Charlie Sheen: The amount you owe to the crew is...

Charlie-SheenImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBSIt’s becoming clear why Charlie Sheen reportedly offered to pay only one-third of the crew’s salaries on Two and A Half Men while he’s undergoing treatment: Bankrolling 300-some workers doesn’t come cheap.

EW has learned that it costs anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000 per episode to pay the camera operators, grips, set decorators, electricians, painters, costumers and crafts services folk who help produce an episode of Men each week. If the comedy remains dark for all of February, that could mean the loss of up four episodes. Even if Sheen only paid the one third he’s offered, he’d owe anywhere from $400,000 to $530,000.

Under the terms of his new two-year deal with Warner Bros. TV, Sheen earns roughly $1.2 million an episode — which, by the way, is approximately how much it would cost for him to cover the crew’s entire bill. (His spokesman did not respond to a request seeking comment). It remains unclear whether Warner Bros. TV and CBS will grant Sheen’s request to help split the bill for the out-of-work crew, who are considered freelancers. The studio is under no obligation to compensate the workers whenever Men is dark. It also shut down production to accommodate Sheen.

CBS has one more original of Men that it will air on Feb. 14.

If TV’s No. 1 comedy resumes production at the end of the month, there still may be time to complete most, if not all, of the eight episodes left in the studio’s obligation to CBS. So the crew won’t lose any money from the unplanned break, which began last Tuesday. Still, everything depends on whether Warner Bros. TV and creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre believe Sheen is ready to return — only they can decide when production resumes.

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  • Rissa

    Even if they don’t miss episodes, he should pay the crew something.

    • les m.

      the crew should saved money

      • jd

        The crew should have saved money? Do you have any idea how much a crew member makes compared to the drunken/coked out Mr. Sheen? He gets paid no matter what so his $1.2M an episode would cover the crew. Fork it over is what I say. He’s got plenty and for what he is putting these people through – he deserves to pay! He’s pathetic and owes his crew! period.

    • Kate

      My question is this, if they are getting paid by the episode and all episodes will be completed what are they losing? If he pays for this time, and then the company pays when the episodes are produced they are getting paid twice to do the job once. I’m not condoning his behavior but it seems weird the workers would end up profiting from him going to rehab.

      • Beck


      • Ana

        It’s not clear if they are going to complete all of the episodes. Reread the last paragraph.

      • @Ana

        I think the point is that it should be balanced out. If they make all the episodes expected, he owes nothing. If they lose an episode then maybe they should be compensated for that episode. The point is they shouldn’t make a windfall out of the situation. Everyone is up in arms over money they technically haven’t lost yet.

      • Linda

        The crew passes up other work when they commit to work a given show. If their expected work goes away they typically can’t find other work to fill the time. These crew are not well paid and usually don’t get any benefits either (health care, sick days, holiday pay, etc). So they make an average hourly rate for several days per week when the show is in production. Windfall doesn’t come to mind when I think of crew wages……

      • Fred Kimbel

        The problem is those people cant work for those 4 weeks he is in rehab because it takes longer to get that kid of work than a month. SO… instead of being paid for 4 weeks worth of work during those 4 weeks. They are getting paid for 4 weeks worth of work over 8 weeks. SO.. its like getting paid half for the total 8 weeks. Sure they will make the same amount of money… but over twice the amount of calender time where they cant really do other work. What Sheen is doing to those people is lame and he should pay their full wage since his behavior is disrupting their lives too.

      • Obvious Man Says

        yes only the ho’s and dealers should be profiting off of sheen’s payroll

      • jd

        The crews don’t get paid for the episodes not filmed (currently 8). Sheen gets paid no matter what. They won’t make ANY money as they are contractors. Sheen should just hand over his pay for 2 episodes and pay off the crew so they don’t lose anything and can go find other jobs while he gets through rehab – yet again.

    • dman


    • ShowMeTheMoney

      The only way I’d watch that show is if somebody paid ME!

      • la

        So true. I didn’t like this show. All he does his go to bed with every girl. The show should have been cancelled along time ago

      • jim sim

        O.K. this is my suggestion. Let Charlie come back to the set and first have an intervention. Then when that doesn’t work, turn the show into a reality show of Charlie’s real life as a coke smoking drunk. Problem solved ,now you have a hit show and we all sit back and watch the meltdown.

    • n

      sheens the man. start your own show

  • MCS

    That isnt even half of what he earns per episode. He COULD pay it all himself. He just doesnt want to.

    • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

      Doesn’t the guy have enough money to cover him for the rest of his life? Guess he’s saving up for another briefcase of cocaine.

      • chris

        He’s going to take it with him when he dies, just like all the other insanely rich people.

      • huh?

        Your name intrigues me.

      • Mige

        I hope he gets the help he desparately needs. The home rehab isn’t going to work, I fear. He needs a group setting, which has shown to be effective… but like everything else in his life.. he gets what he wants since he holds the purse/wallet strings. Sad really. I feel for his young children.

    • NJ

      No kidding. He’s not 33% of the reason why the show’s shut down- he’s 100%. Either don’t pay because you’re a d-bag or pay because you want to appear like you’re not. Haggling just proves he is one- and a super stingy one at that. Too bad the crew isn’t made up of hookers and porns stars- then he’d pony up!

      • Obvious Man Says

        now now, you don’t know all the facts. I know Martin was trying to get POA, maybe he obtained it and won’t let him pay the staffers all their salaries…

  • Danny

    Outrageous that he earns that much on such a remarkably mediocre show (…and a pretty remarkably mediocre actor).

    • A

      Mediocre is a generous term for this show. Personally, I’d go with awful.

      • Daryl

        This awful show just happens to be the most watched show on TV!

    • Louis

      It’s not the quality, it’s the quantity. Sheen brings in the numbers. The amount of money that show generates is astronomical and they would lose that audience without him. If you ask me, it seems like the crew is being underpaid. Sheen could be a little more generous considering the B.S. he puts those crew members through.

    • Tarc

      Then you should see what his bosses make for doing nothing.

  • Casey

    For someone who earns over a million dollars an episode having him pay 2 million to cover 4 missed episodes should be easy for him. Agree with MCS he doesn’t want to.

    • chase

      Wait guys, I read 7 other articles saying he made 1.8 mil. Get your facts right.

      • Jaded

        Why are you reading SEVEN articles about this???

  • Sam

    He should pay the entire bill not just a third. He can afford it and he’s the reason production was shut down.

    • Katie


      • Mary

        Absolutely. Being abusive to women, not caring enuf to put the money away for his 4 kids – when he meets his maker it’s gonna be way too hot there for coke.

  • Quirky

    I’m still amazed it takes 300+ people to make a 22 minute long show.

    • Wayne

      They all belong to unions.

      • tracymmo

        Thankfully they probably do belong to unions, otherwise they’d be taken advantage of by the industry.

    • cameron

      It doesn’t take 300 people to make a 22 minute long show.

      It takes 300 people to make 20+ 22 minute shows, week after week, on a schedule as part of a stable of major network prime-time spots, to be distributed, marketed, promoted, and hopefully renewed year after year after year if the crew want to keep working.

      That’s a 300 person job.

    • J

      My brother in law is part of the crew that works on E!. You’d be surprised how many people it takes, it takes a lot of work and a lot of talent to put it all together in just a week or less. So many tiny details have to be taken care of that you would not even think about, and all done in coordination.

    • Agent Smith

      Typically one episode is in post production while others are being filmed and still others are in pre-production. It really does take quite a few people to do all that work and to coordinate it properly.

  • hannah

    I don’t think he should pay a darn thing. It sets a bad precedent. If you look at it as an addict getting help, then would you expect a cancer patient to pay for time taken off to get chemo? NO! If you look at it as a party guy causing trouble, then realize he was perfectly fine to go to work. It was all this outside brouhaha that basically forced him to “seek help”. He never wanted to quit work. So either way, he shouldn’t be obliged to pay. I don’t condone his actions but either way, it’s not his job to pay. He may make 1.2m/episode, but Lorre, Cbs, etc make much more and it’s their job to take care of the crew.

    • sarah

      I tend to agree. If Sheen would have od’d and died, would his estate be forced to pay? Things happen and no one’s job is secure and you have to roll with the punches. If they can’t afford to lose out on a few episode’s pay what would they do if Sheen died and they had no jobs? Get over it. Charlie isn’t your dad.

      • Mary

        Maybe that’s how they can end the show: his plane to Paris crashes,the family get the sad call there were no survivors… moment of silence…then Jake asks: “Can I have his room?”

    • wino

      did you just equate an addict with a cancer patient? alrighty then.

      • Kara

        hey it’s a disease all the same.

      • jim

        ..except you can’t choose to start and stop having cancer

      • Margie

        Well, what about a smoker with lung cancer? Her point is it is a hard line to draw.

      • Josie

        And addiction is a disease.

      • Lois

        Addiction is a disease, and if Charlie was in rehab getting help it would be great. But he’s at home, not in rehab.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, I equate a cancer patient with an addict. So does the AMA, moron.

      • Mitch Hedberg

        Alcoholism is a disease, but it’s like the only disease that you can get yelled at for having. ‘Damn it, Otto, you’re an alcoholic.’ ‘Damn it, Otto, you have lupus.’ One of those two doesn’t sound right.

      • yasdinl

        As an alcoholic sexually addicted moron smoker, I found the show both funny and compelling. There are evils in the world. They’re not funny. Scrutiny of life will find flaws. Reflection is the path untrod

    • J

      But he is responsible for his addiction, and this isn’t the first time it got him in trouble…..a cancer patient is not responsible for their cancer.

      • Ann

        If you’ve ever worked with addicts you’d realize the oversimplification you just made. It is a disease, just not one that garners sympathy from people who don’t understand. I feel for him because he can’t win. He was showing up for work and doing his job, but then the show wanted him to go into rehab for his extracurricular activities. So he goes into rehab, but then all people can talk about is how much money it is costing the show, crew, etc. He obviously needs the help, but I don’t that he’ll ever get it as long as the people around him only care about how much he’s making them. Rehab isn’t something that is meant to be done a couple weeks at a time.

      • Lois

        Charlie isn’t in rehab. Also, his problem did have an effect his job. The reason why he stopped coming to work and claims he wants rehab (at home!) is because of his partying. Charlie recently partied one weekend with porn stars and then didn’t show up for work that week. His publicist claimed he had an alergic reaction to over-the-counter medicine. That wasn’t the first time that happened.

        Charlie needs to be in a rehab facility, not lounging at home claiming it’s helping him kick his bad habits.

      • Tarc

        Ah, as a medical professional with expertise with addiction or a qualified scientist you ain’t. stop jabbeing incoherently and ignorantly about subjects you have ZERO knowledge about.

      • Recovered

        As a recovered drug addict, I can say that it wasn’t until I made the choice that I wanted to stop doing drugs that I stopped, a cancer patient does not have that luxury. Medical professionals like you that tell addicts that they have this horrible disease are enablers and need to stop, they are just making things worse!

    • kelly

      There’s definitely no right or wrong answer here, but I think it’s lopsided that the “stars” are paid regardless of an episode being made (basically a retainer) while the crew is not. And while addiction is a disease, part of the struggle is how selfish the addict is – and that’s where the difference comes in if we were talking about a cancer patient instead of an addict. If Sheen is serious about rehabilitation, then acknowledgement and atoning are part of that…hence, he could show a lot to by paying the crew himself.

      • Lois

        Production companies also have insurance on the stars. If they get sick or die, the producers get an insurance payment. Charlie’s home self-rehab must not qualify as an illness. Maybe if he actually went to rehab the producers could get an insurance payment, and then be able to pay the crew.

      • Tarc

        If you don’t like what the actual telent makes, you should be *really8 unhappy with what Sheen’s bosses make… or what corporate CEOs make, or bank executives (aka massive salaries, no talent, and even less work).

    • Eddiehaskell

      Actually in this country people do pay to take time off to pay for chemo.

    • Dan

      I agree. He shouldn’t be expected to pay a dime. If they are all union, then seek union unemployment benefits during the off time.
      In the real world, when you are laid off it isn’t usually just for 4 weeks with the knowledge that you will be starting up again. Deal with it and consider yourself lucky to be still tied to this show which makes $$$$$ of money

  • Sara

    I don’t see why he should pay anything. As far as I’m concerned, he has neither a legal nor a moral obligation to pick up the paycheques of the crew. If he had wanted to do so, great, but I don’t see why people all trying to make him feel guilty about not paying. (I say this as someone who can’t stand “Two and a Half Man”, by the way – not as a fan.)

    • Lois

      He may not have a legal obligation, but he had a moral obligation. Charlie Sheen is the one and only reason why those people are not taking home a pay check.

      • Joe

        …Sheen is the only reason they ever took home a paycheck. Do they each owe him a cut? If a restaurant closes, do the employees collect tips for the next 8 Saturdays? He can do what he feels like doing. Even breaching contract only incurs damages. The crew can go freelance for someone else.

      • Tarc

        He has neither a legal or moral obligation. Does any other employeee in corporate America have to pay their co-workers when they need to take unexpected medial leave? Of course not.

      • Agent Smith

        This would be an accurate statement if Charlie’s show was the only show being made. It isn’t. They could choose to go work for another show. I am a freelance engineer (that is, I do not work directly for a corporation). One of the first lessons I learned was to put aside money for lean times when your contacts don’t pan out or the economy is bad. I’ve been luckier than some in that regard, not as lucky as others. It’s something a freelancer has to do.

  • Rolo

    The worst part of this all:
    “If TV’s No. 1 comedy…”

  • Sean Johal

    Apart of the reason the crew has work and has had work for 8 years is because of Charlie. The tv business is fickle, shows don’t even last 1 year sometimes, the fact the show is successful is due to Sheen’s connection to the show. I would feel pretty lucky to be apart of a successful show like that for so long. Even if he has offered to pay something, it’s betweeen CBS and him, would they reveal it and why would they need too. They all have jobs still and like it or not that’s due to Sheen and who he is, the tv show is art imitating his life offscreen, you don’t have this situation with any other actor and tv show and there is no other actor bigger on tv. Charlie don’t need to pay, but if he offered that’s pretty cool. When was the last actor who offered to pay anything to his workers on a tv show. Kiefer Sutherland got arrested but his show 24 had alot of other characters to focus on, and he got in trouble at the right time unlike Charlie, but still, without them, there is no Jack or Charlie, it’s like a marriage and you live with it as it’s better then no show at all.

    • kaydevo

      The “they should be grateful to have a job at all” garbage is so trite. Charlie is so amazing, they should be in awe! Look, these people HAVE jobs, and the diva/addict literally put them out of work till he returns. They should be grateful? Your thought process is twisted. The fervent excuse-making reminds me of all the enablers who allow an addict to stay on a downward path, taking others with him.

      • Dutchy

        Sean above has it right. No Charlie, no Two and a Half Men. They DO NOT have jobs, they are contracted to do work – and that works exists due to Charlie. If anything, they should all chip in part of what they make to Charlie (it would seriously be more appropriate.) Has nothing to do with “Charlie is amazing.” Nothing to do with what he can afford. Nothing to do with the reason for the hiatus, addiction, or “divas.” As far as people criticizing the show, you don’t get it – you don’t get to decide. I don’t personally enjoy it, but it appeals to a mass audience. It sells more advertising and therefore, in the only measure we have (other than your opinion,) it is the best show on TV.

      • Lois

        Sean & Dutchy,
        if the show was cancelled they could look for other jobs. But they have contracts to work for this show, which is now in limbo, and have to wait for the show to go back into production.

    • Kelly

      The problem is, these people – who are largely freelancers and NOT in unions – made a commitment to work on this particular show. While the show is unexpectedly dark, they can’t go get other work – other shows are staffed right now.

      So Sheen’s actions have placed a lot of people out of work at a time where they cannot get other work.

      I would hope that, in the future, CBS would write Sheen into a contract that said if he did not fulfill his filming obligations, his salary was diverted to cover the salaries of the crew.

  • kaydevo

    Oh please. Sheen has that kinda change in his pocket right now. It’s great that he offered since he’s the sleazy reason they’re out of work. He can easily afford it. All the “poor Charlie” fans who think he’s not “morally responsible” to help the crew out are so sad/hilarious. To them I say: Sheen wouldn’t hold out his hand to help you up if you fell down. Really, I hope he gets sober and stays that way for his kids’ sake, but his “at-home-treatment” doesn’t fill me with hope.

  • Tess

    If anything, CBS should take the 1.2 million per episode they will not be giving Charlie while he’s in rehab and use that to pay the crew. While it sucks that they’re out of work because of something beyond their control, I see no reason why Charlie should have to pay them. That’s not out of sympathy for Charlie Sheen, I know he has the money to throw around, and if he actually wants to pay them then great, that’s his business, but to suggest that he’s EXPECTED to do so just sits wrong with me.

    • Lois

      Charlie’s contract says that they have to pay him for 26 episodes a year, even if they make less. So Charlie is getting paid, even though the crew is not.

  • Wayne

    Jay Leno paid his crew during the writer’s strike.

    • Laurie

      He also screwed over Conan O Brien big time so so much for the nice guy theory.


    On this week’s episode he looked like crap! They should have stopped production before it got this far.

    • Joy

      Charlie is the man…. haters…. stop and look in the mirror… don’t judge until u have walked in those shoes, he will be fine. 2 x’s hes probally driven crazy….

  • Julia

    It hasn’t been the number one comedy all season.

    • Tori

      Yes I has been the number one comedy all season and the past several. Including reruns

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