'Firefly' returning to cable; Fillion says he'd play Mal again -- EXCLUSIVE

Browncoats rejoice: Firefly is returning to basic cable — and Nathan Fillion has something to say about it. Read the full post.

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  • AverageJoe

    We Wants Da Firefly! We Wants Da Firefly! Please bring it back! Just think of all the cool merchandising that could go with it! Collectors everywhere are drooling!

  • Suzy

    Loved the show. Though I know it doesn’t appeal to all fan bases, if they are to start making more, do it on SciFi.

  • Legion

    Its ashame FOX had only gave Firefly half a season. Shows like Dollhouse, Fringe, Human Target and Lie to me have had much more time to run despite their poor ratings. When they are finished no one will remember them unlike firefly.

    • Niix Starkyller

      I’m trying to find the hint of sarcasm in your post. It’s gotta be in there, somewhere. I mean, I loves me my Serenity crew, but I think you need to tone down the rhetoric.

  • Olivya

    Loved this show and all the cast, especially Nathan Fillion. I always hold a little hope in my heart that Firefly might be revived one day.

  • kw newton

    If there were able to bring it back, it would be sad not to have Wash as the pilot. Killing him off in Serenity was a bad idea! Ditto Shepard Book.

  • Sky

    Please make more… Please!!! The brown coats demand it! We want our trilogy!

  • Albatros

    Filion for President!

    Well acted show, written above average, but take Joe Plummer, tell him to watch a SF show he’ll avoid it. Add its a western style plotline and his brain’ll burst. The show was doomed the moment it was born in the medium it arrived in.

  • Grey

    It is amazing to me that the general public simply does not get subtle comedy. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since shows like Jersey Shore are popular. Firefly was a great show and I miss it. Whedon is a great writer (hello, Dr. horrible?). Sorry that not everyone enjoys the humor that I and other firefly fans enjoy. I don’t find Will Ferrell funny and millions of others do. I’m not being nasty about it, so why are you?

  • Drew

    Those of you who dont like Fireply – You need to wath more than 1 episode to get it. The show was never given a chance to develop, horrible time slot, no advertising and th dialogue is the best part. If you watch the show you know why they talk that way.

  • Tim

    As sad as I am to admit this, I doubt the show will make a comeback. I loved the show, I’ve seen it start to finish several times.
    But I actually think Serenity killed any possibility of the series continuing. They gave gave away so much of the plot line that it would be hard to try to work those twists back into the series. Not to mention the movie killed off some of the characters. Would the series continue from where the last episode aired? Or would it incorporate the movie?
    Granted, so many questions are left unanswered. Like what they actually did to River, or ANYTHING about Shepherd Book.

    • Gre

      I disagree. Whedon liked to wrap things up neatly in seasonal arcs, so the events in Serenity probably would have been either the end of Season 1 or the entirety of Season 2 of the show. Would the same characters have died so quickly had the show continued? Given Whedon’s penchant for shocking deaths, I’d say it would have been probable.

    • murley

      there is a comic about shepard book, i one-shot hardcover book, that tells his back story. it is published by dark horse and is official cannon (and very good). the story has continued in comic form, i really recommend you check it out!

  • Chaz

    I loved this show, especially seeing gorgeous Natan Fillion in those tight pants. Nice ass and crotch. Loved the episode where he was left on a planet buck naked. Wow.

  • B

    lets sick the reavers after the haters..Loved firefly. Loved the Castle Halloween episode where he comes in wearing the tightpants..

    • Jackie

      Hee hee…

      Alexis: What are you supposed to be?
      Castle: I’m a space cowboy!
      Alexis: You wore that like five years ago, it’s time to let it go.

      • Vaemer-Riit

        Castle: “I like it.”

  • B

    ps…Im still so mad that Wash died

    • ks

      me too

  • QuoterGal

    Sorry, little hater-dudes, that this show and the film gets your knickers in such a twist.

    Every time I show “Firefly” to folks that didn’t watch it when it aired, or watched a few in the crappy mis-order they showed it in, they 1) love it and 2) go out and buy the DVDs.

    That suggests that the show really has something, and Fox missed an opportunity to reach those folks.

    “Firefly” was crazy-good, and I kinda feel sorrt for these folks that are tone-deaf to its qualities.

  • PennyBeGood

    I see a lot people slamming “Firefly” as being junk TV. Let me first acknowledge that the show wasn’t perfect. I think some of the cast tended to play their parts too broadly, and I thought it suffered by not explicitly fleshing out the show’s universe. But a lot of great shows have rough starts and then hone their show into something sharp, brilliant, and engaging. For instance, the pilot of 30 Rock is darn near unwatchable and the first season of The Office is awkward, stilted, and barely funny, but both the shows evolved later on into great shows. To me, “Firefly” had fantastic potential, a promising cast, and I think it would have hit its stride if it had gotten the network’s support.

    That’s why the cancellation bums me out so badly. Firefly was entertaining as it was, and it showed promise of just getting better.

    • Brett

      To me, “30 Rock” and “The Office” continue to be unwatchable.

      • Suki

        I TOTALLY AGREE!! How did the repetitive, insulting, toilet humor of 30 Rock ever get on the air?! The Office (brit/amer/whatev) is a one joke pony–a funny joke but that was 5 years ago! I went to BBC for comedy yrs ago: Spaced, Doc Martin, Nighty Nite, Black Books–funny, daring, and hey–crazy idea: original!

    • Bojan

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