Charlie Sheen gives Piers Morgan biggest audience since his premiere with Oprah

Charlie-Sheen-on-Piers-MorganWhat’s a Charlie Sheen interview really worth?

If you’re CNN’s Piers Morgan, about double your usual audience.

Monday’s Piers Morgan Tonight, in which the Brit host interviewed Sheen, was seen by 1.3 million viewers. That ties Morgan’s second night on the job as his biggest audience since his show’s January premiere — and that episode featured a heavily promoted interview with Oprah Winfrey. Among the show’s adults 25-54 demo, Morgan had 561,000 — his best ever (including the Oprah episode).

Here’s what’s most remarkable: The interview was only announced via Twitter five minutes before it started airing live, just as Sheen pulled into the building. Imagine the rating if the network had a day to promote it.

Among the morning shows interviewing Sheen, NBC’s Today had 6 million viewers and ABC’s GMA had 5.9 million — this is a win for Today since GMA normally has the edge the day after the Oscars . The numbers potentially bode well for ABC’s 20/20 interview with Sheen tonight.

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  • Justin

    I wonder if they celebrated the “revolution” together.

    • O’Snap

      Charlie Sheen: The picture of health.

      • Liz

        Have to admit, I was thinking “dead man walking” myself.

      • Huh?

        That is what I have thought any time I have seen him for a week. Healthy? No. Maybe he could try for a part in the next season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Head Warlock Zombie with flame throwing fists?

    • tiger blood

      I must admit. Sheen is nuts and insane and his poor children. But he knows what he’s doing when it comes to entertaining. He’s winning g-ddamn it. Go Charlie, you insane bastard!

  • Alan

    Pier Morgan … what an idiot…

    • Wes


  • Steph

    Don’t deny the power of Twitter! I kind of hate to even jump on the bandwagon giving this jag any more attention, but I’m curious about the 20/20 interview…

    • OJ

      Easy man… I thought it was easily the best interview with Sheen to date.

      Look, just because you disagree with Sheen’s behavior doesn’t make it universal wrong or evil. It seems to me that people who tend towards prudish about recreational drug use are getting a bit militant on the matter, while more easy-going types are on Sheen’s side.

      • sfday

        I’m no prude but Sheen does not look at all well. He doesn’t look like an occasional recreational user, he looks like he’s in serious danger. How many times has he been to rehab? He doesn’t want to get better.

      • Marianna

        Well… no. It’s not the recreational drug use that’s put me off Charlie, it’s the delusions of grandeur and the thought process whereby he thinks he’s providing a fit environment for the raising up of two small children. Most normal people, not just us prudish ones, take a dim view of porn stars in the role of primary caregivers.

      • Desert Cat

        @OJ: This is NOT about recreational drug use. I have numerous friends who use marijuana very responsibly; I enjoy alcohol myself. This is about MENTAL HEALTH. I would bet a paycheck that Mr. Sheen is in the throes of a manic phase, and is bi-polar. His grandiose, egomaniacal statements, his erratic behavior, his aggression…. it all adds up to a man who has been attempting to self-medicate himself and is about to crash. And as someone who has worked with at-risk children & families for 25 years, it IS universally wrong to neglect your children & put them at risk. If Ms. Sheen could safely and appropriately manage his “recreational” drug use, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. When it is being used as an ass-backward way to avoid facing a psychological disorder AND it makes you beat your wife and ignore your children… well, then I have a really big problem with it. P.S.: it also just cost approximately 200 people their jobs, which also puts their families at risk.

      • MC22

        Forget the drugs! How about his history of threatening and beating women? All respect gone for Piers Morgan since he let his Blatantly false answer to the one question on that subject slide…

  • Ugh

    I hope Morgan enjoys those ratings because after his sycophantic handling of Sheen he won’t retain many of those viewers. He allowed Sheen to get away with evasion or outright lies in answering his questions. Sheen is hardly some beloved figure whom viewers want to see handled gently. PM had a prime opportunity to firmly establish himself with this interview and he blew it. Very disappointing.

    • Buffy Freak

      Agree 100%…he was tossing Sheen’s salad for the entire hour. Jeez, Larry King would have given him a tougher time.

    • Natalie

      Yep, it was a very poor excuse for an interview…I thought Piers said that he wouldn’t “let his guests get off easy”. He was chuckling at Charlie’s antics and ridiculous statements the whole interview. Even his so-called hard-hitting questions seemed almost apologetic. I can honestly say that I will no longer be watching Piers Morgan. And ditto for any further coverage of Charlie Sheen…he desperately needs help, but as long as the press continues to enable him, it definitely won’t happen. This isn’t entertainment folks, it’s sad…remember as you laugh at him becoming unhinged, he still has full custody of his 2 youngest children.

      • MC22

        YES! Agree 100 percent.

  • sxycindy

    You’re the ringleader in this CRAZY circus Charlie! Give em hell.

    • Shannon

      Oh, yeah…give ‘em hell… right in front of your poor children. Remember this is a father of 5 children, two of whom he has full custody. This damaged man should NOT have even partial custody of these children. As people laugh at his antics, who is worrying about the welfare of his children while he lives with 2 porn stars and “cures himself”. So sad.

  • CAM3150

    Is it just me or does Charlie look absolutely AWFUL in that picture?? Yeah, buddy. You sure healed yourself.

    • Keith

      He looks dreadful. How old is he? I’d believe 60 something by looking at that picture.

    • Yuck

      Yes, he looks like he’s about 70 years old now! I guess the healing process ages you.

  • Get Real

    Wishing It was Larry King Doing the Interview with Sheen. I Do Not Care for Morgans Show at all. PM Allowed Sheen To Not Answer any Real questions, with a Direct answer.PM Interrupped with his own comments on his own questions.

    • lindsay

      Larry, you really need to learn proper grammar. And what is with the random capitalization?

  • Real People

    PM Sure does NOT know how to do an Interview. He Interrupts people with His own comments.

  • Oz

    That is the Picture of Addiction and Severe Cocaine Abuse, not to mention his Rants and Ego….. Prayers he truly Surrenders and gets Clean before we have another John Belushi Moment in Hollywood.

  • Laurie Clark

    A picture is worth a 1000 words!!!

  • 9No

    The guy seems very manic/bi-polar, I have a dad with the same illness.. Why are people judging and hating a sick guy? He needs some help asap.

    • Sherri

      Thank you

  • LOL

    What’s really stunning is the fact that about 6 million people watch those morning shows. That’s incredible. Who are these people? If you’re up that early, aren’t you heading out the door for work? If you’re not working, what in the world are you doing watching this stuff?

    • Sherri

      Actually, I am up that early because I am just getting OUT OF work at 4:30 in the morning, and I stay up until at least 7:30 in the morning to wait for my daughter to get off to school. Imagine that! I work full time AND watch TV. *eye roll*

  • Linda

    I watched an interview with Charlie Sheen and he looks really awful. Bony and skinny and old…his looks are running away from him very fast!

  • stephen

    I tried, I really tried but i couldn’t get past 5 minutes of this interview without turning it off. Not only is Charlie nuts but Piers is a TERRIBLE interviewer.

  • Zenith

    I’m not “special” and don’t have “the brain that would allow be to understand” Sheen, but if he is really a warlock, as he says, and has healed himself, Why does he look so bad? He needs to invoke some more of thos magical powers.

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