Sorry Charlie: Sheen won't get paid for dumped 'Two and a Half Men' episodes

If you’re outraged by Charlie Sheen’s interviews today, here’s one fact that might make you feel better: The actor won’t get paid for the axed Two and a Half Men episodes.

Sources say Sheen will not receive his estimated $1.2 million per-episode salary for the remaining four half-hours that CBS had commissioned from Warner Bros. (There were originally eight episodes left in the season, but CBS reduced the order after the show went on a production hiatus so Sheen could seek treatment.) Sheen is currently ranked the highest-paid actor on TV.

As for the rest of the Men cast and crew, it’s currently unclear if they will be left high and dry, or will receive some measure of post-Sheen meltdown hazard pay.

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  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Much more fun ‘n’ games to come.

    • Seamus

      How is it that the highest-paid actor on TV is this piece of $#!t?

      Really speaks volumes about the state of the industry… a talentless, classless buffoon with a drug and sex addiction gets paid millions, while Emmy-award winning actors/actresses get their shows cancelled? American culture at its finest!

      • Thor

        Unfortunately, the majority of the people of the United States have lowbrow tastes. This rewards trashy shows like 2.5 Men, while intelligent shows with nuanced acting struggle to find viewers.

      • Jae

        He gets paid that because the rating say hes earned it. Don’t be THAT dude… shows good. At LEAST better than 90% of comedies around. We dont know a damn thing bout any of these guys so just because someone is a good actor does not mean they are any more or les a piece of dung than Sheen. Those shows et cancelled because no one watches them. Not Sheen’s fault.

      • mcfly

        I hope they finally cancel this moronic show. I never understood what people found funny about it, much less how it stays so high in the ratings.Charlie Sheen sucks with his lame-ass bowling shirts, shorts and socks (who costumes this show).
        Jon Cryer is prissy, whiney and his character needs to just come out of the closet already. This show is horrible.

      • Rock Golf

        Coming this fall to CBS: One and a Half Men.

      • AngusParvo

        Hey, the show’s funny. Don’t be trashing the show, hasn’t Chuck Lorre suffered enough?

      • Morgandy

        @ Rock Golf – wouldn’t that show be more appropriately named 2 men if it lost the half a man that is Charlie?

      • Jenny From The Block

        Well said!!

    • LOL

      Them hookers ain’t gonna pay themselves!

      • David

        Maybe he can just turn some tin into gold?

  • John

    more entertaining than any episode of 2 1/2 men

  • tcrab

    Yet another celeb imploding before our eyes

    • Gary

      Do you think Charlie really cares? He has made more money that he will ever be able to spend in his lifetime.

      • J

        Yes, but drugs and hookers are pricey. So is the publicist he pays but ignores.

      • brian

        You’ve obviously never had a dangerous coke habit and easy acces to porn stars to party with.

      • Kiki

        Money won’t buy him happiness. It certainly won’t make him a better father to his kids.

      • Gavin S.

        You have no clue. Antoine Walker (NBA player) made $110 million in his career. He’s broke now.

      • Heidi

        I think that money will go faster than he ever thought possible. But hey Charlie, there is always the porn industry.

      • Heidi

        I think they pay extra if you go gay for pay

      • Serious

        We don’t know how wealthy this guy is? He could be broke, he could have a crap load of dough. You don’t know the full story, so you can’t judge. End of Story.

      • tabitha

        I heard he pays both of the ex’s with kids $60k a month. If that is true, with no paycheck coming in and with his habits, he could be the next MC Hammer.

      • Eurydice

        Oh sure, he cares – money isn’t enough for an ego like that.

      • Lloyd

        Nicolas Cage did, too, yet somehow he managed to blow it all.

      • K

        Yes, but when you are buying your cocaine by the suitcase, and paying porn stars $30,000-$40,000 each to hang out at your house… and that’s just a Monday… um, millions can be blown very quickly!

      • Rod Gould

        Sorry to say, Charlie is NOT going to have a long “lifetime”!!

  • s

    Well that’s something at least. I would love to see them use the money to pay the crew. Can’t remember where I read the article, but I read today that CBS was already doing focus groups or something to see how people would react to the show going on without Sheen. The article stated that the response was favorable. Maybe they are going to retool and bring back the show without him. I haven’t watched the show, so I don’t really have an opinion as to whether it continues or not, but it’s popular and there are a lot of people who make a living from it. I think it would be fitting justice to see the show come back without Sheen’s character. For those of you who are fans, do you think the show could go on without Sheen?

    • John

      Like those in the know say “The show must go on” with you or without you!!

    • Snsetblaze

      I don’t watch the show but using his salary to pay the crew sounds like poetic justice. And his fellow cast should get paid.

      • Kris

        Wouldn’t that be the best though? I’m sure the cast isn’t hurting but it would be perfect if they paid the crew with Sheen’s money. Especially after he said he “violently hates” Chuck Lorre AKA the man who made him relevent again.

    • marjiscott

      I’m backing up S’s comment. Yes! Keep the show, pay the crew with the $$ that was Charlie’s pay.. AND you can put in almost any comedic actor in Hollywood and still have a very strong show. Go for it!

      • CDeer

        Why doen’t they just have Sheen’s character lying in a hospital bed in a coma? It works on the soap opera! Nobody would have to know who’s in the bed and any jackass could work in Sheen’s place. Who would care anyway as the rest of the crew is doing the work and should get paid more.

    • chillydogs

      As soon as someone insists they can not be replaced, they become replaceable.

      • WildBill.TX

        You’re right, there’s no one that can’t be replaced, including the president. Both Sheen and Obama need to go. Theshow sucks.

      • Morgandy

        In a bit of irony, a lot of people didn’t think Spin City would manage to keep going without Michael J. Fox – granted he left under very different circumstances. That aside, there was Valerie Harper who was written out of her own show and it continued without the character for which the show was originally named. It would be satisfying to see this show have some success without the egomaniac.

    • Jae

      HELL NO! The only way the show works is Sheen’s character. Why pile on Sheen at hs lowest? Remember pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr was all this and worse. Chuck Lorre took this public… Sheen just replied. Besides one reason Sheen was pissed is because cancelling the season made it so the show’s crew wouldnt get paid.

      • Eurydice

        Cuz every time they think Sheen’s hit his lowest, he gets out a shovel and goes even lower. Who cares what RDJ did – that doesn’t solve CBS’s problem.

      • Jae the Enabler

        Why pile on Sheen at his lowest? Charlie sounds like he’s flying high to me–certainly not “low” in his delusional mind. And Chuck Lorre didn’t take this public–we’ve been hearing about Charlie’s exploits for months and months now: drugs, alcohol, porn stars, wife-beating, hotel-trashing, etc. The self-destruction button is blinking bright red, baby.

      • OhPlease

        Absolutely correct! Chuck Lorre took his personal judgement of Sheen public. Yes, we’ve heard reports about Sheen’s behavior, but before this point, Sheen never publicly attacked Lorre. It’s only now, after Lorre made scathing remarks in his vanity cards, that Sheen fires back. And look who can’t take the criticism. One day of comments from Sheen, and they cancel the rest of the season. Chuck Lorre can’t claim Sheen’s condition as a reason to stop the show, because he’s been pissing clean every since the work stoppage. The only reason for work stoppage now is Lorre’s hurt feelings. Grow up, Lorre! You make way more from the show than Sheen does. If you are going to stop work because you’re all butt hurt, at least pay the crew.

      • roflcopter


        If you’d have bothered to read any of Chuck Lorre’s previous vanity cards, you would see that they are tounge-in-cheek bits of humour and hardly meant to be taken seriously. So while it might have been inappropriate for Sheen’s boss to make such a joke, he was hardly saying anything that we all weren’t already thinking anyways. It’s abundantly clear that it is Sheen who can’t take a joke, and has resorted to venomous attacks against his bosses, including a thinly veiled racial slur. Surely OhPlease, you aren’t so daft to condone such behavior as appropriate. Also, how do you know Charlie Sheen is clean? I think you are believing his word, while not even considering the possibility that he is lying. Did you listen to the interview he gave on Alex Jones’ show? To anyone objective, it is clear that Charlie Sheen is either still on drugs or suffering from a serious mental breakdown. In either case, it is more than enough justification to shut down the show based on the comments he has made in the media. Why would Chuck Lorre want to shut down production for a hit show that is making him bathtubs full of money at a time, just to satisfy some egotistical need that you seem to think exists? Also, the “think of the crew” argument is downright laughable. Do you know how much they make? Trust me, losing 8 episodes worth of pay isn’t going to make a difference. Also, considering they are unionized workers, they’ll have no trouble finding new work on a pilot to fill the time.

      • m

        You seem to be ignoring the fact that Robert Downey Jr is actually a talented actor. Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, is pretty one-note.

      • OhPlease

        Let me address each and every one of your poorly worded, misspelled, and ill conceived arguments, since you directed your comments at me, rather than at the article. First I did read the vanity cards; how else would I know what they said? They were not the usual tongue-in-cheek. They were direct insults to Charlie Sheen. Even after those, Sheen still didn’t fire back; he’s quoted as saying he considered it a compliment that he can do all that hard partying, and still live longer than Lorre. It was only when Lorre decided to cancel the rest of the season that Sheen commented publicly against him . You may have been thinking that you agree with Lorre, but I sure wasn’t; nor were all the viewers who continue to drive it to number one in the ratings. As far as a “racial slur” is concerned, no I do not believe that should be condoned (and don’t call me Shirley). But to screw over hundreds of people who work on the show because Lorre’s got hurt feelings is ridiculous and unconscionable. Next, how do you know that Charlie is not pissing clean? If he’s not, that would be ready ammunition for the other side, but we haven’t heard the other side refute that, have we? How many times have you heard Charlie Sheen speak off the cuff? I’m an entertainment aficionado, and this is the first time I’ve heard him interviewed personally. Maybe this is how he sounds all the time; I don’t know, and neither do you. Therefore there is no justification to shut down the show, other than hurt feelings. So why would Lorre stop a show that he makes so much money from? Well, he already has two other big shows on network television, so he’s not hurting for money. The answer is it’s a pissing match, and Lorre felt he had to assert his authority. The problem is that he didn’t think about all the other people who would be affected by his decision. I cannot fathom that there is some one out there who believes that the crew make a bunch of money, or that they can just hop onto another show. They have been waiting all month to return to work, and now Lorre has pulled the rug out from under them. Perhaps you can lose your job for 8 weeks and not be affected, but most people live paycheck to paycheck, and cannot afford to lose even one week of pay. Unions don’t hold the clout they once did in this great country (USA) so no, that “think of the crew” argument is very much a concern of mine, and any other decent human being.

      • Bea K.

        So now it’s the “blame Lorre game” now huh? When will Sheen take responsibility for what ‘he’s doing’ by getting his act together, by getting the help he desperately ‘needs’?
        I’m also thinking about those crew members who don’t make the kind of money that Charlie and the others make, how in the name of God Almighty is this being fair to them, when I’m sure some of them have ‘family’ too?
        According to the former Governor of California, “the state is broke”, and Sheen should be glad that he’s getting any monies (for right now at least).
        ‘Charlie’s the one’, posting for the press and anyone else willing to print those stupid pics of him, NO ONE’S holding a gun to his head and making him do anything, the ‘choice’ is still ‘his’.
        I say let the show go on, why should they ALL suffer for his antics, and find a way to work around him. Or don’t let him set foot on that set, until there’s “real proof” that he’s changed his ways.
        It’s time for Charlie to “put up and shut up” by doing what’s right for ‘everyone’ involved, ESPECIALLY HIS CHILDREN!

    • AngusParvo

      Bring back the show next year and recast the lead role as a woman!

      • Rock Golf

        Nah. One and a Half Men and a Woman doesn’t have the same appeal. It sounds like a porno.

    • Karen

      I think the show could go on without Charlie and the writers should make Rose a permanent cast member.

    • kathy

      I hope they re-tool…but he has one more year on his contract and unless there is a morals clause…CBS has to honor it. Maybe they can do what ABC did to Suzanne Somers….to fullfill her contract they had her appear in cameos during the last season.

  • Sgt. Rock

    The show wouldn’t last without Sheen. There’s a reason they pay him $1 million per episode. But that doesn’t make him God, either. Charlie is just in the centrist, egomaniacal world of Hollywood. They’re all like Sheen, just not so overt. Except for Lindsay Lohan, of course.

    • marjiscott

      I respectfully disagree.. Charlie Sheen as he is today, does not make the show, comedy wise, the writing , and timing of the supporting cast does in my humble but somewhat experienced opinion..He is making lots of tabloids news however!

      • Jae

        SUPPORTING CAST! You make his point. Without Charlie being the lucky rich womanizing bastard(the character is kinda based on Sheen) then everyone els eis just annoying. I dont wanna see the Alan guy whine and bitch and fat kid w/o Sheen anchoring the show. BTW… saying your opinion is somewhat experienced kinda cancels out that whole humble thing huh?

      • PHILIPS

        What actor could replace him? How would you do it? Just swap in say David Spade as Charlie Harper? Ignore his absence as if on vacation? They should do one more show where Charlie overdoses and dies horribly, tragically, and the stupid kid gets the house. That is about all I would watch without Sheen as Charlie.

  • tg

    The sad thing is he doesn’t think he has a problem. Not sure what can save him from himself.

    • Mandy

      That’s the bottom line: he is in such denial he has problems.

      And yes, the show can go on without him. The “drunken, whoring, middle aged pig” is getting old.

  • Ray

    I personally can not see the show going on without Sheen. It is a good show filled with a good cast but Sheen is and always has been the heart of the show…. not agreeing with his latest “antics” but I don’t see the show being nearly as good without Sheen.

  • Xander

    I met his father once, Martin Sheen. He was one of the warmest people I have met. I would imagine that this is hurting him greatly. Once, on the set of a show, the extras were telling me that the only actor who ever took the time to talk to them like they were actual people was Martin Sheen, so I don’t think his kindness to me when I met him was an act. I guess great men can have not so great kids. I do hope for Charlie, though.

    • Buffy Summers

      Stop picturing me naked!!!

      • Dash

        Love it.

      • Hilarious

        I know that comment had nothing to do with the topic but that was hilarious!!

      • Xander

        Can’t help it.

    • At idiot Sheen Defenders

      Unfortunately, kindness to strangers does not equal a good or effective father figure as shown by the product of his parenting.

      • At idiot Sheen Defenders

        Sorry, I was not calling Xander an idiot, my name came from a reply to a post by someone calling Charlie Sheen their God. I actually meant my reply w/ sadness and regret for Martin Sheen.

      • one

        Parenting only goes so far. Some people are just idiots.

      • Jae

        HOw do you know what goes on in his house? Because dumb ass Denise Richards says it. Wow… we all know no ex-wife EVR lies or exaggerates on her ex hubby. If you think he is an addict… then you admit he has a disease. So you already concede their are mitigating circumstances to why his parenting might not be up to par right now. We simply dont know.

      • @Jae

        I used to think Denise was a dumb bunny with issues, but you know what? She sat back and watched Charlie prove every word right. Hate to admit it, but Denise was spot on.

      • ree

        you cant pin that all on parenting. emilio estevez is also his son, and he isn’t running around with briefcases full of coke and an entourage of porn stars.

  • breal

    I hope there’s more… Anyone who believes TMZ like it’s their pastor and hasn’t heard the open letter to the president he made that went viral and doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all is the one with the true mental problem. People who’ve never experience much of the true pain and grit of life and debauchery and the world of hollywood which is basically the 7th layer of hell since he was young.

    • K


      • E

        couldn’t agree more, “K”. what? I hope that Charlie Sheen at some point soon, is able to find himself and get rid of the inner demons. He not only has 5 children, but an entire TV show’s cast & crew depends on him doing his job, so they can do theirs. I’ve never seen the show, but I do hope there is away from them to do the show without him, so they’re able to return to work & do their jobs!

    • Mooshki

      Charlie? Is that you?

  • Cartman

    Heck, this is gonna complicate his plans to buy the mansion next door for his porn star friends.

  • Roy

    Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy!

  • seattle maggie

    Martin Sheen will need to say a few more prayers for his amazing child. Who is the patron saint of enablers anyway?

    • B

      There’s no call to attack Martin Sheen. He’s a father who loves his son. That doesn’t make him an enabler. He’s not blind to the problems.

  • George Smith

    Personally, I feel very bad for the remaining cast members and crew…I certainly hope they will get some of compensation

  • Roy

    Now here’s hoping they FINALLY WISE UP and DUMP the Bastard!!

  • John S

    Charlie Sheen is a great person, and ever since he went public with his doubts of the official story of 9/11, all of a sudden the media started attacking him.

    So keep attacking, the truth will prevail, and we love Charlie!

    • brian

      You sir, are worse than Hitler.

      • K

        LOL. Godwin’s Law, baby. I feel like 9/11 has a good shot at getting its own similar law, too.

      • Pathetic Poster Above

        Charlie Sheen has donated millions to charities over the years. What have you done? The guy does have problems but he has a good heart.

      • At idiot Sheen Defenders

        You must be as coked out or as violent and sick in the mind as this maggot Sheen if your definition of a good person is someone who shot ex-GF, Kelly Preston, was convicted of beating up another girlfriend to a pulp, then had restraining orders put on him by some other exes, put a knife to latest idiot ex-wife, terrorized a porn star hotel room destruction, threatening to beat up his boss who made him millions. Wow, amazing how stupid some people are.

      • At idiot Sheen Defenders

        Correction: terrorized a porn star DURING A hotel room destrOYING RAMPAGE.

    • Billie

      Apparently Charlie has employed his army of hookers to write good things about him on blogs such as these.

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