'The Young and the Restless' scoop: Is Cane dead or what? An EW investigation.

Daniel-GoddardImage Credit: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.comThis is the kind of story arc that eats soap fans alive: On the Feb. 2 episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ethan Cane Ashby — played by the popular Australian actor Daniel Goddard — was shot by a baddo named Blake outside of his dad’s wedding to Jill. The paramedics declared him dead. There was a funeral. Wife Lily cried crocodile tears. Viewers had a freakin’ cow.

And now what’s this? An appearance from his “ghost” in today’s episode?

EW is here to answer some of your questions — or to possibly create more. A source close to the sudser said that Goddard remains a paid employee of Y&R until further notice (or until they’re officially ready to boot him). He’s not only set to reprise his role as Cane in the Feb. 18 and 23 episodes, but he’ll make additional appearances in March and April. What’s more, no one on the show will even acknowledge whether his character is actually six feet under.

For the love of Nikki’s stripping days, what the heck is going on?

CBS ain’t saying, but this has to be good news for those fans (with nothing better to do) who decided to start a petition to save the Sydney-born Goddard, who’s been on the sudser since 2007. Hold onto your John Hancock, kids; He might not be heading to the unemployment office just yet.

So are you relieved?

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  • Matt

    If anyone had picked up a Soap Opera Digest, you’d have known the whole truth by now. Goddard isn’t going anywhere.

    • TorontoTom

      I cheered when they pronounced Cane DEAD! I absolutely hated the character and the actor. DON”T BRING HIM BACK.

      • Cassandra Smith

        You must really watch the Young and the Restless. How could you not like the character Cain. Not only was he a good actor, but good on the eyes. He has the same style and flair that Victor had years ago. Try to watch and you will see why the millions and millions of people want Cain to be alive.

      • Tessa

        TorontoTom you have no taste in awesome characters and great acting, I think you’re a hater and a tad bit jealous. How bout you keep your comments in Canada, thanks.

      • Flip

        Tessa’s a xenophobe! Either way, Daniel Goddard is a horrible actor and I really hope he’s gone for good. Can’t stand the annoying Cane!!

      • Paula

        How could you hate the character Cane??? He was amazing…not to mention nice to look at! Lily and Cane had a real relationship and they loved each other. Why get rid of that? Biggest mistake Y&R could ever make!

      • PAM_NY

        I did read that Daniel would not be coming back on the show. If he doesn’t, I will no longer watch “THE Y&R”!!

      • deedee

        you are right! he was whiny and wishy washy; hated him

      • Jess

        I don’t hate Cane- but his story with Lily is boring. All he does is lie to her–I’m sick of watching it. I want to like them as a couple- so please if he comes back give them an interesting story!

      • Ashley

        Hey, Toronto Tom….suck it…I wish someone would pronounce you dead, I would laugh in your face. BTW Canada blows.

      • Joan

        How ignorant to make someone expressing his views that you don’t like as a Canadian thing!

      • Brandy

        Thank you Joan! I think its disgusting to put down Canadians just because you dont agree with his comment. I dont agree with his comment but we each have the right to our opinion. I love Cane and found they just started a good storyline with him finally and then robbed us of him and an amazing storyline. I hope he will be back and this was just a set up to help him get out from under the mob. If Y&R teased us with this storyline for years and just kills him off then they ripped of their fans and waisted an amazing actor. Oh by the way I am Canadian!

      • TorontoTom

        LIE LIE LIE “Oh, Lily, I love you…”
        LIE LIE LIE “I’m just trying to protect you, Lily…”
        LIE LIE LIE “You and the twins mean everything to me…”
        LIE LIE LIE “I did it for you, baby…”
        LIE LIE LIE and always with that breathy, pathetic puppy-dog delivery. Their whole ‘relationship’ is built on him lying to her. And some of you view this as a great love story?!? Wonder what kind of healthy relationships you’re in?

      • nissa

        That’s because he is a “REAL” man.Jealous?

      • betty

        I agree with tom and anyone else that is happy Cain is dead. He was overly protective and had way too many secrets. RIP

      • Kris

        I’m only a (VERY) casual Y/R viewer but seriously, you people are being ridiculous. People can’t have different opinions. Just because someone doesn’t love Cane (how can it be?!) they automatically have bad taste and is a “hater?” How childish. The “You have to like what I like” mentality only works on the playground.

      • TorontoTom

        Hey Nissa – WOW, what a comeback! “That’s because he’s a REAL man! Jealous?” Where do I start with a reply like that? Hmmm, how about he’s a CHARACTER!?! He’s not a MAN – he’s FICTIONAL. Are you on medication?

      • dee123

        Canada gave the world Celine Dion, Nickelback, William Shatner & Justin Bieber while Australia gave the world AC/DC, The Bee Gees, Cate Blanchett & Kylie Minogue.

      • Toronto Alan

        As an actor Daniel Goddard hit his mark every step of the way, however, Tom your right as Cane Lie Lie Lie, but you have the writers to thank for that. Story line orginally was he was to be Jill son and Phillp the III, but than they had the chance to bring Tom Byrd back( I believe you have Jess Walton to thank for that, as she quit for lack of story line and pay cut, they got her back by promising more juicy storylines for her,) and the writers had to do some fast rewriting of what was already aired and written. Daniel did a fine job making it believeable as possible about the Chole baby story and blood test and whose baby was it. With Phillps blood it could never have been Cane. This is a testiment to the quality of work he can do to sell it to viewers. Now when they bring him back,as they should, it just up to the writers to put the truth in Canes mouth. Final not to all readers His character name is Cane not Cain. Love him/hate him he did his job well and did the best with the scripts he was given by the writers for they kept changing his character. Good job Daniel

      • Lizzie

        Ok…everyones entitled to their oppinon–I for one love both the character of Cane and the actor that plays him. I can understand you not caring for the character, even though I don’t share your view, but isn’t it a bit harsh to hate the actor…based on what?. He just an average guy like everyone else–he’s done nothing to deserve hatred–in fact, from what I’ve seen of him, he is one of the kindest, most sincere actors out there these days.

        If you dont care for a particular role, that’s fine, but to hate the man for no real reason, IMHO, is taking it a bit far.

      • Vancouver Slim

        Hey Ashley –

        You’re a khundt

        Love Always,

      • Ceili

        I agree. Cane was a goof. What a lame character. Plus, he always had this riduculous look on his face like either he just woke up or someone just punched him in the face.

      • mary welch

        If you don’t like his character then why are you even reading this. He was an excellent actor and I hope they bring him back

      • Jenn

        Dear Ashley: What an awful comment to make about an entire country. Educate yourself and realize how much Canada has given the world and how much Canada has given up to support the US.

      • Kristen Burger

        I guess you won’t be cheering for much longer when they bring him back alive and well!

      • nicole

        Ew. How rude. Cain rocks. and Adam too!

      • Lynn

        Yeah! Are you nuts! he’s one of the best characters on the show! been a fan since the 1st episode-never miss one thanks to Tivo! Keep Daniel on…yes & Adam too! I totally agree with Kim Haney!

      • David G

        I so agree. I couldnt stand him and he looked so creepy with Lily, she’s 24 and he’s 40. They had zero chemistry in my opinion. But I knew he wasnt really dead from the start. This is an obvious ratings gimmick. He’s too popular, he’ll be back soon.

      • Dawn

        Whats wrong Tom you jealous?

    • patsfan

      I admit, I have not read SOD, but I can’t understand why Goddard would have all his fans call and write to CBS if he really still did have the job? Which would lead me to believe he really isn’t still on the show…

      • kim haney

        First,all of us that are fans of Daniel Goddard do have lives,families,jobs etc. and plenty to do.We love this talented .charismatic actor who is also a good guy and appreciative of his fans.We were very upset when they killed his character and wondered what happened.Though he can’t say directly,we have been led to believe he was let go.We want him back there where he adds so much to the show and are doing what we can to that end.That’s about it.

      • Sue

        Because even if he is still on the show, when it comes time to renegotiate his contract, he can point to this grassroots effort by his fan base to “save him” as good cause for a better deal. Also, it could give him more screen time, which could, in turn, help his career past Y&R (esp if he is off the show). It does nothing but make him look better. Even those who DON’T like him are helping his cause. Any kind of polarizing figure is good to keep on soaps. Look at Victor and Adam. Both hated. Both still have jobs.

      • amby

        DG wasn’t fired, didn’t you read the above article. He is still on te payroll.

      • Lori Groppe

        Patsfan, we are doing what we are doing becasue WE LOVE Daniel Goddard and his charater Cane Ashby. Daniel isn’t BEGGING us to do anything! Several weeks ago he simply put it out there that his wife, Rachel who is a publicist, write to Y&R. It was ALL of his fans who began anentire CAMPAIGN complete with petitions, emails, boycotts and phone calls. Daniel didn’t ASK us to do ALL of this! Thousands (14,000 plus!)of us untited on Facebook and really took up a campaign, on behalf of Daniel! Also, people on EW really do not need to post such vile things about Daniel’s fans! There shouldn’t be any insulting comments made to Canadian or American fans. This is not the proper forum to do this! We are just asking for people to support us as well as Daniel. Blessings to all of you!!! Cheers!

    • Flip

      Can’t stand Cane. PLEASE keep him gone!!!

      • Fan22

        Find something better to do and always writing bad comments about him, if you don’t like him stay away from subjects or topics pertaining about him

      • Flip

        Lick my taint, Fan22. I don’t like Cane and I’m going to shout it to the world. This is a topic about him being DEAD and I want to celebrate loud and proud!!

      • Lori Groppe

        FLIP,why don’t you shout out some else you are “Loud & Proud” about rather than taking all you anger out here! Pick a differt subject…something, perhaps you are more familiar with than bashing Cane by posting you vile remarks!

      • Earth


      • Fan22

        First of all, let’s leave the licking for your family members! Second, stay on topic! Third, you are just trying to be mean and spiteful-grow up! You want Cane dead-careful, what goes around, comes around!



    • Robin

      I did not want to see Cain go
      Lily and Cain make a good couple on the show

    • electra

      toronto are u sure hes not leavimg u made my day

    • sweet melissa

      as long as he is staying and staying as a live person – I am good!

    • H

      How do you know he isn’t going anywhere? He’d dead?

    • Kristen Burger

      In this article about Daniel it did say he wasn’t going anywhere. I’m thinking he’s in the witness protection program. If they brought Chance back alive why can’t they bring back Cane?

    • Deb Henry

      When Y&R brings back Daniel Goddard Alive ~ only then will Cane & Lily fans be happy!! They’ve really messed up this Aussie storyline, as it sits in limbo, after Cane’s shooting!!!

    • Donna F

      I think Cane isn’t dead and he will
      revive his role on the Y&R at least I hope so!! Please bring yummy Cane back!!!

  • Dave

    It makes no sense to knock him off the show…they fooled us with Chase last year…And having Cane and Lily be happy all the sudden would have ended the drama too soon…I say he faked his death in order to work undercover on getting his pop outa the pictur…Stay tuned…Im more annoyed with Dianes character jumping from bed to bed. And her with Victor is just annoying. Nicky save the day please!!! Lets hope Jack gets some good dirt on Victor too…

    • Flip

      Who the eff is Chase? Do you mean Chance?

      • Dave

        LOL….yeah…chance….I was late for work…give me a break….haha

    • sweet melissa

      agreed tired of Victors tude!

    • Widda

      ^5 on the Victor comment! I am SO sick of the ‘Black Knight’ as Jack so aptly calls him. And why kill off Cane? Daniel Goddard is a better actor than is Christel Khalil who plays Lily in my humble opinion – others will feel differently I know – but I’d rather he stayed & she left. Given a choice? Both stay. If someone must go, let it be Victor; if he has to stay, at least make his character vulnerable to something. This “I’m untouchable” bull is getting old..

    • lowary

      I have to agree with you there. I loved Cain, and was truly saddened with his sudden death. I however, do not like the role that Victor & Diane or playing. How disgusting, that the father who was married at one time to her, and the son who has recently been sleeping with her to go down this rocky path. Now all of Victor’s children will be against him in this stupid law-suit. I hate that story line as well. Victoria is no saint herself. I do believe almost everyone on this show has been married at least 3-5 times, to the same characters. Is this town this small, that the same characters keep hooking up together, example: Phyllis & Jack, Sharon, Nick & Adam, Nick & Diane, Victor & Nicki & Diane and the whole rest of the dam town. I am ready to stop watching this soap, because they have really lost their creativity that kept them number 1 for years. Now, the whole dam show can go to hell. New writers please.

  • Tammy

    Thank you for looking into this for us. I guess I’m one of those fans with nothing better to do, but I really, really, really want Cane back. Soap magazines have been ignoring our cries. So keep looking into this for us PLEASE.

    • maytenmadison

      me too.

  • Lena120

    I’m seriously sick and tired of Y&R doing the same stories at the same time. They did that horrible doppelganger scenario with Lauren and Patty, and now both Chance and Cane have “faked” their deaths? LAME.

    • Sue

      Why do people always complain about story lines on soaps? It’s a freakin’ soap! It’s not REAL LIFE! They have to find stories for over 300 days of the year, and they all have to end with cliffhanger Fridays to get people to tune in the following week…of course there are gonna be lame stories thrown in there! If u don’t like it, feel free to turn the dang TV off and clean your house or something…

      • Lori Groppe

        Sue, I agree with you! Yes, there will be “lame” storylines from time to time. Also, when people complain about how “boring” a charater is, they have to realize it’s how the writers write their character! Also, if you don’t like what’s going on, turn your TV off!

      • Fran

        Why are you reading this article if you have such disdain for soaps? That is a better question: why do people who have such disdain for saops come into a discussion about them? Let me make myself clear: I WANT CANE ETHAN ASHBY BACK HOME WITH HIS FAMILY. I WANT TO SEE HIS PUT THOSE BALLERINA SLIPPERS ON MATTIE AND PLAY BALL WITH CHARLIE. I AM NOT A JUDGE OF ACTING SO IF A CHARACTER SUCK ME IN LIKE CANE AND LILY DID, I’M GOOD.

  • Debbie

    Killing Cane was a stupid and nonsensical thing to do. Cane is a beloved character and Daniel Goddard is a very popylar actor. The idiots in charge actually said that that is why they killed him, because he was so popular that fans would be more invested in his death and it would have more far-reaching consequences. i have never heard of a show getting rid of a character because they were too popular. This is soa though, if 90-year epileptic, heart transplant recipient Victor can be jumping out of airplanes, beating up men less than half his age and seducing women young enough to be his granddaughters, the Cane can be alive. Make it happen, Y&R!

    • monica

      Lol, at how you described Victor.

    • Welfare4Writers

      Sue, ITA! By the way of the over 220 Epis of Y&R last year, Lily and Cane were only on in approximately 40, with Screen Time averagine 5 minutes each, whilst MAB’s Favorites were showcased 24/7 and that includes Senior Citizen Victor Newman performing feats of a man one-third his age! If one is to believe MAB, Cane was killed off because he was so popular, right? Define ‘popular’ Maria because you certainly did not write for him and Lily nor the Winters and give them their due like you did the less popular characters you ship since you took over the reins in August 2008! Say what you will, in spite of horrific Sl after SL assassinating his character and victimizing and terrozing Lily, DANIEL GODDARD and CHRISTEL KAHLIL have turned in OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES, turning the tripe written by Writers into Gold. And for that alone Mr Goddard should be retained until the end of Y&R! MAB should take politics OUT of her job and just do it!! Cease heading up the welfare for Writers Program and do the JOB she was hired to do, which does NOT include punishing Fans for being Fans of a Couple or Character!

      • kazza77

        Bravo! Well said!

      • Linda

        W$W ITA with everything you said.
        The Newmans are on all of the time. They try and try to shove Victor down our throats as some sex symbol. Sorry, that ship has sailed. DG/Cane is very popular. That has to be the dumbest reason you could have to kill a character. At a time when Soaps are going the way of the dodo. You think that TPTB would be doing whatever they had to do to keep actors that the audience wanted to see. It’s amazing considering what little time Cane and Lily are onscreen that they have the fan base they do. This has to be because DG and CKH are great at what they do. They took us fans along for the ride as they fell in love, overcame obstacles and eventually got married and had children . Their happiness was our happiness. Their sadness was our sadness. The character of Lily can never be with another man…ever. The LANE love story can never be imitated or duplicated. So if Cane is really dead, this 30 year viewer will have to bid farewell to the very last soap I watched.

      • Lori Groppe

        Welfare4Writers, Well said! MAB really needs to get her act together. She need to stop writing only for her “pets”…MM, MS, EB. Everyday it’s like watching the Newman Hour! Rinse, Repeat, Spit! Now that Paul Rauch has left Y&R I see a glimmer of hope for Y&R b/c he brouht the “death-knell” with him to every soap for which he ever was affiliated! So, MAB, ya better get your finger very limber for all of the writing you willhave to do! Yes, fix this mess you’ve created since you luckily fell into your job thanks to the writers rad Bell!

    • Country Girl

      I am surprised at that comment about letting go a popular actor.
      Do you remember John & Marlana, Martha Burnes as Lilly on ATWT Anna & Robert Scorpio, Alan Quartermail these were all actors on the shows for it least 20 yrs and more.
      I fast forward thru Cane & Lilly they are in a boring storyline and Cane never took off with me.
      I liked when he was with Chloe that storyline was good. He can’t help what the writers story is but lately BORING an i fast forward as there are other characters in good story lines so why should i turn off my TV. Soooo Long Cane! But we know soap world and give him time to do his movie or whatever the project is and he will be back.
      But Cane & Lilly are boring!!!

      • ***

        So you liked him with that psychotic white girl that drugged him? I guess Cane and Lilly are boring because they truly love each other, right? That’s weird.

  • Sue

    Hope Cane stays on the show. He is one of the few reasons I watch. And Y&R, get Diane away from Nick. Yuck. It’s unbelievable that he would be into her.

    • Tessa

      Im so done with Diane and Nick, Im glad he’s finally pulling his head out of his butt to see she’s just a gold digger.

      • Country Girl

        Nick should already know Diane is a gold-digger as his father was once married to her.
        He just needed some action as Sharon & Phyllis are gone and have other men and done with the fickled Nick. The writers really screw things up sometimes and we get mad at the characters can you imagine what they are thinking when they read the scripts.
        Cassie should of never been killed off and what about Brad & Colleen.
        Brad the bad boy he made the show interesting and John Abbott talk about getting rid of good actors.
        Keep Elizabeth Webber on GH too!!!
        Soaps ruin themselves with the stories that are written for characters that are really unbelievable. When’s Drew coming back as soon as Neil hooks up with Malcom’s girl he just dumped for covering for Cane.
        and i came on here to see the survivor show from tonight and saw this post and it peaked my interest as i am not a Cane & Lilly fan they are soooo boring!!

  • Catherine

    As much as i would hate to see another actor out of a job, why can’t writers commit to killing off a character when they have made the decision to do so. These “ghost” appearances or fake deaths – especially so close together on the same show are both extremely boring and unoriginal.

    • Charlotte

      I totally agree. I’m so tired of the fake deaths and bringing back people. Bringing back dead Phillip was enough OK. I can’t say I’m happy about Cane’s death, but please just leave him dead like you’ve done Brad and Colleen. I’m more happy with a ghost, than a fake death.

  • Michelle

    This article makes me feel alot better. But I won’t believe until I see it. I think Y&R has a storyline that is going knock our socks off. But in the meantime we will continue to fight for Daniel.

  • dee1

    Cain is one of the few I liked on that show. Save Cain!

    • maytenmadison


  • Your Queen

    EW once again reporting everything a week late as per usual.

  • T. A.

    All I want to see is DG/Cane back where he belongs on Y&R and the world will finally begin to spin on it’s axis again! Nuff said! lol

  • jenn

    Um, just because they say he is on the payroll does not mean that he is ALIVE … He could be committed to simply being the figment of Lily’s imagination and that will not do! We want Cane Ashby live, well, and reunited with the love of his life!. If you think so lowly of “soap fans” why bother reporting it in the first place? Y&R fans have learned not to trust the idiot regime of Maria Arena Bell since she would not know a good story if it hit her in the face!

    • Janie Grubbs

      Well said Jenn. I started watching this show about 4 years ago and loved it. The storylines were good and were not dragged out forever. However, I have been very disappointed in her s/l’s lately. If she wanted to get rid of an actor it should have been Eden Reigel…she is absolutely horrible as Heather. I for one want Cane back…..the potential s/l there is great…..he put his father in prison, he could do it again.

  • Matthew Diestel

    Irony is sometimes a vicious and cruel thing and never has it been more on display with the killing of Cane. Y&R has been under severe fire for its lack of diversity involving minority characters in story lines and in staff behind the camera. Leading the charge has been Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla) and The National Urban League, a major civil rights organization. So hot has it gotten that Y&R hard award winning veteran soap writer Susan Dansby, who is African-American, to a six week deal that began this month. So, what do TPTB at Y&R then do — kill off Cane thus ending the one truly successful inter-racial romance story the show has even had in its nearly 40 year history — one which fans loved — and did it during Black History Month. Now, that is irony for you!

    • Fan22

      I agree! It’s like they don’t realize that they could’ve brought in a whole new generation! Lane represented love, change, family, imperfections, respect and humility.

    • Sue

      Very good point! Although, sorry to say it, I don’t look at Lily as being African-American. She doesn’t look like she’d be Dru’s daughter, let alone this new Malcolm’s kid. She’s an annoying character. She should’ve been the one killed off during the whole cancer scare. That would be more true to life than Cane’s departure…

      • kim haney

        I agree

      • Welfare4Writers

        Sue, so all Minorities, AA have to look alike do they? Lily is more black than Dru–take that to the bank! Kill Lily off? She is a LEGACY character, an outstanding actress and well-loved. WHY does it have to be either Lily or Cane with some? If truth be told, the SL would have been much better and utilized as a springboard for more SLs if Jill or Mrs Chancellor had been killed by Colin!

      • Fran

        You are treading on dangerous ground now, baby. When is comes to bashing Lily Amanda Winters. I can get psycho on you. I would leave that one alone. OMG! If they had killed Lily off. All I can say is I hope my lawyer could have gotten me off with a plea of insanity.

    • Lori Groppe

      Matt, I agree with you regarding the irony of the “death” of Cane during Black history month. I’m happy thy hired an African-American FEMALE writer…and I hope she stays. The Ashby/Winters family was seldom written for because TPTB thought they were boring. Well, the writers, wrote tham as BORING. I still believe and hope that Daniel Goddard will reappear at some point…permanently! Also, I don’t appreciate anyone who says Lily “isn’t black enough!” How rude. And to thos who wish her “dead” are truly pathetic! The world comes in all colors & hues. People were complaining when the twins were born that they weren’t “black enough!” People get over it! American is a diverse patchwork of colors, races, cultures and creeds!

    • starry118

      That’s great about Susan Dansby…why only a six week deal? I hope it isn’t to start writing for the Ashby/Winters long enough to keep Lane fans continuing to watch so TPTB can justify why they don’t need him with the ratings…then go back to doing what they always do…

      Anyways, I’m not watching until I find out Cane has not been killed off, and will be returned to Lily, bottom line. Lane was the reason I watched the show, and I’m not getting back on board with Daily, b/c I think that’s the way they’re trying to go now- Daniel & Lily have been in more scenes together lately, and that’s usually the way they hint at a future coupling. Daily had their day, and it’s not going to replace Lane, so they need to squash that idea.

      • Janie

        Here Here…..they have been there and done that and now it should be over. The writing and pairings lately make no sense at all to me.
        Don’t care for Kevin/Chole either.

  • heidi

    Daniel Goddard is an amazing actor and deserves to stay on Y&R. The character has so much more story to tell and killing a popular character and firing a popular actor make no sense. Why bring on Tristan Rogers, a soap legend to be Cane’s dad when Cane is dead. Y&R has brought many lesser characters back from the dead. This 25+ year viewer is hoping that Cane lives.

  • Sarita

    I really hope Cane is not dead. Cane and Lily are the only reason I watch Young and the Restless. Thanks so much for doing this story. The fans are working hard to get Daniel back as CANE ASHBY. Lane forever!

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