'Sister Wives' scoop: Return date, season two details -- EXCLUSIVE

sister-wivesImage Credit: Image Credit: TLCFor all those who found themselves irresistibly drawn into the polyga-drama of TLC’s Sister Wives, EW has the second season premiere date and some details about what’s coming up.

Kody Brown and his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — along with their 17 children will return on Sunday, March 13.

But the big question has been what will happen on Sister Wives now that the family — after outing their “plural lifestyle” on TV — is being investigated for felony bigamy in Utah. For those who want to know, read on…

TLC isn’t going to shy away from the drama caused by its program. In fact, it’s the main focus of season 2. Cameras never stopped rolling on the Browns as season one began airing on TLC last year, so the entire impact of being exposed a polygamists was captured by producers.

Season 2 will feature a family ranch trip to Wyoming, planning a Halloween celebration and going on a winter cabin trip. All the while, the tension mounts over their now-public lifestyle, culminating with Brown deciding to move his brood to Nevada.

Sister Wives will launch with a one-hour episode as part of a split second season, with the other half to air on TLC later this year. There will be ten episodes — three one-hour episodes and seven half hours.

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  • Dash

    So wait is that ten episodes total or ten episodes for the first half of the season.

    • James Hibberd

      First half of season I believe…

    • sarah

      The entire season is only 10 episodes.

  • Jamie S.

    Please…..why give this family money TLC? You ought to be ashamed. All for your money and ratings!!! Everyone should boycott this show. Think of the poor children who have no choice in this lifestyle. So sad!

    • Julie

      Focus on your own life and stop judging others. Children who grow up in loving homes become loving individuals.

    • Sarah

      I agree with Julie Stop judging other people and let them lived the way they chose. I love this show and I think they are all wonderful people and parents!

    • Faith

      I completely agree with you, same with Kate plus eight—just in it for the money!

    • Stefanie

      Seriously, you are ignorant. This show is real and shows this lifestyle in a way that really lets people be more open to it. They say constantly that their children have every choice, in fact most say they do not plan to follow in their parents footsteps. Watch the show before you judge, you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Debi

        I so agree, I love this show but its not for me,but you know i am waiting for them to do swingers or key parties on tlc that happens to would I do it know but Friends of mine have and it saved their marrage.

      • Monica Book

        I agree I see people who have 10 different baby momma’s or daddy’s and no one is caring for those children, these people have a system that seems to work for them who are we to judge!! Kids are well cared for and well adjusted let them alone!!!

    • Mar

      If you have ever watched the show these children are anything but unhappy and the parents are in know way forcing them into a marriage such as theirs. As the parents have said all they want is for their children to be happy.

    • Susan L. S.

      Geez….is it better to have Dad around AND financially taking care of his brood. Or would you rather he be the inner city Black man with 7 babies by 7 women, and not taking care of a single one of them.

      • River Tam

        Obvious flamebait. Nice try, “Susan”.

      • newdoo

        Really?? Why is it that black men are the ones not taking care of their kids?? There are a ton of white kids living without their fathers too. Saw a little white boy giving his single mother hell in the store the other day. Little black kids sat quietly waiting on their mom. Let’s let go of all the racial talk. You white folks are living worse that you all have ever been before. Y’all are the ones with the bad ass kids now! LOLOLOL

      • tasmine

        wow…Susan’s a white supremest…even if you did have a valid point or something intelligent to bring to the table, you just completely negated it by displaying your ignorance in such a stupid comment. I’m not overly worried about polygamists or “blacks” having kids, just as long as you don’t procreate. You are a loser.

      • danyale

        Why do you have to bring race into the issue? There are plenty of white men, Hispanic men, and men of other races that don’t take care of their kids!!!! The point of this show is to enlighten people about lifestyles that they might not be accustomed to. Clearly, your ignorance is still apparent and the show has taught you nothing!

      • RosaMimosa

        Susan, look around your own life. Also look into your own mind and soul. Why do you have bring race into this discussion? As if there are not sexual predators right in your own self-righteous community that you probably know nothing about, and wife beaters, and philanderers/adulterers that you probably think are decent men. Irresponsible men are everywhere in every culture, society, and color. And so are caring, loving husbands and fathers. Since none of us are living in the Brown household, we have no way of knowing how household expenses are being met, paid or shared. We also do not know how happy the children are either. Most of the time, everyone smiles for the camera.

      • Linda

        All of you don’t seem to understand the meaning of what Susan was trying to say. She made a mistake by saying Black and certainly shouldn’t have, but the point was clear. We have MANY men, of ALL races abandoning their wives and most importantly their children. Most often times to another woman! Yet, they do not support the first family in any way shape or form and our Country does little about it. Very Little! I think that was the true point that she was trying to make.

      • Madi

        I am a white female that has two children with my WHITE ex….he does not support them at all.

        Why would it just be black men???

    • Haley

      i know that family personally, from lehi.
      they are the most caring people i have ever met, and they are sooo nice. they can make whatever decision they want, its not like it effects you. they want to live their life how they believe it should be lived. don’t you?? so please dont judge this family. they are my bestfriends. and they have
      NOT A THING bad to say about you. so please stop.

      • shannon


        I am thankful that they have opened up to the world. It helps the rest of us out there feel like we might be humans too. And you Miss Haley are a saint for taking the time to see the truth and not judging before really understanding.

        THANK YOU! : )

      • Vivian

        I agree with Shannon-I too am glad they opened up. This is one of the most caring and loving families. The kids all have spoken up about it-when was the last time your child opened up about something as important in your life? I enjoy the show and it has given me a chance to think about my life-not perfect but darn close. May their love see them through life. They are a real joy to watch-ALOT better than the violence on tv. My best to all of them-including the kids!!

      • Mary

        I agree with Haley, and I wish I could meet this family, they are all so helful to each other, and not one of them are lonely. I would love to have them as my next door neighbours.

      • becky vandevender


      • Tammy

        I think that it is no ones business what happens in the Brown Family. I know that it is on TV but that does not give people the right to say bad things about the family it would be like kody just seeing 4 women that he had children with. People do that all the time I understand that the other women don’t know that’s what makes this great…. Good luck Browns

    • monica

      They have a loving respectful relationship with their children.What about children who grow with gay/lesbian parents thats not odd or different? It’s more normal to have a mom/moms and dad.

      • martha

        I don’t think you got the point Monica we should be able to live happy lives if we are black pink green or gay/lesbians wake up and smell the roses be happy let me be happy

    • Maggie

      I don’t think it is any different then when they were paying Kate and Jon…their kids suffered emotionally as well—season after season.

    • Jean

      To Jamie:What gives you the right to judge people you don’t even know? They appear to be a very loving family & that’s what matters most. People need to butt out and let them live their lives.

    • Jennifer

      Get a life. Those children have more love & attention than most of the broken families in the US. If you don’t like it than change the channel or better yet spend some time with your children or family instead of watching tv.

    • pam

      BS* I love the show and I wish Cody and all his wives and chikdren lots of good luck and happiness.

      • Cindy

        Yes i agree i love the show and the browns r vvery good parents i wish the show would come back i m waiting exspecially after robin had her baby and offered the first wife that shed carry her baby for her that so sweet i love this family

    • Linda

      Jamie S. You are an idiot. You should be ashamed of yourself to even write that. I am sure you think you are Holier than Thou, but by your post: You are NOT!

    • DANI

      Actually Jamie S., the kids are fine with it. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ve heard them say it atleast once. And, it’s not like the kids are being tortured or anything. They just have 4 loving, caring moms.

    • susan

      i think that everyone is entitled to live their lives the way they see fit, just because it may not be the way that you live your life does not make it wrong in any way!!!!

    • kim

      shut up and dont worry about what everyone watches if u dont like it dont watch, im so sick of people critisizing how others live like the browns and 20 kids and counting all of their kids seem well behaved while others with only one kid are doing drugs and getting in trouble alll the time

  • Tina

    Never watched it, never would, and anybody who does is as gross as the people who okayed this show and the people in it.

    • Dash

      Judgey Judgerson has spoken. I love LOVE LOVE this show and if that makes me somehow gross than so be it. This is the healthiest family on TV. I can’t wait to catch up with the Brown family.

      • Mar

        I agree with you and I also am willing to be ‘gross’ if that what I have to be to like this show.

    • Julie

      Your loss. It is quite enjoyable to see people working together for the good.

      • Faith

        I wonder if you would approve if your spouse came home with a new wife..??? Just a thought

      • JUDY

        Only if it was agreed to share all household duties too!

    • Chris

      “ye without sin, cast the first stone”

    • Debi


      • tasmine

        ummm what is the harm in judging? People who do well and wisely have nothing to fear even when they are judged.

    • Linda

      If you never watched the show; then you are ignorant to comment at all. Its kind of like making a BLIND decision, just plain stupid.

    • Mskaren

      Tina, your probably some fat slob sitting there with your two sense commenting on stuff you don’t even know about. Butt out if you don’t have anything positive to say about this family. You are not God and shouldn’t judge others. So go back to eating your twinkles and mind your own business.

  • Diana

    There is nothing wrong with the lifestyle they have chosen. Who are we to judge their personal beliefs? I like the show and intend to watch the second season.

    • Julie


  • Sally

    This show is fine! This man can be rue to FOUR wives and some guys can’t be faithful to one!

    • insidetvreader

      Uh…no! He isn’t “true” to any of them. For each women, he is cheating (openly) with three other women! One can justify and rationalize it however they like, but your statement is nonsense.

      • Rachel

        No one here can judge what his family considers cheating. Part of their belief is that you can have more than one soul mate and that all of the parts of the family have to mesh and work together. I think some polygamist families have life more together and into the right perspective than most American families. Give them some credit and let the family judge for themselves what their values are.

      • yourdumb

        okay.. first off, if its “open” and all of the women are okeay with it and know its not cheating it’s sh

      • Julie

        I would love to see Cody’s face if the wives decided they wanted another man in there lives;)

      • C.Nichols

        I Love this show it shows parents raising kids to be good, belief strong, educated children that will only add to our world out there. They aren’t forcing anybody to watch, understand or become them. They are just trying to give understanding to those who don’t. I believe if that is the kind of lifestyle they want to enjoy then so be it. I like the idea of a large group of people working together for the better. I don’t think I could ever “share” my husband, but then that’s why I did not choose to live my life that way. But I do not condem or judge them because they do. They don’t live off the government, they do what it takes to support and raise there family the way they want to. I think they would be a great family to know. What people can’t understand is they all chose this kind of lifestyle and it not cheating when they all know what is going on. I say bring on Season 2!!!! I’ll be watching.

      • Mary Anne

        What do you mean by ‘true’? Sexual fidelity? Is that the only way to be ‘true’? It seems to me that Kody is true in every sense of the word. He and Robin didn’t have sex until after they went to the alter, and they were married. All of the wives are “sisters”, in that they share a common patriarch. Like two women who would have the same father would be sisters.

        Kody is also supporting them all. He is supporting them financially, emotionally, and by his presence in the houshold(s). This is as much being true and faithful, as the sexual component.

        God designed men and women to have sex, in order to get babies. That’s what makes the world go ’round. These kids have so much support and love, I foresee them being just fine, and productive members of society.

        As far as I can see, Kody IS being faithful to all of his obligation to his wifes. He’s not out carousing with women he’s not married to, and he’s present and supportive, and loving to all members of his family.

        God bless them all!

      • Linda

        I guess it is only your version of “True”. I think if someone is honest, this makes them true! Regardless if this is a lifestyle that YOU would choose. This is the lifestyle that each of them openly choose. CHOICE that is the key for me. No one is forcing them into this lifestyle, they are choosing it. So quite frankly your harsh judgement is what is really what is nonsense.

      • ashley

        It is not cheating. In your mind, you may consider it cheating, but in their religion it is okay. I see nothing wrong with what they are doing. If they are happy who are you to judge. I could live this lifestyle and love it. Marriage is a different thing for each person involved. No one can define what exactly has to happen in it. It is each person involved in the marriages choice to define what they want out of life and who that includes. If it’s 4 wives or a same sex marriage it’s their choice not ours. People need to stop judging.

  • Sally

    This show is fine! This man can be TRUE to FOUR wives and some guys can’t be faithful to ONE! He is taking care of the kids, not a deadbeat dad.

    • sherimoonzombie

      Hmmm, there’s a serious flaw in that logic Sally.

      • Mar

        How do you figure their is no flaw they are all married to this man in some way and taking care of this, the father is not a dead beat dad or anything else. If you watch the show you’ll see just how much he does love his kids.

      • comb scissors

        How you figure Sherimoonzombie ?

      • tasmine

        Me thinks Sally and Mar secretly wish they were in line to be the next sister wives. Pity. No self respect.

    • ***

      He’s cheating on his first wife with the other three. When he gets bored again, he’ll go find another one.

      • Debi

        to cheat suggests using trickery that escapes observation .
        Cody Is not Cheating it is basically a open marriage to a point. to cheat is to not get caught plural lifestyle is so much of being honest to all involved

      • C.Nichols

        How is he cheating on his first wife when she helped find and bring the others into the relationship? Cheating is when something is hidden.No hidding here,No lies here. All I see is honesty and open-ness.

  • BIllHendrickson

    This show is like driving by a wreck, you are appalled but can’t look away! I love it. Just because I don’t agree with their lifestyle, they chose it and it is interesting to watch.

    • misty

      LMAO I agree with your comment and luv your name

    • Diana

      Bill Hendrickson from big love of course you agree.

      • Marg

        of course my sweetie pie agrees ….. you know this is land of the free and home of the brave, Cody sure is brave to live with four women. Adults in america should be able to choose there own lives and if that includes 4 wives then so be it. People can also choose to get drunk and drive a car. They will go to jail for that because they could hurt someone else. If someone whats to live in a plural marriage who am I to restrict their freedom to do so as long as they are not hurting anyone else or participating in underage marriage it is not my business and I would stand beside them to help fight for their freedom. If I did not one day my freedoms to live a peaceful life how I choose could be taken away as well.

  • Diane

    I love the sister wives show. I just don’t like Robin, I think she is in it for the show Only. She wants her 15 min of fame, not love. I hope she isn’t on much, but my guess is she will cause drama so she will get more camera time.

    • Julie


    • Haley

      im not trying to sound rude,
      but my best friend is Maddie Brown, one of the children. Robyn is a very nice person, and its not like they met right when the show was going on. They have known eachother for a long time, and THE OTHER WIVES decided it would be a good idea to bring her in. not kody’s. so please do not judge my friends family and life style. like YOU are perfect?? exactly.

      these people are the most amazing people i have ever met, and im glad to be friends with. and unlike some people, i was her friend BEFORE all the TV show. it drives me crazy to know that all these people try to be their friend just so they can be on the show because they are an ABSOLUTE PERFECT family.
      the most loving family i have ever ever EVER met.

      • Luna

        Haley, honey, don’t read these things. Ignorant people post ignorant things and nothing you can say will get them to pull their heads out of their butts. It’s not worth the pain to read there idiotic comments. It’s nice that Maddie has such a staunch friend in you. I hope they stay as happy as they seem to be now. A happy family is the best gift a child can have.

      • C.Nichols

        Haley you are so right!!

    • camaguey

      I agree with you! Do you see her how she acts like “wow!” “I am so innocent and cute!” “Cody surely prefers me, I’m so tiny and cute and helpless!” I’d like to smack her. (Really, I would!)

      • Linda

        I don’t dislike her because she is little. I think people have a responsibility to take care of themselves and this means their bodies. So, I like that fact that she is in shape and her height to weight ratio is in tact. I just don’t understand the need for another wife when 3 seem to fit all of them well.

    • Linda

      Marg: AMEN to that!

    • Linda

      I have to admit; I don’t understand the reason to add Robin to the family. It does make him seem a little ridiculous. I agree with Christine when she asked “Why am I not enough?” and she was number 3. I would like to ask him myself, “Why weren’t 3 enough?”

  • DD

    The Bible says that God’s original intention was for one man to be married to only one woman: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife [not wives], and they will become one flesh [not fleshes]” (Genesis 2:24). While Genesis 2:24 is describing what marriage is, rather than how many people are involved, the consistent use of the singular should be noted. In Deuteronomy 17:14-20, God says that the kings were not supposed to multiply wives (or horses or gold). While this cannot be interpreted as a command that the kings must be monogamous, it can be understood as declaring that having multiple wives causes problems…Acts 5:29 (NIV)
    29 Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than men!
    AMEN !!!!!

    • Stefanie

      Pretty sure God also says not to judge so stop pretending to be a good Christian.

      • Jordan

        I wish all the religious people would read your comment. It applies to all of them. I am not religious, but I know I live my life better then them and if there is a judgement day I know I’ll be fine, unlike all the fake people in the world…

    • Marilyn

      Just remember, we are not to judge one another, but to let God do the judging. Also, in the new testament men took on handmaidens. I am glad I am not the one to judge them. I enjoy the show alot, look forward to seeing how this all pans out. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Judge not, lest you be judge by the same judgement. If you judge your neighbor, first look at the log in your eye, or he who casts the first stone, are you living in a glass house. Each of us have flaws, if we can find four to love us and love them back, i am all for it.

      • Linda

        Great comment Marilyn. I do believe that we all have to use judgment in our daily lives, but it is not supposed to harm other people; it is suppose to be in order to make good decisions in life. I do believe in the log in our own eye and he who casts the first stone; should be only he who is without sin.

    • Mar

      It’s god job to judge not ours and to them this is their religion so just back off and god will do as he see fit but I see nothing wrong with what their doing as long as they are happy. What if someone in your family want to enter a marriage like the brown would you hate them or disown over who they chose to love.

    • Poly

      So DD – do you live your life by all the guidelines/laws/teachings, etc. in the bible?

    • Luna

      Oh Piss Off DD…doesn’t the Bible have any passage pertaining to someone being a self righteous idiot? Cut it out and apply it directly to your forehead.

    • Debi

      so would you turn face if your child wanted to marry some one of the same sex. wow closed minded people.
      I believe one man and one woman but that is me if my son came home and said mom i love jim bob should i shun him?
      heck no he has a right to be happy as well as the Browns.

    • RosaMimosa

      Where does the Bible say that marriage for one man and one woman? Your quote refers to conduct in marriage, not something as specific as how any wives a man can have and certainly not “God’s intention” as to how many women a man can marry. Amazing how those who profess to know their religion fail to inform others correctly.

    • Linda

      Many men in the Bible had more than one wife; including Abraham. Who are you kidding?

  • Julie

    that is your interpretation from the version you choose to worship

    • Sarah

      I agree with Julie again!!!! that is YOUR interpretation!

  • tasha

    I love this show! It has opened my eyes to yet another life style. I believe that people should go with whatever life style they choose. I love how Kody and the wives are not forcing their beliefs onto their children. That as parents they are fine if their children only wants to marry one person and not multiple. They love and support everyone in the family. Do not turn your noses up at these people for their choice in life style, applaud them for being brave to share their life with the world to see!

  • Jane

    I find it interesting that Kody says, “Love should be multiplied, not divided”. Apparently his math skills are a bit lacking. For the wives Kody’s love is divided by 4, but Kody is the only one who gets four times the love. Seems a bit selfish to me.

    • Aussie

      Don’t forget about the relationships the wives have with each other. Seems like Kody would have a hard time making 4 women happy. I’d like to have other women that are that close. I bet Kody doesn’t “call the shots” in the relationship. They seem like intelligent, thoughtful women to me.

      • n.

        those women tolerate each other. you can see it in their body language and verbal interaction. They get along because they do not want to lose Kody.. So it do as I say not as I do…. I say bring in brother husbands for all the wives.. Kody put that in your pipe and smoke it… Because, you are smoking something to make you think you are wonderful lol

  • Faith

    He is not a real dad, just a rooster in a hen house

    • n.

      too hilarious. i wish i had thought of that line. lmao

  • nblisa

    So, what are they teaching their children? That it’s OK to live an illegal lifestyle regardless of the law?

    • C.Nichols

      Who says it illegal. He is only legally married to one wife? And it would only be illegal if he married the others without each of them knowing, sorry but that is not the case here!

    • Linda

      Laws can sometimes be wrong! At one time; women couldn’t vote. Blacks couldn’t own land, etc. etc. Laws CAN AND SOME ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG!

    • Madi

      It’s only illegal to pursure multiple marriage licences…not to live together in commitment.

  • Dana

    I love this show! I dont think plural marriage should be illegal. It is part of their religion and they should be allowed to practice it. Each person has their own set of rights and wrongs. It was illegal to be gay at one point, illegal for a white person to marry a black person,and illegal to have sex before marriage. So I dont wanna hear how horrible these people are. Their kids look well taken care of, loved, fed, in clean houses, and dont just have 2 parents or in most of our cases 1 parent no they have 5. 3 of those marriages are over 15 years old these days no one hardly last 5. I hope they make it legal and wish the browns a long and happy life!

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