'Survivor: Redemption Island': Boston Rob and Russell joint interview (part 1) -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Russell Hantz and Boston Rob Mariano will be reigniting their epic feud when Survivor: Redemption Island kicks off Feb. 16 on CBS. But they didn’t know that until EW.com blindsided the two of them in Nicaragua the day before the game began — and our cameras were there to catch it all. The two former contestants both traveled separately to Nicaragua for filming last August and were isolated and not told whom they were playing against. So we staged what seemed like a one-on-one interview with Rob and then had Russell show up and walk around the corner. SURPRISE! But perhaps even more surprising is the two enemies sitting side by side in our exclusive joint interview and making noise about a possible … alliance? Are they actually being serious or just trying to get in each other’s head. Watch part 1 (which includes them first laying eyes on each other) of the 4-part interview below after the jump and tell us what you think. Then check back Friday for part 2, where Rob discusses whether Russell had an unfair advantage in Heroes vs Villains because nobody had seen him play. And for more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • CarolH

    Love them and can’t wait for Wednesday…I do hope they both make it to the merge and team up…I think it would be a great duo.

    • JBD

      I’m really excited as well. Every time Jeff Probst says the season is really good, it almost always turns out that way. And he claims that this season won’t disappoint, so I have high hopes.

      • LMNOP

        I agree JBD. I happen to really like Rob & can’t stand Russell, but the combination of the two and their antics should make for a really terrific season. Good news, too, especially after last (yawn) season.

    • chad

      I think they both make the merge, but Rod outlasts Russell. I think it is a good idea to have 2 former players come back when they introduce this Redemption Island thing. Helps the tribes understand the impact I would guess.

    • jen

      You love them and you are really excited?? You have really low standards. Yawwwwwwnn…

      • poop

        you are stupid jen nobody loves you

    • wino

      agree, both are very entertaining. in all honesty, im more worried about the Redemption Island twist than these two.

      • bruno

        totally. granted, i still think for some reason they’re going to make it to the end. and i’m surprised by their alliance talk (right away!?) but it does make sense. would b intersting to see them make it to the end…and then never have to see them ever again. not a fan of the idea of this twist AT ALL. the game’s the game. you get voted out, you’re gone. be gone! second chances are lame.

    • tcc

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? They were already on a season together and hated each other. Both have proven in the past that neither of them will EVER win this game, so why bother?

      • Adele Griffin-Flood

        then why are you bothering to post tcc? You people that claim not to care but you’re here reading all the behind the scenes articles and posting really crack me up.

      • Coleen

        The fun of the fight, and the game! Of course! I’m with everyone, getting to “stand” Russell, but love to see Rob every time

    • Barb

      I am also very excited. I can’t wait until it starts. I like Russell because he is so entertaining. I didn’t like Rob until the last time he played and then he won me over. I kept saying then that if they would work together I believed they would make it to the end. I think what one doesn’t think of the other will. Right now I don’t care who wins as long as they both play a great season.I hope they do team up together. Time will till.

      • Pat

        Are you excited and entertained by freaks like Russell? Well good for you. Don’t worry, maybe in your lifetime, one of them will win. Because you do realize that they are going to be on Survivor every other damn season! Have fun watching Russell run around the jungle finding those “hidden” idols. Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump on you Barb – I am disgusted with the producers.

    • BruceMpls

      What I don’t get is why is Survivor letting these two guys get together (and plot together) before the show starts? I thought they keep the contestants apart until the show begins?

    • Jeb

      Lame. Survivor is on the way out – I hope ! Enough of these two fools.

  • Christy

    Read an article on the web that accused Russell of being the “spoiler” responsbible for leaking boot lists onto survivorsucks.com that were pretty accurate for the seasons he was on Survivor. I can’t believe that CBS and Survivor Producers would let him get away with this by featuring him in his own “season”, which is pretty much what this Rob vs. Russell thing is. I thought people who leaked information were subject to court procedings and losing their winnings. Can you comment on this at all? Curious………

    • Ian

      Well, since he lost none of his winnings, didn’t get sued, and IS back for another season, wouldn’t that make it obvious that either he had nothing to do with it, did it and they can’t prove it, or he did it and they don’t care since only about 1% of their audience actually seeks out spoilers on those sites. Just think a little and you’ll realize that just because you read an article about it doesn’t mean it’s at all true.

      • Angelalala

        Tru dat. It’s amazing how many gullible people will start sentences with “I read an article on the web…” and are amazed when someone might snicker at them for it, or just not believe it at all.

      • Christy

        Ian….I guess we can’t all be geniuses like you and Angelalala. What if we “gullible” people happen to be read something on the internet that is actually true? Will you each admit that you’re pompous a$$es? Nope? Didn’t think so……..

      • James

        Would you say Dalton is gullible then as well? As he tweeted that CBS always kinda knew it was Russell who spoiled the seasons anyways? Are you calling Dalton a liar then? I doubt he would have tweeted that CBS knew about Russell if it wasn’t true.

      • Ian

        @ James, Hence my option of “CBS knew and didn’t care.” The point was believing random articles online and taking them immediately as fact is still indeed GULLIBLE. Calling Dalton gullible would imply he believes everything he reads, and I doubt he does that.

    • Celimene

      I think the information about Russell being the spoiler came out after filming wrapped. We’ll see what happens in the next few months.

      • Heidi

        There were several emails from Russell’s account sent to the person who was charged and basically they let the guy go in exchange for the originator – who was Russell. But yes, this was only recently learned so Russell may still face some heat. We shall see.

    • patycakes44

      Yes I heard the producers have all of russels emails and are investigating…but this Survivor was completed before this came out..

    • Barb

      I am one of the people that always read the spoilers. There have been a several seasons that the spoilers were right on the money. Seasons before we even hear of Russell. I will believe it when CBS charges Russell.

  • BobS

    Good Lord! Save us all! Do we REALLY have to go through yet another season with that redneck, pompous Russell? The man is truly a d**k and absolutely a bad role model to parade around on prime time television!

    • Ian

      “Do we REALLY have to go through yet another season with that redneck” — No, not REALLY. Unless you only have 1 channel, can’t turn off the TV, and are chained to a chair in front of it. otherwise, you don’t have to watch it at all.

      • SLB

        Why should i turn off a show i like because of one idiot? Do we really have to listen to this fat, stupid, toothless hillbilly again? Thank god for DVR.

    • BoBB

      Do you like the show more than you hate Russell? Sounds to me like some people just need something to whine about. To answer your question…. No you do NOT have to watch him again…. Tivo, DVR, fast foward, any of this ring a bell. and before you ask why should you have to do this? you don’t just watch the show or don’t but quit whining because you don’t like him.

  • Evan

    excited for this season. let’s hop russell doesn’t spoil the season again.

    • SLB

      Let’s hope, but don’t count on it.

    • Asha

      I hope he spoils that he was the first person out.

    • Rhonda


    • Moose

      He already has =) Stephanie is the first out from Russell’s tribe (surprise, surprise) Both Rob and Russell make the merge but not the final 3, good news for Rob fans (or Russell haters) Rob wins their little competition. Final 3 is Natalie, Matt and Ashley. Who will be the sole survivor?

      • AcRv

        Dude, I managed to go without reading the spoiler anywhere, then BAM, it’s right here. Should’ve posted “Spoiler Alert” before posting

      • Pat

        Thanks, Moose. I hope you are not making this up. Where did you get this info? I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Russell. I’m still not going to watch because I’m pissed that Survivor is letting the loser be on the show again. I like Rob but he’s been on 4 times. Hey Rob, go raise your kid. Hey Russell, go crawl back under that rock. Hey Jeff, get a life without Russell and Rob.

      • Matt

        Are you just making up “fake spoilers”? I hope you are. How would you know?

  • Justin

    In the video above, it looks like Russell ate some of the other castaways. That’s one way to survive.

    • t.t


    • Asha

      Ha. I just chuckled.

    • gataroo

      You make me smile.

  • Jenny

    I can’t wait. Both of them will be very entertaining. Last season was pretty boring, so these two are just what the show needs right now.

    • Juneau


  • C’mon

    Good Lord! Save us all! Do we REALLY have to go through yet another season with that redneck, pompous Boston Rob?

    • Mel

      Totally Agree!
      Please Riob Go Away Forever

    • Nemle

      Rob isn’t a redneck. lol

  • TRIM

    Russell is the Greatest!!!

    • jen

      ummm, yea, that’s why he has never won. eyeroll.

      • SLB

        Thank you.

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  • Ripley

    Clearly they’ve both started playing the game. So much for the contestants not speaking to each other before the game starts.

    • Ian

      That rule exists so that people can’t gain an unfair advantage by knowing someone, who’s a stranger to everyone else, before the game starts. Obviously that would be pointless here since they know each other well.

  • viola

    not watching russell or rob again for the umpteenth time. I’m out!

    • Ian

      Yeah right. I can’t wait to see your comments here 2 minutes after the 1st recap is posted…

      • SLB

        Reading the recaps is better than listening to Russell.

  • Kevster

    Hey Dalton — I’m still waiting for the Jeff Probst apology video for calling us non-Russell lovers “non-fans”. But hey, who shouldn’t love a cheater?

    • SLB

      I agree. That p*ssed me off too. I’ve watched this show from season 1 and Russell is the only person that made me quit watching. The 1st time he was on.

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  • Bailey

    I can’t wait. Love these guys. I hope they put on a great show.

  • sara

    This is hilarious. Russell is caught spoiling the entire season and even though he has signed a confidentially agreement that every OTHER contestant is bound to, the producers are still pimping him out like the best thing ever all because they were stupid and short-sighted enough to center the entire season around his skeevy pompous a**. He has certainly made the producers look like the fools that they are.

    • kross

      we..when he brings in more viewers that translates into cash for the network. Look at Charlie Sheen and his off camera high jinx but they look the other way because he’s their cash cow. After last seasons dismal, boring show they are hoping for more viewers this time around.

      • Ian

        “After last seasons dismal, boring show they are hoping for more viewers this time around.” — …and WOW, is this the most “Captain Obvious” comment I’ve ever seen, lol. Do you also think CBS would like to make money from their shows, or do they just do it for fun? Please enlighten me on the subject with your big giant brain!!!

      • SLB

        Charlie Sheen is also entertaining to watch. Russell isn’t.

      • Juneau

        @Ian – After reading your unnecessarily rude comments here I’d say you’re a Captain D-Bag.

      • Ian

        @ Juneau – After reading your comments, I’d say I couldn’t care less what you think. You’re Captain Irrelevant.

    • Ian

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, unless your brain can’t handle the idea that it might not all be true.

      • sara

        ummm, yea. One day you may want to try living in the real world.

      • Ian

        uh, ok. Does that mean in your real world everything written online is true? Not sure what your pointless comment is trying to imply.

    • JR

      The allegations came out AFTER they taped so they need to go forward. There is still plenty of time for the statue of limitations to expire if they choose to take legal action against him.

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