Billy Ray Cyrus regrets 'GQ' remarks, 'mending my family right now'

Billy-Ray-CyrusImage Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty ImagesAfter telling GQ magazine that Disney’s Hannah Montana was responsible for “destroying his family,” Billy Ray Cyrus has expressed regret about his comments, calling them “explosive and unintentionally so,” according to People. “It is very important to me to work on mending my family right now,” Cyrus said in a statement. “My family is the most important thing I have, and we are working together to make sure our future is stronger and healthier.”

Cyrus had been scheduled to appear on The View and Good Morning America this week, but he has canceled those plans.

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  • Benoreno

    Too bad Billy Ray didn’t seek permission from his mother, Miley, before he spoke to the press. It must be sad to have benefited from Miley being the star and and the family’s breadwinner. Now, she;s the one calling the shots and everyone does what she tells them to do. It’s rather sad, as she’s going down a slippery slope.

    • Anno

      When it comes to private family matters, NO ONE should be talking to the press. The healthiest thing for them to do is to to talk to each other and keep their issues away from the media.

      • ^..^

        He was supposed to be on Howard Stern yesterday and cancelled as well.
        How can we cancel him and his overrated/untalented daughter out of the spotlight again?

      • Benoreno

        I do agree that celebrities are entitled to have a private life. But, in this case, Billy Ray volunteered the info. Maybe for the first time in years, Billy Ray just needed to let his guard down and vent. Now, I’m not a Miley fan, but I do hope that she doesn’t end up going down the same path that Lindsay or Britney have. No amount of wealth can buy you happiness. And Billy Ray’s finally understanding that.

    • KC

      I guarantee you either the Disney sharks got ahold of him or Miley threatened to cut him out of parental support and bad hairdressing allowances.

      • Ms. Dipesto

        I was thinking the exact same thing. He didn’t come to this realization on his own. He was coaxed into it.

    • JAM

      I swear EW looks for the most unflattering pictures of people to use in their articles.

      • gataroo

        I say the more unflattering the better. We have their airbrushed faces when we open the magazine. Here I want to see cellulite and zits.

  • Dave

    Kind of hard to take him seriously while looking at that ridiculous picture of him. Honestly though, this guy really needs to learn to keep him mouth shut about his family to the media. He’ll only make things worse for his family. He’s following in the footsteps of Michael Lohan right now.

    • T-Bone

      Yes – mullets are bad! When will he pick up on this?

    • ^..^


    • ks

      Bad publicity is better than no piblicity…..
      He is irrevelant IMO anyway

    • Brandi

      While I agree that family matters should be kept private, I hardly think Billy Ray Cyrus is anything close to Michael Lohan.

      • AB

        give him time

      • sunny

        agree AB, give him time. why on earth was he booked on all these shows? he has nothing to promote, he was just going to talk about his family issues..that’s messed up!

  • Del Taco

    Hannah Montana paid the bills in the Cyrus household. Once Billy found out that income might be cut off due to his comments, suddenly he recants.

    • Chris

      There’s no excuse for Billy Ray trashing his daughter in public. That said, however, the record should be set straight about the myth that Miley Cyrus was ever a family “breadwinner.” All of Miley’s money that she made before 18 is safe in the bank or investments managed by professional managers. Billy Ray was worth more than $100 million before Hannah Montana and he has always paid for his family’s needs, their food, clothing and shelter–he bought a $6.7 million house for them in LA, on top of their 500 acre farm in Tennessee. And Billy Ray made “peanuts” from his job on the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana: $15,000 per episode, which was a lot less than what he made when he starred on his own show, Doc.

      • TT

        You people are a little harsh. Do any of you have kids? or teenagers for that matter. I think Billy Ray is doing a great job given the circumstances. None of you have a famous teenager so i am CERTAIN you have no idea what he is going through. He doesnt want Mileys Money, he wants her love.. and not in the sick way you other perves are referencing. Teenagers tend to stray away from their parents and they think they know everything. I am sure he regrets a lot, Im sure he regrets Hannah Montana (the show)… but, for the shows sake.. he cant quite admit that yet. He managed to keep her very sheltered growing up and probably thought that was enough. I would not compare this family at ALL to Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears. I would love to see all YOUR teenagers filmed on the weekend then see what you have to say!

  • BB

    The GQ article was fascinating and not that salacious. Too bad Billy Ray is going back on his word so quickly. He should take a lesson from Britney’s father.

    • Marissa

      I totally agree. I read the whole article and to me, he just seems like a lost, sad father with a daughter (seemingly) spinning out of control. Granted, he is very well-off due to the entertainment industry he blames for his family’s destruction and this may very well be a huge publicity thing. I just think the article was a cry for help, and NOT from Miley’s “handlers”.

  • j

    He should sing “Achy Breaky Heart” to them…

  • Ann MacKenzie

    I think that fame and lots of money is not necessarily a blessing. Billy Ray’s daughter’s success put him on the side stage and he is a performer and the strain obviously has affected his relationship with his wife and family. Miley is talented but may be going the way of Lindsay Lohan, desperate for love and making bad decisions in her social life. She needs both her parents to keep her on an even keel!

  • yodawg

    get a life!

    • ^..^

      I get his point through his vulgarity though. It won’t be long before Miley’s sex tape and upskirt shots hit the internet. People forget that she’s been taking racy picture of herself long before she was “of age”.

      • MileySmiley

        Can’t wait till those racy pics of her show up online. And any sex tape or upskirts shots.

  • Mr. Natural

    Of course he banged her. Remember the “incest” photos? What kind of father poses like that with his daughter?

  • UGH

    Disappear back into obscurity. You should’ve never had your lousy career resurrected. You rode on the coat tails of your daughter and her horrible show. I’m pretty damn sure you had it in your contract to have Disney promote your crappy music seeing that they played your music videos and had them placed in some sort of most requested music video catergory.

  • Sheli

    Honest to God, EW. Please put some sort of “report abuse” button in these comments section.

    • Jaded

      No jive! Some of them are just ridiculous.

    • Facializer

      I would like to put my reportabuse in your comments sextion. Bend over baby.

  • Moe

    The first step in mending his family would be in shaving off that ridiculous soul patch. You’re a grown man, for chrissakes!

    • KC

      Tell that to that idiot who hosts Extreme Home Makeover.

  • Tye-Grr

    He’s been regretting a lot lately. >_>

  • Dean

    Aw, he’s so sad! Look at that picture!

  • JT

    Yeah, Hannah Montana ruined his family. Who took Miley to auditions for Hannah Montana?

    • Chris

      Miley’s mother, Tish, to her to ALL of her auditions for Hannah Montana. There is some footage on YouTube of Billy’s audition for Hannah Montana in which Miley appears, only because she already had the part, and as the star of the show, was required to be part of the auditioning team that assessed each person auditioning for the dad role, including her father. Billy was in Tennessee during all of Miley’s auditions for Disney.

      • sunny

        *facepalm* are you serious, chris?

  • Don’tTellMyStinkyFart

    I am long and strong and want to get the friction on. I am celebrating BHM by eating some fried chicken with a watermelon casserole, downed with a glass of koolaid and some packs of Kools. How are you celebrating BHM? Getting knocked up, playing basketball, looting or robbing? Tell us your stories.

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