Charlie Sheen says he will sue CBS, apologizes (sort of) to Chuck Lorre

Good-Morning-America-SheenCharlie Sheen has been hinting at this for days, but on Good Morning America, the actor came right out and declared he will sue CBS.

The actor has been going on the offensive against his employer since the network pulled the plug on Two and a Half Men following his hostile radio interviews.

“Wouldn’t you?” he said to ABC correspondent Andrea Canning. “I’m out of a job. I’ve got a whole family to support and love. People beyond myself are relying on that money.”

“What are you going to sue for?” she asked.

“Tons,” he said. “I’m here to collect. They’re going to lose. They’re going to lose in a courtroom, so I would recommend that they do an out-of-court settlement.”

Sheen did strike one conciliatory note. On ABC he offered an apology of sorts to Chuck Lorre, the Men showrunner he’s attacked for days.

“I’m sorry if I offended you,” Sheen said. “Didn’t know you were so sensitive. I thought after you wailing on me for eight years, that I could take a few shots back. I didn’t know you were going to take your ball and go home and punish everybody in the process.”

As for his “Chaim Levine” remark, which some say was anti-Semitic, Sheen said it was misinterpreted. “I feel terrible about [how that was interpreted]. There’s nothing about that in my history.”

Sheen had seemingly been laying the groundwork for a lawsuit for days — by agreeing to take a drug test, saying the network was in “breach,” and threatening to show up for work despite the production having been shut down. Basically suggesting: I’m doing my part, CBS isn’t doing theirs.

Sheen added to NBC’s Today that CBS owes him an apology, “publicly, while licking my feet.”

Sheen set a price for returning to the show: $3 million per episode, a massive raise from his current estimated $1.8 million salary that already has him ranked as TV’s highest paid actor.

“Look what they put me through,” Sheen said. (Video clip below)

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  • No2.5

    Here’s your strategy: IF Sheen sues for $320MM and you have to pay this d-bag a dime, pay in installments. Also agree to pay in blow. That way he’ll get the first payday, snort it all up, seize and flat line and be unable to collect on the rest. If that happens, everybody wins.

    • 6111258

      Beautiful! LOVE IT!

    • Pete

      Saying that just shows he is a better human than you are.

      • Don Alex

        Pete, saying that just shows you are as little of one as him.

      • Alex Don

        No, Don, it just shows Pete isn’t a jerk who thinks drug addiction is funny. It doesn’t matter who Charlie Sheen is or what he does for a living, whether people like his show (I don’t) or not. It’s about a human being with real problems and making jokes about drug addiction is disgusting and shameful.

      • Joe Rioux

        “Alex Don”: I think drug addiction is VERY funny. HILARIOUS! Almost as funny as someone (YOU) whose heart is aching with sympathy for a millionaire drug addict who can’t keep within his $1M/episode budget!

        Are you kidding me?

      • Davide

        There are men who deserve pity for their situation. Sheen is not, in any way, one of them. He’s the cause of all of his problems, he squandered his money and he was abusive towards the family he claims to love. He deserves to be mocked and I hope he never hits again a TV program, seeing how much of a bad example he is.

    • Assman

      Yes please, end the pain for all of us so we don’t have to watch this train wreck

    • ruf

      Yeah, but can he pass an STD test?
      I betting that he has more diseases than money.

    • JL

      Ok, was I the only one who notice GMA first had the marquee saying “THERE going to lose in court” THERE really??? They later changed it. Sorry, it’s just a huge pet peeve of mine when the three there/they’re/theirs aren’t used correctly, especially by people who are paid to know better

      • Allan

        I’m with you on that.

      • Wow

        JL, I noticed that and thought it was a joke at 1st. But it actually said, “There GONNA get sued”….who writes that, a 7 year old ?? WOW….almost worst than GOODER

      • J

        First thing i noticed!

      • Agree

        Agreed. Professional journalism? It was the first thing I noticed. Don’t apologize for it being a pet peeve – GMA’s credibility falls when they do that. I also thought it was a joke at first.

      • Kimberly

        I am utterly amazed at the poor spelling by adults, no less! This is a huge pet peeve for me too! I see it daily and it just drives me NUTS! Where are the English teachers? It is a sad state when people cannot distinguish between there, their and they’re…

      • T2

        It’s still in the picture above! And it’s worse than just the ‘There’. It says “There gonna lose in a court’.

        THIS is what happens when writing is a lost skill. Text-speak is all we will have soon.

      • dan wens

        JL notice instead of noticed? wow, that wasn’t any better.

      • Rush

        @dan: Miss-typing and forgeting a “d” in a blog reply is forgiveable. A major news organization confusing common synonyms in a national broadcast is not.

    • Doremifah Solatido

      Dumbass, if you die after obtaining a money judgment, it becomes part of your estate. The judgment debtor doesn’t get off scott-free, and it goes to your legal heirs or whoever you name in a will.

      • L

        Better them than him…unless he wills it to the hookers.

    • jpratm

      YUP YUP

    • Bluto

      I think that strategy is AWESOME, actually. Funny how you never realize the world is full of enablers until you read message boards: “oh, we need to coddle him and show him our love!” “oh, it’s YOU who has the problem, charlie is still a STAR!” “oh, you’re so mean, i guess none of you has ever made a mistake!” Yes, in fact, we have made mistakes. We just haven’t rubbed John Q. Public’s nose in it as well and told him to grab a hooker and a bump, ’cause it’s all good. Charlie Sheen is a fool with talent, but he’s neither bulletproof nor immortal.

  • TerryT

    What a massive ego. He’s a rock star? I’ll tell you who the stars are: Tom Hanks, Jeff Bridges, his own Dad. He has a little sitcom. Big deal.

    • Jack

      Perfect. How his dad must be suffering over the piece of waste his son has turned out to be.

      • why

        His Father wishes Chalie did not choose Sheen for his last name like his brother.

      • Bama

        Estevez is fathers name from birth.

    • Kelly

      I’ve thought about Martin Sheen many times and thought about how much this truly must hurt him. Well, all of the family really, but I’ve had a soft spot for Martin Sheen since he played President Bartlet.

      Clearly Charlie not only has a drug problem, not matter what one test shows, but he is either using those to self medicate mental illness or the abuse has created dementia. I don’t care what happens with his career (I’ve never been a fan) but somewhere underneath there is a human being and I hope he can get better before things get any worse.

      Shame on people who think this is funny.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        Martin Sheen once had a bigger drug & alcohol problem than Charlie. He actually had a heart attack as a result of it. It forced him to take stock & clean up. Maybe Charlie needs the same kind of wake up call. “Having said that”, he happens to be right about CBS and the show’s producers. You can’t go around chucking contracts in the toilet because you don’t like what the party-of-the-second-part said.

      • L

        Too bad the son didn’t learn from the sins of the father.

      • Lynn

        CBS can cancel any show whenever they want, no reason has to be given. Just have to leave it off the fall schedule.

      • MultiPass

        Oh god who cares! I mean really? Martin Sheen is an admitted drug addict who brought his kids up in a guideless, bohemian, booze addled, parentless void. Charlie turned out fine when you consider what he was up against.

        The crimes of the father… etc etc.

  • carla

    Hooray for you CBS! You finally took a stand and got rid of Charlie Sheen! I gave up on him and his show years ago because of his outrageous behavior and could never understand what the draw was and why you kept taking him back. If he hasn’t put any money away after earning $2,000,000 per EPISODE, too bad for him. Don’t let him sue YOU. He needs to grow up.

    • k

      Hired porn stars instead financial planners. Smart move.

    • shawn

      Carla- i agree Charlie is out of his mind, but the draw was that they were earning 160 million a year in ad revenue.

      • fifty8th

        Sure and CBS got every penny of that, not that I am on the side of the company but 3 million an episode is outrageous the reason he has the opportunity to make that money is because of CBS and Chuck L. DId he ome up with the concept Did he write the scripts? Did he act all the parts, NO. He is a big part of its success but not the only. Charlie Sheen is not a team player and at this point I don’t see anyone taking him on the insurance payment would be sky high.

  • Jennifer Grant

    Ok, so….he’s not on drugs. He’s completely insane from past drug use.

    • Pete

      Why? What has he done? Apart from getting mad at someone else who was taunting him. Something which most people have done and will do.

      • Don Alex

        What he has done is so many drugs that it has turned his brain to mush while raising his ego to olympian proportions. By the way, if he really wants a valid “drug test”, he should have his hair tested, otherwise cocaine can be out of your system in 72 hours.

      • mike

        Let’s see, what has he done. Beat up a woman while drunk, cause costly production delays and uncertainty (you can’t write a show if your star is going to be in jail/the hospital/rehab) in production because of multiple rehab stints, arrests, court appearances, mandatory psych holds, hospitalizations. Yeah, he’s done nothing to cause issues in the workplace. poor widdle charlie.

      • AltDave

        Thank you for posting the list so I don’t have to, mike!

      • Doremifah Solatido

        He did all those things BEFORE they offerred him $1M per episode to come back for another season. Obviously, they thought HE was worth it, or we’d get a title like they used to do in the soap operas: “The part of Charlie Harper is now being played by [fill in actor’s name here].”

  • Dan

    This man is doing God’s work.

    • Mark


    • holly

      are you really a moron or just trying to sound like one?

    • Bama

      And what God are you speaking of?

  • Susan

    Charlie, you’re a textbook narcissist. The only reason you want your tons of money is to finance your lifestyle of drugs and prostitutes. It’s not about supporting your children because you care nothing about your children. It’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU!!!

  • C

    Is he kidding? He’s probably broke from hookers, porn stars and cocaine. I feel sorry for his children.

    • Eh

      Speaking of all the hookers and cocaine, how in the heck has he not been arrested yet?!?!

  • Alex

    I think a Charlie Sheen reality show might actually be worth $3 million. Actually, it would probably be priceless.

    • bb

      The male Anna Nichol Smith. NOOOO !

  • Jim Marlewski

    Charlie.. I feel your frustration and anger. Without you, they have no show; without your private life they have no material for a show; I for one support you all the way. As an actor you ROCK, as a roll model you need some poloshing up like an old Chevy. Good luck

    • Melissa

      ROLE! It’s “role model” for God’s sake. Get it right.

      • holly

        actually in charlies case “roll” may be more appropriate

      • albert

        May he meant that Charlie rolls his weed better than anyone else.

      • huh?

        poloshing? is that the sound your boots make when they are full of water and you walk in them?

      • T2

        OMG at huh? I was laughing so hard at your post, it almost made me forget how annoyed I am at the Supreme Tool (Charlie Sheen) thinking he’s still entertaining us all with his nonsensical rants.

  • P. Frakes

    Glad he is gone! 2 adult men with the morals of alley cats, showing a teenager how to live the same way!

    Charlie, IT WAS A SHOW not a life style!

  • drprez

    Take them for $300mil Charlie. The execs screw up so many shows as it is. CBS execs are crap. Time to pay up or fold CBS. Charlie is one of the good guys, support him and his crew.

    • Assman

      What a joke..LOL!!! Charlie Sheen has already broken his contract by holding up production. All he cares about is himself and his addiction. Now that he is out of a job he realizes that he can’t party anymore. If I were his ex wives I wouldn’t let him near the kids. What a freak!! He needs a psychological evaluation…stat!!

  • James

    I think Charlie Sheen and Gary Busey should get together for an updated version of the Odd Couple. Or a reality show version. Either way, it would make a good science experiment.

    • Julia

      Awesome idea!

    • Bama

      they would kill each other. too much alike.

  • Matt

    “Sheen had seemingly been laying the groundwork for a lawsuit for days — by agreeing to take a drug test”

    Big whoop……. cocaine will clear out of your system within a few days. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t snorting this several weeks back when all of this went down.

    • sander

      Agreed. All you have to do is look at him and see he’s in bad health. he looks like crap. He on the edge of looking like one of those “faces of meth” poster.

      • L

        Agreed. What on earth happened to his face?

  • JaySin420

    Good for him, what people don’t realize is he didn’t start this, he just got pissed off for his showrunner taking shots at him for no reason at all.

    Those placecards at the end of the show were beyond ridiculous.

    • k

      Well I thought his violence toward women was beyond ridiculous so to each their own I guess.

    • mara

      No reason at all? LOL. You mean no reason like beating up his wife, causing the show to be shut down twice so he can “rehab”, causing production delays while he’s in the hospital, causing delays because he’s been arrested, causing bad publicity with the hookers. Yeah, EVERY employer would put up with that! What were they thinking!

    • Here & There

      To JaySin420: Absolutely agree.
      Everyone looks the other way when the boss trashes Sheen. When Sheen gets fed up and fires back, people attack Sheen. Now, Charlie’s personal life is a tabloid’s dream, but Chuck Lorre’s attacks on Sheen were personal.

      • albert

        It’s called consequences. Charlie’e behavior is Charlie’s choice. If Charlie didn’t conduct himself in a such a way as to invite, indeed BEG, for a slam dunk from his employer, it wouldn’t ever have been an issue. Charlie has himself to blame, but like all addicts he’s in deep deep deep denial that his behavior has consequences.

      • L

        No one (at least, not on this board) knows what happened behind the scenes. I’m guessing CS is quite egotistical and demanding on set.

  • Jennifer

    Charlie Sheen is a nutcase.

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