'Two and a Half Men' production halted for rest of the season

Two-Half-men-SheenImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBSCBS and Warner Bros. have had enough.

The companies are pulling the plug on the highly rated Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen’s shocking Thursday interviews.

“Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season,” the companies said in a statement.

Earlier today in separate radio and TMZ interviews, Charlie Sheen verbally attacked Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre, calling him a “clown,” a “stupid, stupid little man” and said he “violently hates” the producer. Sheen also a remark, which some are labeling antisemitic, when he twice referred to Lorre with a name that sounds like “Haim Levine” (Lorre was born Charles Michael Levine).

CBS had no comment on what will fill the Men timeslot, but the network has plenty of options — executives often boast of having so many successful shows that finding spots for new ones can be difficult. When production on Men was first halted a month ago, CBS commissioned two more episodes of Rules of Engagement and mulled ordering more Mike & Molly. Repeats of Men also perform extremely well. Plus the network has already expanded its Monday comedy block to Thursdays by moving Big Bang Theory this season and added new comedy $#*! My Dad Says, a move that could be retracted if push came to shove.

The halting the show does, of course, throw the entire future of the hit series into question. Sheen was signed through the end of next season. A network will typically decide on a show’s fate in time for its upfront presentation in May, but one shouldn’t expect anything about Men to be typical at this point.

UPDATE: TMZ says Charlie Sheen sent them an open letter responding to the decision to shut down the show, during which the actor continues to insult Lorre: “I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists…” etc.

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  • Jacob


    • LOL


      • Toni

        Free US from Charlie.

      • Emma

        i think you mean:

        Free Everyone Who Is In Contact With This Asshole From The Pain He Has Caused

        do you realized how many people are out of jobs? what an asshole.

      • Miss Talk

        DELIVER US from Charlie.

        The producers had it coming though. I guess they needed this to put a full stop at the madness.

      • Heidi

        Yes – free him to live the selfish, pissant life that he lords over with porn stars, prostitutes, dealers and criminals. He’s living an alternate reality and soon he’ll die an actual death, but at least he’ll go out ‘free’.
        His kids do not deserve to have him as a father.

      • JBD

        Does no one else think his speeches are hilarious? Offensive, yes, but also full of golden nuggets. “I have defeated this earthworm with my words”

      • Heidi

        JBD maybe I could find him amusing if not for the hundreds of crew missing months of their paycheck and for the five children he callously disregards in his quest to be an idiot.

      • Micks

        You know, I know he sounds nuts here, but Chuck Lorre did make some pretty rude and childish remarks about him. It doesn’t excuse Sheen, but it does add some context to the situation.

      • Chuck S.

        Sounds like Heidi wasnt invited to one of the “parties” and is holding a grudge!!

      • Nemo

        @JBD, you are not the only one! “I’m dealing fools and trolls!” Haha.

      • @ John D

        Your prejudice and ignorance is showing. Go back to your Mel Gibson cult under the rock which you came from. Lest your ignoramus mind forget, Charlie Sheen’s birth name is Carlos Esteves. So what racist thing will you say against Hispanic people next?

      • Scoobiesnacks

        I like the other charlie so much better.. Remember him? The little blue fish with the cans of tuna. He was a great actor.

      • scruffyduffy

        JBD — I’m with you there. Funny stuff.

      • Ap


        “Bring it!”

        C’mon…that’s classic. I can’t wait to get to work to hear the call in full.

      • CTU Chief

        Sheen just needs to STFU. You’re paid to act Charlie. Nothing more.

      • Rock Golf

        @JohnD: Huh? You mean Carlos Estevez (a.k.a. Charlie Sheen) has the right to complain about people changing their name to a different ethnicity?

      • Rock Golf

        I’m looking forward next September to the new season of One and a Half Men.

    • Lori

      Please move Big Bang back to Monday night. Thank you.

    • one

      I’m with you…I can’t believe he has kids.

    • Carlos

      Charlie Sheen has made his bed. Now he must lay in it. Good riddance to this crack head.

      • Heidi

        Maybe with CBS pulling the plug he’ll realize its hard to afford the cases of coke and the slew of porn stars. He’s got royalties, I get that, but not to the tune of two million a week PLUS royalties.

      • tabitha

        He shot Kelly Preston in the arm sometime around 1990. I have never understood the appeal of Charlie Sheen and never will. I never watched any of his show and never will.

      • UGH

        Now he’ll have plenty of time to get those teeth fixed.

      • JR

        Bed? Don’t you mean coffin?

    • Tom

      Mr Sheen. Please get some help. We love you, but it’s for your own good.

      • stwebb

        We? You mean you!

      • Slaw

        I definitely don’t like him. Sheen is a worthless piece of dirt.

      • Dominic

        Don’t love him but agree with Tom, get help. He’s got children – get clean Charlie and be a dad. You brought those children into the world – now do the right thing by them.

      • Becky

        charlie dont sweat the small stuff.LIFE is to precious and short lived. concentrate on raising your children and spend the time with them.l.LOVE THEM WITH ALL YOUR HEART.BY THE WAY MY DAUGHTER IS 24 AND IM GOING TO BE A43 YEAR OLD GRANDMA.GOOD LUCK BE SAFE.God Bless . pray for me and ill pray for you to fix family isssues. your friend always. Becky Dolphin p.s. Be positive warm fuzzies. goodto yourto your kidsm for .by

    • Kris

      No, Heidi is right.

    • dee dee

      I feel sad for the crew and all the people behind the scenes that are left to suffer as a result of his behavior. Perhaps the producers could have sent his character off to rehab for the remainder of the season, let the show continue, and then force his character act humbled by the experience. Maybe he’d learn something by having to play a limited humbling role for a few episodes at the beginning of next season.

      Just seems like a knee jerk reaction to pull the show because he’s so full of himself. There is more depth to the show than his character and it might have been nice to let the other actors shine without him.

      • g-mass

        Belushi… Belushi.. there’s a name that almost ruined SNL. Sheen. listen up, you ain’t Belushi and won’t be remembered as a brilliant comedian, or actor the way you are heading. Platoon was the best you offered so far…get serious.

      • cal

        Recast! It would serve him right. I can see James Spader stepping into the role and doing a great job. Have him walk downstairs, make a joke about getting some work done, then carry on and never mention it again.

    • g-mass

      same story every time… you watched it enough to realize its the same story all the time.. no wonder its the highest watched sitcom.. but now everybody is complaining… BAD charlie! Stupid Public.

      • D’Brickashaw

        you are an idiot – some of the writing is excellent, the delivery and comic timing of Charlie and Alan are top notch – as well as their ability to pull off physical comedy – obviously the craft and subtleties involved are way over your head.

      • to G-String brain

        you are an idiot – some of the writing is excellent, the delivery and comic timing of Charlie and Alan are top notch – as well as their ability to pull off physical comedy – obviously the craft and subtleties involved are way over your head.

    • Mel Gibson

      I’m personally a fan and would like to say thanx a lot Chuck!!!

    • @Jj

      Not a Sheen fan, but to use the word “retarded” as an insult shows that your education is pretty lacking, too, dude.

    • cici217

      Wow. This show has always been one of our two favorites to watch, and we have found Sheen’s recent exploits somewhat amusing, but the guy has officially become a selfish egocentric nut job. His family must be so proud.
      I applaud them for shutting down production (too bad they couldn’t do 4 shows w/o Sheen to test its viability). This Awipe does not deserve any more chances in H’wood nor the $M+ weekly payout. Let him blow his fortune on drugs, skanks and what-nots and sink to the depths of the unknown. We’ll look for him in 5 years in a Where Are They Now? cover story. Loser

      • LD

        Charlie is the least funny one on the show anyways. Send him to rehab on the show and do it without him. More Berta, Jake and Allen, they are the funny ones. After all it is a comedy. Then drop Charlie and rename it or spin off.

  • Colleen

    It’s about time.

    • John

      Yay!! It’s about time this tasteless and trashy sitcom made way for better shows. God bless Charlie Sheen and his idiotic mouth!

      • reason

        I would not go as far as thanking God for this mans troubles, but I agree that this show is crap and should be pulled for good.

      • Terri

        Finally. This tasteless tacky show should have been off the air a long time ago. Every episode is about 2 single men whoring around – or at least trying to. What’s news there?

      • T-Bone

        The show ia funny for adults. Sorry if it offends you. Don’t watch if you don’t like the content. America right?

      • Seamus

        Not really, it is only funny for brainless juveniles who like broad physical humour.

      • Ames

        I want to know if fans of Two and a Half Men would actually notice if they only show repeats. It’s the same episode over and over, isn’t it?

      • kyxww

        Good riddance to Sheen, and good riddance to the crappy show.

    • Michael

      Finally, Charlie Sheen realizes that actions have consequences.

      • argle bargle

        no he doesn’t.

      • Sue1

        He thinks he won…he realizes nothing.

      • Heidi

        So true Sue.

      • JB

        As others have already said, he still doesn’t get it.

  • BLT


  • BLT

    I bet his fellow cast & crew are really gonna love him now.

    • tatwo

      you bet! Especially the cast! They’re under contract…they get paid whether the show goes on or not. unless CBS had a “Charlie bad behavior escape clause,” which is highly unlikely. Can anyone say PAID VACATION!?!

      • NoPepperPlaying

        That’s not true. Unfortunately, the crew does not get paid unless the episodes get made. In fact, this was raised when CS was “ill” in January and he offered to pay 1/3 of crew’s salary if WB and CBS paid 1/3 each. CS is a total mess. Talk about hitting a gift horse in the mouth. The loss of two episodes last year and eight this year cost him $20MM.

    • jules

      Meanwhile, his crew are now unemployed. Way to go, Chuck.

      • Rock Golf

        Seriously? You’re putting the blame on Chuck Lorre? Seriously?

      • Marj

        Rock Golf: I think jules means the “Chuck” as a slang name for Charles, or Charlie. No one in their right mind could possibly blame Chuck Lorre for this mess.

      • Rock Golf

        Well, Sheen does.

        Oh, I guess that proves your point.

  • sam

    Shouldn’t be that hard to find a replacement. His talent is limited.

    • M

      Yeah, a real stretch to play a version of yourself that also has your name. He really ruined Spin City for me and this show is just the worst.

      • D

        He is either the worst actor or the best method actor ever.

      • Neil and Bob

        Yet you sit there and watch every episode and comment on every article. Your one of the turds Charlie is talking about

      • Mark C

        “Your one of the turds Charlie is talking about”

        LMAO! Why don’t you go back to elementary school and learn the difference between “your” and “you’re.” And while you’re at it, try to get off of Charlie’s knob.

      • Mandip

        The show and his character are funny. The partying was ok after the divorce but come on! get to work!

      • kyxww

        The show is funny, maybe, if you’re a freshman in highschool. And his character is stupid and cocky, just like it seems he is.

    • D.

      So, true! more limited than his wardrobe.

  • Ben

    I think this proves Charlie was right about Lorre. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face….

    • kev

      I guess you’re his agent – or maybe his dealer?

      • hubert

        Lol good one, kev.

    • Cate

      I think you’ve got that backwards. Charlie just burnt his bridges out of pride and arrogance. CBS just needed the right excuse and he gave them plenty.

    • DB

      There comes a time when you say ‘enough is enough’. Charlie Sheen is a complete ass who can’t think beyond his next sentence. Can the series and try to find other vehicles for the remaining cast and crew. Sheen is good for tabloid fodder – not much else.

      • Halle

        Agree, DB.

    • LLL

      Lorre will be fine. He has The Big Bang Theory.

      • tatwo

        and Mike and Molly which is proving to be quite popular too

      • dee123

        He also created Dharma & Greg and was EP on Rosanne.

    • The Truth

      Sheen needs Lorre, Lorre does not need Sheen. Who is going to hire him with his reputation? Besides low budget stuff that is looking for publicity.

  • Don Alex


    • k

      When I saw him ET lastnight with his porn stars, ex-wife, etc., I was sick to my stomach. Those girls look like little girls and he looks like an old geezer. What a sick perv. So glad this show is finally getting the ax.

  • bird

    They HAD to draw the line. Good for them.

  • Dawn

    Amazing that the network finally put decency before money. Thank god.

  • jen

    all i care about is that the crap that is Two & Half Men is no longer going to pollute our airways, amazing that Sheen being a jerk is what it took to get this garbage off my tv

    • Whoop

      My sentiments exactly. I’ve always wondered why this show was so popular. I couldn’t even finish the first episode, that was how crude and unfunny its jokes were.

      • Red

        Totally agree. If only the show AND its omnipresent reruns were off the air, the collective IQ of the country would rise by 5 points.

    • Crosby

      Another way to go would just be to change the channel.

      • Whoop

        That’s hardly the point. The fact is that 2.5 Men was taking up a precious half-hour slot that could have been given to other more worthy shows.

      • Dustin Rowles

        @Whoop, its CBS there will be nothing good in its place

      • John

        So, you’re saying, turn a blind eye to the crap on television?

  • Cate

    Sorry, Charlie, but you might be able to snort coke all you want in your spare time and get away with it, but showing any sign of Antisemitism and saying you “violently hate” your show’s creator…definitely not.

    • Matt

      Apparently he’s been taking his cues from Mel Gibson’s playbook, eh? ;)

  • T

    Goes to show what drugs and alcohol do to the mind. Selfishness and greed are the only thing on Charlie’s mind. A lot of people are not working as of today!! At least his father and brother have more class in entertainment world

    • for the love of god, charlie, shut up

      Yes, i feel sad for his father, as he seems like such a decent man. Martin Sheen is always using his celebrity for good to help others, supporting union workers and going to bat for the ‘common’ man. He obviously is very dedicated to trying to help his son as well. I’m sure Charlie did not make him very proud today. Sad sad sad.

      • Jennifer

        Yeah – Martin and Emilio are in Europe promoting their own movie, “The Way” – some dedication.

  • Jaze

    So because of a few insults, the production has to stop? There’s people’s job at stake here. Come on Warner bros!

    • Toni

      I’d say people’s jobs were at stake the moment he chose to wash his porn stars down with cocaine.

    • Jeremy W.

      Would you want to write good scripts for someone that just ripped you in the national media? IF the show comes back in the fall, it should not have Sheen involved. He is obviously willing to bite the hand that feeds him. Big Bang Theory just got renewed through 2014, so Lorre won’t be short of work.

      • Kizznyle

        Thank goodness BBT got renewed through 2014. That show is one of the clever and funny shows out there. I was really scared it was going to go the way of Arrested Development. 2.5 men deserves to be pulled off the air, it was trash, and I found nothing funny about it.

    • Whoop

      Shows get cancelled all the time; I don’t see you crying for people’s jobs each time. Plus, after Charlie’s outburst, it would be very awkward and next to impossible for those he had insulted to continue working with him. The best option is to close shop and move on.

      • Kay

        The show hasn’t been canceled. Anyway, it’s rare that when a show does get canceled that it’s because the star was a self-destructive jerk. I think that’s a good enough reason to feel bad for the crew and their families.

    • kaydevo

      No, Jaze. It’s because, clearly, the show’s star is not only an addict circling the drain, his seriously loony rants indicate he’s out of his freaking mind, has no respect for anyone else, and his status with the public is in the toilet.

    • caryn

      If I ripped into my boss like that I wouldn’t expect to have a job either.

  • Ronnie

    Wow. Can’t believe CBS had the balls to do that. Thats a lot of money down the drain but after this Charlie definitely had it coming and I kinda like the guy.

  • Kelsey

    Finally! Enough is enough. I’m sorry that other people have to be put out of work because of Sheen’s stupidity, but CBS has had the patience of a saint throughout this whole mess and the line got crossed.
    And let’s be honest here — top-rated or not, it’s not exactly a masterpiece and is pretty much interchangeable with most half-baked network primetime comedies these days.

    • Toni

      Careful, Kelsey, don’t say “half-baked” around Charlie Sheen. He’ll go for “full”.

    • Fatima

      I agree.this was the only decision they could make. Those worried about the jobs people might be losing…nobody seems to care when shows get canceled. Also, this show has been on for ages. I’m sure the end was soon anyway.

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