'Firefly' returning to cable; Fillion says he'd play Mal again -- EXCLUSIVE

Nathan-FillionImage Credit: Sidney BaldwinBrowncoats rejoice: Firefly is returning to basic cable — and Nathan Fillion has something to say about it.

The Science Channel has acquired the rights to the cult-hit and will air the series in its short-lived entirety, plus some new extras. Science Channel will wrap each episode with interstitial segments starring renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who will discuss the theoretical science behind the show’s sci-fi concepts.

According to Firefly studio 20th Century Fox, this will mark the first time Firefly has aired on a fully distributed basic cable channel since 2008, when it ran on USA Network.

In honor of this occasion, star Nathan Fillion took a brief break from shooting ABC’s Castle today to jump on the phone and answer five Firefly questions — including whether he’d ever reprise the role of Captain Mal again. That interview and more details about Science Channel’s Firefly plans below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the part about playing the character?
NATHAN FILLION: It was my favorite job ever. What wasn’t great about it? I got to wear a low-slung holster. I got to ride horses. I got to have a spaceship. I got to act mean and curmudgeonly. [Creator Joss Whedon] is really good at kicking characters in the nuts so the other characters would have laughs at my expense and that was great too.

If Castle had its series finale tomorrow and Fox said to you and Joss: “We screwed up, let’s try doing Firefly again.” Would you do it?
Yes. Yes. I would examine very closely Fox’s reasoning — I’m a little gun-shy. If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.

What’s the most common thing Firefly fans say to you?
No. 1, “Is there going to be more?” No. 2, “Why was it canceled?”

Why do you think the show has had such an enduring appeal?
It’s a great question. We’re the most story-literate society the world has ever seen. What Joss tends to do is twist story conventions into reality. Whereas the story goes like this, real life goes like this, and that’s what Joss has mastered.

Do you ever watch the show nowadays or is that just weird?
It’s not weird. I haven’t watched it in a long, long time and I would like to revisit it.

Firefly premieres on Science Channel on March 6 at 8 p.m., with the two hour pilot, followed by the first episode at 10 p.m. Following that, Firefly episodes will air every Sunday — and, yes, in their original intended order and upgraded to high definition.

UPDATE: Fans launch ‘Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly’ movement, show’s former writers weigh in, plus our thoughts ….

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  • Cin Salvatore

    You’ll always be our Captain Tightpants! Keep flyin’ & stay shiny.

    • That is What a Series lead should be

      This is a guy who appreciates what helped make him a star, and I respect that.

      • Joanne B.

        EW, no matter how much you slobber all over Fillion’s and Whedon’s knobs, Fireflop flopped, and so did Serenibomb. And deservedly so.

      • Wottadoosh

        Joanne B. is just bitter because she also has the face of a troll.

      • BenR

        EVERY scifi show “flops” on Fox. Had this been on any other station it would have had at least a 3 year run. And the movie was released almost at the same time as The Dark Knight .. so your biased logic is flawed.

      • James D

        Joanne B. Do you live under a bridge?

      • RyanK

        Word on the street is that Joanne also hates babies and old people.

      • Luke Sassypants

        I hate babies, old people and ice cream. Too bad, thought I was a match for Joanne!

      • Sandi

        Firefly takes a certain amount of literacy to understand, so to some it is silly because it goes over thier head. Wordplay and character development are hard.. putting teenagers in skimpy clothes is easy… and the fans of some of these shows are easy too :)

      • Devin Faraci

        Joanne B, you sound obese and unloved.

      • A.F. for EW

        Right on! He’s a class act all the way! So is the Science Channel for bringing back Firefly! Hooray!

      • graciela.

        That’s right, Joanne. The show was so hated that people still talk about it obsessively and it’s making its way back onto TV with commentary by Kaku to boot. Yeah, it failed miserably you Reaver.

      • LOL

        Aww, you guys made the troll cry.

      • Kitten

        Graciela I totally agree. But Joanne B. is way worse than a Reaver, she is Alliance scum…

      • Chas

        To Joanne B…not Everyone can have good taste you mean girl. Many of us are (serious) Science (even Scientists) and Sci-Fi Fans. Firefly/Serenity were both underrated by people like you who just didnt get it-thats no reason for you to bash it. BTW-Fillion aside, have you ever seen Morena Baccarin or Summer Glau or gotten either one to appear in (your) project?.. um, what’s it called again?

      • Lee Gerard

        Joanne actually likes Firefly, but she is lonely and craves attention. As most trolls do, she will say the most shocking thing to get a rise out of as many people as possible, just for the attention. Joanne, maybe join a dating service, volunteer for needy people (needier than you), join a church group. It’s so much more fulfilling than trolling the Internet. I have the name of a therapist if you’d like it.

      • themaurdian

        Joanne B…. you hated the show, right? then why are you reading an article about its return. The last time I checked there was no law forcing you to watch shows you dont like… Let the fans love their Mal!

      • Karie

        I discovered this show just 3 or 4 years ago. I watched serenity on watch instantly netflix and i loved it so much that i decided to watch the series. It was such an amazing show! I too love how Nathan is willing to talk about the shows that made him famous. He seems like a really stand up guy and not a Hollywood jerk who is full of himself.

      • IggyP

        Hell have no fury like a Firefly Fan!!

      • Mark

        Sweet. It would make me & many other fans extremely happy if they did a cable follow-up movie(s) or mini-series (or dare I say, series?) to Serenity- although I’d prefer a slightly alternate universe where Preacher and Wash are still alive.

      • Dingo

        Joanne B. knows a lot about slobbing knobs – she’s a professional knob-slobberer. Last seen at the corner of 5th and Main; teaching class in the back of a 2003 Isuzu Trooper.

      • River T.

        You’re an idiot!! Maybe you don’t like sci-fi, maybe you don’t like westerns, maybe you just dont like great tv!!!!!

      • mik

        Joanne B., besides hating on the greatest Sci-Fi series ever made, what else do you do in your free time? Kick puppies in the face, and trip old ladies in the crosswalk?

      • Olivia

        Jo must live in the special hell.

      • Donald

        Firefly did not flop. Fox was wrong and just won’t admit it. That’s why they made a movie, and thats the only time a cancled series has ever gotten a movie.

      • Rik

        Joanne B – eat $hit & die


        Joanne looked in the mirror and it melted. She just crawled out from a camel’s bu++ and covered with santorum. So – understandably, she has a reason to be curmudgeonly.

      • the bigger you get the more they hate

        I enjoyed it and him so great to see he cares too.

      • WmAdams

        JoAnnB, go watch a movie on LMN.

      • y

        Joanne B: “deservedly so”?!? Just because YOU didn’t like Firefly doesn’t mean the rest of the world didn’t. A LOT of people LOVED that show. You’re an idiot.

      • Austin Rad

        Joanne B.
        you just shut your mouth.
        just because your dumb ass thought the show sucked doesn’t mean the rest of the world did. So zip it. you’re damaging my calm.
        so excited

      • Tom Whiting

        lol, jealous much? Firefly didn’t “tank” whatsoever. It was pulled because Fox didn’t do a single thing RIGHT with that show (including airing the pilot). Firefly STILL pulls in millions in revenue for retailers, has major websites devoted just to it, and oh yeah, has a movie which headlines multiple events in multiple theaters EVERY YEAR!

        Sorry, Firefly did not tank. Fox tanked.

      • yoshi

        Joanne /b/?

      • JenD915

        WOW! I was about to lay down the law to Joanne B, but so many Browncoats beat me to it!

        Joanne B- You, ma’am, are a FOOL! You can’t take our sky!

      • brainy435

        Olivia, that was awesome. I can see Book saying that to her. LOL

      • Nick

        Fox has some of the worst programing schemes ever. They have canceled shows including one they were forced to pick back up Family Guy! FutuRama got picked up by Comedy Central and made the “Current Most Critically-Acclaimed Animated Series” in 2010 in the guiness book.

        The problem with this series is that the people that used to be on the show need to be on set. With animation they can phone it in or get a sound alike. Maybe they should make it all cgi? Better then never having firefly ever again.

        Anyway, Syfy is about to cancel Stargate, I could really use another SciFi space show to watch.

      • therealeverton

        @ Donald Fri 02/18/11 2:09 PM

        YOu have apparently never heard of Star Trek? Cancelled and so far 11 movies (12th in production) 4 new TV series sequels or spin offs, 3 with 7 full seasons and a cartoon series too.

        Firefly & Serenity were very good, but let’s not get too carried away and forget the facts.

      • Sharon

        Personally, I am thankful that Joss Whedon didn’t conform and write either a medical or police drama. He went outside the box and did something totally different, and that’s what close minded people like Joanne can’t comprehend. Joss is one of the most BRILLIANT writers ever. He is the creator of the first, and BEST vampire dramas, and the ones that followed pale in comparison. Every episode of “Buffy” (My most favorite show EVER!) was ingeni vous to say the least. With that said, IF they decide to go ahead with a “Buffy” movie and Joss isn’t involved, it’s gonna crash and burn the first weekend it’s released. Leave it the way the series ended…..Don’t screw with perfection! Oh, and as far as “Firefly” and “Serenity”….two more examples of the brilliance that is Joss Whedon.

      • The Eye

        Gee, Joanne B….have you noticed how severely outvoted you are, making you…WRONG and ALONE? As it should be.

      • Jackie Jacks

        Joanne s just the type of person that likes to stir the pot. I truly feel sorry for anyone who is close to her. Why is the heck is she even reading this article anyway? Go back under your rock, never to come out you ignorant fool.

      • Bridget Hudson

        Omg this is so amazing! I”m so happy that this series will finally continue. Please people make sure the entire cast is reunited.

      • Cong

        Joanne B, really? go back to your bridge and die troll. FireFly did not tank, it was Fox and they know it! U gotta love trolls man, they’re always around.

    • jk

      Fox really screwed up by not supporting this show.

      • Ewlalia

        Thank God this horribly misguided,amateurly acted, mediocre show was canceled due to tepid ratings. It was a jumbled, rdiculously scripted piece of garbage that was uneven in tone, and had the characters speaking “whedonesque”, the overtly cute, pop-culture-reference-heavy, jokey dialogue that Whedon uses in every single property of his. And in spite of the show bombing, they made a film, that deservedly flopped at the box office as well. I dread what Whedon will do to The Avengers. At best, it will be an unfunny “comedy” like Fantastic Four, and at worst, it will be an unfunny “comedy” like Fantastic Four.

      • Andy

        Fox screwed up? Why are they blaming Fox? Do they really think that a huge marketing budget and non-stop ads would have compeled people to watch that crappy “Cowboys and Reavers” show? Look at Dollhouse, same ole, same ole Whedon crap. Did Fox screw that up too? People don’t care about Whedon’s fluff. It’s a niche property that tanked on TV, and in theatres. Get over it.

      • Niix Starkyller

        LOL. Someone wrote a Firefly article on EW.com for the first time in ages and the disgruntled army felt compelled to spend time bashing a show they hate — which admittedly failed to garner big numbers in viewership. Just like Serenity at the box office. And that crappy movie: Shawshank Redemption.

      • Matt

        Just a small point, Serenity was named as “2005 Film of the year”, hardly what you would call a flop!

      • SJ

        Fox screwed up by not airing the episodes in the correct order, thus presenting a jumbled-appearing show. It had nothing to do with ads or marketing.

      • Matthew Moore

        People ask: If it were so great, why did it get cancelled? I ask, if it were so bad, why are we still talking about it?
        Firefly was awesome, with great writing, fully fleshed out characters within a couple episodes, beautiful set designs and wardrobe and incredible production value.
        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I suspect most of the firefly haters on here are just trolling because they know that Whedonverse fans are rapid.
        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Jono

        Everyone can have their opinion, but it is beyond me how anyone could watch this show and criticize the dialogue, acting, or characters. I’ve never watched a show with some chemistry and camraderie between characters. The casting was perfect. As for the dialogue, Firefly was funnier than most shows that aim only for comedy, AND it balanced it with romance, thrills, poignant drama, and well-drawn characters and relationships.

        As for Fox, without the network, there’d likely be no Firefly at all, so even though they messed it up, we can give them at least a little love.

      • Jono


        *the same level of chemistry

        not SOME level of chemistry. Not sure what happened there. My apologies for assaulting the English language.

      • James D

        Tepid ratings do not show a show’s quality. Nor does the “whedonesque” dialogue, which actually gives it that distinct feel. You know you’re watching a Whedon show when a character says “Yes… Yes… This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land and we will call it… This Land.” And it isn’t even that “Whedonesque”. The dialogue is entertaining. Each character has their own qualities that are unique to them. These are fully fleshed out characters that grew over the course of just 14 episodes and a movie.

      • Tony

        There is a long history of great shows not getting a lot of public or even critical support. The Wire and The Shield were two of the best shows in the history of television and both had troubled ratings at different points. In fact, hardly anyone watched The Wire. Firefly, in only a handful of episodes, made me really care about a lot of these characters so much so, that I watch a Firefly episode every couple of months even though I’ve seen them all about 10 times.

        If you like sports, TV, and movies, check out theflyby.com.

      • Deanna

        Last year at Dragon*Con (sci/fi / fantasy convention held in Atlanta, GA every Labor Day Weekend, there was a guy who decided his costume was to be dressed in a suit with a sign pinned to his chest that read, “FOX Executive who cancelled Firefly”. He had a noose around his neck, and his buddy drug him around the convention all day. We ran into them that evening, and the fake Fox guy said it was the worst day of his life; he said he was constantly insulted and shouted at, by all the other convention goers. Everyone knew it was a costume, but somehow, it became this cathartic thing for all the Browncoats to yell at him, and they did, non-stop, all day long.

      • Devin Faraci

        Ewlalia, you sound obese and unloved.

      • Chas

        Ewlalia…your opinion shows severe limitations of your personal insight. Close your legs & start paying attention – you missed the point of an original show. Firefly has (intended simplicity) that nonetheless allowed both the story and characters to develop in a way found cool by those of us who (are) cool enough to get it. There is much affection for Firefly/Serenity as it again (simply) mirrors the problems of everyday life the way a “Western” might, but incorporates some ‘Whedon-Latin’ for fun while Baccarin, Glau, Torres and others play sexy, techy and intelligent women, sharing with the men a willingness to risk their lives against the worst of the worst – whats that?.. The Reavers? or was it the Bush Admin at time of
        original release? The Bush Admin?.. have you heard of it? I dont wanna confuse any arrogantly presumptuous (critics) while they pat themselves on the back here.

      • Friend

        It’s pretty clear that Ewlalia just didn’t watch the show. For instance, Firefly took place in the *future*, so the dialogue made no use of “pop culture references”. I’m not sure what that person was trying to say about the show, but it didn’t make sense in the context of the show.

      • Capt crazy pants

        Greatest show ever! Finally a show that appeals to people with interesting lives and personalities. Guess that makes it a serious flop since what is good TV is usually dictated by couch potatos. I mean Television shows are made so advertisements can sell stuff to easily led people. “Good TV” as a rule is counter productive their goals.

      • Brett

        “Just a small point, Serenity was named as “2005 Film of the year”, hardly what you would call a flop!”

        Matt, the fact that you considered it the film of the year in 2005 doesn’t really mean much outside of your house.

      • Bubbles

        Ok Ewlalia was probally referencing the fact they didn’t always speak English…..Kinda vain and conceeded to think that in the future everyone would speak English…the people now can’t speak it properly when it’s their first language. This show made you care about the characters. It was about a man trying to move on with his life after he realizes men with noble intentions don’t always win…Then you have the whole those in power trying to get away with what they want even if it hurts others and people standing up to that…If this show had been done with all the same ideas but set in I don’t know WWII no one would tear it apart they way they do….

      • Cindy

        I was addicted to Firefly and loved Serenity. Still can’t understand why Firefly was cancelled. It had the most engrossing, intelligent and satisfying plots I’ve seen in ages.

      • Joe Camel

        I watched Firefly once or twice before Serenity came out. I tried re-watching it a few months ago, and turned it off when it got to the scene of the mechanic slowly eating a strawberry. Sometimes I think Whedon’s celebrated feminism borders on a form of misogyny.

      • G G

        See the trouble is that people equate large viewer-ship with quality and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Prime example…Jersey Shore. There are hundreds of low brow, ignorant, lowest common denominator type people that will never be able to appreciate something that requires the ability to rub more than 2 brain cells together in order to understand it.

      • shadowahwk3050

        joe camel,
        did you even watch the show? fresh fruit is a rare thing for the not so rich person.
        and for another point, everyone seems to think the show is being continued, did you all not read the article, they are just airing the original on cable again.

        your all acting brain dead, wake up.

      • Flan

        to Brett: Courtesy of Wiki.
        Best Film 2005 – Film Focus
        IGN Film’s Best Sci-Fi, Best Story and Best Trailer awards and was runner up for the Overall Best Movie. It also won the Nebula Award for Best Script for 2005, the 2006 viewers choice Spacey Award for favorite movie, the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form and the 2006 Prometheus Special Award. Yeah.. must be goh-se.

      • SSeegars

        Broad viewership means absolutely nothing. Look at the brain dead masses that watch American Idol every week. I’ve watched two seasons myself, each time I saw real singers not make it because the didn’t “fit the mold”. Firefly was a lot like those singers. So are a lot of shows that Fox has killed or messed up. Sliders, Human Target (which they seem to have given a second chance (no pun intended) Freaky Links. THE GOOD GUYS, thought not in the same genre as Firefly, was an excellently written and well acted show with, as has been said, fully fleshed out characters you cared about. Firefly will be looked back upon as something as big as Star Trek, which speaking of, look at the first two seasons of STTNG, they sucked! None of the actors was comfortable with each other. It should have been cancelled. But it wasn’t because it was Star Trek.

      • Miranda

        Devin, YOU sound obese and unloved. Since when does obesity = unlovable? Since when is obesity an insult? My sister is obese because she’s recovering from a very serious disease that’s wreaking havoc on her body’s ability to metabolize…is she unlovable too? You’re disgusting.

        On-topic, I’m sorry the show got canceled. I know why it did, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen something good not get renewed because of ratings. Remember Arrested Development, that only hung in there because of critical acclaim until the network was finally forced to throw in the towel because of the lack of viewers?

        And to the people who feel the need to put down the show itself – don’t like it, don’t watch it; simple as that. What’s wrong; are you afraid they’re going to pull a couple of the thousands of billions of trillions of episodes of How It Got Made off?

      • riggarob

        Fri 02/18/11 2:09 PM “Firefly did not flop. Fox was wrong and just won’t admit it. That’s why they made a movie, and thats the only time a cancled series has ever gotten a movie”.
        I believe that Stargate SG-1 got 2 or three movies after cancelation, and X-Files did 1 or 2. Probably wrong, I’m not as young (62) as I used to be.

      • Sharon

        My question to the haters…..why the hell are you reading an article, and commenting, about “Firefly” when you clearly don’t like the show? Why would you waste you time?? Just wonderin’…..

      • Laquamacsmcak!

        Lol, IMDB gave Firefly a 9.4/10. That’s higher then any other TV show there (that I looked up). It’s even higher then Lost, House, Big Bang Theory, 24, Lie to me, Doctor Who etc.

        The only thing higher then a 9.4 was a show called Freaks and Geeks.

      • tpunk

        I think this little show called Arrested Development may have had a higher score than Firefly too… another show that FOX cancelled too soon. Fox has a long history of cancelling high quality shows to may way for more mindless dribble.

      • Hiroki

        , since you liked Serenity but hadn’t seen much of the series you may end up loivng the series even more than the movie because you saw Serenity first. Or you’ll absolutely hate the series because it’s the polar opposite of the film. a0|a0

    • PK

      So excited to see Firefly back on the radar. That whole cast had such a humble nature to the role even if their character wasn’t that humble (Jane).
      If they brought the series back, I hope they’d go back to when the series ended before Serenity was made. We lost too many great characters in that movie.

      • Jono

        I’m may be the minority, but I’m both a huge fan and someone who’s glad Firefly was so short lived. I’m tired of great shows fizzling out and losing their lustre (24, The X-Files, etc). While I would have loved to have seen the further adventures of the Serenity crew, there’s something kind of nice about 14 awesome episodes and an excellent film. It will never be tainted by running “out of gas.” (See what I did there? Zing!)

      • angeler

        in deference to Jono- it would have been nice to have 2 full seasons of Firefly, plus the movie. I do agree- too many seasons and it may have worn thin, but every time I get to the end of the series I want to cry for more! Such a wonderful show.

      • lauren

        i knwo what you mean, i would have liked to see it last 5 seasons but theres something to be said about this small piece of wonderful television..it never got a chance to fizzle like smallville etc…so it ways its neat to have to so short..plus..i can watch it more because its so short! :)

      • b

        Jono – it could have at least gotten a real full 22-episode season, though. I didn’t watch it finally until last year, and when I added it to my Netflix queue I was shocked to find that it wasn’t one season, it was only HALF a season! It certainly deserved better than that. I agree that too many shows run out of steam long before they’re canceled, but I think it could easily have had a solid 1-2 full season run, told the full story of River/Miranda/the reavers in a more natural fashion, and closed with a satisfied fanbase.

      • Jono

        Angeler and b: I totally agree, a couple of seasons would’ve been terrific. Or even 4 or 5, if the quality would’ve stayed high. No arguments there.

      • Cathy

        Show’s running out of gas is why I’m SO OKAY with the ridiculously awesome quality cable shows that do short seasons. I’d rather get 13 episodes of quality tv, than 22 episodes of mediocre tv. I honestly think it is time to rethink how tv is run in general. I would really like to see some quality shows coming back on the air.

      • murley

        have any of you checked out the serenity comic books? there have been 2 3-issue series (one that bridged the story between the tv show and the film, a one-shot about wash and a book about book (ha!). they are all really good, especially ‘those left behind’ and have been a nice continuation of the ‘verse. judging by some plot developments, i am pretty sure there will be more comics and story to come.

    • Rush

      This is great….but it’s been on Netflix instant streaming for awhile now with no commercials.

      • Mike

        True, but not everyone has Netflix. I know…how dare they!? lol

      • Evert

        “Just a small point, Serenity was named as “2005 Film of the year”, hardly what you would call a flop!

        Let me guess? At a Firefly convention? LAMO!!
        Cuz it didn’t get a SINGLE OSCAR or GOLDEN GLOBE or BAFTA nomination…LOL

      • Tarnakk

        Sci-Fi typically doesn’t get oscars – especially when it happens to be story driven. Typical American – it’s only good if it’s full of explosions and cardboard characters.

      • Squall

        Maybe, not but it did win:
        Emmy Award: Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series, 2003
        Visual Effects Society: Best visual effects in a television series, 2003 (episode “Serenity”)
        Saturn Award: Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award, Male, 2003 (Nathan Fillion)
        Saturn Award: Saturn Award for Best DVD Release (television), 2004
        SyFy Genre Awards: Best Series/Television, 2006[79]
        SyFy Genre Awards: Best Actor/Television Nathan Fillion, 2006
        SyFy Genre Awards: Best Supporting Actor/Television Adam Baldwin, 2006
        SyFy Genre Awards: Best Special Guest/Television Christina Hendricks for “Trash”, 2006
        SyFy Genre Awards: Best Episode/Television “Trash”, 2006
        AND was nominated for:
        Visual Effects Society: Best compositing in a televised program, music video, or commercial, 2003
        Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA, “Golden Reel Award”: Best sound editing in television long form: sound effects/foley, 2003
        Hugo Award: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, 2003 (episode “Serenity”)
        Hugo Award: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, 2004 (episodes “Heart of Gold” and “The Message”, which at that time had not been shown on television in the USA)
        Golden Satellite Award: Best DVD Extras, 2004

      • Hilary

        You know what looks good on a one-sheet for a TV show?
        “Oscar-nominee”, “Golden Globe nominee” or “BAFTA award nominee”

        You know what makes people go “Huh?, What’s that?”

        Hugos, Syfys and Golden Satellites

      • Marie Seevert

        People are really trying to defend Serenity’s quality by bringing up awards like the Syfy and the Hugo? Seriously? That’s just a tad above getting a Golden Beaver or a Silver Sharpie, right? But maybe not as prestigious as a People’s Choice or an Oklahoma Music Award…correct?

        When a Whedon film gets 11 Oscars, then we’ll talk. Meanwhile, all bow to the true masters of Science Fiction, like James Cameron and Ridley SCott.

      • AltDave

        Hilary, Marie… you two take such pride in your ignorance of sci-fi honors, like it’s a GOOD thing. Just go away and participate in a discussion about something you are KNOWLEDGABLE of, whether that’s GLEE, JERSEY SHORES, daily soaps, or whatever floats your boat.

      • julian

        its also on hulu…

      • W

        Oscars = Movies
        Emmys = Television

      • Carly

        Yes, let’s discount genre awards and only count Oscars and Emmys, because the Emmys and the Oscars have been so welcoming and unbiased towards quality sci fi and fantasy shows over the years.

      • lugnut

        @Marie Seevert – Camerons a piece of $hit and his syfy movies blow as someone said earlier there just full of big explosions and cardboard characters no story.

        @Hilary – show me the TV show that has been nominated for an Oscar and I’ll give you a big shiny golden nickel

      • reag

        @Hilary, Marie: The Hugo award is THE major award for any work of science fiction/fantasy. As a writer of science fiction, I’d be much more thrilled to get a Hugo, than an Oscar or Emmy. It would have more meaning to me. It is a greater validation of my craft. Of course, I need to get published, first. :-)

      • Sharon

        Marie….Cameron is so far up CGI’s a$$ he doesn’t know how to make a movie without it. Not to mention he’s an adulterer. I have NO respect for him and I was thrilled when he lost the Oscar for Best Picture to “The Hurt Locker” that actually had ACTORS and not a bunch of CGI BULLS&^T!

    • athena

      couldn’t have said it any better. I miss Captain Tightpants ♥

      • Antoine

        WOW…i won a truckload of SyFy and Hugo Awards??? LMAO!!!!!!!
        Then it’s definitely a great film, after all, those SyFy people know what they do…didn’t they make Mansquito and Sharktopus? LMAO!!!!

    • Viv

      Ya know what, Nathan? I have that same Lottery daydream… That one day i can just hand Joss a half billion and say ” Firefly, Dollhouse, whatever–go nuts!!”

      • Leon

        Angel? At least a movie.

        And….at least another show based on the Serenityverse.

    • amie

      Amen Cin! Can’t stop the signal.

    • Antoine

      “why was it canceled?”

      Because it was a hackneyed, misbegotten piece of overrated tripe?
      Badly directed, horrible special effects, and atrociously acted by a bunch of genre “actors” that get progressively worse in their careers.

      • Kiki

        out of curiosity, what do you watch on TV these days?

      • Rick

        How does it feel to have no soul? Seriously, you’re telling me you can watch that show and feel nothing moving whatsoever? I pity you.

    • Jasmine

      Finally, some Network Win!
      Love Firefly, love Nathan and the whole cast. Also, Dr. Kaku is beyond Awesome. Can’t wait to see what he has to say!

    • BigBOO

      I have never understood why people adore this show so much. The premise was ludicrous in that forced “IT’s a Western!! In SPACE!!! Cool, huh?!” theme. If that idea wasn’t so resoundingly pushed to the forefront at every conceivable moment, it MIGHT have had a better chance for success. At least Summer’s gone on to better things. Um….then again…

    • lindaktr

      I’ve never given up hope that this series would come back, ever!The BEST show I ever watched…over and over again.

      • Fatow

        Coe Douglas (Author) February 2, 2010 at 9:31 am The episodes get betetr as the show and characters hit their stride.I agree about Fillion. He’s fantastic. Have you seen the Heroes project stuff he’s doing with artist Martin Firrell?

  • jane1982


  • Evelyn

    Firefly FTW!!

  • snapthejap

    I would do the SAME thing– If I won a crap-ton of money, I would also buy the rights to FIREFLY and do what I could to make new episodes. F**K FOX & their horrible management of this show.

    • Jena Garay

      I tried watching this show, and I realized then why it tanked. It was crap.

      • Wottadoosh

        So troll, how many aliases are you using?
        I’d laugh at your pathetic attempts at baiting (you sure are wasting time on something you hate, loser), but I just feel sad for you. I hope life gets better for you, your mom sure would love to have the basement back.

      • Lee Gerard

        Have some sympathy for the trolls, they are just lonely and crave attention any way they can get it. They should have a troll dating service, so these like-minded individuals can get together and maybe not be so lonely all the time.

      • Arthur

        The very small minority of geeks that love this absolutely dreadful show already own it and have watched it againand againa nd again. The property has not gained any non-Browncoat fans in any substantial way (otherwise they would have made a sequel by now). Who’s gonna watch it? This is just a waste of time, especially for a show that deservedly flopped due to its horrible writing, acting and dialogue.

      • Chas

        Jena – Your Mom says you shouldnt watch what you can’t possibly understand…she knows that you always bawl and use drugs afterward (like Pepsi). Try some Gefilte, on a fresh bagel with cream cheese and capers. Then, get some CLASS…by NEVER and I mean NEVER saying (crap) in public ya dwoferd!

  • Rancor

    This is cool.I wish they would bring back firefly.

  • mickey

    I luv me some Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin.

    • Jack

      So watch “The Cape” and “V”! (and, yes, I’d rather see them on the Serenity!)

      • RyanK

        Lol, I try but they make my soul hurt.

      • LAJackie

        I am – but it’s not the same. I watch all the tv shows that the Firefly alum are in. That’s how I discovered the awesomeness that is Chuck :)

      • V2Blast

        I do! The shows aren’t quite as good, but Summer and Morena are still awesome in them.

    • Chas

      Yeah!.. Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin ! two of the most beautiful women on the planet (or anywhere) and they can act.
      My original idea!: Let’s Clone Summer and Morena. Every boy (like me) wants one:) Don’t Bogart that Stem-Cell please!
      Josh sure knows how to pick ‘em – from Gellar and Hannigan to Glau and Baccarin, what can I say?.. the Wheedster has excellent taste!

  • destitute

    this is great, but that headline is mean.

    • Richard S

      My heart stopped for a moment. Cruelest entertainment headline ever!

      • Vex

        I agree. Evil headline is evil.

        Now donate 300 millions to the guy.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Agreed. We totally got Saffron’d.

      • seattlemary

        Ha Saffron’d!!! Love it! But yeah cruel-cruel headline. I remember vaguely when this show came out and thought Western & Scifi-wow 2 things I hate, then years later home from college and shear boredom drove me to watch Serenity and thus my love affair with all things Firefly was born. NF interview just goes to show that Joss and the cast are all class acts.

      • Megan B

        The acting was atrocious, the writing was beyond acridly simplistic and ittried to hard to be all cute and funny, with its stacatto pauses, pop culturo nods and “quirky” tone. And the direction and special effects were beyond pedestrians. Is anyone shocked it failed miserably in the ratings and at the box office?

      • E-geek

        Megan B-
        I usually don’t respond to trolls but I think its absolutely hysterical someone with such atrocious spelling and grammar is quick to pick on Firefly’s writing. I believe the words you were looking for are: “staccato”, pop “cultural” (the show was set in the future, what pop cultural was referenced?!), and “pedestrian”, not pedestrians (I don’t think the special effects were beyond people walking).

      • Albertkitten/Browncoat

        Niix Starkyller, I love you!

      • Niix Starkyller

        @Albertkitten *wink*

    • Tony T.

      Firefly was one of the most ridiculously overrated (by its small fanbase) shows on TV. It was painful to watch, especially because of Whedon’s hackneyed, cutesy dialogue, and the “actors”‘ horrible delivery. No wonder ot flopped on TV and at the box office.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Aw, isn’t the troll cute?

      • SJ

        SUPER cute. :-)

      • Awwwww

        Too bad someone made you watch an entire series AND movie that you hated! Maybe someday, someone will teach you how to change the channel or use the power button on your TV.

      • Carl

        If you hate the show so much, why on earth did you waste your time reading an article about it and then waste more time posting a comment. You are a moron.

      • Stephen S

        And yet Buffy ran for seven full seasons. Comparison?

      • soz

        Are you…the same person using different names throughout this thread? Dude, get a life. I mean yeah, there are levels on which I think Firefly is kind of overrated, but you don’t see me being a douche about it all over the place.

      • Griff

        My time of not taking you seriously is coming to a middle.

      • Meh

        The reason buffy ran for soo long is because its mindless entertainment. Thats the problem with the Firefly haters. They dont have the intellectual power to understand. Everything Joss has created requires more intelligence than a troll has.

      • J.

        Dude, you seriously think Buffy was mindless entertainment but Firefly was high art? Um…not really. Buffy was fabulous, and Joss has been trying, with no success, to duplicate its magic ever since.

      • Steph

        Firefly makes Tony T fall down and get boo-boo. Wahhhh!
        (we can troll too, you know)

      • Danny

        Man, this troll is making himself painfully obvious by repeating the same clichés over and over. “deservedly flopped, “”cutesy dialogue”…this guy is comedy gold.

      • Miranda

        You know, if you’re going to pose as different people when you troll, it would help to switch up how you type. Using the same descriptive terms in the same way is a huge red flag.

        Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. No one is trying to convert you. But man, you come off like it killed and ate your dog and stole your boy/girlfriend and wrecked your truck. Get over it.

      • Blair

        Miranda, should probably make that “stole you blow-up plastic toy and wrecked your moped.”

    • Marie

      I agree I think the headline was mean :-( I’m sure my heart and breathing stopped when I read it then realised it wasn’t that they had actually agreed to make more episodes…

      Good that it’s back on TV though, even though I already own the lot myself maybe it will generate more feedback still, more people will discover it and piggybacking on the success of Castle, they might agree to do some more episodes.

      whatever nasty comments have been said above, this is the little series that wouldn’t die and the chatter is only getting louder!!!

      • Matthew

        I was dozing to the science channel and when the banner popped up and the announcer guy said “new episodes” I jumped and was no longer napping. Just like when my gf yells “boo”. Always glad to hear good things related to this but, yeah, mean.

  • Tami

    Love this show. Nathan Fillion is the best. The DVD’s have great commentary, so funny!

  • Tee

    AWESOME!!! THis is beyond words! I only hope they will revive it and make Mal return with the full crew!!

  • elkylos

    Aargh, that headline was very misleading.

    • Kat

      LOL I agree, I thought it meant new episodes were filming and Fillion was offering himself for the role. I couldn’t figure out how that would work with shooting Castle, but hey, that’s why I clicked to read the article. Oh well.

    • James Hibberd

      Honestly was not meant to be! Firefly has never aired in originals on cable. Hope it was still worth the read.

      • Mark

        Obviously it was meant to be misleading. It’s just another typical internet headline designed to get people to click on the article.

  • Lindsey

    Ahhhhh so shiny!!!!

    • Other Hand

      Exactly Lindsey! Exactly.

      • Other Hand

        No one else in television entered the heart as effortlessly as the characters from this show. That’s the brilliance and enduring quality.

      • Brett

        “Other Hand”….I understand you really like this show, but that statement is just flat-out wrong.

      • Chetedawg

        The Hero Of Canton…The One They Call JAYYYYYYNE

      • Evert

        “No one else in television entered the heart as effortlessly as the characters from this show. That’s the brilliance and enduring quality.”

        Is that why it never won or even got nominated for Ammys, and it tanked miserably in the ratings? LMAO!!!!!!!!
        Browncoats and their weird delusions!!!!

      • cinderannie

        Okay, other hand, I do think that’s probably an exaggeration… there are other good shows out there with good characters…
        However, I know what you mean. I loved all the characters from the first episode (the real first episode). And it’s probably the only time that I loved every single character in a show. Usually I find at least a couple of them very annoying, and am indifferent to most of them.

  • Pete

    most story-literate society ??? I wonder what society he is talking about!

    • James

      Your prejudices are not based on fact. Please go away.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Would you like me to explain what is meant by that statement? I can help you with the big words.

      • Jessi

        Niix Starkyller We did totally get Saffron’d.Love the reference!!! Cruel Headline though totally

    • RyanK

      I don’t think Pete is taking a shot at Whedon. I’m a huge Firefly fan, but I have to agree with him. Our society has gradually but steadily turned into an instant gratification type of society. People who like a good story seem to get fewer and fewer each day. It’s unfortunate.

  • Shiny

    First, nice to see those tight britches again. Second, if the show had aired with the original gorgeous beautiful two hour pilot that set up the show then it would have been a hit. Fox should run another 13 eps of FF to run with Fringe. In fact Fox should keep making short seasons of Lie to Me, Human Target and Firefly to keep their slate fresh since they constantly preempt shows for baseball, hockey and Idol. The only consistent night on Fox is Sundays.

  • Cris

    Even though I own the DVDs and have every episode uploaded to my computer and my iPod, I love news like this. It’s like God is giving (and the rest of us fans who love and miss the show) a great big present.

  • Michelle

    I recently rewatched Firefly. It had been a while since I spent some quality time with Captain Tightpants and the crew of the Serenity. God, I miss this show so much. Let’s all play the lottery, so we can get the gang back together! :P

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