NBC pulls 'Chase' from schedule

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Another apparent primetime casualty at NBC: The network has yanked under-performing drama Chase from its midseason schedule.

The network pulled Chase from Wednesdays after trying out two hours of game show Minute to Win It last night.

Minute delivered series-high numbers, including a very impressive 3.0 adult demo rating at 9 p.m. — much better than Chase‘s 1.2 rating last week. In the weeks ahead, NBC plans a mix of Minute repeats and originals at 8 p.m., with Minute originals at 9 p.m.

The move comes on the heels of the network reducing its episode order for The Cape, and releasing actors from previously planned midseason show Love Bites to pursue other projects.

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  • Torrin

    NBC… Nothing But Contests

    • LOL

      ^^ Yup.

      • sawyer

        this show was plain awful, her accent was so forced it was comical

      • Rack

        It was definitely tv for morons. I watched a couple of episodes and could feel myself getting dumber. You want your law enforcement shows to be realistic; the stuff they were doing on Chase was just too out there to be believable. Another genius decision by NBC.

      • Jess

        That’s her real accent.

      • WE

        No, it’s not. I went to school with her.

    • Mark S

      I was thinking it stood for Nothing But Cancellations. I call it Nada But Chuck.

    • DN

      That’s cute.

    • johnc11

      I don’t think NBC or other TV networks bear the entire blame. Viewers are partly responsible for this phenomenon. If everyone stops watching all these reality shows, the network would have no choice to make more scripted dramas and give each of them a chance to find its audience. Like the good old days! So stop blaming the network entirely. It takes 2 to tango.

      By the way, I do not represent the network, I am just sick of most of the reality shows.

      • Lord Frylock

        Reality wouldn’t be so prevalent if scripted series weren’t so bad, though, so their’s a cyclical issue at play here. You can’t resolve one side of the problem w/out fixing the other first…

      • johnc

        I do not think the scripted series are that bad.

        Look at Seinfeld when it first started. The rating was horrible. It took Seinfeld almost two seasons to find its footing.

        Look at some of the well written, well executed drama series, like FNL, Fringe, Chuck, Lone Star, many of them were on the bubble every season or being canceled before giving a chance. What do you end up having, American Idiot, Dancing with the D list, Bachelor, Minutes to win it, etc.

        The more I think about it, the viewers bear the major blunt of the blame.

      • Jan

        I agree, the reality shows and game shows are taking over, and all these other great shows are getting canceled. I’ll miss Chase, loved the show, but knew it being on NBC it wasn’t going to last, they make room for crap crap crap shows.

      • Gary

        I’m so sick of these networks yanking good shows,and feeding more of that lame-brain reality crap I could puke!!However,the view is correct that people keep watching those silly reality shows so for the rest of us,thats becoming all thats on the menu…I’ve had enough very good shows yanked off the air that I’m about to just stop watching network tv and start getting shows(series)I want to watch and quit going to the networks,That’s what I do when a restaurant’s menu goes to crap,I quit going there!!

  • PixxieTrixxie

    Not surprised about this one. The Cape – I just got time to sit and watch a few of these in a row and the story is starting to intrigue me. Once again, this is a show that needs to be given time – The Cape that is.

    • Q

      just read that “The Cape” has also been canceled.

  • kelly

    Bummer!! I was looking forward in seeing Eric Mabius guest stint next week… seeing him play a villian for a change…

    • Kris

      You clearly didn’t watch The OC.

  • CastleFan

    Another good show bites the dust… It’s almost not worth investing your time to watch any new show… they all get cancelled… especially if I like them!

    • Barry

      NBC = Nothing But Crap

    • Michele

      I completely agree with you. I really enjoyed this show and looked forward to it each week. Very disappointed that NBC discontinued it. I am to the point where I don’t want to watch new shows because they always go away if the rating aren’t high enough. Yes, I understand about the rating and all but come on.

    • terri

      I agree. I detest reality shows and enjoy shows such as “Chase.” Apparently, my liking a show is its kiss of death.

  • Christie kellner

    Im sad to hear that chase has been pulled. It had great character chemistry and intense action. Keep me intrigued and glued every second. Nbc should have more faith in its programing. Makes me sad when i invest in a show and it just gets yanked. Sorry to see a great show go into a huge pile of other great shows that have retired to early.

    • Barbara

      I so agree with you. NBC just doesn’t get it….alot of us just dislike alot of reality shows. I now have only one NBC show on my DVR and bet they cancel that one too.

      • Boone

        They don’t figure in all the people that DVR these shows to watch them when they want to and so they can fast forward threw all the stupid commercials on TV these days!

    • tam


  • jj6

    now could they please bring back the original law and order. thanks very much

    • law and more-der

      here here!

  • hachiemom

    Man that’s too bad I really enjoyed that showed. Comcast/NBC needed to give it a time slot and let it be. That was about the only NBC show I watched.

  • Brett

    With NBC having so many different cable networks (USA, Sleuth, Bravo, and so on), why can’t they farm out some of these series to those channels?

    • hachiemom

      for real! I would watch it on Bravo or USA

  • AC

    When is NBC going to learn? None of these game shows has any real longevity. They’ll have short-term audiences that they can’t build on. Chase was a good show, strong female lead and supporting cast, and different law enforcement perspective. I’ll miss it.

    • Duane S

      And Hunter would have love this gun crazy women cop too

      • Paco from NJ

        “It works for me”…

      • Albertkitten

        Haha! Duane S, I love you! That reference was AWESOME!

    • Maria

      Can’t believe this terrific show is being pulled! My entire family loves it. US Marshalls over and out. So sad.

    • gemapet

      I agree – probably ratings was due to this particular episode and I predict that it won’t get those numbers in the 9 time slot again. Big mistake to let Chase go – but then NBC is full of big mistakes.

    • Pwoods

      It just Stinks my kids and I loved the show and will miss it ! It was a show we could watch together it’s getting hard to find that now of days!

    • Patti

      It just Stinks my kids and I loved the show and will miss it ! It was a show we could watch together it’s getting hard to find that now of days!

  • Lois Bates

    I strongly protest the yanking of “Chase.” I found it to be a bit out of the mold and had character of its own. And, ANOTHER game show instead…what a pity.

  • JPX

    What the hell is “Chase”?

    • ks

      Watch “In Plain Sight” much better show. If you don’t know Chase IMO you are missing nothing

      • bleh

        Season 1 of In Plain Sight, maybe. Anything after, not so much. There are actually things that Chase did MUCH better, IMO.

  • Briana

    Just don’t cancel Chuck. My Mondays would suck without Chuck.

  • elizabeth anne

    My husband and I really liked Chase, so that is a bummer. I know scripted television is more expensive than game shows, but you have to give shows some time to grow. Chase had great characters and was really well done. Canceling good shows is why NBC isn’t doing well. Maybe another network will pick it up. Cross your fingers.

  • metangel

    Well I guess, there is non reason for me to watch NBC now. First they cancel Trauma & now Chase. Those were the only shows I watched on their channel.

    • Jan

      Loved both shows!!!! I cried when they canceled Trama, Three Rivers, and Mercey, and now Chase. What the hell????

    • maygs

      Loved Chase! Loved the original Law & Order! Loved Trauma…. All cancelled! To Hell with NBC

  • Tbdurham

    I think they should just cancel NBC altogether… Apparently it doesn’t know a good show from a bad one.. Chase was awesome…NBC sux.

    • Anita

      Good one!

    • Jan

      I agree totaly with Tbdurham!!

    • Laura

      I have to agree!! Every time I get hooked NBC either changes nights or cancels show! I am getting tired of it

    • Kenya

      They’re running out of shows! If they keep this up I won’t be watching them anymore myself.

    • Lizbethfoxy

      NBC like ABC completely SUCK. Every show that I have really enjoyed has been cancelled. I am boycotting NBC and I hope they dissappear off the air.

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