Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on Brenda and Sonny's 'General Hospital' wedding

Vanessa-Marcil-GiovinazzoImage Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images After decades of relationship drama, mob wars, and general angst, General Hospital‘s Brenda and Sonny finally said their “I do’s” this week. And it couldn’t have come any sooner for Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, the Daytime Emmy Award winning actress who created the role of Brenda in 1992 and returned to it last summer after an 8-year absence. She  recently sat down with us to talk about Brenda, Sonny, Carly, and Jason.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So it finally happened!
VANESSA MARCIL GIOVINAZZO: I know! Brenda’s like the female James Bond. Her weddings never happen. She’s just forever single. [Laughs] So it happens, they end up marrying, despite everything. It’s kind of cute. I do think they’re good for each other.
I think you love who you love and that’s who you should be with. I think that they are both so dysfunctional and damaged in a certain way that only each other could really accept the other person. But it’s what happens right after the wedding that  is kind of an explosive shock that nobody is expecting. And no,  it doesn’t have to do with the baby…

The wedding-day drama included an international crime lord (Daniel Benzali’s Balkan) trying to kidnap Brenda, some devilry from Carly (Laura Wright), and the revelation that Sonny’s son Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) helped you keep secret a baby you carried. You guys walked a fine line with the whole Dante/Brenda story line, teasing the possibility of a past affair.
There was a really good connection between them and we wanted to keep the audience guessing and wondering if they had an affair…i just really wanted to walk that line of did they or didn’t they. It’s always nice to be surprised as an audience. So there are a lot of surprises this week.

Why do you think people love Brenda and Sonny together?
I don’t watch my scenes on the show, so I don’t know what other people see but I know what I feel working with Maurice. It’s like listening to music. He makes me feel like a kid again, instantly. I think that’s an interesting dynamic. Someone who makes you feel like a kid. like your first love. No matter how old you get they still bring you back to that feeling, that first blush of love. That’s how I feel about Maurice in real life. He’s god-like to me, so that may be pumping through. I think it’s because of him but I think  that also it may be because I feel so much for him that it comes through.

What do you think of the continued friction between Carly and Brenda?
I think that Laura Wright is sucha a professional and really has the funnest character to play ever. And she is just up for it. She’s up for anything. Carly and Brenda don’t actually have that many interactions. I think I’ve worked with Laura a total of 10 times. But there’s a lot of stuff that she does that Brenda’s at the core of. I kind of love that Brenda’s a little oblivious to just how dangerous she could be because it’s been such a long time since they really interacted. With the things that happen this week,  it becomes clear to her that this woman is a serious threat to her life. That things are the same for this girl as they were when they were 20. Nothing’s changed. There’s some serious kind of Jersey Shore stuff between these two.

It does seem like they are fixed in a certain point in time for each other. While it may seem that Carly has evolved in some ways, particularly with regard to Michael, with Brenda she’s regresses.
I know many people like that. Just because you age in years, doesn’t mean you grow up in reality.

What are Brenda’s worst traits?
She’s incredibly immature and really impulsive and reactionary. I think she runs from things that scare her rather than kind of push through them.  It was cute when she was 20. I think it gets a little more tragic as she gets older but it’s certainly fun to play a dysfunctional person. I don’t think evolved people are fun to watch.

This is true. Normal people are boring.
[Laughs] Yes, I’m very boring in my real life.

Fans really love Brenda and Jason (Steve Burton) together.
I love working with Steve. I love us together too. I would have an affair with him…they’ve never done that! I would love to do that. I would stay a second longer to do a Jason-Brenda-Sonny triangle. I’ve had a crush on Steve Burton since we went to high school together [on the show]. We went to the prom together on the show. He’s hot! I’m a New York girl and he’s… like a blond-haired blue-eyed Guido, don’t you think? [laughs] He’s so cute and sweet.

So you could see doing an arc with him?
Working with any of the people I worked with as kids back in the day is really nostalgic and fun. But I have to say that other than Maurice, who was the reason I came back for the visit, working with Steve’s been the most fun I’ve had. I’d do any kind of story with him. Which says a lot because I usually won’t do everything. He’s just really smart and really quick and sharp. Smart and funny – some of my favorite qualities.

Smart, funny and hot…
Yeah,  which we know doesn’t happen very often.

Now that the wedding is done and the ensuing drama is about to play out, will you be staying on longer than the original planned year?
I always just came for a visit from the very start. It’s really up to Bob [Guza, GH head writer] and what’s good for the show. I just kind of humbly come in whenever they let me come in and out.

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  • Vanessa’s real Husband

    MMMMMMMMMM, Marcil

    • stu

      did Soap Diagest goout of business?
      Daytime soaps=Entertainment=NOT!

      • Matt

        No, Soap Opera Digest didn’t go out of business.

        As for your assertion that daytime dramas aren’t entertainment, I strongly suggest you remove the very large stick from your @ss and deal with the reality that soaps ARE entertainment for millions of people on a daily basis and EW is doing what many readers expect them to do — cover entertainment news.

        Got that stick removed yet? Keep trying.

    • kelley

      kelley from flomaton alabama are you going off the the show i hope not i the show because you sonny is together again so please don’t go off the show i really like you sonny together ya’ll make the show please me acoment please your biggest fan kelley ever sense you came on the show long time ago you are cool mt daughter wants to meet you she watches it with me she is 7 so please write back kelley from flomaton alabama

  • Kelli

    love her Brenda is my favorite charter on GH

  • Sina

    Don’t care about Sonny/Brenda. This return was horrible. The last time Brenda was in PC she was all about Jax and Jax left her at the aisle because he saw her kiss Sonny. That kiss Brenda had with Sonny affirmed that they didn’t love each other like that anymore. So if TIIC expect me to believe that for the past 8 years Brenda has been thinking about Sonny, they are wrong. Also it’s hard watching Brenda now. She is not the woman she was before. And now that GH is in HD, it’s hard looking at Vanessa’s once beautiful face. I have no idea why she decided to butcher her face. She’s still young and she would have grown into an even beautiful woman as she aged. It’s just a good think those Idiots in Charge kept Rebecca Herbst. She goes, I go. They better write her character right! I wish they didn’t age Carly. I loved it when Carly was around the same height and age as Robin/Brenda.

    • jules

      While I love Sonny and Brenda together, I agree that this return has sucked. Overly dramatic and whiny. And I was gone when I heard about the Rebecca Herbst firing. Just found out yesterday that she’s staying so I will (reluctantly) continue to watch. They’ve butchered her character though. I hope she is redeemed and soon. And with Carly…at least they admit that she regresses. Talk about no character development in the years she’s been on the show…is there any female Carly does get a long with?

      • bootsycolumbia

        She used to be close with Lulu until Lulu started standing up to her. Then Lulu became another of the long list of female characters that Carly has issues with.

      • dianna l

        Yeah! They was always feisty and always VOCAL about what she wanted and didn’t want! SnB forever!

  • Abe Froman

    Do people love Sonny and Brenda together? I think people want Sonny gone, period.

    • KSH

      I absolutely LOVE Sonny and Brenda together – Jax was always “who she should be with” and Sonny was forever “who she wanted to be with”!

      • dianna l

        LOVE SONNY and Brenda! Bad Boy Good Girl Dynamic. Been down that road!haha

  • Rachel

    I think it is uncool for her to bash Carly’s character.

    • bootsycolumbia

      No it’s not. She didn’t bash Laura Wright–that would be uncool. She critiqued Carly and her critique was accurate.

  • UGH

    Vanessa looks like the Joker.
    I vote for both Sonny and Jason gone. Enough with this Sopranos-lite bullsh!t.

  • ^..^

    Carly has to be the worst character in soap opera history.

    • jules

      She really is. While I do like Laura Wright’s portrayal, she seriously has not grown at all since she’s been on the canvas – I don’t buy that she feels threatened by every other female.

      • bootsycolumbia

        It’s weird, but I don’t like Laura Wright’s portrayal. I used to love her on Guiding Light and I was thrilled when she moved to GH, but her portrayal of Carly has been that of a petulant brat who goes running to Jason to whine whenever things don’t go her way. I think that’s my big problem with GH. I still watch it regularly, but I can’t help but notice the women are mostly either doormats or scheming whiners. The only exceptions are Maxi, who went from a really nasty little piece of work to loyal friend of Robin and Lulu, and Lulu, who’s finally got her spine back and isn’t taking any more crap from Dante.

  • Johari

    What was the song that Brenda and Sonny were dancing off

  • rozlynn


  • Ruth Keppard

    Don’t killed Brenda off.

  • Paul

    Thanks for all the soap coverage lately, EW. Especially the GH love!

  • Karen

    Ok, ok, I have watched this show since I was 3…FINALLY, Sonny (who I adore) and Brenda find what they have wanted forever! PLEASE, can someone tell me the name of the song or singer who performed the song during Sonny & Brenda’s first dance after the wedding? I’ve looked everywhere!

  • Chrissy

    The song is “Home Again” by Daena Jay. It’ on itunes.. I bought it as soon as I heard them play it in Rome.:) I really hope Vanessa stays.. it’s the only reason I started watching again. Also.. the Wedding was AMAZING!

  • Lincoln

    I cannot believe they repeated Lilly’s whole death scene. RIP Brenda

  • LoveSandB

    I absolutely love sonny and brenda together! They are the only reason I began watching the show again. Not interested in a jason/brenda/sonny love triangle. Jason is way too loyal to sonny to pull that.

    • LEIGH

      I adore Sonny and I love himm with Brenda and have since theyh first met! I hope that Vanessa stays foever or at least long enough for a real story!

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