Lawyer: Charlie Sheen doesn't have a case

charlie-sheen-lawsuitImage Credit: ABC NewsMultiple reports say Charlie Sheen is threatening to sue CBS and Warner Bros., TV for halting production on Two and a Half Men and putting him out of work. But does the actor have a case? The devil’s in the details of his multi-million contract that extends through June 2012.

One online report claims Sheen plans to retaliate by filing a $320 million “mental anguish” lawsuit against the media companies. But for someone who spent the last three days melting down over the radio airwaves — which was preceded by tabloid headlines about his antics in Las Vegas and a New York hotel — it seems unlikely Sheen could find a sympathetic judge and/or jury. “If he’s talking about mental anguish, based on the facts, I would think he would have a very high, high burden,” says entertainment attorney Barry Peek of the New York law firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein. “With his actions over the last couple of years, his burden is quite high.”

During his interview with Good Morning America that aired today, Sheen said a lawsuit was necessary because “I don’t have a job. I got a whole family to support and love and people beyond myself. People a lot more important than me are relying on that money to fuel the magic.” As to how much he would sue for, Sheen said, “Tons. Put it on a scale, a little more, a little more, add some gold… bingo! I’m here to collect. And they are going to lose. I would recommend that they do an out-of-court settlement and fix this whole thing and pay the crew and get season 9 back on board.”

Getting the show “back on board,” however, seems unlikely right now, though CBS and Warner Bros., TV have yet to make a decision about the show’s ninth (and presumably final) season.”Things have to simmer down before any kind of clarity can be reached,” says one insider. Madison Avenue probably isn’t holding its breath. “We could be surprised and there is Les Moonves and Chuck Lorre and Charlie, the three musketeers, coming out on stage and showing that everybody is in love,” says Bill Carroll, director of programming at Katz Media. “It can happen, but I don’t think its going to happen. I think it’s past that point.”

In the meantime, Sheen may find relief in court if his contract makes arrangements for the possibility of an unexpected production shutdown. “He may have what’s called liquidated damages, a certain clause at the end of the day that represents a payout,” the attorney says. “At this point, he’s just threatening a lawsuit, but I don’t see one for psychological distress. He’s definitely under psychological stress, but he doesn’t have a lawsuit for it.”

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  • Reena

    so can the crew of the show sue charlie sheen directly for his antics/drug alcohol issues shutting down the production of the show? this all seems a little over dramatic to me but man what has happened to his FACE!!

    • Ap

      I’m waiting for the first lawsuit against him. Now they have a case.

    • susanne

      I think it’s all the drug use catching up to him. Seems like he’s aged 15 years over night. Agreed, he doesn’t look good!!

  • Elijah

    Charlie is now trying to sue for “mental anguish”? What a wussy! LOL this is hilarious what a loser! He’s soooo stupid and conceited and a wussy who suffers from mental anguish haha awwwwww poooor charlie hahaha

  • UGH

    Next up: The Charlie Sheen Reality Show.
    I bet you $

    • SDTim

      I was actually waiting for his appearance on the next season of “Celebrity Rehab.”

  • sewwney

    am i the only one who will miss the show… all the characters are fantastic. i might get a big head if i made 1.6 mill/wk its publicity its all good if not now later

    • Tom

      The show was good up until about 3 years ago when he started to focus more on SELF. He needs to put in some humility and caring for others before the show can return to being really funny, but with at least a little redeeming value.

    • kerry

      They should just bring Charlie back. They shut down a whole show because he insulted his boss? How stupid.

      • Tracy

        No…’s because he is an addict, in case you haven’t read his jiberish. So I have to ask….how stupid are you for not realizing he is an addict and the drugs are talking for him. Or does all of his statements make sense to you??????

      • tomasie

        Tracy, I got news for you. Most of Hollywood is an addict of something. Why should CBS police his life? As long as he’s not hurting the cast and keeping the show going, who cares? The guy’s basically a “prop” for CBS to make money. The only people delaying the program is CBS.

  • John C.

    He has a family to support. Oh poor guy. He writes porn stars $30,000 checks on a drug fueled whim, and wants to play the they’re taking food out of my family’s mouth card. Some people have to support a family on that in a year. If you’re greedy you’re greedy. The guy is an addict and a jerk. I’ve watched the interviews and he is a first class a-hole. The major relapse should be happening shortly.

    • sfday

      That $30,000 check was the first thing I thought of.

    • Rhonda

      Ha ha ha! I have an idea! Lets send him out in his car! They say the turd times the charm!

  • anthony


    • anthony

      go charlie these ignorant sheep need some one to point there finger at the hell with them they got no life in the wo rds of tony montana You need people like me so you can point your f@$#ing fingers and say that’s the bad guy.”

      • Tom

        you are ignorant and cannot even spell or write a sentence. YOU have no life…

      • Juneau

        And just like Tony Montana, Charlie IS the bad guy.

  • walt

    Workers sue Charle??. Most if not all our union workers. They need to get a life and go get their union checks and benefits.

  • Tom

    Duhh…he is obviously psychotic and does not realize or care about how his actions and words affect everyone around him. Everything evolves around his narcissistic self. He has no case, and if he tries, CBS can counter with the losses he has and will cause. Stalemate.

  • mcodragon

    The poor dud is living in his own world and his own version of reality….. he is lucky that CBS don’t file a suit against him….. which they will….

  • John Moyer

    Charlie neds to accept that he’s human and vulnerable to D & A issues like the rest of us. It’s time to stop the megalomania and grow up, Mr. Sheen.

  • Walrus

    In an absolutely shocking turn of event, Charlie Sheen’s longtime publicist, Stan Rosenfield, just resigned.

  • ldino

    Charlie didnt shut down the show, CBS did, so the crew would have to sue CBS. No matter what you say about his personal life, the guy showed up to work and they turned him and everyone else away. CBS just shot themselves in the foot.

    • John Amos

      uh, he didn’t show up to work several times. he was drunk in Vegas, he was stoned in L.A., he went to the hospital after a night of partying.

      were you snorting with Charlie? is that why you don’t understand what a douche this guy is?

  • UGH

    I can’t believe there is one single human being who defends this idiot’s actions. Those are the one’s who need real help.

    • Shania

      Yeah and apparently that jerk Sheen gave the radio shows to – Alex Jones is equally brain damaged. Hard to believe anyone can defend this kind of behaviour unless they’re still stoned themselves.

  • LeeInOceanside

    Charlie says he needs the job to to support his family? The SOB is worth over 20 million as it is. I am sure he is fine and eating lobster every night, has his home paid for and his Ferrari is paid for. I don;t think the Sheen family will ever be hurting.

  • walt

    CBS shut the show down right?. Then let the UNIONS work it out. if not then let’s break up the UNIONS cause they are not doing thier jobs, but our takeing our money in dues.

    • JohnDoe

      What in God’s name are you blathering on about?

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