'Castle': Adrian Pasdar on what two-parter episode means for Castle and Beckett

castle-pasdarImage Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC[WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead.] Yes, tonight’s episode of Castle is everything it’s been touted to be: a high-stakes race to save New York City from extreme devastation. It’s a nail-biter unlike anything we’ve seen on the show up to this point, but it’s also, at its heart, an episode of Castle. And guest star Adrian Pasdar, who joins the series for two episodes as Homeland Security agent Mark Fallon, told EW that it was that fact — not getting a chance to play a sharp, tough-talking agent  — that was most satisfying of all.

“It was such great privilege to be part of the show in many ways, but [the storyline] did service the overall arc of what the show Castle is meant to be. And I think that’s a great thing,” he said.

In the episode, Castle and Beckett need all the help they can get as they race to recover a radioactive bomb. Agent Fallon tries to be that help, but soon finds himself at odds with the twosome.

“It’s one of those situations where I think [Fallon is] a very definitive element that unites Nathan and Stana in a way that possibly other [episodes] haven’t because they’ve been able to retire to their respective corners whenever they needed to emotionally,” he said.

So while this is certainly no “kiss” episode for the Castle/Beckett relationship, Pasdar sees it as a large step on a deeper level.

“[Fallon] forces them into the same corner, and they get to experience what that’s like to need each other and rely on each other.”

The Castle two-part event starts tonight at 10PM ET on ABC.

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  • Cass

    I have been looking forward to this episode for some time, and I’m so excited for it to begin tonight!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Can’t wait!!! Only 6 hours and 18 minutes until Castle!

  • Best show on tv

    Best show on tv is Outnumbered on the BBC, this show is pure meh, Nathan Fillion should go back to Firefly

    • John

      We’re glad yo like Outnumbered. Enjoy the BBC. Not many people in America have seen it. Castle, however is an American show watched by a good number of people. And it’s kinda hard for a guy to go back to a show THAT’S NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION!!!

      • april_49

        Dear John,

        Marry me.

      • Jenn

        Thank you John!!! This guy should go post elsewhere!!! Castle is such a fantastic show, has amazing chemistry and it perfect for Nathan Fillion!!! You are saying what many of us feel!

    • The Dolt

      You’re a liar. The best show on TV is anything that involves Sweet Kate Gosselin.

    • Vago

      Another insecure Brit…lost your colonies, lost your country to immigrants, lost good tv to America…a sad lot you are

      • Sophie

        I think your comment is a bit unnescessary. As a brit myself I love both Castle and Outnumbered.
        Its a shame it is not well known over here as it is my favourite show the balance is perfect.

  • sam

    I enjoy Castle very much, but I am tired of the entire focus being on the relationship. It would be better to have interesting episodes and keep the relationship to one side than to emphasize it so much. We all know that they are not going to really “get together” at this point in the series, so the “tease” is kind of annoying.

    • Lisa

      Sam, this show IS about the relationship, and has been since Castle sat in a room with Beckett and correctly guessed why she was a cop in episode 1 of season 1.

    • Kari

      They could have every minute of this show be about the relationship and I would want to watch it even more. For me, that’s what it’s all about.

    • Crystal

      I am fine with the “tease” as long as there is some sort of progression of the relationship with it. Bones started out doing that well but then really let the ball down. For some reason, I have hope and faith that this show is not going to drag things out like they are doing over on Bones.

      • sam

        That is exactly what I fear and it has made Bones tough to enjoy.

  • Dan

    Sam kinda has a point though. The last thing we need is for Castle to become annoying with the endless teasing like Bones!

    So far I think Castle has managed to balance the “maybe relationship” ok and it hasn’t taken to much focus.

    I hope this show has the balls to get them together rather than keep with the teasing. It gets old fast.

    • Crystal

      Amen to your last sentence.

      • Lisa

        Castle is already two seasons ahead of Bones, and they are only on episode 50.

  • Steeldust

    Well, for me it’s all about relationships! Not only between Castle and Beckett but also between the rest of the characters like Alexis, Esposito, Lanie, Ryan, Martha and the Chief! I do care about these characters and I would like to see many more character related episodes.


    • oysteinsevag

      Could not agree more, the relationships on this show are what keep me coming back. I wish we had more Beckett-Lanie scenes like we did in season one. Not that i don’t like that they are exploring the Beckett-Castle relationship but the other relationships on the show need some more airtime.

    • Ellen

      I completely agree with your post, Steeldust, and I think it was worth more than two cents. It’s definitely about ALL the relationships. I love Ryan and Esposito as much as I do Castle and Beckett. Great cast!

  • cc

    Looking forward to this epic 2-parter!

  • talkin’

    Sounds like another great 2-parter. Castle really does those well.

  • Sonny

    Never heard of ‘em.

  • Ada

    Ooooh, I love it! So excited for tonight

  • SC

    A radioactive bomb? Someone just took a page out of 24’s playbook.

    • Chuck Norris

      If Nathan Fillion goes all Jack Bauer and tortures some scumbag for information about the bomb, the universe will explode with awesome.

    • Tarc

      Actaully, it was a regular part of the terrorist’s hit parade long before 24 (poorly) did it.

  • T

    Super excited for the new Castle tonight. Looking forward to Adrian’s character and seeing how he interacts with Beckett and Castle. One of the reasons I fell in love with this show is because of how well the development of the Castle/Beckett relationship has been handled. I was once a diehard SVU-er (Olivia and Elliot were my cops, man!) but it was missing the romantic dynamic for me (I did love El and Liv’s partnership-possibly-something-deeper relationship, but with Elliot being married, it just wasn’t enough for this romantic at heart!). Anyway, Castle has everything I enjoy in a show: great cast, great chemistry, romance, comedy, drama, mystery, crime-solving, great writing… well-done to everyone over there on the Castle set. Love them!

  • NikL

    Castle is one of my favorite shows. I hope they keep on doing what they’re doing, because it is working really well!

  • judy

    I think castle isa great show. I can’t wait till the show is on again.It is a clean show to watch and very entertaining.Thanks ABC

  • The Man they call Jayne

    Serenity reference in the first 10 minutes, gotta love it.

    • Lisa London

      Yes that was great!

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