Charlie Sheen says he'd apologize to Moonves, puts down John Stamos as 'Men' replacement

UPDATE: Forget Oprah, Charlie Sheen should have his own channel.

The actor’s media tour continues Monday night with an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, followed by a return visit to NBC’s Today show tomorrow morning, and then Access Hollywood that evening.

On Morgan, Sheen said that he would apologize to CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves and seemed to shrug off his earlier demand for a Two and a Half Men salary raise to $3 million per episode. “That was stupid,” he said.

When Morgan said the actor has taken cocaine, Sheen quipped: “I’m not taking it, I had to pay for it.”

Sheen admitted that advertisers threatened to pull out of Men due to headlines about his behavior and complained that CBS brass and Men creator Chuck Lorre have not called him since he tore into the producer in a series of interviews.

“It would be nice if there was some measure of support from anybody at this point,” Sheen said.

Access put out a teaser that quoted Sheen reacting to rumors of CBS’ interest in actor John Stamos as a potential replacement for him on Men (sources dismiss the reports): “I like John, but he don’t have what I have and the show sucks if he’s on it. Sorry!”

As for the description of Sheen’s appearance tomorrow on Today: “Sheen opens up about his new live-in girlfriends he calls ‘the goddesses’ [porn star Bree Olsen, model Natalie Kenly]. Plus, ‘the goddesses’ speak out about the Charlie Sheen behind closed doors and how they feel about his children.”

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  • Josh

    Good call Charlie. Who doesn’t improve their image with a porn star?

    • stu

      this mess is getting really sad.
      martin (dad) & elmino (brother name?)need to spank his butt.

      • Tom


      • California

        elmino is elnino’s brother

      • Shiny

        Elmino is Elmo’s brother, the one who drives the El Camino and who lost his pepino in a freak tornado caused by El Niño.

      • Charlie

        My Dad, Martin, yanked my pants down this morning and put me over his knee. I tried to talk back, and he just clamped his hand over my mouth! I now see how stupid I’ve been, and I’m sorry.

      • John

        ^ LOL! That’s too funny.

    • kerry

      Re: “I like John, but he don’t have what I have and the show sucks if he’s on it. Sorry!”


      I know he’s lost his mind, but I still love Charlie. I wish he and the producers would just work it out and get the show back on the air. I won’t watch the show without Charlie. It just wouldn’t be the same.

      • Berti

        I still like Charlie, too. He isn’t hurting anyone but himself.
        He was hysterical on Peirs Morgan’s show!

      • Alfred

        Yeah, he’s not hurting anyone…except for his ex-wife he battered and tried to shoot. Or that other woman he beatup and tried to shoot back in the late 90’s. Or maybe his kids.

        Good Old Charlie.

      • Mel Gibson

        I LOve Charlie!! as long as he keeps talking…go Charlie go!!

      • Mandy

        Kerry – it’s MORE than the principal parties working it out. It is about Charlie getting help for his addictions. NO ONE can do that except Charlie. And right now – he thinks he has no problems. I always have liked Charlie but he has gone too far this time. He obviously has problems and until he faces those demons, he will continue to self-destruct.

      • laini

        Not hurting anybody? Of course he is. How about his family, his children, the cast & crew that may end up unemployed? And of course, any fans that he may have left.

        He is spiraling out of control & just doesn’t realize it yet. His rantings in these various interviews shows that he needs help. I hope he gets it.

    • lostidol

      I sense a Joaquin-like masquerade is going on.

      • bb

        Yah, and look were it got Joaquin !!

      • bb

        Should read Where It Got Joaquin.

      • andy

        Joaquin never assaulted or tried to choke women

    • Lisa

      Are his rants really bringing in ratings to justify every network giving him airtime? Lately, it seems like our TV has a new channel – SheenTV.
      This morning he again shows up on NBC. he looks like the kiss of death. Gaunt, boney and what is up with his teeth? Yeh Charlie, go snort some more powder.

    • ruf

      Talk about digging your own grave…they should give a discount on his up-coming funeral.

  • helen

    Ewwwh!!! Please make him shut up! Don’t give him more media coverage. Just make him go away, far away.

  • Mary

    You and the rest of the media need to stop covering this a**!

    • SK

      Never been a fan and think he is a worhless POS. Feel sorry for his cast and crew.

      • L

        I feel sorry for his children and family.

  • Buffy Freak

    God he is such a cretinous, henious, ridiculous person. I didn’t see the Today interview this morning but I did see an “interview” he gave to TMZ today. He apparently ready to take over for Gary Busey….if he were to drop dead tomorrow I really wouldn’t be able to give a rat’s rump.

    • Berti

      *if he were to drop dead tomorrow I really wouldn’t be able to give a rat’s rump.*
      You say something like that and that makes you better than him…how?

  • sheen sucks

    Can’t we just sew his mouth shut, put him in a box, nail it shut, mail him to Antarctica and leave him to be eaten by polar bears? Enough already. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    • K

      We could try, if polar bears lived in Antarctica. ;)

      • piker

        maybe he could trade an ounce of blow or one of the goddesses for a couple of polar bears to accompany him to antartica? might have to do something to entice the bears to eat him though; he is probably toxic.

    • John C.

      Impossible. He has tiger blood. He will use mind power to escape that box, get high on some Charlie Sheen, and use his Adonis DNA to crush those polar bears with his bare hands. He’ll be back at Sober Valley Lodge fidgeting in his chair giving an interview by breakfast.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Don’t forget that he is a Vatican assassin warlock with fire breathing fists.

      • John C.

        And ” a total bitchin rock star from Mars”

      • Moonbeam

        Unless he’s temporary out of commission from an ear infection or a hernia. The tiger blood and Adonis DNA don’t seem to be able to help him then.

      • Evan


      • Luis


      • L


      • Laura


    • Dan

      There are no polar bears in Antarctica. They are in the arctic only.

      • Tarc

        And there are hardly any of those… they’re rapidly becoming extinct because people know care more about Charlie Sheen than causing global warming.

      • Matt

        Global Warming is a dream and a dumb one. However Polar Bears are awesome and it would be sweet to see one eat Sheen and his godesses.

    • Dan

      Hey what do you have against Antarctica?! Plus, you send him there & his meltdown will cause world flooding!

    • Analbionerd

      While I enjoy the sentiment, there are no polar bears in the Antarctic. There are some leopard seals that would do the job nicely .

    • Kibblegirl

      Polar bears are in the arctic, not antarctic.

  • iKnow

    Love it..He will win this battle.

    • andy

      battle of what??

    • albert

      And lose the war. e.g., His job, his family, career, his kids, his health, his money. He might get a reality show except he couldn’t get insured. But hey, at least he got to act like an ass on TV, like every other reality show contestant.

    • Mandy

      What battle? The only battle he has to fight is himself and so far, he hasn’t realized that. And if you believe his rants against Lorre, CBS, and everyone else involved in 2.5 men – you’re stupid.

      • Lila

        Exactly. It’s just his own ego battling itself. He was embarrassed the world saw him old, frail and without teeth. So now he is raging out trying to create this alter ego “Rock Star from Mars”.

  • Pete

    Meanwhile elsewhere in the world people are risking their lives for freedom

    • Heidi

      I was thinking that earlier too Pete. He needs to go to Haiti or have a fight club intervention. Its boredom that led him to act this way – so send him to work with Sean Penn in Haiti. He won’t be bored for one second and just might regain his sanity. Fine, he doesn’t want to live a mainstream life. He’s 45. His choice. But it doesn’t have to lead to addiction porn and death. His life can be worth so much more.

      • Heidi

        I have a dear friend who runs a non profit in South America and West Africa, called Hands Accross the Nations. He could go quietly with no press getting wind of it. My brothers and I and now our family (my kids and my husband with me) does a mission trip every year. Its non denominational, just people who want to make a difference. Some go for the adrenaline rush of being in the jungle or in a dangerous country…but they quickly realize that it changes your soul and gives you a passion for what is REAL. For how exciting life can be when you change the lives of others.

      • AT

        He said Sean Penn visited him recently.

      • Peter North

        “He said Sean Penn visited him recently.”

        So the intellectual short bus stopped by now.

    • Alan

      Agreed, Pete. Brave people. And yet how excruciatingly boring it would be if we talked only about them 100% of the time. If you’d like, I’d be happy to send you the more than 100,000 links via Google to stories about U.S. soldiers risking their lives.

      p.s. I’m sorry someone held a gun to your head and forced you to read this story instead of one about people protecting freedom.

  • Wipeout

    This guy seems to be having some kind of a mental break. Sickening how all the networks (including CNN) are tripping over themselves to get him on the air. Sad.

    • Nona

      Sort of sickening watching the vultures circle…it must be comforting for Charlie to know CNN cares…

  • Michael

    Man, I hope Denise is filing for full custody right now.

    • Chantal

      Great comment! I would want my kids as far away as possible from that guy.

    • sunny

      i agree that he is not fit to be parenting right now…but let’s remember the loony tune that denise can be as well…, good luck to those kids

      • Michael

        Denise has shown maturity and grace throughout all of this and is not the idiot girl she was in the 90’s.

      • Heidi

        She’s the best thing in their lives right now. No longer a party girl but a very committed mom who is trying to keep Charlie’s trust in order to save his life if she can or limit the pain to her and Brooke’s children.

    • Heidi

      Charlie would probably give her custody of the boys too if Brooke isn’t sober. If it comes down to DCFS being involved, he’d choose Denise even over his family at the moment.

    • Ktct

      Denise seems to be laying low,taking care of her kids. What’ s up with the reports that he has his twins? Where is their mom? Better yet, where is Social Services?

    • Bella

      Shes been the most stable support this guy has….I give her such credit, but yeah……keep an eyes on those little ones. He was a fool to let her go.

  • Chantal

    Charlie Sheen and Kadafi, what a pair!! He really is delusional, what is he on if not on drugs??? Who will hire this guy now?

    • Jose

      Dave T: If it works for you great. I don’t like flags because they allow us to keep mssgaees in the inbox, after we’ve decided what work they require. This makes the inbox a place that holds a mix of processed and unprocessed mssgaees. It is much easier for a message to get lost under this pile and not be handled until it’s too late.

  • David Schein

    He is so annoying!

  • Buffy Freak

    I almost feel like we’re watching some sort of Joaquin Phoenix-like “punking” of all of us…I mean, does this guy think ANYBODY is buying this nonsense?

    • Heidi

      This is sadly not the punking JP did.

  • Buffy Freak

    And his constant bashign of AA and anybody who uses AA is crazy and weak-minded is beyond insulting. While AA may not be for everyone, I know several people who have been helped greatly by the program.

    And he actually just said “I don’t think I’m an addict”.

    • Dan

      From what I know about AA and NA, which admittedly isn’t much, I would guess that those who have had their lives saved by it aren’t offended – they are probably saying a prayer for the guy…

      • sue

        I know he is getting on everyone’s last nerve, but think about it, the man is ill, has what is equivalent to a deadly cancer, pray for him and hope that someone close to him will do an intervention, it can be done and has to be. ty

      • Dave

        Mr. Sheen appears to still be intoxicated. AA has a 95% success rate with people who admit they are powerless over alcohol and take steps to overcome it. If YOU don’t want it, it won’t happen.

  • kathy

    Sheen agreeing to a drug test on ABC this morning KNEW nothing would show up because these tests only go back 72 hours….and he apparently stayed “sober” for 3 days….just to take the tests. Why didn’t they do a drug test on his hair, which shows the presence of drugs for as long as 6 months.

    • Gia

      He isn’t claiming to be sober for six ms, so how would the hair test be useful?

    • Daiz

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  • Chantal

    Can’t wait to hear how he explains living with 2 girls at once, one being a porn star…

    • Buffy Freak

      They’re not girls Chantal…they’re “goddesses”…LOL! God he is insufferable!

      • Chantal

        Right! Goddesses, how absurd! And what’s with this winning and victory thing???

    • nyc

      he is living every 16 yr old boys dream…because after 16 guys realize how insufferable it is to live with 1 woman let alone 2.

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