'Charlie's Angels' has its Bosley!

The final major piece of casting on ABC’s Charlie’s Angels pilot has fallen to place.

Here’s your Boz: Ramon Rodriguez.

The young Puerto Rican actor (The Wire, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) has landed the coveted role of Bosley,  assistant to the detective agency’s mysterious owner Charlie Townsend who often helps the trio of Angels.

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  • Pete

    Oh dear…

    • captain obvious

      ummm he is as unBosley as you can be. He is the anti-Bosley.
      I like Bosley John Bosley (best joke of the original tv series)

      • PoorSabrina

        I have said that several times over the years and no one ever gets it.

    • Kvivik

      Way to young! Bosley is supposed to be a father figure, not a (big or little) brother.
      If the girls are indeed going to be ex-criminals, this is not what they need.

      • watinka

        Please learn to spell.

      • Marie Seevert

        @watinka: Please, learn to use commas.

    • RW

      What, John Leguizamo was already taken?

    • stu

      y not a woman?
      oh tats right..it would be”original”.

  • M


    • hanzwa1

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      • Melissa

        Is there anyone out there stupid enough to actually go to a website advertised by a badly spelled bit of spam?

      • L

        God, I hope not, Melissa.

      • puleez2

        hanzwa1 – I agree with Melissa… you are an IDIOT (x2)!

      • Stephen Howard

        Well at least he’s honest, it’s only “pretty professional”…lol

  • B-

    Since Drew is producing it, and Liu formerly had a deal with ABC TV, I think Liu taking on the “Bosley” role would have been wiser. The new generations point of reference are the movies not the original TV series. Tying the reboot to the movies would work better. That way the show also has star power. Finally it’s not to late to recast Minka with Odette Yustman and Taylor with Katie Cassidy to up the hot factor. And Jacklyn Smith could be the voice of the new “Charlie” since Forsythe is no longer with us.

    • Will

      Jesus H. Christ! He is H-O-T…

      • khia213

        Muy caliente!

      • Grumpster

        Great…but this ain’t Bosley.

    • Leo

      First of all, Minka’s plenty hot, and at least she can act. Odette Yustman is absolutely terrible. Katie Cassidy’s not a bad idea at all, though.

      • Kris

        Agreed. Minka Kelly is perfect casting and atleast she can act unlike Odette who is just awful (ok so I’ve only seen her in You Again but she was TERRIBLE in it). Katie Cassidy is an awesome idea though. I’ve wanted her in it since the start. Taking Taylor out and putting in Katie would make it a near-perfect cast (replacing Annie with Summer Glau would make it a perfect cast).

      • Joseph B.

        “replacing Annie with Summer Glau would make it a perfect cast”

        Charlie’s Angels is supposed to have sexy, hot actresses. Glau looks like a dead fish.

      • Kiki

        Minka Kelly might be hot, yes. But, please, don’t say she can act because you are insulting actual actresses.

      • Brett

        First off, Glau is gorgeous. She hasn’t had a role yet where she hasn’t been either a cypher or someone intensely serious. We don’t know yet if she can play “light and carefree” as the Angels typically were and probably will be in this edition.
        Second: They’re really skewing young with this show – it seems the only age-appropriate character will be Robert Wagner as Charlie.

      • Evert

        “First off, Glau is gorgeous”

        In Bizarro world, sure.
        Big ass forehead, too-far-apart eyes, and always sporting that dead-eye, semi-pouty look that’s a cross between a retard and a 5 year old. No thanks. Glau is as sexy and gorgeous as a bowl of 3-day old oatmeal.

    • Tracy Murray

      I agree , there needs to be a connection to both the movies and the original to make the new series work . Jaclyn Smith is perfect as Charlie’s replacement as boss as Kelly Garrett would still be involved with the agency in an administrative role after she stopped chasing criminals and when Charlie dies , she is asked to take over from him , as for the role of Bosley , or rather a assistant to Kelly / the agency , Lucy Liu ‘s Alex is well suited , the person taking over as the assistant looks a little too young and it does not seems to have the same charisma that David Doyle and Lucy Liu have to pull off Bosley or a Bosley like character .

      • L

        ^^^^ I like this take. Too bad Hollywood doesn’t actually listen to fans.

    • Chalubee

      I LOVE B-‘s idea: Lui as Bosley and Jaclyn Smith as the voice of Charlie!! Very clever in a gender-bending way. Brett’s idea with Robert Wagner, as the voice of Charlie, is great, too. However, is his voice recognizable enough? And L is right, as well. Hollywood never listens to fans.

  • mike


  • Joe

    He is friggin’ HOT!!!!! Puerto Rican hottie in the house!

  • Summer

    So not the person I would have chosen to be Bosley.

  • Cygnus

    Doesnt matter. This show is destined to suffer a mid-season death like all other reboots. Will someone put V out of its misery already? Come on Holloywood, you’re boring us to tears with bland sitcoms, reality shows, and old reboots.

    • JD

      Many of us like V so go take a hike.

      • Ron

        …and many more of us watch it to catch up on missed sleep.

      • Aztrazolo

        I was skeptical of V at fist, but I’ve actually really enjoyed it.

  • Joe

    he was on the wire??? was he one of omar’s boyfriends?

    • Clark

      Yes. And yes.

  • Eric N.

    Wow…I finally have a great reason to watch this. If this is set in Miami, there will certainly be shirtless scenes, and who wouldn’t want to look at that gorgeous latino’s surely-killer abs? I’m in!

    • GDA

      Don’t get your hopes too high – I just googled his images and there is NOT ONE where he shows any flesh!

  • Peng9803

    Taylor Kinney (Mason on TVD) would have been better.

  • angelcop74

    wow..this just keeps getting worse… lol

  • Eric

    This show will suck TURDS!!!!

    • shdrew


    • Uga

      Just like the original and both movies.

  • howdy

    I thought he was the worst actor in ROTF…not that anyone was really good in it either, he just bugged me the most

  • Ed

    POOR CHOICE…………..

  • BanBan


    • Rogerio

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