'Blue Bloods' rises, 'Fringe' steady in Friday ratings

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Blue Bloods fans must be finding the show now that it’s back on Fridays (again). The CBS drama (11.6 million viewers, 1.7 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) was up 13 percent to tie lead-in CSI: NY (10.8 million, 1.7) as the night’s highest-rated show. Only downside for CBS was that Defenders (8.7 million, 1.2) slipped another tenth.

Fox’s Fringe (4 million, 1.5) won praise from fans for its portrayal of Olivia and Peter as kids (EW recap here). The drama was steady with last week — which on one hand is a relief and on the other a bit frustrating (those ratings are still bubble country). CBS and Fox tied, the latter also airing Kitchen Nightmares (3.7 million, 1.6).

ABC and NBC tied too, with ABC averaging 4.8 million viewers and a 1.3 rating and NBC averaging 5.9 million viewers and a 1.3 for their respective unscripted and news magazine blocks.

The CW’s Smallville (2.5 million, 1.0) and Supernatural (2.2 million, 1.0) were flat.

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  • Deanna

    Fringe Season 4!

    • Trenton

      I think ultimately, Fox will want to find a way to cut costs but renew the show. So they either find a cheaper way of producing it, or someone is getting killed off who makes a decent pay check :(

  • alice

    Fringe has to get renewed! Last nights episode was a perfect example of why this show deserves a 4th season!

  • JC

    As long as Fringe maintains this stability for the next 2-3 months, we can get a season 4…and time for writers to come up with a good series finale in case it gets the boot early.

  • Johnification

    The optimistic in me says, “better stable than declining”, and Fox does seem to be looking for excuses to renew the show, not cancel it. And actually, having your cult-followed genre show only run .2 demo points behind a CBS tank ain’t bad.

    • Luis

      I can’t believe I never thought about that way! Fringe averaging 1.5 is not that bad, when nothing is getting more than 1.7.

    • Dave

      Exactly. If the night’s highest rated show is only getting a 1.7, then Fox really shouldn’t feel bad about Fringe coming in with a 1.5.

  • Chadster

    Not going down – GREAT! Not moving up – YIKES! Fringe is “bubblicious,” but it seems it’s gonng come down to the wire in May for renewal or cancellation.

  • Chadster

    Ok… Bubblicious is a lot corny… But I’m tired of hearing that Fringe is “on the bubble.”

  • Anno

    I like this website but am getting a little tired of constantly seeing Fringe in the headllines. I guess the writers are simply trying to help the show stay on the air. I’m just starting to think the site should change its name from EW (Entertainment Weekly)to FD (Fringe Daily).

    • anonymous

      Fringe definitely isn’t covered by EW any more than other shows like Glee or The Bachelor or Top Chef. In fact, EW usually only has Fringe-related articles on Fridays and Saturdays because the show is on Friday night.

    • erin

      Really? EW doesn’t spend a fraction of the time on Fringe as it does on Glee.

      • Scott

        Or Charlie Sheen…

    • Aimee

      Considering they are talking about FRIDAY ratings… I say it’s fair to list Fringe. At least EW has some people that love good TV.

      • Olivya


    • Stef

      I think EW does a good job of sharing the love amongst all TV shows, movies, and other entertainment- and pop-culture-related items. But if you don’t want to read about Fringe, then here’s a tip…don’t click the link!

      • Nona

        Fringeys are so defensive! If you’re an avid TV viewer then you will prbably gravitate to this site. Some obviously are more fanatical about Fringe than others… But anybody who becomes unhinged over a differing of opinion might want to step away from the remote control for a minute…it’s just a fictional show. Like it …less now than last season… Hope it get’s better.

    • CW

      But if you’re tired of seeing Fringe, why click on a link that specifically mentions Fringe in the title? Moreover, why validate even more by inserting yourself into the Fringe discourse? Don’t get me wrong, I thank you as Fringe continues to be absolutely excellent.

    • DotDotDot

      Fringe Daily would be great! This awesome show deserves the coverage. Don’t worry, you’ll still have your Real Housewives, and other shows you are able to keep up with.

    • Melissa

      So you decided to come to the fan’s comment section and complain about the amount of coverage? That will help the situation…get a life.

  • James

    I truly enjoyed Season 1, Season 2 was iffy as it veered away from strange happenings to enter the alternate universe realm, and now I don’t know what the writers are doing. Please more strange events and observers, those are the winning combination, that and more Olivia being sexy! Cut the crap on the alternate Universe boring!

    • PJ

      You couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Danny

      Thank you for stressing the point that I’ve been making. The writers have ruined this show this season. This is what they did with “Lost” except now they did it in only 3 seasons. I loved the first 2 seasons of “Fringe”. It was my favorite show and the only TV show I looked forward to each week. But I bailed this season with this alt-universe mess. It was fun for a few episodes and then I didn’t care anymore and I longed for the old Fringe episodes. The ratings are down because the writers lost viewers like me. Just like they lost me when “Lost” became a dull and convoluted mess with no emotional center. The first 2 seasons of “Fringe” will become a cult classic in the future.

      • Dan

        It’s funny, because I didn’t think Fringe had any emotional center at all until near the end of last year, and it didn’t turn into a strong one until this season. But that’s just a matter of opinion.

        You’re just plain wrong about Lost. It was great through the end.

      • Thor

        Danny, your comment is evidence of the typical procedural/serial divide. Some people prefer casual “monster-of-the-week” type stories, while others prefer in-depth, complex plot arcs that span multiple episodes.

        Personally, I can’t stand procedurals and like the direction Fringe has taken. Too bad not many people have the attention span to appreciate serialized shows.

      • Truthhurts

        What thor said x10. My first thought when reading danny’s comments were “oh sounds like a csi fan that went astray”. There are plenty of those 1 case solved per wk shows out now, as a matter of fact there are too many – house, bones, csi, ncis, law and order etc etc. I was afraid fringe was turning into one of those as well but the overarching storyline has been whats kept it interesting. To say thats what ruining the show for you is pretty sad, i’d comment more but im sure with your lack of attention span you forgot about this article after clicking on the shiny pop up you received lol.

    • Niix Starkyller

      I disagree. S1 set the stage. S2 presented complications. S3 upped the ante. Can’t wait for S4 when they should knock it out of the park. And, for my money, they should plan the end it after S5 (with all apologies to JMS).

    • Carrie

      I completely disagree. I think they were finding their way in Season 1, which was very good. Season 2 was even better and Season 3 has been brilliant. “Fringe” has only gotten more compelling with each season. I can only imagine how good Season 4 would be.

    • CW

      The overarching story of the entire series has been the Alternate Universe. Not sure how you missed this and now think it’s a problem…

      Fringe continues to be absolutely excellent.

    • Trenton

      The whole point of the strange happenings is because of the alt-universe exists. Whats the point of solving random cases…why not solve why they are happening and discover that they aren’t random. I will never get why people dislike Serialized stories. Its like a great book that you watch.

    • DotDotDot

      You realize that the “strange events” and “observers” are only there because of the dual universes, and the fact that the Walter(nate)/Peter/Olivia events took place, don’t you?

    • Rush

      If you didn’t realize that the original episodes were building up to the alternative universe story line than you weren’t paying attention.

  • melanie

    A hold at 1.5 is fine for sweeps. And, more importantly, a wonderful episode that shows the world why Fringe should continue its run.

  • cheese

    Well…I don’t even watch the Defenders…but if Blue Bloods is recovering after being put back in its original spot…why doesn’t CBS do the same for that show and put it back in its original spot?

  • Lauren

    I’m pretty sure CBS is aware Blue Bloods is not made for the 18-49. “recovering” is a little harsh. Only on CBS is 11 million viewers considered not enough.

  • Necro

    Fringe, Smallville and Supernatural are all worthy of cancellation, especially this CW shows. What pure shiyt!

    • Nice Try

      Call me when Fringe is working on its 10th season and you won’t be as much of an a.s.s. clown… maybe…

      • Carrie

        Just ignore this person, who has probably never seen an episode of any of those shows. Some people like to leave stupid comments just to get a rise out of others.

  • QJ201

    Arrgh. Lower the hyperbole EW. DVR ratings aren’t in yet and it’s been widely reported that Fringe’s ratings jump when the DVR ratings are added in after a week.

    • NJ001

      DVR ratings don’t matter when it comes to renewal/cancellation decisions. Live viewers is the only way Fox makes money off Fringe.

      • Mike

        Don’t the advertisers pay for the Live+3 ratings as well?
        Nonetheless, I agree that DVR ratings are still not as important in renewal talks as live ratings.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Mind you, they do help build buzz. The perception of a show as either ‘struggling’ or ‘cult hit’ may affect keep/kill decisions.

      • Dave

        DVR ratings aren’t as important because most people will fast forward through commercials.

  • kelly

    Fringe was great last night. Wish it would have went up. And glad for Blue Bloods.

  • Alicia

    “Blue Bloods” was fairly good last night, and I like the cast. Please, somebody tell Tom Selleck to pluck his eyebrows a bit and go back to his old, less full ‘stache. He’s a handsome man, but he looks like a piece of granite or petrified wood. It bothers me so much that I can barely watch his scenes. This may be the look he has adopted for this show, but it doesn’t work.

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