Fans launch 'Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly' movement

Firefly fans have launched a Web site and Facebook page trying to rally support to help Nathan Fillion buy the rights to the canceled Fox series.

Earlier this week, Fillion told EW he’d be willing to reprise his Firefly role as Captain Mal again. Then he added: “If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.”

Well, be careful what you wish for, because Firefly fans think that’s a great idea! And they’re not the only ones…

Jose Molina, a producer on Syfy’s Haven, former Castle producer and author of two Firefly episodes tweeted Friday regarding Fillion’s comment: “For what it’s worth, I’ve told him I’d drop what I was doing and follow.”

Then Jane Espenson, writer of a Firefly episode, a producer on Battlestar Galactica and co-creator of Warehouse 13, replied to Molina: “I’m there, if needed.”

Now, there’s a couple different sentiments going on here so let’s look at each separately.

Buying the rights: $300 million wouldn’t be necessary. Terminator rights sold for about $30 million (and, as much as we love Firefly, let’s face it, Serenity was hardly T2 at the box office). Still, we’re talking a shiny chunk of change. Then the show still needs to be produced (= more money).

The only problem (well, not the only problem, but a significant one) is Firefly studio 20th Century Fox probably isn’t willing to sell the rights. The Terminator owners were bankrupt, while 20th is doing just fine and holds its properties as long-term investments (remember George Lucas talking 20th Century Fox out of the Star Wars sequel rights back in the 1970s? Yeah, they don’t fall for that anymore). One insider said he couldn’t think of a case of 20th outright selling the rights to a property.

The fan site is not accepting actual donations, just pledges (wisely), waiting to see if it can drum up enough support. Still, Fillion’s Lotto quote is probably being taken too literally. It’s one thing for the actor to say, you know, answering a reporter’s hypothetical question between takes on Castle, “if I won the lottery,” it’s another to be faced with the prospect of fans passing around the hat.

In other words: Even if fans miraculously raised millions, the studio is not likely to part with the rights to Firefly — if anything, such an act would prove to them the rights are worth keeping. However: Like all studios, 20th is generally open to new opportunities to make more money from its existing properties if given an assured path to profitability. Which brings us to…

Rebooting Firefly: This sentiment, one suspects, is more likely what the Firefly writers and most fans are responding to. And there’s few things more durable and renewable in media than a beloved sci fi brand. If all everybody who bought the Firefly DVD set during its first year of release (500,000 strong, according to one report) declared they were willing to shell out $40 in hopes of resurrecting the franchise as, say, a two-hour TV movie+DVD or something, well, you’d certainly get the studio’s attention. But that’s if the show’s very busy creator Joss Whedon and Fillion, etc. would be willing and contractually available in the first place, and that’s if the studio were on board — and those are real Ifs.

BTW: Firefly ratings back in 2002? About a 2.0 in the adult demo. Which nowadays is considered survivable even on broadcast. Not that the space-western would likely get the same numbers if on the air today when there’s so much more competition from cable, but it’s interesting to think about.

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  • Sammie

    Cool beans where do I sign?

    • Elena

      “Serenity was hardly T2 at the box office”

      LMAO! Understatement of the year, anyone?

      Serenity was hardly Snakes on A Plane at the box office….

      • Will

        Horrible show that deservedly bombed begat horrible film that deservedly bombed.
        End of story.

      • markinnyc

        actually they sold the rights to Terminator after T3…which lost 50 million dollars in the US….so it is not that much of an understatement.
        and really LMAO? It was that funny? you have a horrible sense of humor

      • Niix Starkyller

        Shawshank Redemption barely made any money at the BO. Not saying Serenity was Shawshank but I am saying ticket sales are not the sole indicator of a film’s quality. If you didn’t like it then happy trails to you. Some of us enjoyed it just fine. Now go troll something else.

      • James D

        It’s a catch 22, if fan’s are passionate enough and raise enough money to actually buy the rights, then fox will see the amount of support and want to keep firefly and possibly do a reboot. But if we don’t do anything, firefly will just sit there on the shelf forever at fox. Please Fox let the Browncoats go!

      • Niix Starkyller

        We’d be talking a massive case of goodwill from FOX (TV) and Universal (film). And we know how much those two companies loooove each other.

      • Carly

        Serenity was better than T3. I hated that stupid liquid metal terminator.

      • Tarc

        Actually, Serenity did make 133% of it’s budget (though that didn’t quite cover the additional cost of promtion). It was extremely successful on DVD (which more than made up for the difference), and Serenity won a Hugo, a Nebula, and a Promethius award, among others. In short, it was neither a financial failture, a critical failure, or a fan failure: quite to the contrary.

      • Rachel

        wonder what joss has to say about all this. he’s been really quiet (probably camped out in some dark room writing the Avengers)

      • Tom

        Laugh at all the people on Whedonesque doubtless bitching about people daring not to rate a Whedon project or point out the reason it was cancelled was because it was a ratings flop. Not to mention ill thought out and poorly acted.

        I mean how dare people disagree with their worldview?

        Arrogant to say the least!

      • Scott D. went up against Revenge of the Sith that year.

      • Michael

        @ Will Firefly was an awesome show its biggest problem being that it was on FOX!! If you don’t like the show why read an article about you must have no life at all.A show returning from cancellation is not unheard of either. Fox brought back Family Guy and Futurama has been cancelled twice and brought back twice!! FOX was the reason Firefly never caught on FOX is the antichrist of television broadcasters. This is the station that brought us Glee and American Idol after all! So stop hating on a show that has been off the air for 9 years and is still wildly popular.

      • dalla

        T3 lost money because it was a lousy film. I could have written a better “ending” to the trilogy. Someone else needs to come along and rewrite T3. The TV show The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was far better than T3 ever could have been. And it was a shame to lose it. I wish they would bring both Firefly back and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I’ve been an avid fan of Terminator from the beginning. I’ve always wished truly talented writers and producers would get behind it and do a better job ending it. I’m repeating myself. Sorry.

      • Valkry

        Great show!! One of my all time favorites. If i remember correctly Fox didn’t even show the episodes in the correct order.

      • SWripoff

        Serenity was a rip off of Star Wars. An intergalatic empire goes on a crusade to find a brother and sister, one of whom holds special powers. Bro and sis team up with a rough edged bounty hunter and his crew, aboard a worn down, yet still fast and awesome ship. Together they battle the evil empire while on the run.

        No matter how much money fans can save up, there aren’t enough firefly fans in the world to get enough money. There is a reason it only lasted as long as it did.

        Star Wars is garbage too. Only loved by nerds and kids.

      • JD

        I own the film and feel it was one of the most underappreciated movies of all time as far as the Sci-Fi genre goes. In fact when I saw the movie trailer for the first time I had no idea (until after I had seen it) it originated from a TV series that had already been canceled. I’m a huge fan of all things Sci-Fi and have no idea how a show like this came and went without me ever knowing about it. That being said, I absolutely love the show and I believe the biggest contributing factor as to why it didn’t survive is due to extremely poor advertising, even the trailer for film only aired but a few times and shortly before its release. When I went to see the film I didn’t expect much, I knew nothing of the back-story of each character and yet I was still completely captivated by its quality and unique charm. It sickens me to think that due to the selfishness of the studios a re-airing of the series will most likely never come to pass. I hope they are at the very least considering making another film, and dare I hope for a theater release if they do.

      • Howard

        @Elena: True, but Snakes on a Plane was hardly Serenity in terms of quality.

      • Michael

        yea really if they brought back futurama and family guy which is crap compared to firefly im sure its possible for them to bring back firefly

      • Albert Mullen

        I’ll give you your assessment of Serenity; it didn’t come close to delivering the close to the series and it left many questions in my opinion. However, I think that the series was a welcome addition and a great change from a genre that was becoming generic. Firefly was great and needs to return with a second series to bridge the gap.

      • adam

        get those monkey fightin’ reavers off my monday to friday spaceship!

      • Bill

        Yes Serenity wasn’t Hot Tub Time Machine, and Firefly wasn’t 2 % 1/2 Men. For shame! Trying to put something worthwhile to film. Better to pander to the brain-dead masses.

    • Shiny

      C’mon, let’s do this with cool Vulcan logic. If you cannot get Fox to sell, then get Fox to make the show. One of the reasons they brought back Family Guy was the DVDs sold like hotcakes, the show won a Peabody and suddenly it was a cult hit. So best to show Fox that we want more FF; could be like Rescue Me and True Blood where they shoot a solid 13 a year. Fox needs to get into the HBO/BBC/AMC vibe and give the fans what they want.

      • Rachel

        Joss won’t touch Fox with a stick after Firefly and Dollhouse. that alliance has been terminated.

      • Scott D.

        Not true. All the people that buried FF at the studio are gone.

      • James D

        I think that is the best situation we can hope for Shiny: that FOX go the route of Family Guy and bring back Firefly. Both shows start with F. Coincidence?….probably.

      • catbeller

        Firefly begins a run on the Science Channel next month. If you want to see new episodes, get everyone you know to watch. Start the noise.

    • sam

      Fox won’t even release Two guys and a girl, which starred Ryan Reynolds and lasted four seasons on DVD/blu ray.

      • mmkr

        And Nathan Fillion….it’s kinda sad…

      • BLT

        It aired on ABC, not Fox

      • Finn

        Correct, it AIRED on ABC, but it was made by FOX Television Studios. Production companies don’t always produce solely for networks their parent happens to own. Buffy and Angel were also produced by Fox though they appeared on WB and UPN, not Fox.

    • Hopeful

      WASH LIVES! and so does Firefly! I am very hopeful for this. And for those that want to quote Nathan’s contract obligations: Have you read his contract? I’m sure he and his agents have. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing there. So don’t be his lawyer.

      Fox is so infamous for killing great shows, that when they moved “Fringe” to the old timeslot Firefly was in, they named that next episode “Firefly”.

      If I could, I’d not watch anything on FOX. But they do bring in some great shows, only to slaughter them like young lambs. I’m always sad to see great shows on Fox.

      Bring back Firefly…. anywhere but Fox! :)

      It’s also not about being a “Titanic” smash hit at the box office… but rather the dedicated Browncoat fan base who will back it without question.

    • Jennifer Bennett

      Mel is the bomb!

    • xaosG

      I have been a fan since the pilot. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,..but remember when leaving comments on a fan site it best to mind your manners.Most of us that did watch it will do so again. I hope that Nathan does get the rights if that’s what he really wants.I am looking forward to seeing the show again.

    • jcizzle

      Why bring it back if only to air the same episodes on a different network? Come Original! There is a story line that can b expanded on… for a long time and that’s what we, the viewer’s, want. Don’t give us more of the same goram stuff. Firefly was cut off to soon, we all obviously get that… Making the same mistake twice is lazy and uninspired…except in the ratings department.

  • petero

    AAAaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!! I knew there was SOMETHING up when I saw the photo’s on Nathans’ Twitter uploads. The pic of “Castle In Castle” with Jayne Cobb and Mal Reynolds; then the other photos of Joss, Nathan, Adam and Alan all together.. too much of a co-winkidink methinks!! It’ll happen; Firefly’s coming back!!!

    • Rica

      Wishful thinking. We’re all doing it.

      • Tania

        Not so wishful; look at what fan power did for Trek and Battlestar.

      • Reborn

        If wishes were horses, we would all be eating steak.

      • Ryder

        Don’t know ’bout yall, but I feel like steak tonight!

  • Cin Salvatore

    If anyone doubts that Fillion & Whedon would drop everything to be involved in resurrecting Firefly, they are sadly mistaken.

    • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

      The probably is, Nathan isn’t free to “drop everything” if he was told next week that they were going to resurrect Firefly if he was on board, he’d have to say no. He’s got Castle and he is contractually obligated to stay on it. Do you think actors can just leave a show when they feel like it? He could get sued for millions.

      • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

        opps *the PROBLEM is*

      • Niix Starkyller

        Man has a point. The desire is there, to be sure, but obligations (esp. them thar legal-like ones) are obligations.

      • Tracy

        They only film 6-8 months out of the year, and even then, they have nice long gaps. It isn’t unheard of for TV shows to acquiesce to busy scheds from their actors (think Matthew Fox, who was simultaneously in “LOST” and films like “Vantage Point” and “We Are Marshall”. And, given how much they do short, wink-like references to Firefly on Castle, I think they’d be willing to help out any way they could.

      • Cin Salvatore

        They would make it work. IF it came back I doubt it would be for more than a 13 episode season order. IF it came back none of this would start clicking into place as far as filming for at another 18 months. IF it came back Joss & Fillion are a package deal. No one here is stupid or naive about how TV and contracts work, but I’d pity the fools who would stand ‘contractually’ in the way.

      • Jesse

        Yeah, I would think Fillion could definitely get away to do a movie even with his contractual obligations on Castle. Television actors do it regularly but if a season was ordered then he most likely wouldn’t be able to because television shows shoot at the same time of the year on the basic networks and Castle would have to be his first priority. If it was picked up by premium or cable channel then he could probably work around it though and Whedon would most likely be done with The Avengers by the time everything was set and ready to go for them to begin working on it. I would cry tears of joy if this actually happened but I don’t want to become too happy because I couldn’t take another disappointment like when it was first canceled. It would be AWEsome though!!

      • allie

        When it takes you longer to type your “screen name” than your comment….. just saying’.

      • Denizen Kate

        I believe that neither Adam Baldwin nor Morena Baccarin are free contracturally, either. And isn’t Summer Glau doing The Cape this season? Did I miss anyone? Also, the movie Serenity killed off Wash, the ship’s pilot, so who would they get to fill that gap?

      • Denizen Kate

        Oh, and they also killed Book, but maybe Serenity doesn’t need a shepherd?

      • dalla

        Castle’s not going to last THAT much longer. It’s a cute show, but it’s moving towards the end, I betcha.

      • FireFan

        In Hollyweird, contracts are made to be broken. Money talks, BS walks. Castle has solid enough ratings, and Fillion has enough clout, that ‘arrangments’ could be, and if it comes to pass, WILL be made to allow him to pursue FF, if that’s what he wants.

      • AN


        Did you miss the bit at the end of the movie where River is piloting the ship?

        This also has the advantage (from a show plotting point of view) that River won’t always be available to lay waste to their enemies.

      • Ryan

        Serenity took place at LEAST 6 months after the series. They could very easily start new shows inbetween

    • anonymous

      It should also be noted that there were other cast members. Some may be available, some not. Adam Baldwin has Chuck, Monica Bacarrin is in V, Summer Glau – The Cape (Although none of series has been renewed yet and it is likely The Cape won’t be). Firefly needs them plus the rest of the cast as well.

      • Way to check your facts

        Definitely Morena Baccarin haha. Sorry, just a huge fan who shares a birthday with her (and Jewel Staite)

      • Tarc

        It’s entirely possible that all three will be free at the end of season.

      • marlowe32

        Let’s not forget Alan Tudyk. The dialogue between Wash and Mal were at the heart of the show..and Wash died in “Serenity”…and he also died on his brief stint on “V”. Loved him as Alpha in “Doll House” too. At least he got to live in that one.

      • J. White

        Any one of those shows could be cancelled by the end of the season. I had been watching V and got bored a while ago, so totally forgot that was where Morena Baccarin (Inara) now was

    • Joss Whedon

      ONLY way this works: Big budget rebnoot movie with all new cast. Tom Cruise as Mal!

      • Denizen Kate


      • Paul

        What a horrific thought.

      • Don

        Tom Cruise would be only a slightly better choice than Pauly Shore as Mal.

        I would love to see this show come back, but I just don’t think it can happen.

      • rainyalaska


      • Tarc

        Nah, I’d use Pauly Shore before Cruise (for Firefly or anything else).

      • elain

        no way. tom cruise kills everything he is in.

      • margaret

        Yuck! Nathan is Mal – no one else will do.

      • Kicker

        Cruise? Barfffff!

    • Rachel

      you know what would be nice? if they dropped everything and gave us more Dr. Horrible. that doesn’t have to take up too much of their time…

      • Stefanie

        Yeah! Dr. horrible was amazing!!

    • Rachel

      you know what would be nice?If they dropped everything and gave us more Dr. Horrible. that doesn’t have to take up too much of their time…

      • Stefanie

        Yeah!! That would be amazing!!

  • jk

    It’s like a geek’s wet dream if that happened.

    • Cindi

      Troy and Abed from Community are also on the case to bring back Firefly. :)

    • Cris

      “if that happened”? You kidding? It’s a wet dream just thinking that it might be possible!

  • Cory Myers

    HELL YES! Lets make it happen! I would do anything to help bring this series back!

    • Katarzyna

      Dream on…

      • FireFan

        That’s what they originally said about Star Trek too. But after ten years in HEAVY syndication, the ‘dream’ was made flesh…and the rest, as they say, is history.

  • wtf

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY FIREFLY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trenton

    They wouldn’t do it on fox. Whedon trusts Fox about as much as Spike trusts Angel. A show like Firefly should be on AMC, HBO, Starz, or Showtime. Fillion couldn’t get out of his Castle contract anyways…if they rebooted it could still work. I’d watch that show, but I don’t see the effort in doing it unless it was on cable. Those channels are happy to get 2 million – 5 million in viewers…

    • Trenton

      Saffron should be made a regular… just sayin

      • alice

        First- God no. Second, you’re gonna have to pull her away from Mad Men.

      • markinnyc

        @ ALice. Madmen only shoots a few months of the year, and they are not even planning on starting season four yet. I am sure she could work around it. Much like how Trudy on Madmen (alison brie) is also on Community.

      • Trenton

        She was obviously a favorite on the show otherwise they wouldn’t have given her a second episode. She is a movie star now anyways, but the character was interesting. The conniving courtesan would be an awesome addition. Honestly V, The Cape are both getting canceled. Alan Tudyk isn’t doing anything. Gina Torres isn’t either. Nathan Fillian and Christine Hendricks are the only actors locked in to shows. It all would be doable, just not on Fox

      • soz

        Trudy isn’t exactly as central a character as Joan, but still, good point, although I doubt she’d be a regular. It’d be nice if she popped by every once in awhile, but I doubt she’d stay forever.

      • Trin

        Yosaffbridge? OHGAWDNO. O_O;

      • alashwood

        I agree. An occassional appearance to be a thorn in Mal’s side would be a great plus. Maybe she’ll actually become trustworthy? Doubt it though.

    • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

      First of all, if it was on cable it would still fail. It would get like 800 thousand viewers, maybe (only 500,000 were passionate enough to buy the DVD when it first came out). HBO and AMC wouldn’t take it cause it doesn’t fit with their brand. It could MAYBE work on SyFy, which is the only place I could see it be re-booted to but lets face it, it will never work. Even if it was brought back, it would get canceled after a season.

      • Trenton

        Starz is doing a SYFY show this season with Torchwood. I think if Firefly could take advantage of the full visceral aspects of a cable channel it would do well. I bet you most True Blood fans are Firefly fans, and same for Spartacus. Maybe i’m wrong, but i think that world is unique. If it was bad writing or acting or visuals then yes it wouldn’t stand a chance, but that show died b/c of bad promotion and the wrong network….cream eventually rises always.

      • Tarc

        There isn’t anything about HBO that would make Firefly “not their brand”.

      • Sean

        I think if this show got rebooted, it would generate massive publicity. Think about it: Joss Whedon is more famous than he was when it came out in 2002 (he’s helming quite possibly the biggest comic book film of the last ten years in “The Avengers”), Nathan Fillion has gotten more exposure (“Waitress” and “Castle”), it’s already had a major motion picture released (sure it didn’t exactly overwhelm the box office, but combined with DVD and Blu-ray sales, they earned a healthy profit on the $39 million production). This would be like a trifecta of resurrection stories. Cancelled after a season, made into a movie, then brought back to television. Every one of the actors along with Joss Whedon would be making the circuit on talk shows, and whatever network picked it up would advertise the living hell out of it. NOW, whether that would equal success? Who knows, also consider this: however many viewers watch it when it first airs, there would be 10 times that many who would watch it on the On-Demand services offered via Comcast, XFinity, on the iPad, and on iTunes.

      • Jesse

        STARZ would be a very good possibility and I think a really nice fit for Firefly especially since they just picked up Torchwood. I think it would have to be on a cable or premium channel though and the shows on those channels usually don’t shoot for very long and sometimes film during months when the basic channels are not filming their shows so it could work. Oh, and Sean, you make some extremely good points. I think it could definitely become a success because most of Firefly’s problems seemed to stem from the fact that it was just a little bit too ahead of its time and now would be the perfect time for it.

      • Wartooth

        don’t forget about netflix. thats where i first saw the show in its entirety, and thereafter bought the dvd. im saying theres probably another several hundred thousand viewers who didn’t buy the dvd.

      • soz

        Space hookers=potential for nudity/general explicitness. Ergo, cable might be more willing than you think. Hell, there was nudity when they were on network tv!

      • Tom

        Don’t you know you’re not allowed to talk reason?

        It’s Joss!

        Drool, drool. Let him make his TV programs, it doesn’t matter if they fail or the makers take a hit on them, it’s Joss, we need him. Drool, drool.

        Until the Whedonites can fund the making of programs they have no right to whine and complain about networks worrying about their shareholders and the bottom line.

      • Niix Starkyller


      • FireFan

        How many DVD buyers has NO bearing on how many cable viewers any particular franchise has.

        Get a clue, and stop blabbing as if you know anything.

      • Brett

        I think our definitions of “massive publicity” probably differ greatly. Joss Whedon’s failures currently run even with his successes. For every “Buffy” and “Angel” there’s “Firefly” and “Dollhouse.” Only time will tell what he will do with, or to, “The Avengers.”

    • pastafarian

      More likely USA, IFC, or SYFY.

    • Neville

      Sorry, but those channels don’t make enough to finance a show like Firefly (requires TONS of SFX)-only FOX does (that’s why the Super Bowl is on FOX and not on Starz, USA, IFC, or SYFY.) Maybe IF they can get it shown on CBS, ABC, or NBC, it might work.

      • L

        No, the Super Bowl is on major networks because of the exposure — that’s like a national holiday to some people, and not everyone has cable.

        USA and SyFy (geez, I hate that name) are Universal properties; I’m sure they have the funds.

      • Josh

        Syfy could cover the GFX costs. After all they produced BSG just fine and that’s using the same company that did the effects for Firefly. But I don’t see them touching Firefly.

        How about the Science Channel :D Hehe

  • Terry

    With Castle on its last ratings legs, it figures Fillion would be so interested in a TV show that flopped miserably in the ratings and spawned a film that also flopped miserably at the box office. (Deservedly so, with its cutesy dialogue, uninspired direction, atrocious “acting” and SyFy-level special effects)
    But it doesn’t matter, its extremely small niche audience will eat it up, and then, when it flops again, they will blame its failure on the network, the marketing, the weather. Anything but the horribly pedestrian quality of the property itself and the mediocrity of its genre-weaned director.

    • Trenton

      Castle averages over 10 million people a week…it’s ratings are low in some key demos…but so are most shows not geared towards teens…Castle still sells a lot in ad dollars, just not to every company

      • Johnny R.

        Fillion is a non-entity. Even with a substantial role in a big hit (Desperate Housewives) and a starring role in a moderately successful show, notice how he has not become a star. There’s been absolutely no watercooler buzz for Castle, the show is one of those hit shows that don’t ellicit pop culture fascination or intense media coverage and he’s never been in the cover of any major entertainment mag or in any big time TV late Night spots. Obviously, the alleged charisma his fans claim he has isn’t potent enough to make him a TV star even.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Some people just don’t understand that entertainment needn’t appeal to the masses to be of value. “I don’t like [x] therefore it must be bad. Seeing as how I am the barometer of what is ‘good’ and what is not. My name is Terry and I’m kind of a big deal.” Hate on, sparky. Hate on.

    • Cin Salvatore

      “Anything but the horribly pedestrian quality of the property itself and the mediocrity of its genre-weaned director.”

      Terry, umm, OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

    • Sweet Pete

      Castle has already been picked up for yet another season. Fillion announced it on Letterman.

    • Bunny

      Oh, that’s rich. Castle may not be a ratings bonanza, but it’s one the six shows that ABC has already renewed the contract of for next season.

    • Tarc

      Wow, crazy and stupid in one package. Fun. And hey, Castle’s ‘last legs’ just walked it to another season.

    • Neville

      Terry, go and get some more nourishment from your mother’s boobs-it’s clear you didn’t get enough last time.

    • Tom

      Apart from Castle being on its last legs (don’t watch, tried and as usual Fillion fails to convince or appeal), I agree with every word, Terry.

      • L

        Then you are a fool as well.

        Saying ratings equal good TV is like saying junk food consitutes nutrition.

    • Scott D.

      True true.

    • dalla

      Boo Terry.

    • FireFan

      You’re probably one of those idiots (if you’re old enough, that is…which I highly doubt!) that thought making the very first Star Trek: The Motion Picture was a bad idea too, what with it’s ‘niche market’ and all…


    • JoelG.

      I can’t believe all the idiots, and I do mean IDIOTS, who have nothing better to do than talk down a show that is in a catagory they most likely don’t like anyway. Firefly is one of the best shows that has ever come to the syfy community. period . Any IDIOT who thinks otherwise hasn’t got a clue about what good syfy is about. Firefly is the first and only series I have seen that has a feeling to it of things that might actually be possible in the distant future, all I can say is I would give almost anything to live in that world if it was possible, and for a show to make me feel that way says it all.

  • Gabriel

    Excellent space western.

  • @moviemanstan

    Let’s not forget that the preacher and the pilot both got killed in the theatrical movie. I’m sure new characters could be added, but isn’t everyone jonesing for the original crew to be back together again? Would the new series cover the time between the old series and the movie? Kinda loses any dramatic tension if you know all the characters in peril are going to survive since they were in the movie. Just sayin.

    • Meg

      Why would anyone care? TV show tanked, film tanked, the DVD didn’t sell like the fans hoped it would. This property is dead, and these attempts at reviving it are pointless when it’s clear there’s no mainstream audience interest.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Tell it to Star Trek.

      • @Niix Starkyller

        The original Star Trek managed 79 original episodes. Firefly? 14. Plus, the first Star Trek movie DIDN’T bomb. Serenity did. Yeah, not an apt comparison.

      • Trenton

        The Original Star Trek was on at a time when there were like 4 channels, so in a way it did bomb. People had to watch it, and they disliked it so much so that they didn’t

      • Caitlin

        Just because *you* don’t care doesn’t mean other people don’t.

      • The Pink Pummeler

        Shutup, Meg.

      • soz

        Are you posting with different names…again? Didn’t you do this on the last post about Firefly? Does Joss Whedon, like, owe you money or something? Did he ditch you at the prom back in high school? Get over it dude.

      • Sweet Pete

        Original Star Trek got 3 seasons. The 60’s were a time when a season ran for over 20 episodes. Also, the country was totally jazzed about the space race then, and science fiction was not the hackneyed genre that is is now. Comparing ST:TOS and Firefly makes no sense.

      • Tarc

        @ @NixStriiker – Actually, the critical reception of STTMP was poor and the box office was considered very disappointing. The movie had to be seriously shortened to even be released to home video. OTOH, Serenity was well-received, won a Hugo,a Nebula, and a Prometheus, and broke even (or better) with great DVD sales. Note: STTMP was the first in a long line of extremely profitable movies for Paramount, and Serenity was in much better shape to launch a new series. Currently, they are going greenlight another Tron film shortly, and it is in the same position as STTMP was (though personally, it was too smart of a film for the clueless audience).

      • Tom

        Keep tellin’ Meg.


      • L

        Take your bitter pill this morning, Meg?

      • Niix Starkyller

        Wow. My comparison to ST had nothing to do with series length. It had to do with a niche market, a ‘dead’ series, and a slavishly loyal yet vocal fanbase. I’m not saying the resuscitation of Firefly is likely — it isn’t — I’m merely pointing out it is within the realm of possibility, even in today’s age. Ask Jericho. Ask Buffy TVS. Ask Family Guy. A rabid fanbase recognizes the possibility and, as rabid fans are wont to do, focus on that in a singular, compulsive fashion. Tellin’ ‘em the odds are bad does nothing but make you feel more realistic about yourself.

      • Denizen Kate

        Go to ComiCon this July (if you can get a ticket at this late date), visit the southwest corner of “the floor” and say that out loud. I dare you.

      • ShortPhuse

        Appropriate name; it’s meg folks, nobody ever listens to her anyways. Shame on Peter and Lois for nor not nipping you in the bud.

  • Sally

    I love Firefly as well, but can’t see it coming back as a full time tv series. Nathan is perfectly fine and happy with Castle. Josh is fine and happy with everything. Adam Baldwin is busy in Chuck, though Chuck is always on the borderline of being cancelled.

    I could easily see the show coming back as a mini series or 2 hour tv movie or something though. I would definitely be in for that.

  • snapthejap

    ungh… this story is just building MORE hope for something that just won’t happen. If I sound jaded (and I KNOW I do) it’s because, in cases like this, hope is the WORST thing. After the series was (prematurely) canceled, hope brought forth SERENITY. That was a box-office failure, despite on-line buzz from FIREFLY fans. If there was a chance FOX would reboot the series, aside from a multi-season deal (which won’t happen), there’s no assurances that they would support the show… quite the contrary, really (history has shown us how they abused this and SEVERAL other shows).
    So, yes, browncoats, and members of the Independents, while FOX is in control of this fan-favorite, they are also the biggest enemy… they ARE the Alliance standing in the way of rebel happiness… worse yet, they are The Blue Sun corp.

    • Callie

      People still have this weird idea that Fox “abused” Firefly and Fox is to blame for its failure?
      Does that mean Universal is to blame for Serenity’s absolutely pathetic box office? Come on, the series was crap, and so was the film, and people stayed away in droves. It’s not rocket science.

      • snapthejap

        It was only HALF of a series,really. And to call it “crap” is… well, CRAP. It had excellent characters and even won awards for special effects (Emmy) on a limited budget. not to mention, it’s one of the few space shows that don’t over-exaggerate the possibilities in space (sound/fire)… nothing “crap” about following the rules of science.

      • ShabbyDoo

        The TV show was not crap… it was not promoted well nor given time to find an audience. The movie was not promoted either. Pick any of the recent Will Ferrell bombs, and you’ll find that the promo budget for them was 10 times what it was for Serenity.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Actually, Callie, I’ve read many accounts of other showrunner-types backing the claims that FOX mishandled Firefly. And FOX is known for their proclivities given their business model — it’s common knowledge, hun.

        And given that Serenity had a very capped budget, was related to a show with admittedly so-so viewership, and was promoted in the same regard it’s hardly a valid critique of the film itself. If you can’t think of a few films which were not big earners yet stand on many Top 100 lists today then you need a little more perspective on the industry. For now, try not to fall down off yer horse. It would be a long drop from up there.

      • zevran

        Let’s not forget that Fox aired it out of order. If they would have aired the pilot first it would have made more sense to people. But nooo the tards ran the second or third episode. So yeah… Fox really is to blame. End of story.

      • M_M

        I agree with you Callie. Showrunners always blame the network. And Firefly is not the first or last show to have episodes shown out of order, boo hoo. How many times does the general public have to reject this before the fans let it go?

      • Marie Seevert

        Browncoats are delusional. CouldaWouldaShoulda, I say. Firefly and Serenity are simply too niche-y and insular to appeal to a big audience, and no matter how much arketing muscle behind it, the show would not be a hit. I mean, it had horrible special effects, mediocre “acting”, and cutesy dialogue and lots of “quirky” affectations. Not to mention the weirdly pedestrian directing style of Whedon.
        It is a well-deserved flop, just like the film.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, really… mostly because it’s TRUE. Unequvocally. And Whendon stupidly went back for more and they trashed his otherwise awesome Dollhouse, too.

      • Tom

        Nice to see some realism there, Callie.

        Careful though, the Whedonesque thought police will be after you. You’re not allowed to criticise their god.

        They clearly need some cheese with all their whining.

      • Scott D.

        The network tards didn’t get it from the inception. Out of order eps, Smash Mouth commercials, weeks without even airing eps..right. The network is innocent.

      • James

        So I suppose if you were watching lost and they had shown the episodes out of order and never shown the first episode with how they got to the island that you would have continued watching? Now change its time slot several times over the first couple weeks and then stop showing episodes for a couple weeks. How big an audience would it have achieved?

      • Niix Starkyller

        @”Marie Seevert” No matter how many times you change your alias, we know it’s you, ranting all over about Whedon. Your diction gives it away. Anyhow, Whedon IS niche-y. FOX DID give Firefly a rough go. These CAN both be true at the same time. It’s television. Rarely is any single thing responsible for a show’s success or failure. Rarer still are any of us ever remotely right about what happened on “the inside.” Joss makes me happy. He doesn’t do it for everyone. That’s life. Now, move along.

      • Denizen Kate

        Actually, Callie, I’m one of those who, because of Fox’s lack of promotion, didn’t know about Firefly until the last couple of episodes. When Serenity came out, I went to see it (and it arguably has one of the best movie endings ever!). When Firefly was released on DVD, I bought it. If they reboot, I’ll pay to see that.

      • FireFan

        Like Denizen Kate, it was Serenity that introduced me to Firefly. It was on the basis of Serenity being such a GREAT movie that I ended up buying Firefly on DVD.

        So I was NOT a fan, but now I am, and, like Fillion, NOT willing to let it go, contrary to what a very few tards posting here would like to think.

        And, where $$$ are involved, ANYTHING is possible, and Star Trek will always be the glittering example of THAT truth. Castle producers can make ‘allowances’, should Fillion need an extended hiatus. It’s been done before, and will likely happen again. Contracts can be re-negotiated/rewritten…happens all the time.

        And for the jerks who keep masturbating to the notion that Serenity was a flop, well, clean up when you’re finished with your little ‘fantasy’. Many movies don’t break even at the box office, but only reach profitability once released to DVD. As has been mentioned here by others, such was the case with Serenity…and all your Whedon-bashing wishful whining to the contrary won’t change that fact.

      • Trin

        You realize that Fox aired the episodes in the wrong order, right? Second ep first, pilot LAST. That really is abusing it. /:)

  • K. Harker

    Paint me thrilled, although I don’t see it ever happening.

  • Michelle

    There is no Firefly without Nathan and Joss. Just like there’s no Buffy without SMG and Joss. ;)

  • Grignac

    I love this show, We still watch the series every now and then, and I own all the comics related to it. But even if somehow the fanbase could convince Fox studio to sell the rights and/or reboot, the chance that Whedon, Fillion, Baldwin, Baccaren, Glau and the rest of the cast has the availability to shoot new content would be slim for years. (Well, ok, there’s a good chance Glau and Baccarin will be free in the fall) but Whedon and Fillion won’t be.

    • Kelly

      No, but chances are that 20th Century wouldn’t do a new series, for a variety of reasons. They would probably film a miniseries or another movie – things that could easily be done over summer hiatus for the various stars who are busy with other properties. And since Nathan’s been campaigning for movie roles for a while now, we know he’s willing to work during the Castle summer break. (Most actors are, since a movie takes much less time, overall, to film.)

      • FireFan

        Actually, I’d be perfectly satisfied with a movie that picked up where Serenity left off. It could be the beginning of another Star Trek-type franchise, if structured correctly, and that would be GREAT!

    • Niix Starkyller

      Yeah, I agree with Kelly. At best, we’d be looking at a feature sequel or a television mini-series — either of which I’d welcome. A full series is about as likely as George Lucas directing a good film.

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