Fox renews 'Hell's Kitchen' for two more seasons -- EXCLUSIVE

hells-kitchenImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/FoxFox will serve up two more seasons of the highest-rated culinary competition on TV: Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay will continue shouting at those darned cooks for two more cycles, with production on seasons 9 and 10 starting back-to-back production in April, with an eye toward bringing back the show in late summer.

Though Hell’s doesn’t get the same press love as Fox’s American Idol, ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, or CBS’ Survivor, it similarly launched during the summer, made a successful transition into the more competitive broadcast season and (initially, at least) grew its ratings year after year — last cycle averaged 6.3 million viewers and a 2.9 in the adult demo.

Moreover, Fox uses the show to fill some of the toughest holes on its schedule. It’s success also spawned two successful– well, they’re not spin-offs, but would Fox have Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef if not for Hell’s?

Okay, enough praise. I guess I just really like watching Gordon Ramsay swear at people.

“The thing about Hell’s Kitchen is you can put it anywhere — spring, summer, fall, opposite Modern Family and Survivor,” says Arthur Smith, who executive produces the show along with Kent Weed. “It’s very satisfying to see what people think of a food show is that broad-based.”

Smith says the restaurant is being redesigned and will feature a guest table balcony over the pass. “We always feel like we have to continue to outdo ourselves,” Smith says, “We really feel this is our space and we owe it to viewers to continue to reach.”


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  • craig

    Yeah, I remember your unabashed love for him when you wre at THR.

    Rather disamyed to see people in your position say I love watching him swear at people. I am personally tired of the trend of people getting, fame ,celebrity and acclaim by being assholes and just being nasty and mean.

    Can you elaborate, if you choose, what you enjoy about it?

  • Ms. Dipesto

    WOOHOO! Love me some Chef Ramsey!

    • Rock Golf

      Maybe someday they’ll actually give the winning contestant the job that they claim is the prize!

      • DJ

        Season 2, 3 & 4 winners fulfilled their 1 year contract. Season 1, 5 & 6 quit. Ramsay has no control over someone choosing not to do the job. Season 8’s Nona is working at LA Market. The only one who hasn’t gotten their job is Holli, and they said that’s due to Visa problems.

      • Sara

        I think Rock’s point is that the winner doesn’t generally become “Executive Chef”, the title that’s repeatedly promised to them. They usually go on to work at the restaurant promised, yes, but not as “Executive Chef” in title or duties.

      • Maybelle

        Season 6 quit? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I agree last season was the FIRST season I didn’t care who won. I want more competitive chefs like in season 5 and 6.

      • Rock

        They prize may seem misrepresented, but FOX ALWAYS gives the winner what they say. The relationship with the actual restaurant may turn out differently, but they don’t lie.

      • Noel Juan Chan Manahan

        Dave quit his job?

      • Kathy

        Ok, first of all, if you could cook at all – AND you won this – why wouldn’t you accept the fact that you aren’t going to be the executive chef. Some of the contestants claimed to be executive chefs, but let’s be frank, they sucked. Only the passionate ones actually won.

    • LOL

      Who watches this crap?

      • jeremy

        people that like to cook and like to see people bossed around

      • Sharon

        You can always change the channel, right?

      • Carol

        It’s sorta like a train wreck, you’re glad you’re not in it, but, can’t NOT watch it.

      • Squirella

        @LOL – who stops and posts comments about a show they don’t give a crap about? Besides you, of course…

      • riverwall

        Folks who are smart enough to be interested in watching how the contestants whack up the challenges in kitchen under that blazing fiery chef Gordon Ramsay. Which like, a train wreck yeah. the skills, creativity, composure & EQ are all being tested. What more can we ask for?

    • tina

      I love Chef Ramsey too.

  • craig

    Oh and Arthur Smith it’s not a “food” show like Tope CFhef. The hook of this show is Gordan Ramsay being a petutalnt child, screaming, eviscerating people, as evidenced by what James said he enjoys about it.

    Like Dr Phil, Judge Judy, Simon Cowell, people apprantly like seeing people verbally abused.

    • Bobby’s Robot


    • Andy

      Verbal abuse? Give me a break. There’s nothing wrong with a person having high expectations. If people are too lazy to do a good job, they should be yelled at, or they should leave.

      • Lovinit

        If they can’t handle that they have NO business trying to run a kitchen!

      • Marcie

        Chef Ramsey does come on a bit strong but it’s not verbal abuse. The contestants know what the Chef is like before being on the show and that he only says things to get a point across. I myself rarely swear but it doesn’t bother me when Chef Ramsey does…he’s trying to get them so they do the dish right. I love the show and if people don’t like the way he is, then they don’t need to watch it… simple as that. Keep going Chef Ramsy, can’t wait for the new season to begin! Hope they didn’t change the setting too much… if it ‘ain’t’ broke don’t change it.

      • riverwall

        Marcie, i agree with u. Personally i feel that Gordon Ramsay is a very talented & passionate chef who has a big heart. He has a soft side if u guys notice.

    • MGH

      Your union is getting dissolved – get off your duff – who’s going to fight for your rights and coddle your children now?

      A child doesn’t know cooking perfection like he does – ever been to his restaurant? I have – over-priced yes, but food is amazing!

    • Hot48cricket

      Gordon tells it like it is….he doesn’t see any reason to sugar coat it like others do.

    • Amy

      Obviously you have never worked in a 4 or 5 star kitchen. If you had you would understand what you see on Hell’s Kitchen is what it is like in a kitchen. Not everything is sugar coated or “beat around the bush” as the “corporate-cubicle” world!

  • Ben

    Love the show when they don’t go with a season load of people they recruited down at the bus stations, halfway houses and mental institutions. I actually want to see people who can cook and are deserving of being a so-called head chef–though I know they are just given a title and don’t actually run the restaurant’s kitchen by themselves.

    • nunya

      I totally agree with Ben…I know the fun of the show is seeing Chef Ramsay yell at people when they screw up, but I totally lost interest in the show last season when it became obvious that there just wasn’t anyone on there worth rooting for. Even amazing chefs make mistakes (as we see on Top Chef each week), so more experienced and professional talent could still work with the premise of the show.

      • whatevs

        That’s because they don’t get chefs on this show. They get line cooks who have no business being anywhere near a kitchen.

    • jp

      Amen. The contestants get trashier and trashier with each passing season.

      • Theo

        You must enjoy watching it to take the time to comment ;o)

  • Jen

    Is JP coming back?

  • Jay

    Whatever you do… dont overcook the risotto! He HATES that :-p

  • Bobby’s Robot

    FOX keeps this crap, yet the brilliant Fringe and the enjoyable Human Target are in danger.

    • Moe

      I hear you. But ths show must be so cheap to produce compared to Fringe and HT.

    • Jay

      Fringe is my favorite show on TV. I wait for it all week and watch it live when it airs.

      I DVR Hell’s Kitchen and it takes me about 20-30 minutes to watch it because I skip all the stuff they show twice (into and out of commercial breaks), along with all the commercials

    • Nancy

      This show is not crap. Absolutely love it! I am a cook and have learned so much from watching it. As far as verbal abuse goes….”if ya can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!” Anyone that works in a fine restaurant should expect abuse cause if people are gonna pay those prices expect great food.

  • Moe


  • Roger C.

    This show is terrible, and Ramsay is half-asleep during every show he does.

  • Pam MacVittie

    Fringe all the way, but I do watch Hells Kitchen.You would think the Chiefs would pratice cooking the food that is served in the resturant .

  • lunaburning

    I watched the first couple of seasons, but got tired of it, when I realized that every episode was exactly the same. Also, why do Americans love being yelled at by Brits? Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsey, that woman from The Weakest Link…

  • em

    yeah lunaburning – you mean Anne Robinson from TWL…hated her!

  • Jona-Beth

    I love Ramsey and I love the other show with the new chefs trying out for a restaurant gig….when is that show on??

  • Mal

    Yay! More donkeys!

  • A Uberti


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