Tim Allen returning to TV in ABC pilot

tim-allenImage Credit: FilmMagic Inc/FilmMagic.comABC just persuaded a major player from its glory days to come back and engage in a little home improvement. Tim Allen — whose long-running role as Tim Taylor on Home Improvement helped to propel ABC to No. 1 — will star in an unnamed multi-camera comedy pilot (the working title was The Last Days of Man).

Penned by the Emmy-winning Jack Burditt (The Mike O’Malley Show, Inside Schwartz), the comedy focuses on a guy’s guy who’s surrounded by women. The storyline is still being adjusted, but the original logline spoke of a character who is “fighting for his manhood in a world that is being increasingly dominated by women.” 

20th Century Fox TV and Lost Marbles is producing.

Allen was one of a handful of actors who generated huge interest this development season. While most of the most-sought-after actors have been nabbed – Amanda Peet, Maria Bello, Constance Zimmer and Zooey Deschanel, to name a few — there are some who have yet to commit. Word is that Christina Applegate is circling many pilots, but has yet to decide where she’ll land.

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  • Home Improvement stunk

    One of the few TGIF shows that I never liked. Very much a WASP show, similar to According to Jim, and this show sounds like that, probably will pair him with an impossibly hot wife who nags him that he never helps out, etc, etc

    • swthompson

      Home Improvement was never a TGIF show.

      • Tv Classic

        I loved Home Improvement. Very classic family show. Tim was wonderful on the show.

      • Sandra Brunetti

        Home Improvement is still my favourite comedy show. Tim Allen is very talented.

    • whatevs

      You hated Home Improvement because it was about a white family?

      • White Powder

        Will they pay him in cocaine, because that’s all he cares about. Feel sorry for his 17 illegitimate kids.

      • al

        hating something because it’s WASPy doesn’t mean you don’t like white people. WASP has tons of cultural connotations involving affluence and privilege. I don’t know that I’d call HI WASPy but I agree that it was awful and this new show sounds like it’s going to INCREDIBLY offensive.

      • Your Queen

        Pipe down, al.
        Shrill little BlTCH.

        Home Improvment was shyyte because it wasn’t funny in the least.

        Stop ranting, whiny child.

      • JIM

        To: YOUR QUEEN;
        HI was extremely funny. It did take an educated psyche and pallett, though. No doubt the reason you found it unfunny, was, well, you’re a dolt.

      • kevin carter

        It was a white show because white people buy the products sold by the advertiser thats why ABC is still on the air….. UPN and WB had good luck with non white programing???? if only a big durag advertiser wood have helped to save their networks(did not happen ) even they are back to white shows as you say…you should also think about the white shows that allow the other shows to air even as they make less then just one of the white shows on TV in parting I bid you peace out kinfolk
        p.s. cops is still on the air so you still have something

    • Joe

      Yes! Home Improvement was so terrible.

      Guy screws something up with his family.

      Guy gets counseled by his neighbor over the fence.

      Guy fixes problem by saying something touching on his cable show.

      Guy has zany accident of some sort involving a power tool.

      The End.

      Just plain garbage.

      • Kristina Erin Kaye

        Hmmm … you know a lot about this GARBAGE program for a hater. I thought it was hilarious. I thought that Al was a bit weird, but nevertheless funny.

      • Randy

        So dont watch it Joe nobody focing you to but he made millions can you say that? I thought so so go stand in the unemployment line.

      • Ingelhart

        Sometimes there’s enjoyment to be found in variations on a consistent formula. What will Wilson say this week? What will Tim destroy? How bad will the youngest boy’s acting be? :)

      • Joe

        You’re right Randy. Since I didn’t like a show that you like, that means I don’t have a job and should go stand in the unemployment line. Perfectly logical.

        Kristina, there isn’t much to know about when it’s the exact same formula every episode.

    • James

      Waspy….well well well a little reverse going on here with that statement. Not very nice really….So how would you describe…a show with non white anglos say for instance Latino’s or how about African American?

    • jewell

      Home Improvement was the best family-friendly comedy show. Maybe that’s why it ran for nine seasons. It wasn’t just Tim; it was Patricia, Richard, Earl, and the boys that made it what it was. The chemistry was perfect. By the way, it was on Wednesday- not “TGIF”.

    • rmn

      Hating something “wasp’y” very much entails a hate for it being white. It appears many of you do not know “wasp” means
      WHITE anglo saxon protestant. people get the knowledge of what you speak or shut the hell up.

    • Roger

      I still look for his shows! I liked them a lot! I would look for more shows like that. Was disappointed when it was taken off the air!!!!!!!

  • great

    Good for Tim! See that Ricky Gervais!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin

      Yeah, as Ricky stares at his mountain of Golden Globes, Emmys, BAFTAs, and his WGA award, I’m SURE he’s thinking, “Gee, I wish I were Tim Allen right now.”

  • Amanda

    Will he still have time to do the Pure Michigan, Chevy and Campbell’s soup commercials? I can’t go 10 minutes without hearing his voice in an ad these days.

    • Laura

      Thanks Amanda. I knew that I knew the voice in those commercials but couldn’t figure out who it was. I was too lazy or maybe just not interested enough to look it up yet. You saved me the effort!

    • John

      Tim Allen doesn’t do the Pure Michigan commercials. That’s Jeff Daniels.

      • Lin Ryder

        Sorry, John. It is Tim Allen on the Pure Michigan ads, although Jeff Daniels would have been great too.

  • Kara

    For a second, I thought Lynette was saying the four actresses mentioned were going to be on the show with Tim and got excited. Then I realized my error. Bummer.

    Why does the premise of the new show sound so familiar to me? Wasn’t there a similar show about a man and all the women in his life not long ago?

    • John N.

      Kara, there was a CBS sitcom with Alfred Molina called Ladies Man that co-starred Sharon Lawrence as his wife and Betty White as his mother.

  • Ben Gay

    Wonder if he still requests oral sex from the makeup ladies, allegedly.

  • The Red Awesome

    Home Improvement is one of the most underrated shows ever. Sure, there were cheesy parts, but it some of the biggest laughs of any TV show I’ve seen. Is it as good as Arrested Development? No. That’s because Arrested Development is the greatest TV comedy of all time.

    • The Red Awesome

      I forgot to type “had” somewhere in that comment…Ah well.

      • Your Queen

        The Red Awesome is handicapped.

  • tomm

    The wife character will be an actress under 35, I bet. Or maybe a ‘Gossip Girl’ reject.

  • Flip

    I’d much rather see a sequel to Home Improvement. Enough time has passed that the majority of the cast would probably sign on.

    • Your Queen

      Grab your shine box, Flip.


  • Lois

    So basically it’s “Home Improvement” with Tim surrounded by women instead of boys? Must he always be the same guy?

  • Sara

    Seriously, Jack Burditt’s credits are The Mike O’Malley Show and Inside Schwartz? How does he get a shot at writing this?

    • Kristen

      He also worked on Frasier, Just Shoot Me, and 30 Rock. If that helps. The man is good.

  • Your Queen

    Tim Alen is slime. He makes Charlie Sheen seem like a Boy Scout.
    And he was never funny either.

    • Cynthia

      Love Tim Allen, Loved Home Improvment. Can’t wait to get Tim back into my living room!!! Yeah!

  • JT

    Lets hope its not like Hank…

  • Jen

    Is he going to have time for a TV show between voicing the Campbell’s Soup commercials & the “Pure Michigan” ads? Hope he can make a comeback to sitcom TV!

  • Hitler

    Tim Allen is worse than me

    • Stalin

      That’s not quite true. Tim is bad, but you were worse.

      • Pol Pot

        I staunchly disagree. He’s the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Pol Pot thinks you doth protest too much.

  • Michael

    The only bad thing about Home Improvement was the actress who play Jill she was Never funny

    • Munchy

      BS she was a milf and was funny sometimes

    • Ingelhart

      Jill was the straight character – the foil to Tim’s goofiness. The Marge to Homer, if you will.

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