'Smallville' scoop: Michael Rosenbaum will return for series finale

Smallville-Lex-RosenbaumImage Credit: Image Credit: David Gray/The CWUPDATED: Great news, Smallville fans: Michael Rosenbaum – aka Lex Luthor — made a deal late Friday to make a much-anticipated comeback for the series finale. The superhero drama ends its epic 10-year run in May.

“It feels like the stars are aligning, literally,” according to a statement from Executive Producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. “We couldn’t be more excited about having Michael back. And as far as the way he returns…there’ll be no doubt about how Lex becomes the great rival in Clark Kent’s life. He is the villain of the story.”

Rosenbaum released a statement of his own: “I’m delighted to return for the series finale. I’m simply doing it for all of the fans out there who made Smallville the great success it is. I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness and even their threats.”

He can say that again. After EW posted a story Thursday that said Rosenbaum may not return, EW message boards immediately lit up with angry posts from fans who were mad the actor wasn’t going to see off the show that helped to make him a star. Apart from watching the Man of Steel finally put on the spandex suit and fly like he means it, a re-appearance by Rosenbaum was the top request by viewers looking for creative closure in Smallville‘s final season.

“What a joke,” said a fan named Joe on the EW boards. “Clearly he doesn’t give a rats arse about the fans that built his career. Hope he disappears into Hollywood oblivion…” Others questioned whether something mysterious was keeping him away from the Smallville set. “I wonder if there’s some bad blood between Michael and the show,” said a fan named Attia. “Even Julianne Moore returned to the soap opera As The World Turns that she starred in back in the’ 80s for its final [season].”

Rosenbaum played Superman’s arch rival for seven seasons on the drama. Producers had been taking a “you’ll have to tune in to find out” stance when asked whether Rosenbaum will show up, all the while naturally hoping the actor will change his mind. Fortunately for the show’s rabid fans, he’s coming home.

“I can’t wait to hug the old crew back in Vancouver one last time and see all of my old friends once again,” Rosenbaum said.

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  • Michael Singer


    • Miss Talk


    • Liz Lemon

      I can’t believe this show is still on. It started when I was in like 9th grade and I’m working on my second college degree now. Wow!

      • LIz

        Same, I’ve watched this show since age nine in fourth grade and now I’m a freshman in college. Would watch it with my dad every week cause he looooovess comic book anything.

      • Emma

        I was 11 when the show came on. Now I’m a junior in college. WOW

      • Re Tard

        This show started when I was in fourth grade, now I’m graduating the sixth grade. Yeah

    • A.F. for EW

      Well, what do you know…I read on the SyFy website just yesterday that Rosenbaum would NOT be coming back. It looks like your site has scooped them yet again. Kudos to EW.com!

      • WB

        Yes, well done EW for reading it on TV Line.
        And well done Smallville freaks for heaping abuse on the guy. Hope you all feel stupid.

    • jeremiah02131

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      • Matt

        How’s about I just cut your nads off, Jeremiah? Sounds like a great way to provide a free gift….

    • Tania

      I was sad to see so many vitriolic and hateful comments posted against Michael last week; wow, that was a lot of hate directed at Michael. He’s not really Lex Luthor, people. I’m glad he’ll be on the show, but the haters took some of the fun out of it.

  • Robert

    soo excited!

  • lestonw

    what is the real story. Smallville would have ben soo much better if Michael Rosenbaum never left

    • Mikey M

      I disagree. The scenes of Lex and Clark fighting all the time were getting old. His character was played out for the time.
      Same with Lana.
      The show needed new blood and it got better.
      Glad to have Rosenbaum back for the final though.

      • Kalie

        I agree with you. Lex was one of my favorite characters for the first few seasons, but he started to get on my nerves when he turned on Clark. He became so desperate to keep Lana and then he actually killed his own father. They should’ve gotten rid of Lana sooner. All she and Clark ever did was hurt each other. Adding Oliver and Tess to the cast was very smart.

      • Jennifer

        I agree. I’m thrilled to have Lex back for the final episode, but the last few seasons have been my favorite with the introduction of the JLA. It became a better show after Lana–and to some extent Lex–left. This show has the greatest ensemble cast, especially now with the recent returns of Chloe and Lionel. I’m loving it!

      • SueN

        I agree. I loved watching Lex’s downward spiral, but what would have become of his character if he had stayed? A cartoonish villian like so many of the others? Better to have him go away for awhile, undergo a metamorphasis, and then return transformed. That said, I cannot wait for his return. I only hope he gets a worthy amount of screen time.

      • Sugee93

        Totally agree with you on that!

      • Crity

        totally agree… his departure set tha anticipation for his comeback
        we wouldn’t have missed him otherwise

    • Chaz

      I was wondering the same thing. I never heard about his not wanting to come back, or why they killed him off so soon.

  • Seneca

    He’s doing the right thing. This show couldn’t end without him, it just wouldn’t be right.

    Whether you’re returning for the right reasons or not…way to go Michael Rosenbaum.

    • anon

      couldnt agree with you more the show is not the show without him <3

    • avenger

      WHOOOOOOOO!!! Sooo excited, I cannot wait, I have loved watching this show for a decade (can’t believe its been a decade). My life won’t be the same without it, I will truly miss it.

  • Tess Tickles

    Wonder if he tries to sleep with Clark Kent again like in season 4.

    • Jack Mehoffer

      It was a very long hug but lex wasn’t trying to butt ram him. Watch again

  • facepalm


    weak and pathetic man.

    • facepalm

      weak and pathetic man.

    • Pat

      There were a hell of a lot of fans who weren’t insulting him and a lot of speculations about why he initially turned down the offer to return–bottom line we’re glad he’s coming back, no need to hate the man!

    • Rachire Andel

      Is it weak to Listen to the fans that MADE you? I agree with his decision to go back for the final season.

      • Chicken


        People who send death threats and malicious twitts and emails, degrade, humiliate and insult him. They sound more like home grown terrorists.

        His heart is not in IT, that’s something you guys can’t blackmail. You have a clone of Micheal in the finale, his real self will be somewhere else.He we will be just waiting to get his paycheck, b4 he says hasta la vista baby.

        you can insult and terrorise me too, but you know its the TRUTH!!!.

      • Rachire Andel

        Yes, I was talking about the fans, not those that were threatning Micheal, I think they need to grow up and learn to articulate themselves in an appropriate manner, And heart or now, this is how the Hollywood game is played, Dont Like it, then stop living in the public eye. Its really simple, and no one really forced him to do it, In addition, Im sure that Micheal didnt give in because of the threats, but instead, his FANS.

      • Greg

        I have to agree with Chicken the way people reacted to him not coming back was a little over-top.

      • Rachire Andel

        I did agree on that point. Look it all goes back to the greater Internet F-wad theory: anonymity+Internet+Audience = Total F-Wad.

      • Tony

        Fans that made you? What made him was his talented acting,not fans. If he did a bad acting job, they’d be the first ones screaming to get rid of him, so don’t think you had anything to do with his performances.He is one of the reasons the show caught fire.

    • Mark S

      Weak and pathetic is posting the same comments twice.

      • Re Tard

        Nice observation Einstein

  • darkdefender85

    Thank you Michael! You are a credit to the DCU!

  • em

    WHAT?! I was just talking about this during today’s episode.

  • Tinuviel Undomiel

    OMG I’m actually about ready to cry. Just today I was hating Michael for not coming to Smallville, I’m so glad he reconsidered!!!!

    • facepalm

      So you sunk so low for hating a man for his decision, and now you have redeemed yourself, you must be really proud of thy self.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Go back to your cave troll.

      • Tinuviel Undomiel

        Dude, why do you have to rain on the parade? Go away troll!

      • Bgg

        You must be one of the You Tube guys who gets picked on and like to run your mouth, or should I say fingers, safely from home, never ever having the guts to run that mouth to a persons face!

  • Kate

    Two things:
    1. plenty of places called Rosenbaum out for not coming back due to fiscal concerns; someone smarter than I pointed out that if Clooney could come back to ER for 5 minutes, Rosenbaum could come back too
    2. I stopped watching Smallville when the WB died.

    • Matt

      I stopped watching before it got rediculous after Michael left…I think Lex luthor and Michael made that show…

    • penny44

      i stop wating,when john schneider died off.

  • Cindy

    Career damage control + massive paycheck = 24 hour turnaround. Damage done in my opinion. It’ll be good to see him in scenes with Welling again, but personally he’s tainted for me.

    • Jason

      AMEN, Cindy. Too little, much too late, MR.

    • Sugar

      I honestly hate it when an actor/actress drops out from a show before it’s had its run. It spins the show out of balance and things are never the same again.

  • Michael Rosenbaum

    Yeah I saw these comments and I knew I couldn’t a afford a blemish to my reputation, I needed to satisfy the producers and fans and my friends on the show by coming back. Time to shave my head off!

    • Marcello

      If this is really you…. Thank you and YOU made smallville!!! I have always been a huge fan and you returning is awesome! In all honesty your the best actor I’ve ever seen!

      • whereisit

        Yes, thanks for taking the advice of your PR person that you were about to kill any future career.

    • Mitch Logan

      Lex is not bald, idiot.

      • Rachire Andel

        That depends, are you talking about the Lex of today, or the Lex of the yesteryears? for a time Lex did have red hair, then he went BALD, only in the 90’s did Lex get his long red lochs back and that was after the death of Superman series. However, for creative reason, Lex was Bald from Clarks crash landing, Dont you pay attention?

    • Maria

      Michael You are an actor playing a part. And you do it very well, fans just want the show to end the way it started with all the main characters that made the show what it is now. At the end of the day producers sign your paycheck not idiot hater fans. I am pleased to see you back even if the show is ending. I will miss the whole cast best of luck too all of you.

      • TheRealEpstein

        It’s wonderful news to know that he relented due to fan pressure.

        Maybe he was worried that he wouldn’t be a big draw for the next sci-fi fan event?

        It’s pure BS now that “he’s coming back for the fans”.

    • Lyndsay

      There are always people who are going to put you down on returning. But remember to every one of those, there are ten more happy your coming back! I’m very excited. I have missed you in season 8, 9, and glad your back for the end of 10!!

    • milton1011

      Thanks Micheal, nothing fancy, just thanks. I think it was a great decision to come back. Although, I think the last 3 episodes would be a better build up to the end. Think about it. Milton.

    • Chicken

      Michael Rosenbum,is that you. You know dude you are chicken right.

      LOL, troll, you wish you were MR.

    • Clark Dark

      Don’t worry about hatin’ fans and greedy producers, Michael. Just do what’s best for you. That said, thank you for making the right decision. Now, go get that PAPER!

  • spud

    Michael’s portayal of Lex in this show was amazing. I was so to see him leave after 7 years, but respected his decision. Him deciding to come back and film the finale shows he respects his fans and the career it helped build. As a die hard smallville fan, I am extremely excited about the series finale. I can’t wait!!!

  • jordan


  • abby

    Great! Kudos for coming back. Now it will end like it’s supposed to. Hope they make the most of it. And they managed to build up quite a bit of publicity in the meantime.

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