Charlie Sheen passes drug test, results revealed on 'Good Morning America'

Charlie Sheen took two drug tests.

The result?


Sheen flew back to the United States from his vacation in the Bahamas to take a blood test for Radar Online, administrated by a court-certified California laboratory. The test covered marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and alcohol. The test follows up on an over-the-counter urine test taken by the actor which he also passed. The results were revealed on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning.

“The good news for Charlie Sheen as he’s watching from home is he tested negative for every single one of those tests,” Dylan Howard, senior executive editor at RadarOnline. “The blood test only goes for a window for only 24 hours. The urine tests for some 72 hours. But this is a big win for Charlie Sheen.”

Sheen also made the RadarOnline editor pledge to drink his urine if he passed but, thankfully, did not hold him to it.

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  • klutzy_girl

    So, all this says is he probably didn’t do anything because he knew he was taking the tests and made sure to stay off them.

    • rj

      Exactly…what an arrogant @$$.

    • Johnification

      Actually, this is terrible for Sheen: he’s got nothing to blame the outbursts on. He’s just LIKE THAT.

      • m.

        I agree. Now you can’t say that: get him clean and it’ll help him…

    • Harry

      Right. Test his hair and let’s see how clean he is.

      • Matt

        To the moron that said test his hair, you know nothing. If you smoked pot over a year ago, marijuana would still up. Drug tests are pretty much a joke, they aren’t accurate. If you did cocaine on a Thursday, you would be clean on Monday. If you smoked pot on Thursday it would be in your system. There is no fool proof way to detect drug usage

    • Kirk

      Sheen has tiger blood. The tests probably only work on human blood.

      • Margaretta

        I found just what I was neeedd, and it was entertaining!

  • frenzy22

    Ok, so he’s clean for the moment. Doesn’t mean he’s not bat-sh*t-crazy though.

    • Kate

      Some people think the crazy is a symptom of the drugs, but I have long thought that the drugs are a symptom of the crazy. While getting him sober is certainly a worthy goal, I don’t think he’ll ever stay sober until he gets the mental help he needs.

      • mon

        you can’t treat mental health issues if someone is using. pretty sure sobriety has to come first.

  • Denny

    I think it’s pretty concerning he’s acting this bizarrely WITHOUT the influence of drugs. He must have fried his brain already.

    • Kelly

      I don’t usually comment on these things, but this is funny…fired his brain.

  • LogopolisMike

    How is this a big win for Charlie Sheen? If these are the results, all it proves is that he’s a big an asshole sober as he is high.

  • silk

    We trust Radar Online? Yeah right! Don’t we all know that they’ll do anything for the money! Need I say more?

  • UGH

    I hope he had a good time in the Bahamas. Work hard, play hard.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Clean or not – he’s Mel-Gibson-crazy now!

  • rj

    hilarious he considers himself a “special, rockstar” — LOL! He’s been spiraling out of control for awhile, people finally just got sick of it, now he’s trying to be a big bully. I applaud the network for unplugging him! I just feel bad for the others on the show who depended on his for their livlihood, they are the ones who got the short end of the stick, not Charlie! he’s disgusting

    • Alberto

      his show? that’s a bit unfair for at least the writers…

  • Carrie

    As others have sad- he knew this was comi and stayed clean. Besides, the hard part is staying clean for weeks/months/years. A few days isn’t that impressive.

    Besides, the damage is done, he’s revealed his true self and it’s ugly.

  • VJ666

    I am not taking sides but I am getting tired of people trying to make one person look good and another look bad. Charlie probly does tell the truth about some things. So what about all the crap- it is a FREE country after all he is entitled to say what he wants if he thinks he is getting cheated then thats his right to step up and say something. Thats what our court system is in place for. Big companies always try to make the other look bad while still benefiting from the shows and still playing them. IF they was that POD at him why not take the show off the air. Dont think they will cuzzzzz they are still making money….

    • rj

      VJ – the company has not made Charlie look bad, they have worked with him for quite sometime now, but good lord they finally got tired of the nonsense. As much money as that show makes, it had to be pretty serious for them to finally pull the plug! I think he’s played, he will be a has been soon, like Carrie said, his ugly is coming out in full force nobody will want to hire a ticking time bomb like him. Too many other good actors out there. Charlie who?

      • Christina

        You keep it up now, undrsetnad? Really good to know.

  • dahlia

    So in other words, he’s just crazy.

    • Kat

      The withdrawal is probably making it worse…

  • Patty

    Easy fix for Warner Bros.. Charlie leaves for an extended around the world cruise – Mom moves in with Alan, Jake and Berta – no one would miss Charlie…

  • Angela

    Why are you all so down on Charlie, I think his show is great and I think he deserves to be able to stand up for himself. You all act like you’ve never done anything wrong, like you’re better than other people. Look in the mirror and judge yourself first!

    • Josh

      Judging myself now. Results? I’ve never partied with cocaine and strippers, porno actresses and hookers, haven’t blasted my boss in a very public and demeaning way AND I have no intentions of starting a porn family. Me>Charlie.

      • K

        I’ve never threatened to harm or kill my current or former significant others and never held any knives to their necks. I’ve never thought that I deserved special treatment for having the luck to be born to a famous actor father and the reasonable-but-nothing-special-talent to succeed at my chosen career. Me>Charlie.

      • Teresa

        Excellent assessment. I don’t know either of you, but I agree that you are both>Charlie.

      • LBenny

        Charlie Sheen>Both of you.

    • ArmyMedic

      I never have done those things either… That reminds me that, That’s right! My life experiences are my own, and I was not brought up to judge.

  • rj

    LOL Angela. Have you been living under a rock for the last few months???

    • ArmyMedic

      No, like I keep saying, some of us have lives and find you 50% amusing 50% judgmental and if I could add another 10% it wouldn’t be for smarts….

  • Janelle

    I think it is over for him. I know I will never watch his show again. I don’t think he will ever work again. I think he has a death wish.

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