Michael Vick cancels Oprah appearance for Feb. 24 show

Michael-VickImage Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesMichael Vick has canceled his upcoming appearance on Oprah. In a statement, Harpo announced: “Michael Vick was scheduled to be a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show for an episode airing next Thursday, Feb. 24. Mr. Vick’s representatives called last night to cancel his appearance for personal reasons.” On the show, Vick was slated to discuss the 18 months he served in prison for running a dog-fighting ring, and his attempts to revamp his image with the Humane Society. Vick is currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles after being reinstated in the NFL in 2009. Vick also starred in a 2010 docu-series, The Michael Vick Project. UPDATE: Vick’s rep issued the following statement regarding the cancellation on behalf of the NFL player: “After careful consideration, I will need to postpone the taping of the Oprah Winfrey interview scheduled for February 22. I admire and respect Oprah and hope to be able to participate in an interview in the future.”

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  • Jay

    Eagles win it all in 2012, mark my words

    • Nathan

      No they won’t, mark MY words. Not as long as Vick’s at QB.

      • Ilsa Pucci must go

        The problem with Vick is that his run threat is wonderful BUT it leaves him way too susceptible to getting hit, he won’t stay healthy for a full season, but if he does his run threat disappears, leaving his passing game which has improved but not enough to guide the Eagles to a title. Assuming there is Super Bowl in 2012, the Packers are most likely to win followed by the Patriots, the Steelers, or the Giants. Wild Card pick would be the Ravens

      • Dan

        Ilsa nailed it. Vick gets hit too much. He’s a fine quarterback, he’s got a better arm than he gets credit for, but he just gets hit way too often. On top of the fact the Eagles just hired their former defensive line coach to be their offensive coordinator. Even with Reid making most of the calls, that’s a formula for disaster. Vick is one of the most electrifying and best QBs in the NFL, but until he gets either a great o-line (as opposed to the mediocre one he has now), he slides even more and he gets better play calling, no Super Bowl for the Eagles.

      • dave

        defenses will continue to figure him out…he’ll be less and less effective.

      • HavPlenty

        Are you guys blind? Vick will continue to get hit ONLY if the Eagles don’t invest in a real offensive line. If Vick really gets some protection next season, Eagles will present a lot more problems for other teams than this past season. If he had protection, he wouldn’t have to run so much. Let’s just see what type of Offensive line the Eagles have next year before we make any predictions.

      • danny

        Shut up…they will win it all

      • Chris

        If he fails to perform to the expected standards, will the owners shoot him or will the electricute him?

      • Jason

        are you serious llsa? you are entitled to your opinion and everything but nobody in this world can make playoff/superbowl picks for next season already. Look at this year. Tell me you expected the chiefs to make it to the playoffs and that the giants wouldnt. Even worse, the seahawks made it. NOBODY expected that. So stop trying to sell your opinion off as fact because im betting that half of the teams you picked wont even make it to the playoffs, Not because i think they suck, but because the league has been as uncertain lately as ever.

      • stickittotheman

        I totally expected the Seahawks to get in. Someone from that lousy division had to and the Singletary 49s were a joke along with the overhyped Rams offense.

      • tg

        He’s a flawed person, as are we all. We’d all do best to move on and let him play football which he is supremely gifted at.

    • stu

      he’s got a “dog show” on thurs.
      pay for ur interviews Oprah & they’ll show up.

      • Simon

        I hope a dog bites his jugular before the year is out.

      • lana

        I second that. I hope he dies a slow painful death after what he has done. e is a waste of life.

      • john

        hundred of olympic dogs were shot in the heads and none of u peepant said anything about that, so u hold no right complaining about what vick had done. AND SERVE THREE YEAR FOR. now go chase a car on the free way, thx.

      • Colette

        I agree with you Simon. John, the reason no one said anything about the Olympic dogs being shot is that no one knoew about it. If we did, our reaction would be the same as it was towards Vick.

      • Amanda

        I knew about the Olympic dogs as was absolutely disgusted! Being where it happened I know there will be swift punishment!!

      • Amanda

        I knew about the Olympic dogs and was absolutely disgusted! Being where it happened I know there will be swift punishment!!

      • Meat Loaf

        Shelters euthanize thousands of dogs every day. Slaughter houses cut the throats of cows to make burgers that you eat, and rip the heads of chickens that you eat. Our country allows horse racing and greyhound racing, where some of the animals are put down after for not performing well. Yet, Michael Vick is such a bad guy. Use your head morons. Not saying what he funded was right, but the world is full of hipocrits.

      • lagbaaja

        no one knew about the olypic dogs because it wasnt a black athelete doing the shooting. gues the media likes black atheletes.
        proof of my theory

        Steelers QB is accused of sexual assualt- minimal coverage
        Kobe Bryant accused of sexual assualt – all hell breaks loose.
        Bret Favre vs Tiger, you be the judge.
        Lets call ESPN out here.

      • Anonymous

        He did not just FUND those activities, you fool. He actively and violently killed dogs by beating them to death, hanging them, and attaching car batteries leads to their ears and throwing them into a swimming pool, then watching and laughing while they died, trying to scrabble their way out of the pool. He also THREW HIS FAMILY PETS into fighting dog rings. You are VERY naive if you think all he did was fund it, and having fun violently killing animals, including your own family pets is absolutely sociopathic behavior, NOT equal to working in a slaughterhouse to support a family.

      • Sunny H

        Poor dogs? Where does your humanity go when you kill other animals, cow, pig, chicken, fish … He did it to dogs what you would have done, and are doing other animals. Get a life.

      • whatevs

        Who’s being a hypocrite? All animal violence is barbaric and is only done by petty, insecure, worthless people. The reason people are more vocal about this case is because he is being celebrated as some kind of hero. People are sick and disgusting.

      • Sunny H

        Agree with whatevs

      • mrspennyworth

        He didn’t cancel because he wasn’t being paid. He cancelled because people protested on Oprah’s website that she was giving him air time on her show. Vick is a worthless piece of s— and doesn’t deserve being on anyones stage to talk about what he did to those dogs. He is not rehabilitated and never will be a productive member to society. It’s disgusting that the Eagles would overlook his crime and hire him. What goes around comes around and the day will come when Karma takes care of him.

      • NoGroupThink

        Too bad there’s not this much outrage over the state of inner city human schools, human children being killed in the streets, human homeless freezing in the frigid winter or melting under a scorching summer sun, or Roethlisberger rape accusation. SMDH!

      • Jack


        Gosh, what a compelling, well-written argument. American Education fail.

      • Rudy Jordaches

        How many times did you fail kindergarten?

      • JR

        Rudy, I misread that as “How many times did you FALL in kindergarten.” Probably quite a few head injuries.

      • MD

        Wishing a slow painful death on any human being makes you no better than Vick, if not worse. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% against cruel treatment of animals (and a dog lover myself) but human life is much more valuable. What is wrong with humanity? We care more about the lives of dogs than actual human beings. It’s sick.

      • surfingaroundtheweb

        “human life is much more valuable than animal life,” says who?

      • Nerdista

        Just because the same thing happened elsewhere doesn’t make it okay that he did it. Slaughterhouses suck yes, and torturing and killing dogs for money also sucks. To me it’s indefensible and I’m appalled that anyone would try to defend his actions. I get that he served his time and that’s well and good. It doesn’t mean I have to respect him or any team he plays for. And Nicolle, below, blaming the rape victim for being drunk? And you’re a woman? Shame on you.

    • Michael

      They have to get past the Packers first and that’s not likely seeing how we have 16 injured players coming back next year but keep hoping!!

      P.S. Rapists and dog killers don’t get to win Super Bowls!!

      • ruhroh

        What brings tears to Ben Rothlesberger’s eyes?….

      • Nicolle

        Ben was never convicted of anything, and what was an underage girl doing in a bar getting so drunk she doesn’t even remember what happened?? So, lets not even go there. Oh, and we did win a superbowl with Ben! And we will be back to win another..jealous much?? People tend to hate on the Steelers because of their utter success, and probably because your team sucks!! Have a good day!

      • Rita

        Why bring Ben into this? Do you honestly think if he raped someone he would go free? There was insufficient evidence bc he didn’t rape anyone, get over yourself.
        Vick could care less about what he did, he paid his price and now wants everything back he lost. he’s a pompous schmuck.

      • snagglepuss

        ben has to be a major loser if he’s a super bowl winning nfl qb, and has to even get close to being accused of rape. women like rita and nicolle throw themselves at guys like that.

      • ree

        in my opinion, rothlesberger and vick are both pieces of crap – but at least vick acts like he is trying to make amends. can’t say the same for ben…

      • jeff

        ruhroh – That is hilarious!
        Nicolle – Steelers won 2 with Ben, but they didn’t win this year!
        I like Ben and Vick.

    • Jeff

      Michael Vick isn’t the problem. The Eagles will NEVER make the Stupor Bowl with Andy Reid as head coach. They make it within 3 years of his fat ass getting shipped to Oakland.

    • Andy

      Good for him. Oprah is just looking to make more money. He needs to continue on his path of making amends. Her fake sympathy and affection only fools the masses. Don’t be one of her sheep!!!

      • Carolinelew

        Oprah is an animal lover and an advocate for all animals. Maybe having Vick on her show will get the word out about dog fighting, make people think. There is still a lot of dog fighting going on now even though it is not legal. We love our American Bull Dog (formally pit bull). He is a great “guy” with everybody. In the right environment they are wonderful pets.

      • btcne

        Carolinelew: American Bull Dog and Pit Bull Terrier are two completely different breeds, separated by at least 100 years of breeding. They have a common ancestor from the late 1800s. Changing what you call your dog changes nothing. If you have a Pit, be proud. They are great dogs. If you have an ABD, be proud, too.

      • PAM


      • geecee

        Oprah needs the money?? Are you serious? She’s a billionaire and doesn’t need any more money than she already has. Vick cancelled because he’s really a coward and didn’t want to take any hard questions nor be under the glare of her audience. Oprah is a dog lover and I doubt her or her audience would be very welcoming to Vick, and he knew it, so he cancelled. Simple. He’s a coward!

      • SueN


      • jeff

        Oprah loves animals and the waffle house.

    • BudInPA

      Not unless he can find a way to throw the ball consistently when he has to scramble to his right….As soon as he goes to the right, defenses just give up on receivers and play the run…

    • HavPlenty

      Are you guys blind? Vick will continue to get hit ONLY if the Eagles don’t invest in a real offensive line. If Vick really gets some protection next season, Eagles will present a lot more problems for other teams than this past season. If he had protection, he wouldn’t have to run so much. Let’s just see what type of Offensive line the Eagles have next year before we make any predictions.

    • Eags1

      Eagles WILL win it all! Nice Call Jay! The rest of you are probably Redskin or Cowboy loosers.

    • m5cents

      Sorry Charlie!

    • True Blue

      Let me get one thing perfectly clear, you are ALL wrong. The Cowboys will take it all in 2012. LOLOLOL

    • Jethro

      I guess Oprah needs to fill slots before May. Giving this man more attention means absolutely nothing.
      Anything he says to redeem himself should go and hopefully, will go, on DEAF EARS!

      • mdg

        @Toothless Jethro: You should know that talking means little and should fall on deaf ears; actions mean everything and will be heard loudly. Michael will be just fine…

    • adlfajsd

      This article has nothing to do with how the Eagles will do next season. It’s not about football at all. It’s about Vick appearing on a talk show. Sheesh.

    • adlfajsd

      Uh, this article is not about how the Eagles will do next season. It’s not even about football. It’s about Vick’s appearance on a talk show.

    • Meg

      Jay, and then you woke up. The Iggles will NEVER win a super bowl. They will never amount to anything in this town. They are losers and Andy Reid is a big loser lololololololololololol

    • Bluto

      Two words: James Frey.

    • jeff

      Green Bay is going to dominate the next 3-5 years.

    • jacksondana67


  • Famous Guy

    *sighs* Well ya know I’m pretty freaking busy, but I’ll try to pencil in an appearance on Oprah, ya know, to help her out just this once.

    • Toylasso

      lol ~ that’s what I thought,too.
      He’ll get back to her ~ but,wait
      her show is ending ?

      • Missed the Joke

        Toylasso – apparently you have no situational awareness.

        Let’s re-read that now…

  • jason

    That’s weird…

    • luvlucy

      What a jerk!!! He claims to be trying to “making amends”, but I haven’t seen one shred of proof of that. While I am not an Oprah fan, I know that she would have asked the tough questions that everyone else seems to be afraid to ask him. He is a big chicken and I am glad that his team lost in the Playoffs. My two favorite football teams are: Dallas Cowboys and ANYONE who beats the Phil Eagles!!

      • Michelle

        That’s interesting because my favorite teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and WHOEVER is playing the Cowboys!

        I can’t say I’m surprised that he canceled. It just seems like too much too soon. There are people who will never be able to forgive him and I respect that. I believe that since Vick has served his time, he deserves a second chance. Isn’t that what this country is all about?

        Why doesn’t Oprah try and get that OTHER Pennsylvania QB? He’s allegedly done some pretty heinous things.

      • ladybug

        Vick is one of my favorite players………

      • ladybug

        He does not need you to love him. he has enough fans……

      • panda

        Ask the Humane Society. They’ve forgiven him for his works recently. He’s given several interviews to ESPN about his rehabilitation. And Michelle, absolutely. Roethlisberger dodged a huge bullet.

      • Nancy

        After finding out that Oprah had a wager of $200 that she would interview vick before the new host of the larry king show, vick was told that it would be in his best interest to cancel.

      • sandra

        That is exactly what I thought. Chicken thug. He knows she will ask those tough questions. He will never change his spots. He has only done what society will allow him to “snow” everybody. So many mis-guided people think he has changed. No way….. Just fools yah.

      • lecia

        Let dead dogs die he did his time and his personal business is not ur business Dallas cant win out of a paper bag

      • Simon

        Ladybug and all you other losers, he has way more enemies. I hope a dog bites his jugular before he wins anything for you cowards.

      • Krystee

        I agree with Simon. He has WAY more haters than fans! The man is a P.O.S and if he wasn’t a famous football player no one would care about him getting a second chance.

      • Doug

        Really.. ? you have the word love in your name… i call that a hypocrite!

      • Sugarland

        Why would you be glad that their team lost. I’m no football fan but I fail to make the connection. He’s just another spoiled athlete. Everything going for him but he chooses to be a thug. Put him in the ring with a pit bull and let’s see how tough he is.

      • mdg

        You haven’t seen any proof because you don’t want to see any. The numerous interviews, speaking to kids denouncing dog fighting etc..

      • @luvlucy

        luvlucy, are you spending a lot of time with/around him? Because I’m pretty sure otherwise you really aren’t in a position to judge what amends he has or has not made.

        What he did was terrible. But, frankly, I wouldn’t want to have to endure sitting there with the sanctimoneous Oprah passing judgement either no matter who I was or what I did.

      • abeeotch

        Oh geez!!! Are you serious? Oprah ask the tough questions? Is this during the 5000 times she looks into the camera, apparently appearing to be genuine?
        What do you know about Vick’s amends? Are you trying to say that all would be forgiven if he just went on Oprah?
        I think you ought to read a bit more about other influential people in the world aside from your precious Oprah.

  • Jess

    Maybe she should have the Vicktory Dogs, rescuers, and countless other individuals on the show who helped save the dogs from that monster!!! now those are the real heros and the ones I would love to watch on TV.

    • Kate


    • Scott

      I am with you 1,000% on that…

    • mp

      I agree!!!

    • Laura


    • Sheri

      Excellent suggestion!

    • starrlady

      great idea!

    • Robin

      Yay! I love this idea!

    • sandra

      Jess, I say yes. I know Oprah loves dogs and I am sure she would be willing to tlook at his. As for Vick, I would not give him the time of day!

      • y2daddy

        Geez, Sandra, you’re a real bi… err… “female dog”

      • whatevs

        You think that’s funny, y2daddy? It’s cool to call people names because they don’t want to watch a dog killer on TV?

    • Dogsaremeattoo

      You guys want him to immolate himself or what…dude lost like 80-100 Million Dollars…Rothlisberger who has a baby Sister in College has sexually assaulted Women two out of the last 3 seasons and he was lauded at the Super Bowl like he was ready for Saint Hood for paying for his Crimes. NFL Players and other Big Athletes make Dumbass decisions all the time…get over it. He paid for it plenty…and they are DOGS! Dogs have killed many more Children than Mike Vick has killed Dogs!

      • amazedatthelackofcompassion

        Yeah they are just dogs, not like they are living beings who deserve to be treated with respect. Who cares if some testosterone driven moron electrocutes them or hangs them or slams them to the ground multiple times, laughing until they are dead?

        Totally someone the public should look up to.

        That said, I believe the other folks you mention should also be expelled from the NFL. It would sure detour a lot of the horrible behavior that some of their players exibit if they knew they would get kicked out for bad behavior. That is why I dont watch sports, if you are a good player who cares if you murder or rape someone or viciously murder 20 dogs? That is backwards and wrong.

        Vick will never “pay” for what he did. Dog fighting in itself is horrific, but the way he killed those dogs is unforgivable, it speaks a lot to his character. Living beings deserve to be treated with respect, even if they are not human.

        Vick’s work with the humane society of the US is a joke, the only reason they are backing him is he brings in a lot of $ as do things he gives them to “auction off”. They would support Satan if he brought money in for them. Multiple other organizations who care about animals not $, denied him being their “spokesperson” as none of them believe he has changed.

        HSUS (humane society of the US) was raising funds after the scandal broke to take the dogs in all the while telling the “authorities” that all the dogs should be euthanized. That in itself tells you what their priority is.

        I guarentee he would still be doing it if he thought he could get away with it.

        And your comment that dogs have killed more children than vick has dogs is laughable. Dogs dont have a moral compass, they are animals who rely on instinct. They only bite when provoked, abused & mistreated. Vick did it for SPORT/FUN!

        I also believe the stat is around 6 or 7 people are mauled to death by dogs per year, I am sure Vick far exceeded that in dog killings.

      • Nora

        @amazedatthelackofcompassion, That was an excellent reply.

    • Jenna

      That’s a brilliant idea. Hope someone
      on Oprah’s staff gets the same idea too. That would be so right.

    • Amanda

      Great suggestion! Have him on with the people that helped rescue those dogs, the ones at the shelter that were unadoptable (they have a show but can’t think of the name) and have them all together. Then we can see how “changed” Vick really is!

  • k.nash

    I just think he was scared to go on Ms.Winfrey’s show.Everyone knows that Oprah is an animal lover and she would have asked him some seroius questions,she.

    • ladybug

      Whoa!!!De has no reason to be scared. He served his time so let him be. He is after all a human being and has asked you for nothing.. Hate solves nothing…He HAS turned his life around..

      • Carlito

        I lovethe idea of those who say Vick served his time, so let’s all move on – in the real world, someone who has served prison time for a felony conviction is branded as such for life – good companies won’t hire you, credit is an issue, etc. But because Vick is a professional athlete, we’re all supposed to let him “move on” with his million-dollar career. And please stop saying “ALL he did” was run a dog-fighting ring – read up on the conditions of the life and death of those dogs and then come tell me the time he served makes it all better. Shame on Oprah for even booking him to start with.

      • Garry

        No, he is not a human being. He is a disgusting monster. He has not turned his life around. It only looks that way due to a COURT ORDER. It is all a lie generated by his publicity team.

      • Miss Macy

        Michael Vick didn’t “just run a dog fighting ring” … he tortured and murdered animals with his own hands. He is despicable and disgusting.

      • Drew

        I assume everyone posting about Vick is vegan? Protesting Dog Racing? Horse Racing? Protesting Farmers? Etc. If you eat meat you really have no room to critique Vick. Watch Food Inc. and see how those animals are treated.

      • Anonymous

        I have never beaten an animal to death, hanged an animal, electrocuted an animal, or thrown my daughters’ pets into a fighting dog ring while laughing at how quickly they are ripped apart.

        Therefore I have TONS of room to critique Vick.

      • @carlito

        Actually, Carlito, the problem isn’t that people are giving him a chance since he did his time. The problem is that OTHER people aren’t given the same opportunity. Honestly, if Michael Vick were the janitor at Burger King, most of you would say “he did his time and is trying to move on, let him.” But, you can’t stand the fact that someone in a high profile job with a high salary is the person getting a second chance. The real injustice here is to the other people who don’t get a second chance because they can’t move a ball down the field.

    • Cat

      For Vick to go on Oprah would have been a mistake. I’m glad he cancelled.

    • Marc

      I agree with you 1000% Amazedatthelackofcompassion. Vick should rot in hell, barred playing football for life.
      Set the the example, not a killer role model.

      • mdg

        Stop whinning you panzy! If YOU opposing parents were decent role models then your kids wouldn’t have to look outside their comfy homes for one.

    • mdg

      There aren’t seriuos questions. What can she ask that he hasn’t already spoken about or given the answers to. This interview would have bn pointless.

  • Jeff

    He is a disgusting human being.

    • ladybug

      How do you say something so ridiculous. He served his time. Like he is the only person who has done what he did… He paid for it…Let him live his life..

      • Tammy

        For those who keep saying “he served his time” would you be saying that about a child molester who has served their time?

      • Diane

        Actually, yes…with the same type of restrictions…Child molester cannot work with or be near children…animal abuser should never again own a pet. beyond that, after serving the sentence given, no one should have the right to deny a person from making a living.

      • Really

        @Tammy, are you really comparing dog fighting to child molestation??? I have had dogs in my life, now I have children. There is no comparison. I would gladly slay 1000 dogs to prevent anything from happening to one of my children.

      • Simon

        ladybug, I don’t think you get it. If anyone else did it, they would be working in construction for the rest of their lives because they are a convicted felon. Shame on the NFL, you and all his fans for supporting this monster. I am sure you would say the same praise if he raped your mother.

      • Tall, beautiful and Plastic

        Geeeeezzzzzz, Ladybug!! If I had a quarter for all the times you’ve said “he’s done his time, leave him alone..whiny whiny blah blah” I’d be on my private island I bought with all that money and wouldn’t be reading this crap!! Really?? You must be one of his hoes..

      • Tall, beautiful and Plastic

        @Really, have you ever took time out of your “amazing child rearing practices” to take a deeper look at the other demonic problems that follows along with dog fighting?? Since you’re too busy typing comments about slaying a 1000 dogs for your child instead of (and I stress “instead”) be a parent. Allow me to try and elaborate for your idiot mind to understand.. I’m a Nurse practitioner that has worked in children’s services for 6yrs. I’ve seen a lot of the smallest unfortunate souls of this hidious practice and in every case we reviled a lot more then just “killing dogs”!! Drugs, prostitution, rape, child neglect, child prostitution, child abuse, ashalt, just to name a small few.. So, before you start ranting about the ignorant things you would to protect your child and dog fighting is not comparable to child molesting.. You wanna try to be a smart parent and do your research on crimes such as these and the consequences that come along with it.. But I don’t need to inform you on what kind of world your raising your kid in right?? Cause you seem like you got it all figured out. All I can say is I feel really sorry for those kids you’re raising if you seem to think that even the smallest crimes on any living creature, if that be a child, animal or adult, will not effect the entire world in some form at sometime.. Keep on being “parent of the year”!!

      • Pragmatist

        @TB&P your rant is nonsensical unless you are a vegan. If you chicken, beef, turkey, seafood, pork, or beef, your whole argument is null and void. Lobster is boiled alive. Have you seen how chickens and other livestock that is put on your plate are raised and slaughtered? In some countries killing and eating dogs, cats and monkeys are as common place as us eating chicken, beef and pork. I will also have to assume that you do not advocate hunting and fishing. In other words, stop being a hypocrite because you don’t like the individual who did this particular thing and they just happen to be famous. It is all sensationalism.

      • Tall, beautiful and Plastic

        Well, Pragmatist I guess you’re dumber then you think you are cause just so happen I am VEGAN!! I work in the medical profession and I’m very conscious of what I put into my body and meat isn’t one of them.. If you want to compare the cruelty of dog fighting to hunting you’re right up there in the stupidity group that “Really” and the rest of these education incompetent freaks. I do advocate humane hunting and if you’re gonna eat meat go organic, but the choice I made not to put toxins in my body does not make my hypocritical. I also am an active rescuer and rehabilitatier of greyhounds and through bred race horses. I think if anyone on here has room to talk it would be ME. What have you done to give back, Pragmatist?? Or are you a waste of space and air like majority of these idiots are who commit these hidious crimes? I think I would bet on the latter.. Dog fighting, torture vs clean kill, non suffering hunting?? Good comparison idiot! You wanna know what makes me laugh, low life’s like you who no self worth that they have to worship famous people because they know they will never accomplish nothing in their lifetime. That discription fits you perfect. Stay on the couch Pragmatist, and keep doing nothing with your life!!

  • Buffy Freak

    For all the craziness that Vick has exhibited over the years he can’t hold a candle to that Iyanla woman who was on today…paranoid, loopy, insecure, insane…hard to believe anyone would follow the advice of such a crazy woman….

    • bootsycolumbia

      I know, right? I missed the first half of the interview, but I saw the second half. It reminded me of why I stopped watching Oprah temporarily when Iyanla was on. Her advice was nutty then, and it’s even nuttier now.

    • mdg

      The only comparison that should be made bewtween dog fighting, rape and child molestation is that they’re all crimes. He wasn’t convicted of rape nor molesting a child. Your argument is baseless so move on with your life.

  • Scott

    That’s right Vick, we know that you are unrepentant…. I can’t believe people that have children are willing to overlook his heinous behavior!

    Vick: You fought, tortured and killed those dogs. You know it, we know it, the American public knows it and the NFL is willing to bury it for purposes of putting Butts in the seats.

    I will continue to boycott anything and everywhere that you appear. I don’t watch football and certainly disregard anything that you might say until I see genuine regret and contrition on you part.

    Vick remains a Sadistic and Pathetic Puppy!

    • steve

      Scott: #1 youre an idiot. #2 who cares…they are just dogs, loser. #3 GO EAGLES!

      • Sarah Fahey

        You’re the loser. GO PACKERS! The team that kicked your Eagles butt out of the playoffs. HA!!!

      • 2manyhorses

        NO, Steve, you are. What a moron, IQ of maybe 70?
        A sports team is more important than compassion? God, hope you are impotent.

      • eric stanway

        Really. Just because a bunch of cretins can kick a ball around, that makes it the most important thing on the planet. If Vick were anyone else, he wouldn’t be able to hold down a half decent job, never mind make millions of dollars. Football is pablum for brainless bozos.

      • Kathy

        Oprah, I’am so sorry that you would have this mad man on your show.

    • marquisgilmore

      No one asked you to watch and who really cares what you think?

      • Kathy

        Well no one cares what you think.

      • Kathy

        Same to you idot.

    • tstorm

      Right on Scott! The only way I’d go to a game Vick was playing on would be if I could get close enough to throw a hot steaming bag of dog doo in his face!

    • geecee

      Totally agree.

    • Yes!

      He wants us to believe he didnt realize it was wrong what he did, he was merely emulating his gansta culture, his relatives did it when he was growing up, but why Michael did you have to hide it for years, oh that’s right it is just against the law so he continues to torture and kill dogs not because it was wrong, but if he gets caught he won’t continue to make his millions, right Michael??? it’s all about the benjamins, so he’s back to making money and who cares about them dogs, they were only freaking dogs right Michael?

    • mdg

      @Scott:; Who cares that you won’t watch football and boycott all you want, just don’t get in my way when i’m entering the Lincoln Financial Field or you’ll pay with blood.:)

  • David Puddy

    Maybe Oprah shouldn’t make bets with other talk show hosts to see who can get a Mike Vick interview first.

  • Anne

    I, for one, would not have watched a single additional Oprah show, or her network, had she cut this thug even one millimeter of slack for what he did. It wasn’t just dog fighting, although that was heinous enough. It was the deliberate and cruel murder of dogs in ways that would shock any rational human being!

    • Amanda

      Oprah is a huge dog lover so I don’t think he’d catch a break from her…prob why he cancelled; he doesn’t want to hear the truth!!

  • Nate

    Uhm… if Oprah needs a replacement on her show I will be happy to take Mike’s place.

  • mp

    Good! For once he is doing something right. Hope he is getting therapy and sharing his wealth with the people and organizations who have taken care of the dogs left behind who were emotionally, physically, and mentally scarred and some for life.

    • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

      ha ha ha ha ha… doing something right… ha ha ha ha *wipes tears of laughter* … ha ha ha ha ha… sharing his wealth… BWA HA HA HA…

    • whatevs

      Therapy? I’m pretty sure you can’t teach someone to have a soul. He is unfixable.

  • jj

    so this guy does something horribly wrong, does his time, and now is considered a feel good story/hero of some sort? doesn’t make any sense…if i take away some sort of life, do my time, and change my ways, will i be considered a hero? doubt it. it’s good that it appears that he has changed, but how he was allowed to go to a good, high paying job like the nfl is beyond me. should’ve started from the bottom.

    • Doris


      You’re missing the biggest part of this equation: Michael Vick is not just anyone. He was a celebrity and an athlete who was getting paid the big bucks BEFORE the dog fighting. His sh*t is all over the place and the media is soaking it up, hence the reason why he’s gotten so much attention and is possibly considered a hero at this point.

      Plus…how many other sports celebrities do you know that have served the time THEY SHOULD HAVE? At least Vick did his time instead of getting out of it like every other celeb. Well, besides Lohan of course.

  • Tess Tickles

    First Vick abuses dogs, now he stands up a hippo. Are any animals safe?

    • ldstep

      I didn’t want to laugh….but that really is funny!!

    • CS LL REP

      Now, you know you’re wrong for that… Please behave yourself.

    • Dog Lover

      Now that was funny!

  • dee123

    Very wrong, but very funny.

    • Subgirl1001

      She a RICH Big Hippo!

      • mary

        To Oprah, could you please donate the money that DDB needs (or help) to purchase vicks estate so that all the money DDB is raising could go directly to giving these animals the life they deserve ?? Animals deserve rights too ! thank you.

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