Discovery renews 'Gold Rush,' 'Flying Wild' -- EXCLUSIVE

gold-rushImage Credit: Discovery ChannelDiscovery is renewing two freshman reality shows that have delivered big ratings: Gold Rush: Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska.

Both will return for second seasons, says Discovery President and GM Clark Bunting.

The Alaskan duo have averaged 3 million viewers for Gold Rush and 2 million for Flying Wild on Friday nights, the latter ranking as the highest-rated new series premiere in Discovery history. Gold Rush airs its season finale tonight. The network will also air a one-hour behind-the-scenes special, Full Disclosure. Flying Wild continues through next month.

“This group of everyday men have harnessed their hopes and dreams and combined it with ferocity of spirit in an attempt to rekindle the American Dream for their families,” Bunting says. “Gold Rush: Alaska reflects what many Americans are feeling right now, and it’s clearly struck a chord with our audience. [On Flying Wild] viewers have simply fallen in love with the quirky Tweto family and their intrepid team of pilots, and we’re excited to see how much more they push the limits next season.”

Along with veteran hit Deadliest Catch, the two programs have shown that Alaska-based reality fare can really deliver for the network. Gold Rush and Flying Wild have made the cable network competitive with the major broadcasters in some demos on the tough-to-program evening. Here’s a preview of the finale.

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  • James

    I guess renewal news ruins the drama from the final episode, knowing they’ll be headed back to the claim again. I wish discovery had waited to announce this news until the season finale. Now all the “Future is in jeopardy” stuff is kinda unrealistic.

    • mooses2

      I after to agree with you.They let cat out of the bag too soon.

  • Darren


    Exactly what I was thinking; great timing, Discovery!

  • ryan

    So when is someone going to sue Discovery for false advertisment? Seriously! Where is the freaking Gold!What a waste of season. WHat are they going to find? not more than 100,000 dollars worth in a week. Which needs to be distributed up, dorsey gets a cut, the owner gets a cut, everyone who has helped gets a cut, they still need to make it home, etc. Luckily we all know that the discovery channel is paying them money as well, so gold or not they have a meager pay check of what? 2000 a day each?

  • Chicki

    Wasnt the girl from Flying Wild on Wipeout? they paid a lot of attention to her on that show, now she is on a reality show

    i was on Wipeout too…All i got was a damaged ligiment in my knee. where is my show? LOL

    • ks

      Yes she was, sorry about your knee

  • Hondo

    I just want to hear more Jack Hoffman talking about digging in the Glory Hole.

    • Nicole

      That was my first thought at the news.

      More for the soup!

    • JC

      Yes, totally agree. He’s hysterical!

      • CrappyShowCritic

        What I want to know is why the old hillbilly has to count their “take” in private. Hmmm…

  • Cara

    I love Flying Wild! Glad to see it’ll be back for season 2.

  • danny greene

    i’m happy dorsey is gone. how longs it gonna be before his wife gives him the heave ho??? what a loser

    • Evans

      I agree man what a cry baby! He was such drama. Could not do anything right then blame everybody else because he didnt have somebody holding his hand! I wish that one guy would have kicked his butt along time ago, then wants to go tell the poilce.What a baby!!!!

      • ryan

        well to be honest the other guy told first. And if you were there you would be crying just like the rest did when they found no gold all freaking season! One guy house was in forclosure (until im sure Discovery gave them all 100,000 dollars including dorsey for there time on the show) jack and the other fat guy lost there airport, and everyone else had no job. So yeah if you were in that situation instead of eating potato chips infront of your laptop you would probably freak out when the gold did not come as well!

      • renee

        I agree.. And I think the best thing they could have done with Dorsey is sent him off fishing every day to make the 600.00 a day to keep them running.. someone should have thought of that!! Just keep him out of the way, he still would get his cut of the gold, and they would have had more money for expenses

  • ks

    Gold Rush needs to go away! Fling Wind I am happy for.

    • ks

      wild sorry

  • LO Haines

    Does this mean the offensive, inconsiderate jerks from Discovery are returning to Haines in 2011? Our town is bettwer off without them.

    • ks

      our state is better off without them!!

      • Glacier Bear 88

        @ ks wait a second… “our state is better off without THEM” (them as in LO Haines’s “inconsiderate jerks from Discovery) but you are happy for Flying Wild. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? I’m confused. Why do you like one film crew over the other?

      • ks

        at GB 88 One show highlights a local company here in Alaska. Gold Rush are a bunch of hillbillies who have no respect for our state and do not even live here

      • Glacier Bear 88

        @ ks ok, so you are lumping the people on the show with the people making the show show on Gold Rush, but making a distinction between the people on the show and the people making the show on Flying Wild.
        I still maintain that the people “from Discovery” as in all the people that worked making the shows were not offensive inconsiderate jerks. That’s the way your posts read.

    • Glacier Bear 88

      @ L O Haines, our town is NOT better off without them, nor @ ks is our state.
      The film crew was made up of a jolly bunch that were happy and excited to be in the Chilkat Valley. They were kind, considerate, and a positive influence on our young people. During the summer and fall seasons where some businesses were hurting financially, the fellows from Discovery really helped out by buying locally. They were a boon to our economy and role-models to the youngsters. We should be welcoming them back with open arms.

    • jeb

      @Haines, why do you say we are better off now that they are gone? Out town was hit by the reccession as well and the fact that everything eas bought locally is a real boost. Think of all the money in fuel and materials that was purchased from our town as well as food. Choose your words wisely my friend

      • CrappyShowCritic

        We will see if your opinion changes when in the next little while your area is inundated with unemployed prospectors adding to your welfare role because they couldnt find the “Glory Hole.”

    • DAWSON

      Don’t worry about them returning to Haines. They are smarter then that. They are going to Dawson City, Yukon, where they will be welcomed.

  • nunya

    flying wild is boring who cares? i hate that show.

    • jon

      Nunya, you must reall be high maintenance. The show is NOT boring, and is quite entertaining. I would hate to be the person trying to keep you happy.

  • Ken

    When I heard the news about a second season I was ecstatic.I was kinda bummed thinking that this was the last episode then it was over for good.It is what it is and it’s time to GET THAT GOLD!!!

    • Evans

      Man do you think that they are truely in the gold? I hope the best for them that is alot of money they are out of

      • ryan

        WHo cares! you know they are being paid by Discovery. You dont have a tv crew if your not being paid.70 million viewers equals big bucks!!!Even idiot dorsey is probably raking in the money for his stint on the show. No I would feel sorry for discovery when someone sues them for false advertisement and they all end up getting nothing while disc. pays for court cost.

    • robert

      They said they were so close to the glory hole in the first season and now I find out that there suppose to move to another claim in the second season. They said they know what there doing now. It cost time and money moving from point A to B something none of them have. You seen how long it took them to establish there living arrangements before they even started for looking for Gold. What, is Todd going to borrow another 40 k from another family member or will discovery pay for the move along with materials to build there home, food etc. They claim there going to bring there family back again as well. What, all for a few ounces of gold or to get paid from Discovery.

  • Evans

    Does anybody know how to request autographs from them? e-mail address or mailing address Thank You!

  • mooses2


  • stephen woodcock

    Next season invest in a metal detector you can get one for under 100 bucks. You guys spent 250,000 bought all kinds of guns and equipment and only found one little nugget. BUY A METAL DETECTOR FOR CHRIST SAKE. good luck

    • CrappyShowCritic

      I do believe that gold is non ferrous. (it wont be detected) Could be wrong though…

    • dinagirl

      and get some filters an boil the water this time fer chrissake!

  • Tim@kc

    It’s the thrill of finding the motherload and the fact that their all ordinary people that have everybody watching, not to mention the scenery. I personally cant wait for the next season, i hope Klondike pays off……good luck!

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