'The Kennedys' trailer: I've a feeling we're not in Camelot any more

Watching the Reelz Channel trailer for The Kennedys, it’s immediately clear why members of the Kennedy family and their loyal supporters lobbied against its broadcast. It opens with a callous remark about the ways of the world, and closes with JFK on a slab. This is not a miniseries to celebrate, “Ask not what your country can do for you…,” but to illuminate the clan’s fatal ambition, illustrated by the patriarch’s Palpatine-like remark, “This country is ours for the taking!”

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Camelot any more. That’s not to say that the eight-part miniseries lacks historical credibility. There are plenty of reporters who’ve ventured into the deep closet of Kennedy skeletons (See: Seymour Hersh), but the fact remains that our country, generally speaking, remains proud of the Kennedys’ achievements and impressed by their aura of optimism, glamour, and vigor.

There’s no arguing with the mini-series’ casting, though. I especially like Tom Wilkinson as a cold-blooded Joe Sr., and Katie Holmes has the same deceptive strength beneath a brittle facade that I associate with Jackie.

Did the trailer seem like a naked take-down of the doomed president and his family? I expect many folks sympathetic to the Kennedys have already tuned this miniseries out, but for the rest of you, did the trailer make you want to watch on April 3?

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  • James

    I’m not remotely proud of the Kennedy’s or the fact that our country fell for their shtick for so long. Good riddance. I’m proud to say we no longer have a member of this “clan” in any major elected office for the first time in far too long.

    • Kevin

      Good for you James. Way to keep an open mind. ALL HAIL REAGAN!

      • mickey

        Absolutely. Here, here for Ronald Reagan.

      • FR

        Ahahaha. JFK pushed for us to go to the moon, and we did. How’s that war on drugs thing going? Talk about overrated.

      • ike

        Repubs need to start hailing Eisenhower not stop heiling Reagan so much.

    • Jess

      Hmmmm … that sounds just a tad hyperbolic and hateful, James.

    • HC

      yea, I don’t really get why everyone thinks so highly of politicians… they ALL lie, no matter how “cool” or “classy” we think they are… Proud of the Kennedys? Maybe not so much proud, but somewhat respectful for the positions they held.

    • Marge

      the Kennedys are the best of this country. they served this country well & two were assassinated trying. i respected robert & wished he had become president. i also wished for ted to become president but jimmy carter didnt step aside. if jfk jr had not died & had choosen the life of politics i would have voted for him to be our president. i was too young to vote for jfk but what he did for this country & wanted to do like get us out of vietnam before it escalated. he was murdered first so he was unable to prevent what later became a very destructive part of america history. if we had royalty i would want the kennedy family to be that family. as jackie said: “there will never be another camelot”. while john was in office their were crisis but he solved them. with his brother robert they started pushing for equality..they pushed the fbi & hoover. i was saddened each time we lost a member of the kennedy family. they mean so much to this country. hopefully they will return someday. and we still have caroline..john and jackie’s wonderful daughter to keep their memories alive. i am proud of the kennedys & respectful for the positions they held. teddy’s last act was to ensure healthcare for all in this country. obama came through on his wishes. thank you to all the kennedys for their sacrifices. our country needed you & still need you.

      • PW

        Sorry, but the Kennedys are NOT the best of this country. The fake, magical fictonal story created for them wasn’t so bad…only one thing…IT WASN’T THE TRUTH

  • Trista

    I guess its ok to make a movie like Frost Nixon or W. but its inconceivable that a movie is made that looks at the truth behind the Kennedys.

    • mickey

      Good point Trista. I totally side with you.

      • Kevin

        You make a valid point. Besides, people are naive to think the Kennedy do not have skeletons in their closets (Just look at all the scandals we know about). That fact that it has taken until now for a movie to be made about them is amazing.

    • vjw

      Agreed! It’s about time some of the ugly truth was out there.

    • ruby

      Completely agree! The left can’t keep getting away with only telling their side… Believe it or not hollywood, but the entire country does not follow your beliefs. I’ve heard hints of the kennedys dark secrets for a long time. Glad someone finally decided to put some of them in a production.

      • googie

        I don’t understand what political point is being made. It’s not as though any of this has been a secret. As far as entertainment value, I don’t get it!

  • mickey

    Glad you said it James. I’m curious how the Kennedy’s would have perceived in our history had John and Robert not been assassinated. They are overrated beyond belief. Someone try and tell me what monumental achievment JFK did for this country. What did he do that actually changed this country. He was a playboy and his brother Ted was a murderer who hid behind his political clout.

    • Michelle

      Well, he did prevent a nuclear holocaust during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I’d say that was a pretty big deal. I like being alive, don’t you?

  • paige

    i dont care how historically accurate this movie is, i will be watching because it looks expertly filmed and acted. I also agree with Trista’s comment.

    • harry

      I agree with Trista and paige.I also am a fan of the Kennedys.

  • chuckie888

    The endless, ongoing smear of the Kennedys is so we’ll care less about their being murdered, and therefore ask fewer questions about “why?” and “who?”

    For those of us who buy into this perspective, this smear, are directly complicit in their murders.

    • vjw

      I guess it doesn’t matter that at least one – that we know of – was himself a murderer…

      • Jake

        What happened with Ted was an accident. I’ve done extensive studying on the matter.

        And if you are referring to Michael Skakel, he is a nephew of Ethel Kennedy’s, who is RFK’s widow. Therfore, he has no relation to the Kennedy family.

      • vjw

        Tell that to Mary Ann’s parents…

      • mickey

        Jake, Ted Kennedy ran from the scene drunk. He left a woman to die. Check your facts about this “accident.”

      • AltDave

        Yeah, Jake, an accident followed up by a determined coverup. Paint it however you will, it was a shameful part of Ted Kennedy’s life.

    • Tim C.

      Great comment Chuckie. The more I think about it, I believe JFK Jr. was bumped off too.

  • Erin

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks horrible???

    • chuckie888

      No, you’re not alone, Erin. We’re just less verbal — and not rightwing bloggers.

      • Erin

        LOL Too true.

  • Shakespeare

    I don’t recommend this film because I have a love for the kennedys, I actually hate all people of power. Yet the reason I am going to stay away from it is because this is dealing with real peoples life’s who are actually no longer here to defend them selfs, to me that is a cheap shot. Though I think that any movie made about any political figure or man of great stature, aka, Gandhi, Malcolm X, and the new Lincoln and King bio-picks are just for the glory of the people who make them, self involved directors, producers and actors. It is impossible to place any life on the screen and in reality to the people who aren’t stuck in the TV or Cinema, it is really disgusting! To make money or profit off of anyones life that is not here to have a say is blood money!

    • whatevs

      Then I hope you’ve stayed away from Frost/Nixon.

    • AltDave

      But the Kennedys shot down any attempt to portray them as anything other than saintly as long as they were alive. Americans love to either sanctify or villify their leaders; we need to be reminded that no one is all good or all bad.

  • AltDave

    The true story of the Kennedy clan was only waiting for the last of Joe and Rose’s children to pass. The skeletons in the Kennedy closet have long been known; it’s about time we have an un-whitewashed view of them on the screen. I’m not hating on them or praising them, just saying that the Kennedy’s praises have been sung forever; it’s time to acknowledge their dark side as well. I’ll be watching this.

  • Walrus

    “Someone try and tell me what monumental achievment JFK did for this country. What did he do that actually changed this country.”

    OK. Try this.

    # Founded the Peace Corps
    # Prevented war with Soviets
    # Signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
    # An end to racial discrimination
    # Proposed what became the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    # Proposed a tax reform which included income tax cuts, was not passed until 1964
    # Created the President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity

    • mickey

      JFK put an end to racial discrimination???? Really, some people must have been out sick that day because sadly to this day racial discrimination is unfortunately alive and well.

      • Tim C.

        He “he put an end to it” in that he was the first president since reconstruction to go on record and say, “Enough is enough. It’s time to pass some laws to put a stop to this (segregation). He gave an excellent speech on the matter on TV on 06/10/63, followed by another moving speech at American University the next day.

    • ruby

      Care to explain the bay of pigs? Or basically getting us into vietnam? Both you can blame kennedy for…

      • chuckie888

        No, YOU can blame Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam — but I blame the CIA, as should all of us.

  • miss k

    I admire the Kennedys and I love hearing about their scandals. So I’m watching.

  • melo1

    I’m being totally serious….what the hell is the Reetz Channel? I was going to insert a cracker joke here before somebody beat me to it…but I am serious.

  • AltDave

    I have no idea either, just expecting this to come out on Netflix or DVD after airing on this mysterious Reelz Channel.

  • Michelle

    I like the Kennedys and I’m watching. Anyone who’s done any reading on them knows they’re not saints.

  • Tim C

    Why doesn’t everyone on here who can’t stand this family just edit all their comments & whittle them down to, “I’m sure glad that JFK & RFK were killed”, because it seems to me that this is the tone behind all of the Kennedy-hating crap on here and other posts. Thanks….

  • Linda

    This movie should not be made. Shame on Katie Holmes for doing this..

    • ike

      Yeah, cause we should always wear rose-colored glasses when looking at Democrat politicians.

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