'Glee': Watch Santana get called out for being a b*tch -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Two EXCLUSIVE Glee videos in one week — are you Gleeks lucky or what? So we already debuted a clip from this Sunday’s big post-Super Bowl episode, in which the Cheerios showed off their, um, assets. Today, we have a snippet from next Tuesday’s episode (yep, there are two Glee episodes this week!), featuring Santana having a sort of intervention from her New Directions pals…only it doesn’t go so well. I don’t want to spoil the high-larious dialogue from this scene, but I will say that when Rachel mentions a certain 1988 Ron Howard fantasy flick I looooved as a kid, I nearly fell out of my chair. Watch below…

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  • SC

    I’m pretty sure Quinn, who stabbed her in the back to be Head Cheerio, doesn’t really have any grounds to complain.

    • CC

      yes quinn is definitely the more evil person. Santana is just brutally honest with people, while quinn is back-stabbing and scheming. I’m glad santana’s finally getting whats coming to her though, it can only mean good things for her character. Rachel’s line was hilarious lol

      • Morgan

        Rachels line wasn’t hilarious, it was rude, mean, and uncalled for. She has no right to say that to a person, regardless of who it is

      • TJ

        Morgan- you must be a stripper if that offended you so much. Rachels line was very much called for… and hilarious!

      • Katherine

        Morgan–Do you even remember what Santana has said about Rachel both to her face and behind her back? Rachel had every right to retaliate after all Santana has done/said to her!

      • thecloseted

        Ofcourse, i felt sorry for Santana bcuz i’ve been called out for MY promiscuity. But I’m a big pezberry (santana/rachel) shipper, and i think that rude/hurtful comment is good leverage for the two to stop their bickering.

      • julie

        your so right QUINN IS WAY WORSE santana is just honest and tells it like it is and ppl. dont like it

      • Rita

        Come on Morgan dear Santana deserved that verbal smackdown..

      • wah

        if she thinks santana will only be able to get a job as a stripper then she’ll be the “pole” cleaner. LOL

      • kylie

        FINALLY!!!! Santana gets called out for what she really is. And Rachel, gotta love her. After all the crappy things Santana has said and done to Rachel, it’s about time Rachel got her say!

      • really morgan really?

        Really you have Rachel in the wrong here?. Santana puts her down daily, humiliates her in public when possible and is generally rude to her at every meeting. Wow

      • Megan

        Ironically enough, as much as Santana and Rachel hate each other, they have that in common, saying blunt, harsh things to other people about them without thinking about the consequences beforehand. Neither is right to behave like this, however the difference is that in the past, at least, Santana realized what she way saying was really mean and said the things anyways, while Rachel didn’t seem to realize her words were hurtful. This season, they’ve degraded Rachel’s character so much it’s like the writers don’t even understand these differences between their own characters, and now Rachel occasionally behaves as cruelly as Santana (sending Sunshine to a crack house, the stripper line)

      • rachel

        you guys do know these aren’t real people, right??

      • Carly

        Because Santana has never back stabbed or schemed? Okay, sure.

      • T

        @ rachel…..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Awesome…..

      • Ellie

        Dude… Like Rachel said, these aren’t REAL people. It’s a show. The cast all gets along in real life. I think what they did was awesome. Now that they’ve got it all out in the open, I think it will better Santana’s character. She’s always been honest, and now so has everyone else. It’s perfect.

      • Lese Hines

        I dont think that Quinn is way worse. Santana lost being the head cheerleader because she got a boob job and it was noticable. So Sue needed a head cheerleader and she picked Quinn. Santana deserved what Rachel said because Santana has called her a dwarf and all other kind of names. She very much deserved it.

      • laylagalise

        Nah, Santana’s much worse. True, Quinn’s a brat, but she’s been vulnerable and sensitive to others over the course of the show while Santana hasn’t. And Santana’s not just brutally honest, she’s mean and horrible (there’s a big difference). What she did to her best friend/secret girlfriend Brittany was pretty unforgivable and she just told Rachel that she and Finn slept together for s**** and giggles. I’m glad she’s been called out and I hope she gets more because she’s earned it.

      • Snsetblaze

        Santana’s pretty back-stabbing and scheming too. She is my least favorite character. And Rachel’s line was definitely hilarious – and probably pretty accurate too (if it were real world). Personally, I loved Lauren kicking the **** out of her. You challenged the state wrestling champ … pretty dumb. And Beiste carrying her afterwards was hysterical.

    • whereisit

      This is the Best show ever. It is great that a show that everyone can enjoy is doing so well!

      • Pittner

        I hope you’re being sarcastic. This show is awful and don’t give me crap about how I don’t need to comment if I don’t like it. These comment boards are good for people to give differing opinions, not to over-praise a crap show.

      • whereisit

        You just don’t like Gay shows!

      • Nerdista

        Yeah! Don’t be such a showmophobe!

      • Shellibelli

        Watched it for the very first time last week, it was a repeat and it was horrible. The only saving grace was Jane Lynch. She is so fun to watch..

      • Tarc

        Yeah, and then there is a huge number of people that tune in every week and understand it’s a surreal musical comedy. *shrugs* Stupid people bug me.

    • shrinkydinky

      I don’t think Quinn really backstabbed her, she just told the truth to Sue – if Santana was so honest, she would have admitted the boob job herself.

      • SC

        It’s clearly a backstab. Hence, the final montage where Quinn looks at her while Rachel sings about the horrible things we do to get ahead (in this case, Quinn selling a friend out).

        Note that Santana kept Quinn’s pregnancy a secret.

      • Lizzie

        Shelby, Rachel’s mom did a horrible thing to get ahead too, she gave up on being apart of Rachel’s life for money and a career that never took off.

      • wah

        whats your point? LOL jkjkjk

      • Jenna

        The Shelby thing is SOOO subjective. My personal view is mixed, but it’s not like Shelby accidentally got pregnant and then decided to give the baby up for adaptation because she didn’t want her. She only had Rachel for Rachel’s dads-she signed a contract and didn’t intend for Rachel to be her daughter. Personally, I think that’s kind of weird, considering she is Rachel’s biological mother and not just a surrogate, and I think it’s also illegal for a surrogate to be the birth mom in some states, but that’s what it was.

      • Sarah

        We have no proof that Santana kept Quinn’s pregnancy a secret. Remember Jacob said he had three reliable sources confirming it, and do you really think Santana wouldn’t have told if she could get ahead by doing so? Just because they didn’t show Santana selling her out, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Now I’m not saying that she did, but honestly, who else could it have been?

      • Sophie

        Hi, I’ve been reading the comments, and I have to say something. Santana is a BAD person. Don’t give me crap, saying that she doesn’t deserve it! Because she did. She LOVES bashing people. And don’t tell me that Quinn is way bad, and that she sold a friend, cause Santana never was a really friend. She never was there for her, and she only was with her because she was headcheerio. If Santana can be honest, why everyone can´t be??

    • apryl

      Let’s all keep in mind.. it’s just a show. This isnt real life. It’s a fictional show of over the top scenarious. Just relax and enjoy the show.

      • cassiii

        OMG thankgod, im so glad there is atleast one person out there who realises that the show is not a reality program and the characters ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE

        seriously calm the F**K down everybody lol

  • Bob Jones

    Ha Ha Ha, Holy . . .

  • Maria

    HOLY CRAP! I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT! SO EPIC. Santana development, finally! Also, BRITTANA! Oh my god.

    • graeme

      The more Naya Rivera, the better. She’s awesome. I’m still addicted to “Valerie”.

      • Niko

        I second that. “Valerie” until a new earworm comes along!

  • N

    Rachel’s line was a bit too harsh. Santana crying breaks my heart she’s too beautiful to cry! Thank god Brittany is there comforting her. Bring on the developments and Brittana!

    • Kris

      Can you please exlain to me how RACHEL was too harsh when Santana slept with her boyfriend and then rubbed it in her face just to break them up (for FUN I might add). Yes, Santana truly is the victim of Glee.

      • SC

        Er, no, Santana slept with Finn when he was single. Finn was the one who lied about it to Rachel, Santana just exposed his lie (and was rather mean about it, but that wasn’t something Rachel shouldn’t have known).

      • mah

        boyfriend???they weren’t together that time..and rachel was asking for it…she was insinuating that santana does not deserve a solo…she was asking for it..

      • Jackie

        But you’re also forgetting that Finn was TRYING to get back together with Rachel when he slept with Santana. And it’s not like he lied to Rachel initially to spare her feelings – he lied to her because he was ashamed. He knew he slept with Santana for totally wrong reasons and that he shouldn’t have done it.

      • Jim

        mah – Rachel did not insutate Santana should not get the solo, maybe Quinn but not Santana Mr Shue said nothing aobut anything but the duet. I am sorry but if anyone deserves being called out it is Santana.

      • Samantha

        I’d say everyone is somewhat at fault here. Finn lied to Rachel about his virginity, as did she because at first she told him she and Jesse did it. Santana rubbed the fact she slept with Finn in Rachel’s face, and she constantly puts her down. Quinn may have been honest, but telling Sue about Santana’s boob job was wrong because it wasn’t her secret to tell. And finally Rachel, while always being made fun of, went over the line by saying Santana was good for nothing but stripping. Two wrongs don’t make a right. ANYWAYS… love the clip lol

      • Sam

        And it’s not like Santana doesn’t constantly insult and degrade Rachel. I mean clearly sleeping with Finn was the ONLY bad thing she’s ever done to Rachel. She doesn’t constantly go out of her way to humiliate and mock her or anything.

      • Liz

        Santana has always been mean to everyone. ALWAYS. Rachel was right about one thing: Santana can hurt people all she wants but can’t handle getting one fired back at her.
        Rachel was totally in line.

      • Adriele

        If you guys dont remember in the Special Education episode a few scenes after Rachel finding out everything Rachel was watching Finn talking to Santana and then Santana came up to Rachel saying very b*****ly that she was going out to dinner with Finn like seriously Finn and Rachel didnt even break up yet that i can never get enough of it Rachel should have taken advantage of then when Finn broke up with Rachel officially

    • George

      Nothing anyone can say to her is too harsh. She deserves to get it back as good as she gives it. She needs a reality check because Rachel is right, she’ll most likely be a stripper.

      • wtfnyc

        Especially with the new boobs she got last season (according to Sue).

      • hermione

        Ha! Boobs McGee!

      • Miss Talk

        Santana had a good run till now, it was about time she got “slushied”. In her words, about *FREAKING* time!
        Poor Mr Shue, first the rap skills, then the hair and now the vests ! He never gets a rest.
        And I’m completely in love with the new big girl! I hope she can sing though so that Mercedes and her can do a duet of “It’s raining men” !

    • maria

      Rachel is the B*TCH.

      • Dee

        What does that make Santana who does nothing but insult people all day long? Thats the first remotely harsh thing Rachel said to her, meanwhile Santana’s insulted every single thing about her. The kids are right if you can dish it out you sure as hell should be able to take it.

        (I’m happy to see Brit comforting her though, I adore them together).

      • Lizzie

        And this is the FIRST time that Rachel has been a b**ch to her when Santana was one to her all season.

        And yes the return of Britanna I like, Santana is remotely at her best with Brittany.

      • Chel

        you’re wat out of line to say that obviously you know nothing about Glee santana is the b****

      • blah

        santana is a slut! she sleeps with everyone.

      • shelby

        that fat chik with glasses suks

    • Bebe

      Santana IS a b*tch! She’s a really horrible person (as are Quinn and the other cheerleader). I hope they’re not being looked up to as role models, because they’re pretty disgusting.

      • Cha

        Ok, I agree that Quinn was a real B*tch when she wasn’t pregnant and Santana is basically all the time except for when she was crying about practice being cancelled, but Brittany is not a horrible person! She’s adorable! (I assume that’s who you are talking about when you say other cheeleader”)

      • anya

        Brittany is actually nice to pretty much everyone, she’s just a little slow. She’s not a horrible person! Santana pretty much is, and Quinn can be (but we have been shown Quinn’s nicer side at least), but Brittany isn’t horrible.

    • Frak

      Forget her sleeping with Finn Santana is harsh with Rachel every week. But yes she did throw Finn in her face to humiliate her. Santana goes out of her way to be to Rachel. And you can even see that once Rachel said that she felt bad. Santana has never felt bad for anything she has said to Rachel

      • eh

        all santana said to her wasnt that humiliating …no not really (yentl manhands ru paul)or was it quinn?idk.ha!but wat she said to santana was just beyond harsh!!!watever you say blah blah blah. Deal with it!

    • emily

      Rachel’s Line was not to harsh!! Santana has messed with everyone in the Glee club so maybe its time for her to get a taste of her own medicine!

      • kelly

        i so agree.. santana does talk about rachel ever time she has a chance and it usually in front of her face and in front of everyone else. she even talked about mercedes and started a fight in front of everyone when puck was talking to mercedes that short time. yes, its time santana is taken down a peg and this comes from someone who doesnt even like rachel.i like mercedes , brittany, blaine, and kurt more.

    • wino

      sometimes i forget teen girls are posting on this board. “santana is too pretty to cry”? wtf

  • Mike from CA

    Hilarious! This is Glee at its best. Between this clip and the awesome “Bills, Bills, Bills” cover that leaked yesterday, I cannot wait for Sunday!

    • mah

      awesome “bills bills bills’???? ur hilarious…hahaha

    • RafMaf

      Um, that “Bills, Bills, Bills,” cover was nothing but a big bag of second hand embarrassment.

      • .l.


      • maria

        One of the most embarassing musical performances that Glee has done so far. I couldn’t make it till the end.

      • Sam

        Why? What was wrong with it? Personally, I was happy to see the Warblers exhibit a bit of personality.

      • Amanda

        I TOTALLY AGREE. If you’re going to sing Bills Bills Bills you have to KILL it and honestly they didn’t…I’m not really sure who they should have had as the lead but almost anyone else would have been better.

      • Alisha

        I disagree, I found “Bills, Bills, Bills” to be the BEST performance of the season. Darren made it awesome and it’s my favorite of the season. That and the “When I Get You Alone” performance.

      • eh

        GTFO warblers!!!you all are creepy.

      • Karikata

        It is extremely creepy that the Warblers sang Bills,Bills,Bills, it makes no F8cking sense. Why would a bunch of guys sing that song? If they would have changed a couple of the lyrics to imply a goldigger than fine. But they didn’t do that. WTF. Plus it sounded HORRIBLE.

      • Tarc

        Great arrangement, great vocals, crap song.

    • ChelseaB

      Yes, this exchange is epic GLee. But that treacly BBB, not so much.

    • Mike from CA

      I’m clearly in the minority here, but I really enjoyed “Bills, Bills, Bills.” I appreciate that Glee can do different things each week. I’m also one of those people that doesn’t expect each scene of Glee to adhere to my exact expectation of the show, so maybe that’s part of it.

      • Stephanie

        Well, I actually liked “Bills, Bills, Bills.” I’m not a huge Warblers fan, but I think that the Beelzebubs did great backing for Darren Criss. And, OMG… “When I Get You Alone” looked amazing… I’m so ready for the Valentine’s Day episode!

  • JY

    does this mean we’re finally getting some character development for santana? its about time glee! and brittany/santana are amazing.

  • Debra

    It looks like Santana just got a taste of what she did to Rachel in Special Education. I loved it!

  • Quinn

    Okay, first of all, Santana-honey, do you lose your EYES when you look at Finn?!

    Also–that Brittana was cute!

    Anyone else hoping for a Rachel/Santana moment? I would LOVE that.

    • JJ

      FINN was especially HOT in that scene!!!

      Ooooh, I want to be on that kissing booth!!!

    • eh

      uhm did u lose ur eyes when you look at finn? He’s flabby ewwwww. man boobs!

      • Shut Up

        very funny.. I bet lots of people would LOVE to jiggle one of YOUR man boobs, hun.

  • naffy

    Hahaha! Good, finally they told Santana the truth. I love Naya but hate Santana. So I am happy with this lol! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! ♥

  • Aaron

    “I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck.” Love that line! Reminds me of Cordelia from BtVS (“Tact is just not saying true stuff. I’ll pass”).

    • Cathy

      but Cordi was never so mean she said stuff without thinking but she never tried to hurt people while Santana says things that she knows will hurt people and takes pleasure from the pain she causes

      • shedoesntevengohere

        Lol, did you ever watch Buffy? Cordelia was awful in the exact same way Santana is – using the truth to hurt people unnecessarily.

      • not truth

        Santana isn’t using the truth. Rachel is short but she is the same height as Mercedes and Tina. She is just being mean. Rachel uses the truth and can be condescending but Santana is just being insulting.

      • anya

        While Cordelia had a habit of saying things without thinking, she was also purposefully mean a lot of times in a similar way to Santana. Cordelia’s nice side was a lot more developed then Santana’s though.

  • Anon

    Brittany and Santana are actually… INTERACTING?! And of course – Santana freakin’ Lopez getting smacked down HARD! They finally decided to call her out LOL!

  • mari

    Is “Glee” the only tv show that will be aired on Superbowl Sunday? From the coverage EW has been giving it sure seems that way. I understand why the staff of EW will put anything “Glee” or “Twilight” because both have the most rabid fans (and no, that is not an insult). But their mag/website is called Entertainment Weekly not Glee & Twilight Weekly. I just had to comment because when a fine show gets cancelled they lament it.

    • Jenna

      Uh, essentially, YES. Glee is the big POST SUPERBOWL SPOT SHOW. It’s kind of a big deal for a show to get this spot. Why else did you think they were having an extra episode on a Sunday?

  • Kim

    try rocking back and forth it helps in the movies..ha ha…dang i love you brittany

    • CC

      Okay guys listen its just A T.V. SHOW GET OVER IT and second of all truthfuly santana is a little rude sometimes and she needs to learn how to take the truth she may be able to speak the truth but if she cant handle recieving the truth then she should just keep it to her self

  • mah

    she’s just being honest you know…its not really her fault that they suck…LOL

  • taylor

    i can’t believe this. there’s so much santana continuity! the lizard baby, brittany/santana, and the crying! is this real life?!

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