'The Daily Show' issues statement about camel stunt gone wrong in Wisconsin

Camels and comedy didn’t mix for The Daily Show this week: A gag that was to be shot with a camel in Wisconsin was scrapped after the animal’s leg became entangled in a metal barricade, causing the animal to fall down. (A viral video captured some of the unfortunate incident, which includes Daily Show correspondent John Oliver asking blogger Jack Craver, who was filming the action, to turn off the camera.) The Daily Show issued a statement about the matter today: 

Earlier this week, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was in Madison, WI shooting a segment about the Wisconsin labor protests. For an element of the piece, we made arrangements through a local animal wrangler to film a camel. Prior to any filming, the camel, while in the care of its handlers, got its leg caught in a barricade and fell. The camel was not injured, but after the incident, The Daily Show immediately decided not to pursue the idea any further and did not film any material with the camel. The camel remains in good health but is declining media requests at this time.

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  • LOL

    The camel is symbolic of Scott Walker’s failed “leadership.”

  • Ann_IA

    “The camel remains in good health but is declining media requests at this time.”

    Oh, yea, the abuse of an animal is really funny. Phucke you, Daily Show. Phucke you Peta for not stepping up? Let me guess — it wasn’t Palin doing it, so it’s ok, right?

    • Amanda

      Jeez, take a chill pill. It happened while the animal was still with its handlers. The Daily Show didn’t do anything wrong. It even cancelled the shoot.

      • Pepe

        Yes, the Daily Show is at fault. The only reason why the camel was out in the frigid cold was to film a lame bit for the Daily Show.

      • Max

        Camels are native to cold regions, as well, there is nothing cruel about having a camel outside in the winter. It accidently got caught in something things like this happen all the time to pets. It’s not animal cruelty just an accident.

      • LisaMama

        Amanda and Max, thanks for being voices of reason! Camels are used to cold conditions. This camel was there with its handlers who apparently didn’t have a problem with the camel being outside in the cold. The camel got caught, it was an accident, and it wasn’t seriously injured. Everyone chill!

      • PolishRifle

        It’s amazing how Stewart apologists will say stupid things because they venerate the guy. The camel was in obvious distress. It shouldn’t have been there, and Stewart bares the responsibility for what goes on in and around his show.

    • Erin

      Really? It was in the care of it’s handlers… The Daily Show in in no way at fault here. Maybe having a camel wasn’t a brilliant idea (although unthinking could have been hilarious) don’t blame people for a complete accident.

      • Erin

        Typo unthinking should be “I think”. Dumb auto-correct :)

    • sunoverla

      i agree with you Ann_IA, if palin had done that, the lib hypocrites would have been hysterical in their absurd hatred!

      • Betsy

        You mean if Palin had shot it from a helicopter?
        Yeah, I guess I would have been upset by that. I’m not really seeing the connection, but I’m sure it all makes sense in the mind of a tea partier.

      • jules

        Well said, Betsy. :)

      • Jer

        The difference is: The staff of The Daily Show says and does stupid things that make us laugh. Sarah Palin says and does… Actually, I guess they’re the same thing. Good call, Sunoverla.

      • jodipo

        kid of like you are absurd in your hatred of people who have different political ideals than you do. Pot, meet kettle.

      • Kris

        Do yourself a favor and lookup the word hypocrisy before you attempt to use it again.

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    • scott

      I’m against animal abuse too, but animal rights activists need to lighten up. I once accidentally dropped a friend’s teacup yorkie thinking she would land on her feet like a normal dog, prompting a gasp from her owner. Should I be prosecuted? (She was fine by the way.) At least they did the right thing by discontinuing the skit. I think animal rights groups alienate potential supporters by being radical to the extent of absurdity. Perhaps Peta is being unusually conscious of its image by not stepping in.

      • What?

        Dogs don’t land on their feet when dropped, idiot. That’s cats, and if you dropped it thinking it would land on its feet, then it wasn’t really an accident, was it?

      • scott

        Um, yes it was an accident. Do you know the definition of accident, idiot? I dropped it a few feet, like off the couch. I guess you’re just as nutty as Ann Ai, then, and have an insanely broad definition of what constitutes animal abuse. If all members of animal rights groups have your mentality, the movement is hopeless.

      • Sandra

        Ummm, Scott if dropping a tiny dog from a few feet is okay to you. Can I drop you out a second story window? I mean you’d land on your feet right? You wouldn’t maybe land wrong and break a leg or twist your ankle, hurt your back or anything right? Stay d’hell away from dogs!

        And the camel thing may have been an accident but their cavalier attitude is not.

    • slam_Peterson

      Yeah, it is pretty funny. You want to see camel abuse? Check out Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food in Syria. Hysterical.

      • Mir

        Lol! I saw that episode too. You are absolutely right about it. That poor camel died a terrible death but hey, Andrew Zimmern loved it when it was on the plate.

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    • Zombie Jesus

      Yeah because I’m going to believe that someone who likes Sarah Palin is also a PETA member. Riiiiiiight.

    • CocoLopez

      Stupid camel should have looked where he was walking.

    • Karen

      No, it was not abuse. It WAS an accident. As soon as it was obvious that conditions were not suitable, they stopped the piece and took care of the camel. He did not die. In fact he’s being treated and is doing oay. I would be very surprised if some animal rights group is not making sure that the camel is okay.

    • Bea
  • Chris in Virginia

    Get a grip. It’s not animal abuse. They weren’t abusing an animal. The animal got stuck in some fencing and its handlers were helping it. Simple as that.

    • sunoverla

      but Chris, if the exact same thing had happened (nothing different) during a taping of sarah’s show, all liberals would’ve been screaming hysterically!!

      • Jim

        I didn’t realize they put the camel through a wood chipper when they were done.

      • stella

        no, it would just be the 34928435th confirmation we’ve received that sarah palin is dumber than a bag of rocks, AND she would have never apologized but stepped around the issue, whereas this is a rare misstep for The Daily Show and they’ve issued an apology before most people have even heard about it

      • Jen E.

        Unless there was intent to harm, there is not abuse. (Negligence might be another story.) Palin clubbed a fish to death on her “show”. Not the same thing. I’m sorry if you can’t see the difference, but I can’t dumb it down any more than that.

      • jules

        sunoverla, just keep repeating that little phrase over and over again. It seems to make you feel better. And to quote Betsy (an earlier commentator), at least the DS staffers weren’t shooting it from a helicopter.

      • Ellen

        Actually, FOX news jumped all over the story!

      • CocoLopez

        Well, technically if it had happened on Sarah Palin’s show, she would have been shooting it from a helicopter for sport — shooting it with a gun, until it was dead.

  • @Ann_IA

    hello, they were trying to make light of an unfortunate situation. and it’s not like the camel died. any kind of abuse to an animal is not funny and it’s obvious that you want it to be.

  • Pepe

    Leave it to Jon Stewart to engage in animal cruelty just so he can get a laugh. The camel should never have been in frigid, snowy Wisconsin in the first place.

    • Sarah

      The skit was discontinued after the camel got stuck. If it had been continued than it could perhaps be considered cruel. And are there zoos in Wisconsin? If so than there are probably camels or other animals that shouldn’t be in cold weather. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show could not have predicted this and are not at fault.

      • Jam

        It was nasty and cruel – the way that camel was writhing in pain was difficult to watch – even the normally lib anchor said ‘whoever was involved this stunt should be ashamed of themselves for such cruelty – anyone else you would have crucified – you are just a hypocrite and have lost all credibility

    • Zombie Jesus

      Yup, all camels are native to the desert. Just like all Muslims are terrorists. And Ronald Reagan lowered taxes. And there’s WMDs in Iraq.

      • D

        Don’t forget that Obama is a centrist! And Union’s are good for education. And Democrat’s never use target symbols in their political rhetoric or talk about the need for blood in the street.

      • Arlen

        I don’t mean to disturb your prejudices, @D, but I *do* feel compelled to add a fact: When you list states by average SAT scores, do you know how many states that bar teacher’s unions you’ll find in the top half? Precisely zero. Teacher’s unions may not guarantee a good education, but it’s pretty clear from the statistics that banning them *is* a guarantee of a poor one.

      • Jessica

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    • Valli

      Pepe, you are not intelligent. That is all.

    • ka

      uh and you do know that camels do live in cold and snowy places from time to time? And who is this person obsessively going on about how liberals would have been all over Palin for the same thing? I can say with almost 100% certainty that if Ms Palin had been planning to film, say, a commercial featuring the camel, and this mishap had occurred, and she had discontinued filming and done something else, NOBODY WOULD HAVE CARED AT ALL WHATSOEVER. There’s not even a joke in it for the comedy shows, except the tasteful one that they made in their own news release. Except perhaps PETA because even on their crazier crusades they’re not partisan, at least. There is no way the liberals as a group would have been all “zomg animal cruelty” and you must live in some alternate reality if you think this is the case.

  • steve dave

    Calm down, Anne. The camel wasn’t shot – there was no agenda at play other than COMEDY. Granted, it’s weird seeing a camel in the snow and uncomfortable to see it in pain, but did you see abuse? I saw an unfortunate accident.

    Why blame? If you’re immune to the concept of laughter- carry on cursing TV programming. If, though, you’ve ever appreciated seeing an animal on film- then ‘phucke’ your hypocrisy.

    Get off your high horse, you’re probably abusing it.

  • Rebecca

    This incident and anything related to Sarah Palin is not the same. This is not a liberal show, it’s just a lot easier to mock the conservatives. Like when they carelessly shoot innocent animals as a stunt for tv.

    • Al

      I think the camel was actually there to mock the comparison some on the left have been making between the protests in the Middle East and those in Wisconsin.

  • Micks

    I want to see the camel’s documentation. Was it even in the country legally? Whey won’t Comedy Central or the camel’s handlers produce a long form copy of this camel’s legal documents? Wake up people!

  • Taly

    PETA, phuq you for being quiet and sell-out to The Daily Show.

    • johnnycagewins

      Yes, I’m sure PETA is going to get your message because they are constantly trolling EW’s articles and comment boards for supporter/opposition viewpoints. *rolls eyes*

      Nice SLactivism there. Contact PETA directly with your complaint if you really abhor their selling-out.

  • johnnycagewins

    My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps… my lovely camel lumps… Check it out!

  • steve dave

    Pepe- I blame one man and not the dozens of people who work for him. One face makes it easier to know where to point your finger.

  • Zeke

    Just not a funny show whatsoever and Jon Stewart just does whatever he can to get a laugh or two on that program of his. Used to have such respect for him but as of late, he’s lost it. What a dope!

    • ratbas

      Zeke, just out of curiousity what was your respect based on? Because from what actual viewers have seen (as opposed to people with opposing viewpoints trying to portray themselves as the typical viewer ) he’s gotten a lot better over the years at the things people watch him for.

  • william

    LMAO that was hillarious. I cant wait till thats put on a loop and the camels cry turned into a techno beat :D

  • ratbas

    Wow. People get so defensive about Palin they bring her up no matter what the subject. Not everything is about your precious little Saint Sarah.

  • jodipo

    you know what really kills me? Right wing nut jobs screaming about Jon Stewart “TORTURING” a camel (meaning it got stuck and nobody intentionally injured the animal) but when sarah palin is executing an animal on tv thats ok cause she was hunting. Cause, you know, she really NEEDED that meat to survive. Her media whoring doesn’t pay the food bills and all *insert eyeroll here*. You people really are so stupid it hurts me. It hurts my heart to know you will go through life being totally and completely ignorant of reality or reason.

    • jodipo

      oh, and I almost forgot, he tortured the camel (again, it got stuck and its handlers were trying to get it free) and that is EVIl, but torturing people is aok? Sick sick people

      • D

        Obama seems to think torture is ok. Despite all his promises Gitmo is still open and wars are still raging in the Middle East all becasue of his lust for oil.

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