Rebecca Herbst to stay in Port Charles, 'General Hospital' confirms

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fans rejoice! ABC now confirms that Rebecca Herbst will continue on General Hospital as Elizabeth Webber Spencer, just a month after announcing that she’d be written off this spring.  “The show is thrilled she will remain on the canvas to portray the beloved character in many more poignant and emotional stories.  Fans will be pleased to see Rebecca continue the role she created,” according to a network statement.

Indeed, fans went into overdrive with outrage when they found out that beloved Elizabeth would no longer be in Port Charles, writing letters and making calls. Her ouster even sparked rumors that GH was undergoing massive budget cuts — similar to cost reductions on The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives — but ABC denied such a movement was afoot.

Herbst has played Elizabeth on GH since 1997. She’s been nominated twice for a Daytime Emmy.


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  • JennaD

    Think it had less to do with any “fan campaign” and more to do with viewers in general. I would’ve been shocked if this firing stuck.

    • LOL

      This is still on the air? I thought soaps were dead.

      • Lisa

        You again? Stop trolling and grow up.

      • Mike D.

        quit being a douche

  • Ty

    I was looking forward to her exit…her character gets more annoying every year also I thought the show was due for a shocking major character exit.

    • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

      I agree. Definitely preferred a Liz-less GH. Oh well, its not like her character actually gets any screen time anyway.

      • Kris

        Elizabeth is seriously the worst character GH has ever had. She gets more annoying and holier-than-thou every year. I was looking forward to her going crazy and being killed off. Now I’ll actually have to watch the cast talk about what an amazing woman/mother/human being…she is *PUKE* for years to come.

      • Dana

        Now if they’d off Sam, the ratings might actually go up since the majority of viewers LOATHE her.

      • Jess

        Well, I can’t agree with you! I for one, love Liz and would have sorely missed her! Thankfully GH listened to the majority of fans on this one! And now they just need to give Liz a story worthy of her… even better if that story includes Jason!

      • js3557

        I think she will start getting more airtime now that they realize just how big her fan base really is. A Liz-less GH is a GH that many people would refuse to watch.

      • Mcfly

        Three baby daddies and counting.

    • Nina

      So was I. I felt bad for Becky getting fired, but Elizabeth is one of the most annoying characters on GH. If she’s staying then they better write some interesting plots for her, not just Liz getting pregnant every 5 minutes.

      • Laura

        Agreed – but I was concerned about GH letting go of ANOTHER legacy charactor – I hope this doesn’t mean that now they fire someone I like.

    • Kel

      Sorry you feel that way but I love Liz and I know many fans like me who had already deleted GH from our DVRs when we found out she was being fired. I don’t know many characters I would be willing to give up an entire show for but Liz was definitely one I’d gladly walk away from GH if she was gone. And I suspect my friends and myself were not alone in that feeling.

      • Hlraphael

        I agree! I haven’t watched the show since I heard she was being fired. I couldn’t watch her downward spiral. Now I may watch again, but I figure they’ll do something stupid like kill one of her kids or make her go crazy like Laura.

      • anngel

        And thats not all. The Franco thing is getting fast forward on my dvr and Carly, oh geez clean up my granddaughter already quit watching.

    • Dana

      That’s how the majority feels about Kemo. Since her and Borgy bring in the lowest ratings in GH history, they need to fire her fast. Glad Becky is back. She’s the fan fav, never should have happened, Jasam will continue to BOMB whether she’s there or not.

    • Sia

      Totally disagree! I LOVE LIZ! She was the only female on the show I could relate to anymore! With all the bad girls, strippers, conwomen, mob molls and psychos… she was a breath of fresh air and a provided much needed relief from all the sleazy female character inhabiting GH these days.

      • Liasonfan4ever

        Couldn’t agree more! GH needs to realize most women are not big fans of ho’s and strippers and actually like a character we can relate to! Liz is that character. Sam most Def. NOT. Get rid of the pairing that is tanking GH! Sam/Jason are so DONE!

      • mari

        I can understand the sentiment about bad girls but Liz really isn’t the antithesis of it — she did cheat on her hubby (even if he cheated first it doesn’t make it right) AND then slept with fiance’s brother. The only remaining “good” girl of the cast is Epiphany and Robin. I loathe her character but I didn’t want her to go. TPTB should redeem Liz. I don’t want her back with Lucky (but I do want Lucky away from faux Irish lass) or Nik. Perhaps she could hook-up with Jax (lol). Or they could bring in a new male character and fire faux Irish lass.

      • Sia

        Mari, I never said Liz was a good girl but she’s not a bad girl either. She is a woman I can relate to. Someone who tries to do good but sometimes falls short. We are all flawed and Liz is too but at least she doesn’t live her life looking to make trouble like so many of GH’s other female characters.

    • sandra

      I’d rather they got rid of Sam….she is SO annoying! I love Elizabeth, and I’m glad she is staying:)

      • jess mince

        ur kidding, kelly monaco has been underused, but i like having a strong, independant character, that doesn’t have to spit out kids to keep a man.jasom 4ever

      • Yep

        Agree Sam sucks

    • jess mince

      i agree, i never disliked liz, but she has become a very annoying character. I don’t see any real story left for her, what the whole lucky is my babby daddy is so predictable….c’mon GH gve us what we want, real drama, i love olivia and steve (give them a real story), abby and micheal are great, and i will always love jasonand sam……..not jason and liz.yuck!

    • Ugh

      I hate her character and have been waiting for her to be killed off for years. They could’ve just given her a new character if they wanted to keep her – they did that for Natalia Livingston and Sarah Joy Brown. Besides, “beloved character”? Like I said, I hate her. She’s desperate, she has multiple baby daddies, she’s annoying in every possible way… Meanwhile, they killed off Emily – a character who really was (and still is) beloved. Really, GH? You kill off Emily but you’re willing to keep Elizabeth around? You may be out-living AMC and OLTL right now, but keep this up and ABC will be cancelling you next.

  • Anne

    Like Becky and Elizabeth…so happy that she is still employed…too bad the show sucks

  • Kelly

    I am so very happy that Rebecca Herbst will be staying on at General Hospital. Definitely a smart move! Lokking forward to watching more of Elizabeth Webber and hopefully there will be some Jason/Elizabeth interaction!

    • diana

      Yep, I was one of the legions of fans who wrote in to protest Becky’s ouster..and I would LOVe a Jason&Elizabeth reunion! They had great chemistry!

      • pam1ji

        LIASON forever!!

      • Jess

        LIASON ROCKS!!! GH has ratings gold in Liason and they are foolish for not cashing in on their huge popularity! Let’s hope they change their minds on Liason just as they have done on Liz’s exit. It would be a very smart move if they did!

      • Jen

        Ew.. they are like brother and sister. Seeing them together creeps me out. I was so turned off when they made the kid a few years ago. Gross.

      • Denise

        Cant stand Liz, and definitely dont want her with Jason, she cant handle his life style. I was looking forward to her character being off the show!

  • jersey girl

    Very happy Rebecca is staying, now they need to jazz up her story line, bring in a new leading man and get Nicholas steamed up and fight to get her Elizabeth character back to him.

    • CaptainDeliciousCocoapapayaberrynanastrawmelongerinesFlavouredDeath

      Why would anyone fight to keep Elizabeth in their lives? Nicholas should take a cue from Lucky and Jason and just cut ties from her. They’re both better off with their current (better) loves, Nicholas should folow suit with Brooklynn.

      • RHLizFan

        If Nik’s going to pay a woman to be with him, the least he can do is find someone who’s not a rapist and a gold-digger.

  • B Fanning

    EXCELLENT!! I’m so happy. She is my #1 favorite soap actress & soap character. Rock on Elizabeth!! I’m not surprised she’s back though. She has a massive number of fans who stormed the studio with letters etc. Power to the people

    • Mari


  • aa


  • UGH

    Now if they’d only fire those idiots who play Sonny and Jason….

    • Brenda Barrett

      I WISH! They are the reason I quit GH.

    • sandra

      Ummm….HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo….Sonny & Jason are the whole show!

    • sara

      umm….they are the whole show
      without them there isnt a gh…..

  • RHLizFan

    I’m glad they finally listened. Now to give her a decent storyline and quit using her to prop all the nasty hos on this show!

  • js

    I’d like to see her character get back a good dose of the feistiness she had when she was younger. Stop with the soft whispery voice and woe-is-me self pity. Grow a spine!
    I think she should give Robin a run for her money with Patrick, always thought there was some chemistry there. She bores me with Nicholas and Lucky, but then, so do Ned’s daughter and Siobhan. zzzzzz….

    • js3557

      I don’t think Liz has “woe is me self pity”. I think she has shown over and over again how strong she is. She is a single mom who works full time and takes wonderful care of her kids. She is always there for friends and family. Not to mention that she survived being raped as a 15 yr old virgin. She is not into self pity at all and never has been. That being said, I would like to see more of her feisty side….and lots of Liason!

    • mari

      @js – I remembered when Robin was suffering post-partum so they made Robin hang-out with Patrick & Emma I noticed their chemistry. TPTB should end the stupid Lisa/Patrick/Robin plus Terrell storyline. It is BORING!!!! Jax will be free of Carly perhaps Jax & Liz can become friends — ala Jason & Carly. Then perhaps it could become more. GH needs a moral anchor/center to ground the show. They don’t have that at the moment. They could do that with a redeemed Liz :D

    • anngel


  • Mari

    So happy! I had cancelled GH from my DVR when I heard the news that Herbst was fired. Added it back to my DVR today. I love Elizabeth and I am so tired of legacy characters being shoved aside for nasty porn stars and strippers to be held up as heroines. Yay!

    • KCB

      porn stars and strippers? who are those?

      • Kel

        Do you watch the show? The character Abby is a stripper. And I am guessing porn stars comment is a reference to Kelly Monaco’s (Sam) Playboy past.

    • Sina

      I also canceled GH on my DVR when they said Becky was fired. I will still keep if off my DVR until they give her a great storyline or get my Liason back together.

  • lia, love Liz, glad for whatever reason ABCD reversed their decision!

  • Sloane

    I have never regularly watched any soap, but I would’ve been devastated that I didn’t have the option of tuning in to catch the trials of Eizabeth and Jason/Lucky/Etc. Love her.

    • Hlraphael

      I have watched religiously since 2004, and since I was so pissed about them getting rid of RH I quit. I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would. I think the writers are out of touch with what viewers want. Sad that I missed the wedding, but I was not a huge S&B fan.

  • SmellyCat

    I watch GH and the character only serves to populate the town using different men as the sperm donors. I guess she does have a purpose on the show. LOL

  • Rack

    I can’t stand what they’ve done to her character. she’s manipulative and has 3 kids with 3 different men.

    • pmekame

      I have watched GH since before Elizabeth came aboard. Elizabeth has never been manipulate. She is a sweetheart that has let others make decisions for her. I want Elizabeth to take conttol of her life and tell everybody to STEP THE H_LL OFF. She is just too nice.
      She has let Saint Lucky manipulate her too long. It’s time for a take no prisoners Elizabeth.

    • LeaB

      I suppose the fact that Carly has three different kids by three different men doesn’t matter? It’s only Elizabeth. Or how about the fact that Sonny has three different kids by three different women and two kids that didn’t live by two other women. That’s five kids by five women. But I suppose that doesn’t matter because he’s a man. I never understand the digs against her for her children when there are plenty of other characters on the show in the same situation or worse. It’s a soap…multiple children by multiple partners is the norm.

      • Dana

        It NEVER matters. It ONLY matters because one of those kids is Jason’s. Sammy can’t have kids, and even though Jason is a deadbeat, JaBore fans find Liz a threat. I would too if my couple brought in the lowest ratings in GH history.

      • Hlraphael

        I hate the double standard! Sonny is the biggest ho on the show!The only reason Liz has so many kids on the show is because she was pregnant in REAL LIFE!

    • stacy

      Um.. Carly also had three babies from three different men and the show seems to think she is the bomb and writes for her. I love Elizabeth. Her writing has totally sucked the last few years but I believe that was on purpose. The writers dont want to write for her. If they put 1/4 of the time they put into Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Dante the rest of the cast might possible get a story. Im glad Becky still has a job but the show is stil crap and always will be until they change their writing.

      • Melody

        I’m thrilled that Rebecca is staying. Elizabeth Webber is an amazing one-of-a-kind true ORIGINAL character (something this show has been painfully lacking over the recent years). Becky is a gem and her character is irreplacable and one of the most talked about. Look how much buzz and feedback a mention of her even gets etc: 131 comments on this article—> enough said. It was a poor decision on GH’s part to get rid of her. I’m glad fans spoke out. I hope Elizabeth gets a kick ass story she deserves. Becky is a phenomenal actress who deserves all the loyalty, praise and fan support that she gets. Go Becky! And oh yeah…GO LIASON!:P

      • anngel

        I wish Carly would get her Karma, I’m sick of seeing her meddle in everyones lives when hers is worse….

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