Charlie Sheen's children surrendered to police: Reports

Reports emerged late Tuesday night saying that Charlie Sheen has surrendered his twin boys to police custody following allegations that the beleaguered Two and a Half Men star had been abusive to his ex-wife. A source has reportedly confirmed to People that the police visited Sheen’s Beverly Hills mansion Tuesday evening and removed the two boys. Earlier on Tuesday, Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller won a restraining order based on her allegations that the actor was physically and verbally abusive to Mueller. According to People, a judge has prohibited Sheen from getting within 100 yards of Mueller or the children.

Late Tuesday, Sheen tweeted: “My sons’ are fine… My path is now clear… Defeat is not an option..!”

Both Sheen and Mueller are required to attend a hearing on March 22 to determine whether the restraining order is extended.

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  • Save the children

    Finally. It was frightening and quite disgusting seeing him behave so vile and being such a degenerate in front of his little boys.

    • Jedi

      You are just jealous of the Adonnis blood that runs through his veins.

      • Jason

        That is not Adonnis blood. Someone who can’t keep their children and support them is not a man but a coward, a wimp. Pathetic.

      • K

        No no no. He has TIGER blood, and Adonis DNA. Very important distinction; very important for winning! (God, he’s disturbed.)

      • DFSF

        And his fists breathe fire!

      • Lari


        “Adonnis blood”… is that another name for cocaine? I’m glad his kids are safely out of there. The higher Charlie feels is just that much closer to crashing. I hope he lives through it.

    • helo??

      Um, and this is coming from the mother who was IN REHAB!!! These kids are doomed with genes like their parents!

  • Mary

    Finally good news from Charliegate! That guy needs serious help!!

    • Hidey Ho

      No no no! Not Charliegate. Please! Ugh. Nipplegate was bad enough. How about Sheenwreck?

  • grace

    Those kids are not safe with their father, s sad but ture.

    • JL

      Charlie is winner!

  • Toni

    The question is, what took them so long? His exes seem to always have their problems, but why wasn’t CPS called as soon as he was talking about his pornstar goddesses as nannies for his 2-year-old twins? His kids might not be old enough to understand it, but surely the adults in Sheen’s life should have seen that this guy’s in no condition to be around adults, nevermind defenseless 2-year-olds…even if they’re the only ones that might relate to him these days.

    • Dean

      because being a “pornstar goddesses” doesn’t automatically make them a danger to children

      • Toni

        It doesn’t make them a healthy or appropriate environment to be around, either. It’s called being a parent.

      • Val

        you mean because porn stars have such self respect and that they couldn’t possibly do drugs and they are such a great influence on children they should be around them UNLESS they would “physically” harm them? Is that was you mean by “a danger”? I wouldn’t want my children touched by those skanks with their fake nails because who knows where they have been and who knows what they do around 2 year olds who can’t talk and report back to mom yet.

      • Heidi

        I agree. These girls seem to be clean (drug free) and very sweet. A bit stepford wife, but I wasn’t as alarmed about that as I was with Sheen and Mueller parenting.
        At this point I’d get Denise to get kinship care custody of the boys. I’m a foster parent but even I think a stable family member can be the best situation for a child.

      • meels

        Agree with Heidi–Denise seems to be the only responsible adult in this convoluted situation. If she had the twins they could be with their half-sisters in a stable, caring environment. I wonder if Emilio or the other brother would take the boys.

      • L

        When you become a parent, your life ceases to be solely about you. Sheen hasn’t learned that yet. That situation would confuse the most worldly of children, let alone 2 yr olds.

      • ZZZZ

        What a load of crap, you don’t know what Sheen has or hasn’t learned, but you’re talking out of your ass.

  • Cate-e-did

    How did this take so long? I think the children should be removed from Brooke’s care also for leaving them there in the first place!

    He is deranged and on the fast track to “crash and burn”

  • Lu

    So now Brooke has a restraining order against him after she spent the weekend in the Bahamas with him and the goddesses? This woman is also in desperate need of some help. Poor kids…

    • madd

      i think kids should be with charley brooke is on drugs in rehab all the time

  • EricInWisconsin

    At the time of the surrender of the children, they were high on a drug. And the drug was Charlie Sheen!

    • aimee


    • L


  • Clay

    There’s some porn stars that I would more readily trust than some of the ditsy 15 year old baby sitters that sat with me when I was a youngster.

    • Toni

      But enough about your self-pleasuring fantasies, Clay…

  • Jan Allinger

    Finally something is going in the right direction for these little boys. I hope the other two children get taken away from this terrible situation with the porn star nannies.

    • Lauri

      What other 2 children? Denise Richards has custody of their daughters and as far as I remember, he isn’t allowed to be alone with them.

  • Tammy Lawson

    Charlie Sheen is an arrogant, self-centered narcissist extrordinaire. Born in to Hollywood royalty, he has lived a life of privilege…too much easy life and not enough reality to develop into anything more than a stilted, abusive, drug addicted no-it-all. UGH!


    1 NFL CBA

    • L

      Your spelling ability.

      • AMD

        LOL! I was thinking the same thing about the spelling! Uh, spellcheck much??? DUH!

    • bill

      Just wondering if you saw that Recent Vince Vaughn/Kevin James movie, “The Delema”?

    • Guy Incognito

      Moron Alert!

  • Winning Winner

    All these people who think they know best for Charlie make me sick. Mind your own business.

    He will get his kids back in no time.

    With the feminist laws all men live under it is easy to take away kids on the basis of false allegations.

    He has the money to get the best lawyers to get his kids back and BURY Brooke.

    • Toni

      Right. Between the threats, the rambling interviews and nonsensical behavior, a judge is going to look at that compared to his ex’s mother and say, “Sheen’s bi-winning.” That’s not how court works. They give custody to the most stable hoe life. Right now, there is no stability in these kids’ lives. Money doesn’t trump stupidity or mental defect in a custody case.

      • Fireflystare221

        If they are giving the children to whoever has the most stable “hoe” life, I would say that would be Charlie for sure.

        haha Sorry I had to.

    • Val

      You need to change your name to “Charlie’s Champion”

    • tonik

      Your concern for those kids is touching. Just because he is a famous actor does not give him the right to do whatever he wants to those kids. Hopefully this will shock him into behaving a little more responsibly. I don’t want to see him lose his kids either but come on – the guy’s a walking time bomb! Shape up Charlie – want to see you succeed!

      • ZZZZ

        The fact you support shocking families by kidnapping children shows how you’re a worse person than Sheen has ever been.

    • Lauri

      False accusations? Anyone with eyes and ears can see he is unhinged. All the money in the world will not erase his erratic behavior of the last few months. He won’t be “winning” anything. And the only one who will be buried is Sheen, if he doesn’t straighten out his act. He has the look of a man who is not long for this world. If I were a betting woman, I would put him in my death pool.

      • ZZZZ

        His funny behavior hasn’t been erratic; it has been over-hyped and twisted by the media. Do you believe everything you read or hear? I suppose you thought Sarah Palin was the mother of Bristol’s baby, too, huh? I bet you believe everything Obama says, too, huh?

    • Al

      He’s lucky he had access after being convicted of beating the children’s mother. That was because of his money, but his money won’t overcome this. The lawyers for Brooke just need to enter one of his interviews into evidence.

    • linda

      Thanks Charlie for your input.
      He didn’t have full custody, and you have to hard proof to get visitations remove, and he did that all by himself.

    • chillydogs

      Feminist laws? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You mean the white male patriarchal system that has run this country for centuries? Or do you really believe women are in charge?

  • JW

    As much as I believe these children should be removed from CS and BM permanently, the removal may simply mean his custody time was up until his next visit. He and BM share custody 50/50 and it may just be her time. Let’s get all the facts. Also, don’t forget she went to Rehab for crack addiction while she was pregnant with the twins. Neither have any business raising children!

    • Tami

      You’re right. But realize also that the vast majority of Americans have no business having/raising children. But until it is decided that having children is not a right the morons will keep breeding and raising more degenerates for society to deal with.

      • L

        Well, maybe a responsible adult will step in and keep them from becoming “degenerates”.

    • Lauri

      No. If you read the article, it clearly stated that the restraining order bars him from getting within 100 yards of Brooke OR the kids. I’m not saying she’s any better as a parent, but seriously, leaving them in HIS care was a tragedy waiting to happen.

    • linda

      Yes BM went to rehab When she was pregnant, and she had 2 healthy boys and (so far as we know) is clean. She not being rushed to the hospital or breaking up hotel rooms and living with sluts.
      My point is she got healthy and not living in fantasies land.

  • tom

    The man is clinically insane. They should have been removed a long time ago

  • jeff



      Sir, you are under arrest for expressing yourself like a 4 year old. You have the right to remain stupid.

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