'Bones' scoop: Details on where Brennan and Booth go from here, when the sniper returns, and an episode unlike any we've seen before

Bones-Bikini-Soup-guns_510.jpg Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox Bones exec producer Stephen Nathan is not afraid to admit that he welled up while cutting the final two scenes of last night’s episode of the Fox drama, which he considers David Boreanaz’s best work of the six-season-old series. (Watch clips of them below.) He says producers wanted to put Booth (Boreanaz) in a more difficult place following Hannah’s rejection of his marriage proposal than he was before (when he was just reeling from the rejection of Emily Deschanel’s Brennan followed by her finally admitting her feelings when he’d moved on). They succeeded. 

“We also wanted to keep both of them a little off-balance,” he says of our favorite will-they/won’t-they duo. “Now we want them to be together again, but really, the reality of situation both emotionally and logistically prevents them from taking that next step certainly for awhile because they’re both licking their wounds.” By March 17, the blizzard episode that finds Booth and Brennan trapped alone together in an elevator, they’ll be ready to discuss where things stand between them. That’s something Booth made clear he wasn’t ready to do last night when he told Brennan she had two options. “At that moment, it was ‘All we are is partners right now. I can’t handle anything else. I don’t want to talk about anything. I just want to have a drink with my partner, and if that’s not enough for you, then just leave,'” Nathan says. “I think it is setting up that next difficulty between them, which is ‘We’re just partners now.’ If they jump right back into their old relationship, it wouldn’t be real. Then the whole thing with Hannah was a lie. And if that’s the case, then you can’t trust anything that happens emotionally with these characters.” Nathan says when Brennan asked if those were her only two options — be his partner or leave — she may have wanted to talk about her feelings for him again. “Definitely, that’s in the back of her mind. She missed an opportunity. She doesn’t want regrets. We’ve seen that this season. She’s definitely dealing with that.”

What’s next for Booth and Brennan as they try to get back to the comfortable friendship they once had? Here are some SPOILERS:

• The Feb. 17 episode finds Booth and Brennan spending Valentine’s Day together. This we already knew. “Neither of them have plans, neither of them buy into the whole romantic nature of Valentine’s Day because of their situations. So they do wind up in a very inappropriate place at the end, doing something you wouldn’t expect,” Nathan teases. He wouldn’t confirm where, but there’s a shot of the duo at a gun range on the Fox press site (pictured), which he’d only say is in the episode somewhere. (That’s a nice reference to the pilot, don’t you think?) Brilliantly cruel, the victim in this episode is a wedding planner.

• Episode 2 in the sniper arc airs March 10. “Booth is truly determined to go after him in this episode, but also is struggling with the demons that come along with being a sniper himself, and wondering how Brennan sees him — if Brennan thinks that he’s the kind of guy who can easily pull the trigger, or if she knows how difficult that is for him as well,” he says. “It’s forcing him to look into an aspect of his life and look into how other people perceive him as well.”

• The spinoff episode is scheduled to start shooting Feb. 22 with Booth and Brennan traveling to Florida to meet “The Locator” (Geoff Stults) and his partner (Michael Clarke Duncan). It’s scheduled to air April 21.

• They’re shooting the body farm episode this week, which features Twilight star Michael Welch (with whom Nathan and Bones creator Hart Hanson worked on CBS’ Joan of Arcadia) guest-starring as a grad student. “They find body parts that have been washed up on the shore between Canada and the United States, and they trace them back to a flood that occurred at a body farm. A body farm is a forensics apology lab at a university where they put corpses in various different situations and environments to study how they decompose. And this is a real thing,” he says. That will air April 14.

• Taking another cue from the real world, on May 5 (all airdates subject to change), “We’re doing an episode in which Brennan, who has never cared much for motive, has to examine a live person to find out why they killed someone else. This actually happens. We find a woman and we have no idea how old she is. We think she might be 13, she could be 20. She’s deaf and unable to speak. She’s found covered in blood with a knife and we track down the person who she killed and we have to find out why she killed that person, if it was murder, which it looks like — it looks like it was murder and theft. Brennan realizes the importance of motive at this point. We also, through this, find out the identity of this girl and resolve something very, very major in her life. It’s an episode unlike any we’ve done before. Most of the analysis and the forensic anthropology [is] on a live person. They don’t cut her up though,” he jokes. “As cool as that might look for visual effects, I don’t think it’d be nice.” Hodgins won’t do one of his crazy experiments on her then? “No, we don’t shoot her out of a cannon.”

• We’ve reported that John Francis Daley and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein are penning an upcoming episode that will send up MythBusters. New detail: “We find a body in the woods that seems to have been torn apart by a chupacabra.”

• And finally, no, even though Hannah said she only thought Booth and she were done “for now” which leaves the door open for her to pop in again in the future, don’t expect it to happen this season. [Pause for applause.] “I really do believe that for as many people who are hollering about [Hannah], there are just as many who loved having Hannah on the show and loved having that complication,” Nathan says. “While they might have been frustrated with that story, they enjoyed that frustration because they wanted it to change. They’re invested in the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride.” And as for those who can’t believe she turned down a life with Booth, Nathan reminds us that, “It wasn’t cruel what she was doing. It was honest, and it was with great regret.”

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  • Somebody

    Lots of new info. Glad Hannah’s pretty much gone now, and the guns-on-valentine’s day thing is sort of funny.

    • Bibi

      My first thought…they’ll shoot hearts into a target.

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      • amylovesnewwave

        Wow, two spam comments in one post. We are a bunch of lucky so-and-so’s.

  • Rack

    No Nathan, that’s where you are wrong. A majority of the folks who watch this show couldn’t stand the Hannah character and other than an obvious plot contrivance thought she made no sense whatsoever in the world of Bones. Forget discussion, can we just have a little love in the elevator? I think we’ve earned it.

    • Toree

      Well, I loved Hannah and how she helped develop the show. Let’s not try to speak for all the fans when, as Brennan would say, it’s nearly impossible to ask every single fan his or her opinion. Although, I am looking forward to some Booth/Brennan scenes again.

      • gad

        I agree Toree!

      • michelle

        I agree with Toree as well. Thank you for stating the opinion of many fans!

      • Ally

        Great minds, Torree! I totally agree.

      • Randi

        I agree, as much as I hated having a complication in the Brennan/Booth dynamic, it was about time that Booth had a serious relationship outside of his relationship with Bones. It made the show more believable, no matter how annoying Hannah actually was.

      • Sue1

        I agree as well. I always understood why Hannah was necessary, and many others fans did too.

      • mary

        I agree!Its just a tv show,folks!
        They will keep us waiting another 10 seasons for B&B to get together!LOL
        I enjoy the characters and the few perfect episodes like yesterday!
        Personally I prefer them to be just colleagues..they are too different to be happy together. well,lets see….
        THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW!;););)

      • toree123

        clearly toree replied to her own comment. also i hated hannah, sex in elevator PLEASE

      • Laura K.

        I liked her too. I want to see Booth and Bones together as much as anyone, but I really liked Hannah as a character, and I thought she was good for Booth. The conversation they had when he came clean about Bones’s feelings for him made it really clear that she “gets” him.

      • murley

        i liked the hannah storyline. hannah got on my nerves a little but she grew on me as i got to know her and it showed that booth has a type – strong, independent, beautiful women. it played out realistically and will make for some good booth angst. d.b. was fantastic thursday.

      • Brooke

        I liked Hannah, too. I thought she was good for Booth and I liked the unexpectedness of the love triangle being a friendly one, with her and Bones getting along so well. I’ll miss Bones getting to have her friendship.

      • bkwurm1

        My issue this season wasn’t really Hannah, but how they were writting Booth once Hannah was in the picture. It just wasn’t him. The same thing also worked for Bones. The Hannah/Bones friendship NEVER felt real. It worked when it was just Breenan putting on a good face because she wanted to be their for Booth, but the show didn’t earn a real Breenan/Hannah relationship. The fakeness associated with Hannah made me cringe whenever she was on screen.

    • sunsetsnow81

      I agree and liked Hannah. I expected and wanted Booth to move on after Bones.

    • Sarah

      Thank GOD someone said it. While I know there were some totally misguided souls who “liked” or tolerated Hannah, I doubt seriously that if you polled all Bones fans there would be an equal number of pro-Hannah than con-Hannah. Come ON, people! She killed the show. Even if you aren’t a shipper, you can’t deny that Booth and Brennan’s interactions changed since she has been here, and not for the better. I am so happy she’s gone – I have been DVRing every episode she was in so I could fast-forward through her scenes. I love you, squarechicken, but face it – Hannah was not beloved.

      • lysa

        it’s your hate against Hannah, the showrunner and the writers who has killed the show.. for me it’s still here and alive… Hannah was loved, and appreciated… you’re just too blind too accept soemthing different than your poor POV.

      • Stephanie

        Agreed. Hannah killed the B&B dynamic which, let’s face it, was a major part of the show. I didn’t have a problem with the concept when I first heard about it. I figured that Brennan needed to “suffer” a bit to see what she had passed on, but this drug on way too long, was thrown in our faces at every opportunity, did not translate well on screen, and was poorly played by a mediocre actress. What could have been a great thing in regards to the progression of the show was an absolute mega-flop!

      • murley

        brennan rejecting booth and them not being in any contact for like 7 months changed their dynamic. the fact that he met someone else also had an effect, that is just realistic.

      • Chloe

        Lysa – Hannah was NEVER loved!!!! She was TOLERATED by us real true Bones fans.

      • Nikki

        I hated Hannah. Further, other than being impossible spectacular, there was no place in Booth’s life for her. The character didn’t know him or she would have realized who he “is.” She should have known what he would ultimately want.

    • diana

      you’re so right, Hannah was just a plot device to keep B&B apart and I never bought for one minute that Booth really loved her .. after 5 seasons of loving Brennan? No way! And if he really CAN fall in and out of love that easily, what good is his love for Brennan?

      • JayBee

        well said Diana. If Booth loved Hannah enough to marry her then how does that reflect on his feelings for Brennan? It’s not a particularly positive statement about his character imo. Having a different love interest for Booth to help him move past Brennan is one thing but taking it as far as they did was a different matter.

      • Laslo

        diana and JayBee represent the Disney view of love – you can only love one person ever and no one ever moves on or ever falls in love with another person or – gasp! – more than one person in a year or so. No matter that one person said it isn’t going to happen, no matter that they were apart for a year (and that didn’t immediately follow “the talk”), nothing else could possibly be genuine or true. It’s like a couple of 8 year olds. If you know the character then you know Booth has always been a romantic guy. Obviously if he wasn’t going to get what he wanted from Bones, he knew he had to move on. It’s not a leap, it’s self preservation.

      • gad

        I agree Laslo, I like that it is complicated.

      • murley

        thank you laslo. i read the complaints and think the show these people seem to want does not sound like very good television, it sounds more like junior high fantasy.

      • diana

        I feel really sorry for you laslo, gad and murley, because you have obviously never had the kind of love my husband of 30 years and I have shared and the kind of love Bones has promised us in B&B. I had many crushes but only one true love and yes, it is possible for true love to be more than a junior high fantasy. So sorry it hasn’t worked out for you three.

    • Chloe

      Sorry, I don’t believe there was any type of “majority” that was glad about Hannah being in the episodes. IF you asked 100 REAL BOnes fans, 10 were content with Hannah, the other 90 didn’t want her there!!!

      • PamE

        I found Hannah rediculous! Why if she is “not the marrying kind” and she knew Booth was “the marrying kind would she play around with his heart? Bones warned her that Boothe was vulnerable and not to take his love lightly. what kind of monster would keep playing him along until her game was up? Let’s get more of Angela and Brennan BFF’s. Maybe that will spark Bones to want her own baby Booth.

    • Jan

      Agree. Storylines were contradictory. If not the marrying kind she wouldn’t have followed him…she wouldn’t have answered Parkers question re marriage and having kids the way she did…she would have made her feelings clear when she came home and thought B was going to propose. Then the two or three eps before he proposed to her found B gazing at Bren like he realized he loved her the most. No return of Hannah…unless of course it forces him to choose and he chooses Brennan.

  • Nicole M

    Personally, I liked Hannah. I found her much more appealing than the robotic Brennan. As of season 5, I don’t know why Emily has decided to play Bones in such a robotic and annoying way. There’s nothing appealing about her now, nothing about her that makes me want to root for her and Booth to be together.

    That said, I hope that TPTB hurry up and get B/B together. Maybe this way, the focus of the show will shift back to the ensemble and mysteries (which need to get better) instead of the “will they/won’t they B&B show.”

    • MKAngelus

      I TOTALLY agree w/your comment. The cases are so utterly ridiculous and over the top that it’s distracting to even watch most of them. I much preferred the earlier seasons when they weren’t the B&B romance hour, instead they were solving cases and growing alongside them.

    • Cate

      “Robotic and annoying” is exactly right. I don’t know why Booth would be attracted to this version of Brennan because she appears to have no personality at all.

      • Chloe

        If you read ANY of Cathy Reichs’ books – Temperance Brennan is a lot more human and emotional. She is STILL the super duper genius, but she has more emotional reactions to things. That’s what I’m not liking about Emily’s (or actually the writers’) portrayal of Temperance. She is nothing like the Temperance in the books.

    • mary

      I agree-only in 2 episodes ( more or less ) each season we get to see the RELATIONSHIP´s developement.well,thats not enough to built a LOVE STORY.so we wait for years until we won´t buy it anymore!too bad!

    • Kate

      It seems that they have made her less likeable the last couple of seasons. She’s been around and, frankly, lectured by Booth and Angela enough to have learned to be more socially adept. Every time she pulls that “science only” and “yes I know I’m superior in intelligence/beauty/whatever” routine I wonder how someone who is supposed to be so brilliant can be so clueless and incapable of embracing the lessons she has learned. For awhile there was growth but now she’s just turned into this annoying person. Maybe she and Booth will get together soon and he’ll start bringing out the more human side of her that can recognize all people have worth even if they don’t measure up, in her opinion, to herself.

    • Eve

      HH has Brennan act this way because he believes it is Brennan’s way or coping. He stated in an interview that Brennan goes back to logic, etc. when she in uncomfortable. It is a bunch of crap, and I think really has made the character just annoying. It was alright the first season, but what social growth have we seen. I can’t really say that I liked Brennan or Booth this season. They made choosing the Office over Bones, a lot easier.

      • gad

        I didn’t know that this was ever mentioned and I actually interpreted it that way because it was so pronounced! I do also think that it is sometimes overpowering and is *very* pronounced. i am always relieved when i hear her talk in a ‘normal’ way. but maybe this year was very difficult for her because of Hannah, as well as her increased recognition of her feelings for Booth? it might be a method of showing that progression in her life. or something. And in real life, people can regress, as she might be in this case. idk, just speculating for fun.

    • Muckbeast

      I agree 100%

      Bones has been horrible this season. It is like everything she learned in seasons 1-4 was totally forgotten. She went back into total idiot robot mode.

      Her rejection of Booth in season 4 absolutely murdered her character for me.

      I’d rather they never got together and somehow Bones was killed.

    • NANCY


  • Rebecca

    I stopped watching this show probably 3 episodes in of annoying Hannah and now that she is gone I think I will start watching again!!

  • Chloe

    …This makes thankful I don’t watch this show regularly anymore. Nathan and Hanson obviously live in their own little world where them dragging out Booth and Bones is considered brilliant. News flash: it’s not. It’s been nearly 6 years of building up those two and then pulling out the rug from underneath the viewers time and time again, all because they’re idiots who believe in the Moonlighting “curse”. To continue with the teasing now is just cruel to those who still care.

    • gad

      boo!:) i care! i don’t think it’s teasing.

    • JaredsKitty

      @Chloe: I have to laugh at your comment, b/c I just had that discussion with my mom like 2 days ago!
      And I agree with you — it may have ruined it if they got together in like the 3-4th season, but by now, most ppl *I* know (me included) are almost to the point of eye rolling! DO IT ALREADY! I think after 6 seasons, and a lot of beloved charactors, the show can handle it!
      Plus, we have the fun of Booth teaching Bones how to understand her emotions…that it’s OK to show them — Basically to teach her how to act “human”. I think they could do a lot with that: make it both poignant and funny.
      Just sayin’…

      • Tiffany

        At the moment, I think Brennan could teach Booth a thing or two about emotions and listening to your heart.

    • Jeff

      Agreed – the ship has sailed for me as far as caring about the romantic entanglements on the show, whether B&B, or Sweets & Daisey, or Cam – I don’t care about their love lives.

    • Chloe2

      I guess I’ll have to change my “Name” to Chloe2!

      • Krishna

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  • Jane

    Folks expect Hannah in season 7. That is what Stephen is saying. She will be back

    • faye

      Well, I will not suffer through watching the show change again. Let him have her back. But I sure as heck will not be tuned in. It was dreadful when she was on. I always got busy with something else and my SO let me know when her scenes were over. We did not record one of her shows.

      What a horrible thought!

  • Monde

    Totally, just when Booth and Brennan will get together in S7. Hannah will return, wanting to marry Booth. And she made a mistake and misses him. They like to torment the shippers.

  • PJ

    I thought Hannah was a much better partner for Booth than Bones who really should be a monogamous single. Booth and Bones blew their chances over and over again. That tells me they shouldn’t be together in a relationship at all.

    • Sam

      Have you actually watched the show?? I mean truly watched it & understood it?

      • Sue1

        Apparently not. “Monogamous” single? Perhaps a mistake on PS’s part, but until she met Booth, monogamous is the worst word imaginable to describe Brennan.

      • Kate

        I think PJ (not PS) didn’t mean it like it sounded. Probably meant to say non monogamous and single as in not committed.

        Sam, I like Hannah too. I did in fact watch every episode, many of them multiple times, and completely understood it. It always amazes me that people who think someone who has a differing viewpoint didn’t understand the show. That’s just pompous and ridiculous.

  • Paul

    Seriously Hannah isnt gone. They had her say that Booth and she arent over for reason. She will try to win him back and check in her BFF in S7 for sure.

    • faye

      Is this a fact or a spoiler? Did one of the producers actually say she would be back. My reason for asking is during an interview some time ago HH made the remark that they had already decided the ending and it was in the can ready to go, they were not sure when they wanted to use it. He also said they left it so she could return in the future if they wanted her. So, the ending was filmed and edited some time ago. They had originally signed her up for three epi. but they felt she did so well they kept her around.

  • carol

    Hope “Hannah” doesn’t come back at all. The interesting parts of the show were the regular characters (including Zack) – since they branched out with a bunch of replacements for him, and then brought this Hannah character on to the scene, I’ve found myself watching it less and less. Also, my husband feels the same way. We loved the show as it was, before all the intrusions.

  • Fran

    I like Booth and Hannah too. I hated the way they ended out of the blue. They deserved a better break up than that. So YES Hannah will be back in next season to stir up the fans. Bring it!

  • J

    so…Booth was basically completely ready to give up Brennan, the woman he claims to have “known” he is meant to be with from the moment he met her, to MARRY Hannah, is able to go through with the proposal, gets reject, and will now slowly mend things with Brennan and possibly have a future together…

    I don’t know about you, but to me, this makes Brennan the consolation prize, which really cheapens their relationship.

    I’m beyond glad that Hannah is gone, but she had the last laugh here

    • gad

      no! its much more complex than that. motives for actions matter as well! and obviously brennan is not a consolation prize. there is much emotional complexity here.

      • JaredsKitty

        @gad: I concur! She was there WAY before Hannah… My thinking is that it’s more like Hannah is the rebound girl, & Booth is trying SO HARD to make it work that at times I found their relationship laughable! He was like a little puppy around Hannah… So desperate to please, that it just wasn’t BOOTH!

      • Sue1

        @gad–I agree and understand you. Brennan is THE prize, and when he thought he would never have her he did just what he said he would. The Booth we saw with Hannah was the same Booth we saw with other women he has been involved with…he is different with Brennan because they are different.

      • gad

        and sometimes i think the brennan character would agree with a lot of the negative opinions.

      • Dojo79

        @gad…Great comment! Booth has not been the same since Brennan turned him down! He has been lying to himself and trying to lie to everyone else. He may have loved Hannah in a way, but he was really a man trying to stop the pain anyway he could!

    • Marie

      My thoughts exactly. I don’t believe in Booth’s love for Brennan anymore. All the Hannah arc did was make me lose my faith in Booth. I deeply hate him now. And the most infuriating thing is that they’re portraying it like this is all Brennan’s fault, and she needs to “win him back”. It was never true before, but this season it is: Booth is no longer worthy of her. If his love is so interchangeable, that he can fall in love with someone else and try to forget everything he’s built with Bones, then he is not worthy of her anymore. He can whine and feel sorry for himself all he wants, but until he acknowledges his own responsibility and issues he will never deserve Brennan- if he can even bring himself to fight for her again. Unbelievable.

      • Eve

        HH and SN will never show it as Booth’s fault. He is the hero, (their guy crush). Just look at what they have done to Brennan’s character this season. She is really a “comic relief” in the show. They just keep making her do stupid things and say idiotic things. No social growth at all. On the other hand they think that Booth is so wonderful and honorable. For people who only watched the show for Brennan, this is what really turned me off. Just wanted to add my opinion since this used to be my favorite show. I am glad that they are attracting “new viewers” because most of the people I know who watched the show like I did, now longer watch either.

        Good luck to you who keep watching. It has turned into another JAG, but JAG was not as much a soap opera as this has become.

      • Kate

        Yes, let’s blame the guy who put it all out there and was crushed by the woman he loves. The one who told him it would never happen and that she just couldn’t be or give him what he wanted. The one who told him he had to move on and find someone else. In fact, he should have become this pathetic guy who spent the rest of his life pining for the woman he loves but can’t have. That’s what I want to see! You guys forget the CHARACTER doesn’t know the end game like we (supposedly) do. You’re being critical of a CHARACTER that doesn’t know what the future holds and has no website for spoilers of his life.

      • Eve

        I agree that Booth had every reason to move one. But in HH’s eyes Brennan became this pathetic woman. He changed her style to the trench coat wearing scientist with no social skills. Brennan was better to him when she told him no than Booth was in the car scene with her. I think he treated her as if she was just a pain in the *** this season. And they just had Brennan taking it. They changed the dynamics of the entire show. I would not care if Hannah had stayed on with Booth if they stopped showing Brennan as so alone and pathetic. I would keep watching if they actually had them both moving on because I don’t want them together anymore. But no, they are going with the whole soap opera, and next year if it is the last year, as B & B are getting closer, along will come Hannah. These writers should be writing for Days of Our Lives.

      • Jeff

        Agree 100% – the show really has turned into a soap opera, and I don’t care if they ever show B&B getting together. The writers have ruined this aspect of the show.

  • AJ

    I’m a little tired of Hart Hanson and/or Stephen Nathan claiming to know how I, personally, feel about their work.

    If I dislike a plot device or storyline, thanks but I’ll be in charge of expressing whether or not it’s a love-to-hate thing or genuine, pure dislike. In the case of the Hannah storyline, it was the latter.

    • sam

      Yeah well I’m a little tired of the so called “fans” going around saying that how they feel is how everyone else feels.

      • Marinka

        The best episode so far. Emily is just peferct ! it was so INTENSE ! and i was so disappointed by booth reaction i cried Brennan always chose him over all the boyfriends she had in the past . i was expecting the same here. that was HEARTBREAKING ! even if hannah’s not here anymore, you can’t forget what he did !

  • Rummy

    Instead of bringing Hannah back in S7, cant’t writers bring back Zack? Eric Millegan is an absolutely brilliant actor, and the entire cast are wooden & just “there” at the lab. The Hannah arc is overplayed, bring back Zack!

    • tvfruitcake

      Whoo-hoo! Finally a like-minded person. Hannah was a cheap fling and now it’s over. But we still need Zack. We need him and Caroline in every episode. I say this as a shipper!!

  • Adrienne

    As long as Hannah coming back doesn’t put a wrench in the Booth/Bones works, I’ll be ok. No getting back together and please, please, don’t let her be pregnant.

    • Elle

      Don’t give them ideas…

      • Kat

        That would be cruel indeed–talk about a repeat mistake.

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