Charlie Sheen to fans: 'Don't be worried. Celebrate this movement.'

Charlie Sheen was back on Today this morning, having invited NBC News’ Jeff Rossen to return to his home, the “Sober Valley Lodge,” Monday afternoon to tape another sit-down, as well as a kitchen chat with the two women Sheen refers to as “the goddesses.” Asked what the goddesses have that his ex-wives didn’t, Sheen said, “These women don’t judge me… They don’t lead with opinion. They don’t lead with their own needs all the time. They’re honest enough to tell me, ‘Hey look, park your nonsense. You got to help me solve this, and we solve it.’ What I tell them is don’t live in the middle. Get away from your emotions, get away from your ego, and therein lies the solution.” Sheen said all three of their opinions carry the same weight in his mansion, where the goddesses now live and help parent his twin boys, until they’re approaching crisis mode — then his age and wisdom win out. If they follow his plan then, Sheen said, “Everybody will win, and everybody’s needs will be taken care of.” 

Sheen addressed Warner Bros.’ decision to pay the Two and a Half Men crew for four of the remaining eight episodes they were supposed to film this season. He said it was a start, but that he wouldn’t sleep until the studio ponied up for the full order. Though the studio denied the pressure Sheen’s placed on it had anything to do with the compensation, Sheen took credit for it. “Who else is applying pressure? Jon Cryer? Angus [T. Jones]? Anybody? Nobody’s applying pressure. No one’s doing anything.” Sheen could only offer guesses at why his longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield severed ties with him yesterday. (Either he felt like he wasn’t being respected or he felt the situation had gotten “too gnarly,” Sheen theorized.)

The highlight of the interview was Today‘s distorted-frame flashback montage to its Monday interview with Sheen. Rossen asked Sheen what he thinks when he watches himself talk about warlocks and having tiger’s blood. “I’m entertained as hell,” Sheen said. “I’m not saying that it’s not true. But I’m laughing. And I’m laughing with the goddesses, I’m laughing with my friends. And everybody’s like, ‘Well, did they expect it to be like a normal interview? Did they expect it to be just conventional and boring and whatever else?’ No man, we’re shakin’ the tree. we’re shakin’ all the trees.”

How would Sheen describe himself today? “I am grandiose because I live a grandiose life, and I’m tired of being ‘Aw, shucks. No, that’s not me.’ Yes, that is me. Thank you for recognizing it and I support it. What’s wrong with that?” He said he used to see actors that appeared arrogant and full of themselves, and now, he realized they were just “uberconfident” and “projecting an image that they believe to be true.”

To his credit, Rossen read tweets to Sheen that expressed how some fans perceive him now: one called Sheen manic and said he or she felt bad for his kids, one said he or she would want to pop Sheen’s ego if sitting beside him, and one asked what Sheen smelled like because he looked disheveled and as though he smokes a carton a day. Sheen said it’s sad that those people have the time to tweet about him (“Get a job, anyone?”) and that he doesn’t come from a place of ego. When Rossen told him one woman did say she agreed with him, Sheen said, “Well, she’s awake. The others [pretended to snore].”

Told some fans are genuinely concerned for him, Sheen spoke directly into the camera to them: “Don’t be worried. Celebrate this movement,” he said. “And I love and I’m so grateful that you have supported me and the show for so long. I will not let you down. Trust me.”

Sheen next took his “movement” to this morning’s Howard Stern satellite radio show.

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  • ChrisWrites

    I hope this isn’t the end for the big man! Charlie Sheen = Legend!!

    • LOL


    • Will

      It is quickly looking like the end for Charlie Sheen. No one is going to want to work with the egomaniac. The amount of disrespect he shows towards his cast mates is ridiculous.

      Sad that it costs $2 million to compensate 200 workers for 4 episodes when they pay that to Sheen for one episode’s worth of a phoned in performance.

      • Sandy

        What an errogent jerk. John Stamos would be an awesome replacement. charlie Sheen is not what he used to be.
        Time to dry out that wet brain buddy.
        And his 2 paid goddesses. They will be along for the ride as long as the ride lasts. Money talks.
        He has become the biggest loser. Too bad, he had a good run and now its over Charlie.

      • Jamie

        People say that about sports figures too, but somehow these athletes that everyone thinks ruin their careers with what they say or do still get jobs and sign with big teams. I see the same thing happening with Sheen and maybe he’ll end up working out in his driveway the next time things go south ;P

      • Carla

        If Charlie Sheen is alive by April 1, I will be very surprised.

      • Kate

        I agree. Who wants to work with an expensive egomaniac. Especially when that person is untalented IMO. Honestly this guy is either mentally unstable or the most selfish, arrogant douche.

    • Billy

      Live with your hair on fire Charlie…you rock! I’m behind you dude…I’ve known ya since the “Lucus” days and I’m gettin old too. I’ve heard an interesting quote once…”Live your life like an exclamation point, not and explanation point”…

    • mcfly

      Legend? You have very low standards, dude.

  • Hannah F.

    All that can be said:

    lol what

    • Joe

      Why do we believe everything people say? He’s an ACTOR!!!!!!

    • LP

      The movement of people who want him off TV?

    • Mike

      I love Charlie Sheen. LOL@everyone who judges and criticizes b/c they want people to conform and be subdued, when really they want a taste of his life. Not that his life is for me, but I’d love to hang with guy. He’s his own person, living his life and not killing anyone else. So, everyone else should mind their own business. And like so many others have said, he’s always been this way. The studio new exactly what it was doing, case in point by portraying Charlie in Two and a Half Men as Charlie.

      • kerry

        I like him too. I hope he can work out everything with CBS and bring the show back.

        And no way could they replace him. The chemistry between him and John Cryer is great.

      • boxer

        It’s great how you’d love to ‘hang’ with a guy who beats women. Totally awesome.

    • Heidi

      He sounds like he’s running a cult in his own home, with his goddesses who look like porn versions of stepford wives

      • L

        Almost sounds like a borderline abusive relationship — what it comes down to it, what he says goes. What a role model for his twin boys.

  • Generation Gossip

    Wow. Just wow. Everytime I think we’ve hit the very bottom, the worst of the worst, Charlie outdoes himself. I hope someone gets him help soon.

    Check Out

    • Joe

      You hope he gets help soon and then pimp your site? You are so helpful Generation Gossip!

      • Joe

        I think Generation Gossip is the most sincere person on this board.

    • Joe

      Your site looks about as bad as Charlie Sheen after a bender.

    • Jeanne

      I’m sorry, GG, but I agree with Joe. Your site looks like a VERY cheap imitation of Perez Hilton’s. Please work on your typos, spelling and punctuation!!

  • UGH

    Goddesses=future porn stars.
    How sad.

    • Owen

      Future porn stars? They ARE porn stars. Check the net.

      • UGH

        Sorry. Can’t watch the video at work. Only saw the above picture. They look a bit too wholesome in that cap.

      • harry

        True! Bree Olsen is super hot!!!

    • Shiny

      Goddesses = truck stop hookers.

  • lu

    “The goddesses help parent his twin boys” — who the heck is their mother and where in the world is she? This statement made my skin crawl.

    • chantoozysuzy

      She is also an addict and has been going through rehab. But for heaven’s sake, the grandparents should step up.

      • Diane

        Can they? Until and unless the courts act aren’t they powerless?

      • reason

        how many does he have?

      • L

        Kids? 5, I believe.

    • Jennifer

      That is the same thing I thought… If i was the mother of his kids I would go to court or something so that he couldn’t see them until he gets his act straigt….Another question..does he get paid for these interviews?

      • Heidi

        no – and he’s initiating most of them by just calling people up!

    • hummingbird

      I totally agree. WHY are his children still allowed to be with this obvious addict and his porn star “roommates”? I guess if a mother of a teenaged girl can torture her to death in Oregon and no one in the “system” cares to follow up and see what is going on, even though her teachers and school mates do, why should I be surprised at this? Get those children out of that house! I don’t care that he is a “celebrity” he is damaging them.

    • not a fan

      hey wake up social services-there are kids in crisis here. martin sheen must be so proud

    • Heidi

      porn stars can be sweet girls, I’m sure…sweet girls who had dreams of hollywood and ended up in porn. BUT the fact remains that Charlie is not in a sane state and I do think someone needs to be checking in on the boys to ensure their needs are being met, no drugs are in the house, etc.

  • K

    First, the authorities need to get those babies out of that house. Second, let’s stop focusing a camera on this car crash now… please!

  • Silent E

    Good Lord! Does he honestly think he has any fans left? Jed Bartlet needs to stage a massive intervention, stat! Someone needs to go get those kids—

    • Elizabeth

      Intervention wont put a dent in this circus. I think Charlie’s “achieved” a new level of what the hell that no professional can probably get a hold on.

      • Heidi

        his behaviour is so similar to cult leaders – seriously

  • Concerned

    And now you have a clue as to why his PR guy bailed. Charlie (as much as I like the guy), is commiting career suicide in front of the entire world. He may feel invicible but that high will evaporate quickly once he takes a look at the damage he’s done to his credibility and career. Charlie, as a concerned fan, get professional help!

  • David

    Th Crazy Train made another stop I see.

  • Yeah so

    The two men show sucks. I’ve always thought so. Charlie is way better w/out the show. He is a warlock legend!

    • D

      A Vatican assassin

  • Marianne

    Charlie Sheen looks like death.

    • Mae

      He does. he looks terrible. I hope he gets the help he needs.

      • Lisa

        I never found him attractive to begin with, but now he just looks old and gaunt (and unattractive).

    • Erin

      He really does

    • California

      I agree. I’m concerned he isn’t eating enough. He looks sickly.

  • Charlie Warlock

    This dude seems like he has Tiger blood or something. People really do need to embrace The Sheen. Its immensly entertaining.

  • Sandy

    Yes, don’t judge Mr. Sheen right now.He might be mentally sick, ut to me he may be more with the issue of slef worth and who he think he is. He is crying for support because he is lonely inside and feels low self worth. For all the madness he is now, I feel that he is a man with a genuine heart and is not selfless, ut he wants show that he the the MAN. Be patient with him and DO NOT judge. I hope he will be fine in th end. Be patient with youself, Mr. Sheen, you will e betetr that you are now.

  • susela

    His two-year-olds LIVE with him??? Where are the grandparents? Where’s Child Services? Someone rescue those kids!

    • Erin

      I know-this has disater written all over it. How can those kids be allowed to live with him???

  • LR


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