    Miracle Laurie!

  • Valerie

    That girl who plays Kate on White Collar.

    • Tami

      Ooh! that would be good!

    • K

      Seriously. That was the worst casting ever. She and Matt had anti-chemistry.

      • Pink Lemonade

        Oh that was painful to watch. Those two on the screen was really bad.

    • the_girl

      Hilarie Burton? Actually, I like her!

      • Alia

        Different character. She has AMAZING chemistry with Matt Bomer. The girl who played Kate, on the other hand? Not a single spark. And it’s MATT FREAKING BOMER for crying out loud! How could anyone NOT have chemistry with him? (Okay, maybe I overused the caps lock there, but… seriously.)

  • dryedmangoez

    Days of our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin!
    Lots of great actresses up there in that poll, but Nadia’s got the talent -and- the look!

    • Fez

      Nadia? Talented?

      • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

        Agreed. Nadia is as talented as Chloe is virtuous.

  • Leigh

    Bridget Regan!

    • Brian

      I agree. Second pick would be Keri Russel, who already played WW in an animated film.

      • chattypatra

        That’s what I was going to say!

      • Kelson

        Keri Russel is like 5’3″. She is way too short.

    • Christopher

      I ‘third’ Bridget Regan. She’d be awesome as Wonder Woman.

      • MP

        Bridget Regan is the ONLY choice here! We already know she could handle the probable a$$ kicking scenes!

    • jodipo


    • jk

      Totally! Best suggestion yet.

    • argem

      Yes, please! I miss Legend of the Seeker and she’d be perfect for this – beauty & brawn!

    • Patrick

      If Wonder Woman comes to either the small or big screen, Bridget Regan would be the perfect choice to play her. On the other hand, I don’t want her involved with this David E. Kelley reboot, because I think it’s going to suck.

      • Kat

        Agree, and agree (much as it pains me to say the show will suck…I think it will).

    • Sean

      Bridget Regan is the ONLY choice.

      • B

        WORD. She’s always been the best choice.

      • Josh


    • Tajah

      Totally agree!

    • Olivya

      BRIDGET REGAN!! Best choice ever.

    • mrswinchester248920

      I think she would be awesome, she looks the part too.

      • AnaB


    • AWMc

      couldnt agree more! shes the perfect fit for WW!

    • Lauren

      THIS! Bridget Reagan!!

  • Jason

    Eliza Dushku. Duh.

    …or maybe Charisma Carpenter.

    • Chris

      I 100% agree on Charisma. Seeing her in the costume would probably cause me to burst into flames.

    • HD

      Eliza? No because she proved what an underwhelming actress she is in Dollhouse. Charisma? Circa 10 years ago…maybe.

    • AN

      Love Charisma, but I think she’s too old.

    • Murse

      Eliza was the first that i though of. But, sadly, her shows always get cancelled….

      • sarah

        how about eliza AND summer glau?! the show will totally be safe.

    • Riley

      I totally agree with Charisma

      • Lori

        I like the idea of Charisma Carpenter. For those who say she is too old, it doesn’t indicate ANYWHERE that WW ought to be in the 18-25 age group, and seeing how I’ve hit 40, it would be nice to see someone who is not 18-25 starring in a superhero series. I don’t think Lynda Carter was a spring chicken when she did WW, I liked that she brought a mature elegance with her to the show that helped to balance the yummy cheesiness.

      • BMurdoch

        OK, so let’s go with the idea that the show is a hit and goes for 7 years…. 7 years from now she’ll be 48 (um, no). 30-35 seems to be the target age…..

    • tasha

      I think Eliza would be perfect for the part. The Charisma Carpenter throw in…….. I dont think so. Maybe 10-15 years ago. Kim Kardash has the curves an the hair but the acting she doesn’t.

    • soz

      Dollhouse made me hesitant about Eliza Dushku as a lead on a show where she’s playing not-Faith. I love Charisma but she’s too old. If we’re talking Angel alum, Stephanie Romanov would be great but is also too old and Amy Acker is too skinny, but maybe Alexa Davalos?

      • Lina

        Alexa Davalos came to mind for me too. She’s gorgeous, curvy, can act and kick ass. I also like Olivia Wilde.

    • Browncoatali

      Not Eliza. She’s great at playing tough girl roles and that’s about it. Her acting range is very limited.

  • Craig

    Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker! :)

  • Josh

    Rachel Bilson, we already know she looks great in the costume.

    • Zach

      Hear, hear! Or Megan Fox. At least she’ll look the part.

      • Cee

        Team Bilson!

      • jk

        Not with those thumbs!!

    • soz

      I’m for Rachel Bilson.

      • marymary

        Yes!! Rachel Bilson, I keep remembering her super hero alter ego from the OC, totally could see her in the part.

      • paul

        Forget Rachel Bilson. Brooklyn Decker would be a perfect fit. Has the height that Bilson doesn’t have and has the better body to play an Amazon Super Hero

  • Todd

    Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker would be perfect!

    • Roncon

      Yup, i always think this when i see WW news…

  • Scribe

    Cast some teenager because the script looks geared for Twilight crowd and is likely to alienate the real fanbase of the character. According to the script leaked, it looks like the Princess will be a pajama wearing, hair brush singing, Carrie from Sex in the City type. I love David Kelly but his take insults the character. Casting this should be easy, let’s not go for anything that actually looks like Diana.

    • Katja

      I read a review of the leaked script, and holy sh*t it looks terrible. It’s like an Ally McBeal’d Wonder Woman and it totally is insulting. I hope it goes through some major editing, or that the leaked script is a prank and isn’t the real one.

  • Dave

    Evangeline Lilly.

    • Sarah


    • Levi

      For real.

    • jk

      Not curvy enough.

      • sarah d

        You would be amazed at what adding a few smart calories to your diet can do for some curves.

    • avenger

      THIS is the greatest idea ever, evangeline has the look and is a great actress

    • Riley

      Interesting casting idea…I think I like it.

    • ashlee

      That’s what I was thinking.

    • andreea

      Hell yes for evangeline Lilly

    • jules

      Definitely Evangeline!

    • soz


    • Kat

      I love Evangeline Lilly and I loved her on Lost, and I’ll admit that she has good muscles. But she’s so small. Wonder Woman is an Amazon – I kind of think they really need to find an actress who’s actually tall and solid, which means they’ll probably need to find an unknown, given the biases in Hollywood for super-skinny petite ladies.

    • Anna

      I also love Evangeline Lilly, but I think she would be better as Lois Lane. But I miss seeing those actors every week and it would be great to see her as Wonder Women. But then again, she is probably what, 5 5 and quite thin, so I don’t know of she would be big enough.

  • Ryan

    Bridget Regan!!

    ’nuff said

    • MWeyer

      AMEN, she’d be perfect for the role!

    • Big Walt

      Why do I get the feeling Bridget Regan’s parent’s are on this site?

      • BMurdoch

        No, but she seems to be the best choice in a sea of AWFUL choices (bad casting can kill a movie; the script was mediocre too, but a 22 yr. old blonde anorexic Lois Lane in Superman Returns with a 5 year old kid was beyond jarring)

  • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

    Cancel that crapfest Perfect Couples and cast Oliva Munn as Wonder Woman.

    • JenR


      • tracy bluth

        No thanks. She is terrible in everything I’ve seen her in.

      • RMW

        Strong veto on Olivia Munn. She takes her I’m-hot-but-I-don’t-take-myself-seriously act way too seriously, and she poisons every scene she’s in. I feel Jon Stewart’s pain every time she has a segment on “TDS.”

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