Fox on 'Fringe,' 'Human Target' renewal chances

fringeImage Credit: Image Credit: Smallz and Raskind/FoxHow does Fox feel about Fringe’s performance on Friday so far?

Quite enthusiastic.

“I’m so psyched about it,” says Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “It does go to show you the loyalty of the genre audience, when you get the right show. I’m so grateful to that audience, I’d like to shake their hands. We have a lot of passion for that show here.”

Now, this interview was just before last Friday’s second-in-row dip, but most other shows also fell that night and one rating does not a reputation make. As for Human Target ….

“We have some decisions to make about that,” Reilly says, “and Lie to Me as well. These shows are not being rejected. They’re doing a consistent and solid number. There are networks that would be happy to take those shows. We have to look at our shelf space.”

Translation: We’re going to decide about Human Target and Lie after we see our pilots for next fall. But keep in mind, Fox only programs two hours a night, so that’s a pretty crowded shelf….

Check out EW’s primetime survival status chart….

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  • Margaret


    • Former Fan of Human Target

      I loved the first season, Chance’s character was interesting, the season was short and action packed with just enough of a good story to make me intrigued. The second season was garbage, its as if they forgot the first season existed, Ilsa Pucci was a terrible character, having to explain/justify everything to her was boring, and the forced romantic relationship with her and Chance was a joke. They already had three interesting characters to examine, but they ruined a potentially good show. The way it is now, it deserves to be cancelled

      • Lisa

        I feel the exact opposite about Human Target. I did not like the first season. I did not care about any of the characters. This season they have developed the characters with some background and you care about them. i really like this show now. Also, he is not performing many absolutely unbelievable stunts!

      • ajmalzx

        Big fan of the 1st season, ilsa unnecessary, aimes a welcome addition (only because she like guerrero bratty little sister), BRING back Layla!!!!

      • Kem

        I agree with Lisa comment, the first season did nothing for me. Season 2 with the addition of the new characters was alot better. They stopped trying to make Chance a heart throb. The new story line for Chance and Ilsa is making me un-able to wait for the next show.

      • song4ten

        I agree with the 1st season lovers. I thought it was more action-packed, more “mysterious” and just more interesting. I didn’t mind the addition of Ilsa Pucci, but Ames was a mistake from the get-go. (I also missed the gorgeous theme music from the first season.)

        Personally, I didn’t think the show format needed to be changed. It didn’t seem to help the ratings, either.

      • Pam

        I am a season 2 lover. Even though I am a S2 lover, I do agree with the forced romance between Pucci and Chance. Why can’t shows just be action without the shipping? Regardless, the three main characters are awesome.

      • Jay

        I liked the 1st season, and the introduction of Ilsa took a bit to grow on me, but I think that this season has produced the show’s best episodes to date.
        As long as it keeps getting aired, it will have a home on my DVR schedule

      • Gina

        I actually loved both seasons of Human Target. I think the romance between Chance and Ilsa is great. Hope they renew it.

      • Scott

        I totally agree with you! It’s like they were sure what to do with a man oriented show so they threw in a chick and then the little thief girl too…if I wanted to watch ‘Leverage’ I’d watch it when it airs on TNT and not a hack remake of it on Fox.

      • mickey

        I’m a lover of both seasons. Good story telling. Great action. Great cast.

        FOX would be foolish not to keep it on the air.

      • CarolH

        I loved both seasons of Human Target and love the idea of Mr. Chance and Mrs. Pucci together…please Fox bring back Human Target!!!!

      • Former Fan of Human Target

        What upsets me the most was they totally abandoned ‘The Old Man’ storyline from the first season, as if it did not exist. And the best episode of the series “Baptiste” was poorly followed up in the second season. IF they bring this show back, get rid of Ilsa and Aimes and make it a boys club again like the A-team used to be, and renew the old man storyline, lets pretend the second season never happened

      • Shania

        I still have hope for the show. They need to rework Ames character a bit, but Ilsa definitely needs to go. I can understand that they wanted to attract female viewers by adding a female perspective, but these characters are weak. I do like the actress that plays Ames – Janet Montgomery, I think – and with just a bit of tweaking, she could fit in. The possible romance between her and Guerrero seems forced though, so I hope they back away from it. Ilsa and Chance are a terrible pairing, there is no chemistry between Mark Valley and Indira at all.
        Fringe is perfect, I hope it stays on air. Just wish it wasn’t going against Supernatural. Those are two of my favourite shows.

      • Erinn

        I liked both season 1 and 2. I felt like they really built on season 1 – they explored the original characters more and they got some new interesting ones. Keep Human Target going FOX.

      • Dan

        I have liked both seasons! I actually like the addition of Ilsa and Ames as it adds a nice element of stability in terms of female characters…I have to agree with one of the posters below that I really do miss the season one intro..I always liked the human target logo devolving into smoke fading into a glorious panamramic view which sets the scene for the episode was to mainly take place..and I really perfer the classical approach the the credits as opposed to the new rock version…Its those little things that they get right on Fringe (i.e. the red intro to indicate an over there episode)

      • Dale

        I really liked both seasons of the show. I thought the first season was a great starting point: Here are the core characters. Season two was even better: Now that you know who the core of the team is, let’s shake it up a little and show you that girls can play in this sandbox.

        I love Fringe and I love Human Target. I’ll keep watching both of them as long as the quality for them stays high!

      • Ilsa Pucci must go

        Lame character, and redundant – Winston is the boss man, they were a better group before they had money, and honestly the influence of this money does not seem to have changed the dynamic of the missions much, they just have fancier table computers and Ilsa asking pointless questions and her tagging along. Please Fox, boot her from the show

      • Another Lisa

        The first season wasn’t so good but this second season had much better writing and I for one love the dynamic between Ilsa Pucci and Chance.

      • karla

        love both seasons for different reasons, but bring back the 1st seasons addictiveness,and stop moving it all the time.

      • RMB

        I have to agree with your comment. I loved season one of Human Target with it’s epic cinematic tone and interesting characters. The second season they traded award winning music for stuff you hear on any number of other shows and they junked almost all of the season one story lines. Chance is suppose to be defined by his lost love, as was seen in the final episode of season one, and the Ilsa Pucci romance angle this season is a total repudiation of what made Chance seek redemption in the first place. I hated how they set up a fantastic cliff hanger in the final episode of season one and then junked it except for a very cursory nod to it in the first few minutes of the season two premiere. I wanted to see Chance have to deal with the “Old Man”, the head assassin and instead he was just totally forgotten this season. All this said, I do hope they get a third season but I would like for them to revisit what made the show truly unique among all the other shows on tv that they lost between season one and two.

      • lemonchicklet

        Human Target!! the first season was great,wonderful. I am so SICK of the whiny RICH Ilsa P… dump her & her $$$
        “It’s just business” “G”

      • M. Halla

        I would love to see this show brought back for a third season. The actors are phenomenal (although if you want to drop Ames, that is okay) and the relationships between the characters make it more than your typical “action show.” (One of favorite scenes is still watching Guerrero shot the guy in the back after turning over the file on Chance). Very atypical of today’s action genre.

      • John

        The show was worth watching. Season 1 and 2 were action packed and would get a person thinking. For those people who have something bad to say seem to know a lot about the show. My question to them is, why did you keep watching if you didn’t like it? Now your taking time out to express that! I’m here because I was wondering what happen to show that made me look forward to the next weeks episode. My vote is to bring them back and don’t change a thing.

      • Liz

        First season grabbed me and second episodes solidified it in stone. Great cast, great story, love the new female characters, love the banter back and forth. Can not wait for the next season. Would actually love to see reruns of both seasons while we wait for the new ones. Thanks for keeping it clean too i.e. language and skin. Thanks for a great show.

      • A Fleury

        I love Human Target 1st and 2nd and I want it back. It is different from all the rest and a nice break. I would like a little more action though however I would watch it again and again. So I don’t want to see it cancelled.. that would make me sad. Human Target is a nice change. It is right up there with CSI New York

      • Ahmed

        Human target deserved to be cancelled because for the second season, they went off the reservation. The first season had different cases in every episode with perfect mix of all the elements and the cliffhanger was very intriguing. But for the second season, with the introduction of ilsa, they messed everything up. Moreover, in the second season, most of the episodes were on saving the main characters; they spent one episode saving Winston, the other on saving guerrero, and the another on saving ames and two more on saving ilsa. The romantic angle was alright, but it should just have been suggested and not explored in depth, and the concentration should have been on getting new cases in every episode. Still the show had potential; FOX should have given it a third season.

    • Shiny

      Dear Fox TV, I love Human Target. I love that they love John Woo enough to set a dove aflight behind Guerrero as a car explodes behid him. I love that they’ve gone all McQueen/McGraw with Mrs. Pucci but they still know that they real relationship on the show is between Chance and Winston, and to an even greater extent between Chance and Danger Itself. I love saying “Indira Varma” as much as I love saying “Chi McBride. I love that they all have cool names in real life. I even love Ames. So pls Fox, more HR!

      • Lynn

        You got it! :) HUMAN TARGET is awesome!! and the storyline could go on in SOOO many ways!! We LOVE HUMAN TARGET!! Bringing back Autumn Reeser and Emmanuelle Vaugier would really spice things up; create an interesting dilemna with Indira! :)

      • Starr

        I ♥ the use of Shiny and I agree with this post.

    • Steve

      First of all, glad to hear that Fox is at least acknowledging that Human Target is doing solid numbers. Now, I must be alone here, because while I loved the first season, the second season wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going be. Granted, the Ilsa-Chance pairing may be a bit too soon, but I do like the Ames-Guerrero apprenticeship that’s slowly building. I do agree that “the old man” storyline needs to be revisited; it’d be nice if the show has a recurring backstory.

      On that note, please bring back Autumn Reeser (especially since No Ordinary Family’s chances of renewal are slim) and especially Emmanuelle Vaugier next season!


        YES! I loved Autumn Reeser & Kevin Weisman together & they’d be a great addition to the team, plus Emmanuelle Vaguier’s character has great chemistry with Chance, they could totally make her FBI status work as a much-needed ally! And DiTTO to everything else, lol Ames grew on me after a bit (she’s kinda hilarious even when she’s annoying) & even tho I’m not a fan of the Ilsa/Chance pairing, I think she makes a good partner/boss/etc XD

      • peachez2

        On that note, please bring back Autumn Reeser (especially since No Ordinary Family’s chances of renewal are slim)

        Steve, who said that No Ordinary Family’s chances of renewal are slimm. I find that a very interesting and exciting show and I have not heard the above. I so hope you’re wrong.

    • Rush

      Dear Fox,
      Put Human Target on at 8 pm on Friday. It would make an excellent lead-in for Fringe. Same demographic. It’s a no-brainer.
      My Best, Rush

    • michele

      i liked the first season but now with the addition of the characters and the romance evolving I love it!!!Love Chance and Guerrero the whole team is great
      I really hope they do not cancel this show or lie to me TwO of my favs

    • piks

      fox network,keep HT going.i liked season 1 & 2. it is one of the few shows we can watch as a is a fun show that needs to stay.i like the the new cast members,great job,hats off to the creators of the show,lets keep them happy so we can continue to it..

    • Stephanie

      Bring it back… Sooooo much other junk on the air that it was refreshing to see something that wasn’t overly violent or overly sex-orientated. We can all sit and watch it (meaning family) without fear of something inappropriate appearing.

    • Debra Brown

      I really liked this show, it was different and all the actors are so different from each other that’s what what makes the show so interesting to me, YES PLEASE bring back HUMAN TARGET to Fox, I really miss this show, I looked forward every week for it to come on, so please bring Human Target back.

  • Roy

    Great news, but if the interview took place so long ago, why is it just being posted now? I’m having way too much anxiety about a TV show being cancelled than a grown man should and hearing this earlier could have saved me God knows how much in antacids.

    • birdandbear

      You and me both Roy. I think my stomach isn’t going to really unknot until Fringe is renewed.

    • SteveStrifeX

      Fringe posted an A18-49 1.4 last Friday. At the moment, it’s on the bubble. If it drops to a 1.2, then consider it axed. (Note: Never trust Network spinning)

      • Nick

        I believe the producers told Comic Book Resources that a 1.2-1.4 would make them very happy. I think we’ll at least get another season. NEXT season’s cliffhanger might be the one to worry about though.

      • SteveStrifeX

        @Nick, I’m not familiar with the Comic Book Resources notes, but I know they put out a press release saying if they kept 80% of their Thursday audience, they’d be ecstatic. I “believe” they were around a 2.0 before getting the move from Thursday, which means a 1.6 is good news. A 1.4 is on the bubble. But for reference, Medium was getting around a 1.6 on Fridays before getting the axe, and (I think) Dollhouse was around a 1.0-1.2 before the axe. Food for thought.

    • VAS

      And can you really trust an network exec? Besides, he doesn’t say renewal is a lock and even if he does see the first sentence of this post. Remember…NBC stated it renewed Southland….only to cancel it later.

      • Roy

        Well, yeah. But “I’m so psyched about it” still sounds a hell of a lot better than “We have some decisions to make about that.” Let’s just say I’m down to 4 bottles of Tums per week instead of the usual 5.

      • Jane

        I’m with Roy.

      • Kiley

        Southland was canned because of the Jay Leno Show.

      • VAS

        @ Kiley — the why of Southland getting cancel is irrelevant. I am simply pointing to a case where a network exec made a statement that show was going to return and then backtracked and canceled it.

  • Chris

    I’m almost caught up to the end of season 2. Please don’t cancel it now!

    • Louis

      I’m working my way through Fringe Season 2 as well. It’s fantastic.

      New fans need to get up to speed. I would like to see them release season three on dvd a few months earlier so I can play catch-up before the start (hopefully) of Season 4.

      • davey

        I’m so excited for the newbies to catcdh up and watch Season 3 – it’s amazing! Long live Fringe!

  • JLG

    I’m going to be so pissed if the show (Fringe) drops again next week, and then gets canceled. Both at viewers, and Fox for getting our hopes up with all their “we’re so psyched” talk. Come on, people! Tune in!

    • Catherine

      This weeks episode looks so good too! And the next week, we get a flashback like “Peter!”

  • Paige

    I tune in religiously for Fringe! Generally on my DVR to avoid commercials but my husband and I watch every week for sure. Please big wigs stop canceling our best shows!

    • Aimee

      The problem is the commercials pay for the show. If you don’t watch them, then the show will die.

      • Tarc

        Yes, so we should all be slaves to the need to be advertized to. NOT. It’s insane in this day and age to be a slave to the airtime of a TV show. Cable needs to innovate and provide other ways that are more conveneient for the viewer (and yes, maintain their revenue stream). Today’s awful, lame commercials don’t cut it, neither does being tied to a specific time to consume media content.

      • Brian

        Then the best solution seems to be to put the same commercials that would run during the live airing into the online version. All of them.
        Might be annoying to watch the commercials, but at least the ads still get seen, so the online viewing won’t be counted as any less important as live viewing by the network.

    • ruby

      Unless you’re a neilsen family, you might as well watch it on your dvr or online. At least then they can track you. The whole neilsen system is unbelievably outdated and useless.

      • SteveStrifeX

        True Ruby, they only track DVR and online… but usually those numbers matter little to none in renewal prospects. Companies won’t pay for advertisements individuals fast-forward through.

      • Tarc

        It’s not our problem to provide a good way for others to profit off our personaly information (our viewing habits). For $20 bucks off my cable a month, I’d provide my viewing statistic via internet, but I simply am nt tied to the old model anymore. For example, I watched a fair bit of TV in the last week, but only two shows in real time, and that was on air. The rest was consumed online, where the tracking is dubious or non-existant. It’s amazing that these folks are so incredibly LAZY and RESISTANT and refuse to get with the program, develop standards for online and webcontent, and generate embedded advertizing with interactive features (aka shopping and information on products) that can replace the old, tiered, stultifyingly bad excuse for commericals they air right now.

    • B Whitman

      Then watch it when it airs, the commercials are what Fox makes money on. You watch the show to avoid the commercials, how does Fox make money, when they do not produce Fringe. Warner Bros. does. It’s called commercial TV for a reason.

  • Aimee

    We have to stick with watching this show live no matter what. FOX is supporting FRINGE, so we need to support FOX.

    • MikeE

      It doesn’t matter if you watch it live or not… if you’re not hooked up to a Nielsen box, how exactly are the studios supposed to know what you’re watching? The only people who HAVE to watch a show “live” are those who are connected to those little black boxes and the remote controls that come with ‘em.

      • Catherine

        Because I support the show and the network, so it matters to me to watch live. Bragging about DVRing it and fast-forwarding through commercials sure doesn’t help.

      • Tarc

        Catherine, it’s nutty to do what you;re doing because it’s *pointless*. And it’s not bragging to 1) tell the truth about how TV is oftne being consumed, and 2) using DVR or watching via the internet is hardly ‘bragging” – it commonplace, if not the primary way many people consume their media now. trust me, the kids aren’t tied to a TV set now – they’ll just watch their shows on their phones (or computers) when they feel like it. That’s not going to change – and if Tv providers make it tough to do so, kids will just continue to migrate away, to more games and other online media. It’s a moble world of individualism, and TV producers need to join the rest of us if they want to be around in a few years.

      • Tina

        Tarc, while I’d like to see media leap ahead, the fact is, commercials still keep shows alive, commercial budgets are still decided by ratings, and when you announce over and over again that DVRing is great for avoiding commercials, you play up the truth that is going to lead to a LOT of good shows getting canceled. It doesn’t really matter what media SHOULD do. This is what they do, and if you think you’re entitled to get the shows you want, when you want them, for free, no ads, forever, you’re kidding yourself. That only happens if the actors and writers decide they don’t need food and shelter but would love to just come play out the story on your front lawn for you, just because you’re special.

      • Aimee

        Right On, Tina. I hate the fact that online rating is not considered right now. But, it is in the works. For now, the reality is we are in a transition state. Acting entitled to free programming at any time will only get good shows like Fringe canceled. The day is coming for change, but not right now, and RIGHT NOW is all that Fringe has.

      • Rlangdon

        There are other ways to make money on a show. There is plenty of product placement in Fringe also. I don’t mind it if it helps keep the show on the air.

      • Hannah

        I think Fringe is really surviving BECAUSE of the online community and the people who are catching up via Hulu, FOX, etc. I love Fringe, I just can never watch it live so I catch up the next day. They should at least count the amount of “hits” an episode gets the 24 hours after it gets posted, because the people who watch it that quickly are the ones who missed it the night before and want to see it ASAP (me being one of them).

      • elizabeth

        Here’s what they’re tracking:

        1) The obsolete-in-1970 Nielsen system is still favored but is not the only input.
        2) Aggregate data from DVR providers, with emphasis on programming watched the same night, even if delayed. (Advertising is packaged and sold accordingly; i.e., the prize spots just before and after going to commercial are more expensive because those are the ones DVR viewers are thought to view most, although this DVR viewer tends to watch ads, b/c I can do other stuff during the ads just like in olden times – like when Neilsen was still useful.)
        3) Online viewing IS tracked, as are these message boards. Not emphasized as much as they should be, but they are tracked.
        Use this to gauge how to support your favorite shows. (I used to be an ad exec.)

    • Kate

      They wont know you watch live, but I’ve read if you watch on DVR within a certain amount of time (I think same day) it gets added in to the total since TiVo, etc can report that.

      • jenisedai

        When they list it in EW they report a window of “within 7 days”, so I think as long as you watch within a week it’s counted.

      • Ruby

        Yeah I’ve heard that too. Might as well watch it on your DVR or online if you don’t have a Nielsen box. If anything, the whole Nielsen system makes NOT want to watch it live, just because I know it won’t matter (I’m not a Nielsen family).

      • Jane

        Tarc makes a lot of sense. I hardly ever watch anything live anymore & more & more of the population dvrs so why don’t they come up with a new system. I have no idea what is the best way to watch so my viewing gets counted but I usually watch on dvr the next day & if I absolutely LOVE the show (such as human target & fringe) then I have it playing live as I’m going about my business & actually watch it later but I’ve always been skeptical that I even matter as I’m not one o the Nielsen viewers. I also buy the DVDs of the seasons when they come out. I’ve never really cared as much about a tv show as I do for Human Target & Fringe. Oh wait a minute- there was Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles & Dollhouse. Canceled aaaaand yup canceled. I may have a hard time allowing myself to get hooked on a new show at Fox if they cancel my 2 favorites now.

      • Dc

        Fox takes Live+ 3 day DVR viewing into consideration due to the commericials being viewed.

  • jason

    Love Fringe…but it’s hard to see it surviving with numbers like the past two weeks..But I certainly hope it can make it…

    • Mike

      On any other day of the week I’d agree with you, but you have to remember these are pretty solid numbers for a Friday. But, it’s definitely not out of the woods yet. Kevin Reilly’s support is always welcoming but it doesn’t mean anything until it’s officially renewed!

  • Aimee

    I watch live on Fridays, and I catch the re-run on Saturdays with my fiance. I also have an Amazon Season pass. I’ll watch commercials or product placement. Heck, I’d pay a subscription fee if it came down to it!

  • Dave

    People, let’s make sure Fringe doesn’t drop again next week. Get it back up to the ratings it had the previous two weeks. Watch it live, don’t fast-forward through commercials (well actually, I guess that only matters for Nielsen families). If it drops again, a “Save Fringe” petition must be made.

    • Nico

      Without a doubt. This bodes well for the future but we should be ready to petition if need be

    • Sam

      There already is a Save Fringe petition @ petition online (google it) – currently has only 22435 signatures though.

  • RP

    I like Human Target. I think it hasn’t quite found it’s stride, but it’s different, fun and interesting in a sea of Traffic Light/Mad Love/Perfect Couples Modern Family clones.

    • teekay

      I agree! I think it was really starting to gel by the end of S2 and the mix of humour and action is great. If it gets a season 3, Human Target has huge potential to be one of the best shows on the tube, in my humble opinion.

      • Blackie

        I agree with teekay; Human Target is great and getting better. FOX, let’s have great season 3!!

    • Jane

      It is SUCH a good & different/refreshing show than anything out there now. I will be so disappointed if it’s canceled.

    • Gwen

      Right! We enjoy it because it is different, we enjoy the interplay between the characters,and we LOVE Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero. It would have helped if Fox stopped moving it around the schedule (“Moving Target”??). We really hope it is renewed, along with “Fringe.”

      • S.

        Guerrero has got to be one of the coolest characters to hit TV in a while.

  • B

    Watch it live, watch commercials. If you DVR, watch the commercials, don’t f.frwd. For all the network cares, not watching the commercials basically means not watching the show.

    • MikeE

      completely stupid: it doesn’t MATTER if you watch it live… as long as you’re NOT one of teh nielsen families, you can do anything you want, it won’t affect the outcome of your favourite show!!!
      Stop repeating this platitude about “you have to watch the commercials”. You don’t “have to” anything unless you’re a nielsen rating family.

      • Tarc

        Exactly, MikeE. Reject the stupidity – we are not cattle. And at this point, if I did get a Nielsen box, I’d put in on a TV I’m not going to be using, and then set it to watch my favorite shows. Then I’d actually consume my TV the normal way – when I want it, where I want it.

  • Carrie Ann

    This makes me feel a little better. It would be a crime to cancel “Fringe”. It’s such an excellent show and I feel that it just keeps getting better. I really don’t understand why more people aren’t watching or at least recording the show.

  • bob

    If he said the chances of renewal were low, which they are if the ratings stay at last weeks levels, then the ratings would be even lower.
    I like fringe and I would be sad to see it go but I the chances of renewal are slim.

  • Kayla G

    I love Fringe and I’m glad It’s getting a second look but come on, Lie to Me is an amazing show! It deserves to be renewed!

  • Jess

    Please renew Fringe!

    • melinda

      Please renew Human Target!!! A great show! I love the action especially! I think it would be a mistake to cancel it!!!

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