'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Nikita,' 'Big Love,' 'White Collar': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-Room_510.jpg Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC; David Giesbrecht/USA; Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW; Isabella Vosmikova/HBOAs promised, Spoiler Room is now twice a week! So keep those questions about your favorite shows coming in. With our new programming schedule, I have a chance to get to a bunch more of them — hopefully yours snuck in here this week. If not, keep harassing me at spoilerroom@ew.com or on Twitter @EWSandraG.

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If there’s one thing Nikita knows how to do, it’s cliffhangers. And the one on last week’s episode (the last new episode until April) was one of the best of the series so far. But assuming Michael doesn’t pump Nikita full of lead with that giant gun he was hanging on to, what can we expect from the next new episode? Maggie Q. dished exclusively to EW about it, and gave a little preview of the upcoming exploration of Mikita. (We all use the term; I say, embrace it.)

“What I really like on an emotional level about the next episode is that you’re going to see a new side to Michael and Nikita and their relationship you’ve never seen before. And you’re going to see a type of vulnerability from the both of them that they don’t really ever have around anyone else but each other,” the actress says. “And it’s not only what you’ve never seen it before, you’re going to understand where it comes from and a lot of the source of the pain as to why they’ve been at odds.”

But as the show starts getting deeper and deeper into the pair’s story, she teases, there could start to be cracks in Nikita’s stony mask. “You’re going to see Nikita shift a bit when Michael’s in the room and shift when Michael’s around because he provides a presence for her that she doesn’t have with anyone else,” she says. “I think that at the end of the next episode, everything that they’re going to go through — and there’s a lot — I think it’s going to be a sad thing for people. Then I think that after the sadness, there may be hope out of a dark place.”


greys-anatomyImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCSo this is happening — and I don’t think anyone saw it coming.

After surly Dr. Stark (Peter MacNicol) awkwardly asked sweet, innocent April out at the end of the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the stunned audience was exactly where Sarah Drew found herself when she first read the script. But, Drew says, this interesting new pair will make a lot more sense after the next new episode, which will jump forward a month from where we left off.

“In the next episode, we’ve been on several dates at that point,” she tells EW exclusively. “She sees a side to him that he doesn’t show to anyone else at the hospital, and she finds that part endearing. I think they enjoy the companionship.” But it’s companionship that will no doubt come with a few wagging fingers and commentary from her fellow residents.

“You get an insight into what’s going on in the next episode. It’s funny and a little sad and sweet,” she says. “But we’ve never done anything like this on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s usually gorgeous men like Jesse Williams taking his shirt off and getting it on in the on-call room. We haven’t really seen this kind of a thing before, so I think it’s fun.”

Just don’t look for virgin April to be having, ahem, too much fun with her significantly older companion.

“I’m almost positive she’s not losing her virginity by the end of the season. The latest I’ve heard from the writing room is that she’s going to hold on to it for some time,” she says. “I think they’re really planning to take care of that and make it really beautiful and really sweet and develop that story.” Sorry, Stark.


Oh, Cara Lynn. As if the Henrickson clan didn’t have enough heat on them, things are about to blow up even bigger on the final season of Big Love.

In the last episode, we saw Nicki in a gleeful mood (well, as gleeful as she’s going to get) following her marriage to Bill, but once she gets word about Cara Lynn’s relationship to Mr. Ivey, calm won’t exactly be the word of the day. “She definitely kind of drops the bomb on the household when that comes out,” Cassi Thomson says, before attempting to describe Nicki’s reaction to the revelation. “Oh, how do you even describe anything from Nicki? Just utter and complete horror and shock. It’s the end of the world for Nicki.”

And even though the marriage has been finalized between Nicki and Bill, Thomson reveals that “Cara Lynn doesn’t necessarily want this adoption” because of the toll on the family that has brought her into their lives — a fact that makes her secret scandalous relationship hurt the family even more. “When this thing comes out about Greg Ivey, it’s kind of a slap in the face to everybody. They’re doing everything in their power to welcome her into their home, and then she turns around and does something so off the charts that nobody expected. And from her side of things, it’s very challenging, because what do you do?”

Hmm, let’s say you start by not sexing it up with teach.


White Collar is wrapping up soon. Devastating! What can you tell us? — Kristy
Well, I can’t ruin the big ending for you. Creator Jeff Eastin took care of that a few months back when he told you that the ending was literally Neal standing in a room. (That’s very much the truth — with notable omissions of crucial information, obviously.) What Eastin didn’t tell you was that Neal shares a passionate kiss with someone in the finale after a brush with death — and it’s not Sara. But she does see it, and it leads to a very awkward dinner dinner at Peter’s house. (Awkward Neal, FTW!) Also, I will be chatting with Eastin about the finale, so start sending in your burning questions now about season 3. Yeah, I know you haven’t seen the finale yet but get creative.

GLEEImage Credit: Adam Rose/FoxIt has been said that Finchel will get back together this season — when will we start to see that happen? — G
Word is still out on Finchel, but I can tell you of another Gleemance (eeeeww, I hate myself for that) in bloom. By the end of next week’s episode, the door will be open for Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) and Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) to possibly become a couple. (You’ll see why.) What my tipster didn’t weigh in on, however, was whether Paltrow would be back a third time. And my question for you, Gleeks, is: Would you want her back?

Hot in Cleveland was renewed. Happy day! Any idea what’s in store for the hilarious ladies? — Raye
Yes, we’re getting one more hilarious lady! I’m told Doris Roberts is filming an episode this week that will air in June and she plays a woman Elka’s husband had an affair with who has a secret [SPOILER] of his that neither he nor Elka knew about.

I’m shamefully excited about the Secret Life coming back. What’s going to happen with the gang, especially Amy and Ricky!
Well, the good news is that instead of flirting with Ricky, pouty-as-ever Ashley starts to flirt with the idea of homeschool. Meanwhile, Amy pressures hesitant Ricky into getting tested for STIs/STDs/parting gifts of his promiscuity. It seems she’s ready when he is for a second go at it…. (Here’s hoping this one doesn’t end the way the last one did.)

Eastbound & Down. PLEASE! – Jason
Well, all I have for you is a bit of promising news. (Hey, they haven’t even started writing season 3. Give me a break.) EW caught up with John Hawkes at the Indie Spirit Awards this weekend, and he said he was hopeful about a return for his character this season after being MIA throughout most of last season.” I don’t think Danny’s written it or anything. Last season most of it took place in Mexico and my guy has a family and is settled, so there was no need for me until the finale. I really hope Kenny Powers stays local because I would love to go back and be involved in season 3. It is a great show and fun people.”

I’m on the verge of begging! Greek is almost done, and Evan and Rebecca just broke up! I have an idea where everyone else is going but what about these two? PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE! — Eli
I almost waited until you begged, but we’re running out of time here! (Sniffle) So instead, I’ll let creator Patrick Sean Smith give you a few clues as to how things end between the two. “I can’t help but read the message boards and people’s responses, and I know that they’re upset right now to see him be such a jerk and how harsh he was to Rebecca,” Smith tells me. “But I wanted to earn that dip to make this rise all the much more exciting, to be an adult and a grown up.” And if you love Greek so much, you’re going to love my post-mortem with Smith that’ll post here on EW’s InsideTV blog immediately after the finale. We talk about everything from Ashley and Cappies’ eyebrow-raising ending, to Rusty’s new…oh, that’s too good. Sorry. But trust me, it’s good.

I’m loving Mr. Sunshine, and I hope it gets a fighting chance. Any word on what’s coming up?
Tomorrow’s episode is a doozy and might leave you subconsciously creating inappropriate mnemonic devices after Ben creates nicknames for people in the office in order to remember their names. (Example: Doug Miller = disgusting moles) And if that’s not enough to make you tune in, watch to see Allison Janney with a ‘fro. (“I look like Art Garfunkel!”)

Jason-GeorgeImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCHi Sandra. Is there any news on the fate of Off the Map? Great show that isn’t a spin-off (seriously — how many CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc. do we need?) but no one is watching. What gives? Crappy time slot?  — Jennifer B.
The fate of Map very much lies in the hands of the powers that be, and it remains in the danger zone on EW’s TV Survival Scorecard. Creatively, however, it’s as healthy as can be, according to Jason George, who plays Dr. Otis Cole. And it’s about to get even better: Otis is going to prison! But not in cuffs. (Hey, it wouldn’t be safe to put someone that pretty in jail!) George sats we’ll soon see what the cast is referring to as Map‘s “Shawshank episode”: “We literally go to prison. There’s a hepatitis outbreak at the prison, and Otis volunteers there routinely, every few months. There’s some great stuff in that one.”

Would love some news on Skins. All the hooking up is totally trashy…and I can’t stop watching!! — Stanley
Next week, Daisy gets in on all the inter-sexing when she sleeps with Abbud. (Don’t worry, PTC, it’s not graphic.) But that’s only a sliver of what happens in the heartbreaking episode that takes us into her broken home life and her fractured relationship with her former musician dad, which hits even harder times when she decides to try out for a spot at a conservatory.

Hey, why no love for CSI: Miami? Maybe some Delko news? — Joanna
I hope you love a hottie in peril as much as you love CSI: M. In an upcoming episode about a mysterious murder in a club, Delko has a tower-of-terror moment in an elevator.

Blue Bloods scoop, please! — Laura
Linda (Amy Carlson) will go through a tough time in an upcoming episode when her young, beautiful niece (who the audience has yet to meet) is at the center of a case that could have deadly consequences.

Any scoop on my favorite show The Good Wife???? — Becky
You mean other than all the goodies I gave you last week? Hmm… how about this: Tonight, Zach gets in on the campaign action and ends up giving his dad a leg up in the race in a huge way.

Congrats on expanding your spoiler empire. :) Any Community scoop you can dig up, please?  It might help the next three Greendale-less weeks go by. — Robin
Painful as they are for us all, if this works out, something tells me it will be well worth the wait.

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell, Tim Stack, and Maggie Pehanick)

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  • GeeMoney

    The April-Dr. Stark romance on Grey’s sounds promising and entertaining… here’s hoping that the writers do a good job with it.

    • Trenton

      Something tells me she is going to get a lot of daddy jokes, lexie will chime in, and get it thrown back in her face which means awkward breakfast scene with Dr. Wheres my shirt

  • MGL

    Absolutely love Nikita and “Mikita”. March will be too long. Also love White Collar, but the show was lacking something this past short winter season. It needs a small amount of romance! Would like most to see Alex back in Neal’s life.

    • Trenton

      Only two episodes left and Sarah and Neal have never kissed, so she can’t be “how dare you”. Jealous I guess. Alex is the only character we’ve seen as romance for Neal…except Natalie Morales who played FBI agent who is apparently superfluous. Im curious to see who they deem as a gladiator for Neal’s affections.

  • FD

    Love Gwynnie P on Glee as Holly Holiday. Keep her appearances coming. She has great chemistry with Matthew Morrison.

    • hermione

      Totally agree. He’s not such a creep when he’s with Holly. He turns into a full-blown head case whenever he pursues Emma.

    • MarkysLawyer

      I agree too. She makes Will a better person (character). Even if they don’t stay together, she can still come back in the future. A school always needs subs.

      • KarlHall

        YES! Best part about holly holliday – substitute teacher can always leave and come back again!!

  • Asha

    That Community scoop made my jaw drop. Haha! I’m excited to see J. Holloway back and on a comedy too! Excited times 10 for this.

  • Reena

    I put a comment up but it didnt show up…this maybe a duplicate but it basically said NO MORE PALTROW on Glee…I am dissapointed in this season in general…its not about the story lines..no mercedes love?? she just sits there and waves her hands around with Artie…also its more of a whos the biggest guest star..what big songs can we just throw into an episode…i still watch it but might not depending on how the rest of the season will go..

    • Anonymous

      Word. On all of that.

    • hermione

      Really? Meh, you won’t be missed. I think like, NCIS is on during Glee, so try that out and see how ya like it.

    • Kate

      Agree, no more Holly, bring back actors who can sing like April (K Cheno) and Shelby (Idina Menzal), instead of overratted oscar winners!

  • Pam

    I hope Off the Map sticks around. It’s a nice brainless show to watch mid-week.

    • Kerry

      Count me in as a fan of Off The Map. It gets better with each episode with stronger writing and acting. Wish more people would watch it so it won’t get cancelled.

      • Lisa London

        Me too.



  • tracy bluth

    I would love it if Hawkes’ character and his family returned for season 3 (“What’s this one’s name, Shrek? No?”)

  • Flip

    I thought it was already announced Gwyneth would be back for two episodes in a row–the first next week, and the second the week after. Right?

  • wtfnyc

    Please, NO MORE GWYNETH!!! My ears are still bleeding from the Oscars. UGH.

    • Hidey Ho

      Pipe down, drama queen! She’s not the best, but she’s not bad either.

    • Sam

      No SHES AWFUL!

  • tvfan

    On White Collar I think Neal will kiss Alex and I think Sarah may be jealous of both of them.

  • Ty

    Ok did I miss something I thought alex took aprils v card?

    • tvfan

      Maybe Alex comes back in this episode.

    • Trenton

      Ha..ur confusing grey’s with White Collar. April wanted to, but Alex was dealing w/ his brother attempting to kill his sister and thus having to sign him in to a mental institution. Alex proceeded to pull an Alex and april left. April still a virgin…Alex is a girl in White Collar, who hooked up w/ Neal right around the time he was smitten w/ Kate. Neal gave her his body, not his heart.

  • Rachel

    LOVE Gwyneth on Glee! Bring her back for as many as she’ll agree to.

    • Diana

      They will come Rachael it took almost a year for me to get one. I plan to send him a thank you note for all of our blog trfifac. We got 140 hits yesterday our all time high and on 4/20 too! Thanks again everyong for taking the time to inform Brandon on the facts.

  • tvfan

    I forgot about Diana. Maybe she’s Neal’s mystery kiss.

    • Trenton

      Who is Diana? I think the way Neal and Sarah kiss will be “for the con” but it goes on longer than needed which of course it does and sarah gets the itch. Neal just realizes he is ready, but doesn’t think about Sarah in terms of that. What if Elisabeth had a younger sister…could see comedy gold in that dynamic w/ Peter finding ways to put out those flames.

      • tvfan

        Diana Berrigan. She’s also an FBI agent.

      • Trenton

        She’s a lesbian

  • blurgh

    I don’t watch any of these shows. How about some news from some good shows?

    • Ally

      How about you shut up? Yeah, great! Nikita and Glee are the best!

      • Casey

        My my aren’t you a mean pri ck.

    • hermione

      No sh*t! Pray tell Blurgh, what respectable shows do you watch? Antiques Roadshow and Sister Wives? GTFO!

  • Rach

    YES. EMBRACE IT PEOPLE. MIKITA. They are the best thing in life. Lol

    thank you Sandra, for this scoop! Maggie & Shane are just fan in themselves – they analyze Mikita as much as we do!! <333

    And i can't effing wait for april!! More Mikita is the only thing the show is missing :D

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