Will ABC order Hulk? Change risque pilot titles? What's up with 'Poe'? Burning questions answered

hulk-angels-poeImage Credit: Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Tina Gill/PR Photos; David Livingston/Getty Images; Everett CollectionABC is taking some of the biggest creative swings this pilot season with several intriguing titles in the works. Below, the network’s scripted development chief Suzanne Patmore-Gibbs gamely answers our burning questions about some of this year’s most buzz-worthy projects…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So is Poe pretty much what it sounds like from the logline?
It has an element of Guy Ritchie’s version of Sherlock Holmes, an element of steampunk and a real sense of fun. This is before Poe’s darkest days. He has a sense of humor; he’s a believer surrounded by skeptics. The show in some ways bears a resemblance to Castle. One supporting character is a female who works at a newspaper, another, one of the first African-American doctors [both are fictional]. They’re people who are always being underestimated in society.

Poe wasn’t the most attractive guy. Will ABC have a sexy Poe?
Certainly it will be someone with a larger than life personality… hopefully charismatic … and attractive … we’re literal about his work, but not about his looks.

And since The Incredible Hulk reboot wasn’t among the fall drama pilots, is there a chance of it being shot for midseason?
We always knew from the beginning it would be pretty much next year, due to everybody’s schedules. We haven’t seen [a script] on it yet. We would love to have a go at it early for next season [2012-13].

In terms of getting a series pickup, Charlie’s Angels has to be the closest thing to a lock, right?
Nothing is ever a lock. It’s going to be super stylish and fun. It’s all about execution now. The casting is huge here. We want to make sure these girls demonstrate personality and soul and not just looks and fighting skills.

You have two titles with the word “bitch” in them. Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23 is definitely growing on me. Will you have to change it?
That is a big debate. We love that it’s provocative and it’s so indicative of the show. The whole show is sort of audacious and slightly off-color, but it’s really relatable. Still, we don’t want to become the “A-Bitch-Company,” that’s not our big goal.

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  • craig

    What about Idina Menzel musical project the purchased script for and/or the Bob Kushell music project?

    Carlton Cuse project?

    Damon Wayans project?

    Are they picking anything else up?

    • James Hibberd

      Probably a couple more comedies. Carlton’s project not confirmed dead, tho…

  • mark in nyc

    with the casting of Bosley….proof they were lying about Charlie’s Angels. show is gonna be a bomb.

  • amelia

    what about ed bernero’s parnters? i hear the script is pretty good and he has a deal with abc

  • Tyler

    Charlie’s Angels, not Charlie’s Angeles.

    • Jack Mehoffer

      It Angeles bozo

      • shh it’s a secret

        maybe in espanol but in english it’s angels

  • craig

    I didn’t understand, do you mean it’s probably dead, but just not confirmed, because I thought I heard it wasn’t being targeted for this season

  • Beret Erway

    the first announcement set “Poe” in Boston … when did he leave Baltimore? or are the producers dispensing with history/reality altogether?

    • Jackie

      According to Wikipedia, Poe was born in Boston. He eventually moved to Baltimore, and that’s where he died. This premise actually sounds a lot like a show that the Sci-Fi channel did a few years ago about Jules Verne. It was called ‘The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne’.

    • James Hibberd

      i wondered that too, since i always associated him with Baltimore, but from looking around online it seems he was born and spent some of his younger years in Boston …

  • WmAdams

    If they want to cast Poe based upon appearance and acting ability, they should go with Deadwood’s John Hawkes. His Oscar nom might keep him away from TV, but he’d be good in the role.

  • Samantha Delynne

    Dancing with the star is going to stay on the Air until 2020.Its a fun show to watch.

  • Gleek121

    Any updates on the Idina Menzel or Alan Menken musical projects? Both dead?

  • Anya

    I don’t think the B word should be in the title of a show. I don’t let my kids watch those types of shows, but there is no protecting them from the commercials (unless we just don’t turn on the TV). For another show, why couldn’t they have change the title to “Stuff My Dad Says” and in the credits say it was based on the blog. Try explaining what the symbols $*!@ mean to a 7 year old.

    • Pete

      That’s right, the world has to be sanitized so you don’t have to parent your child.

      • Nona

        Give it a rest Pete. It takes a village.

      • Truthhurts

        that’s right nona.. a village not an entire country or a tv network.

    • Truthhurts

      “Try explaining what the symbols $*!@ mean to a 7 year old.”

      Easy, It’s a bad word you shouldn’t be saying yet. Explanation over, maybe try not using your tv as a babysitter. But then again you’re prolly also a mom that supports sports for kids where everyone gets a trophy regardless of how they do.

      • Nona

        What ” truth” are you presenting? It’s a bad word that you should not be saying yet… But when you get older you can say all the bad words you want? That may be your reality but what ” truth” does it speak to.

      • Truthhurts

        Oh my name has nothing to do with the subject at hand, i used this name a while back and just stuck with it. As far as what i said? yep words are just that.. words. Just because you have an uptight upbringing and are choosing to raise your kids that way doesn’t mean the rest of the world should have to.

        And the truth it speaks to is that it’s a big world and ya can’t make all of em happy all the time. To me stuff like 7th heaven and veggietales is as offensive to me as the title above is to you.

  • Voodoo

    Please change the b*tch in those two titles. It isn’t provacative, just stupid. Like your parents trying to be “hip” and “cool”. Totally turns me off.

    • Voodoo


      Before the grammar police chase me down.

  • Tarc

    I’ve very far from conservative, but they need to remove the inappropriate language from TV show titles. Beyond being sexist and inappropriate, the title are naustatingly gimmicky, manipulatie, and just plain old LAME.

  • Craig

    Sorry to be a pain in the ass, James. I just didn’t understand what you meant about Carlton Cuse project.

    Also as above person mentioned, curious about Alan Menken and Idina Menzel musical projects.

    Also what happened to Port Love – the Kelly Ripa.Mark Consuelos project set behind the scenes of a soap. Is it not getting out of the script stage?

  • facepalm

    ABC have really sunk to its lowest, remobe the stupid B word.Are people there just stupid, what part of the b word is cool and awesome. stop being sexist and backward morons. You want to hurt a group because you thing its so original and classy?

    what’s next you are going to use the N word.

    • Nona

      This is ABCs way of “pushing the envelope”. I guess they have never heard of good writing and original ideas.

  • Mikey M

    A Hulk show? Is he going to be looking for a cure and moving from town to town?

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