The best 'Game of Thrones' trailer yet -- EXCLUSIVE

This is a big day for Game of Thrones fans.

First, below is the new trailer for HBO’s intensely anticipated fantasy series. It’s billed as the cable network’s first “full-length” promo featuring new footage for Thrones and it’s also the strongest ad we’ve seen yet. Thrones, HBO’s “Sopranos-with-swords” drama series based on a bestselling series of novels by George R. R. Martin, premieres April 17. The trailer, which you’ll only find here on EW, is slightly NSFW (sort of PG-13-ish … the show itself, btw, is very NSFW). Then for longtime fans of the novels, be sure to see our other breaking Thrones news below…

I know. The Wall. Jamie. Tyrion. Very cool. Anyway, that’s not all. “When will you finish?” is a question author Martin has been asked countless times as he’s worked on the fifth installment of his series that launched with Game of Thrones. Well, EW has, right here and now, no waiting, the looooooong awaited Book 5 — A Dance With Dragons — publication date, exclusive, plus the book’s jacket cover art (oh quit looking perplexed, Kindle owners!). Plus, a snippet of the first interview with George R.R. Martin since he finished the book.

So, are you ready for the Dragons publication date?

It’s less than a year away…

It’s more than a month away…

It’s also more than two months away…

It’s …on EW’s books blog Shelf Life (duh, Inside TV is the TV blog, what were you thinking? Go here now now now).

Also: EW’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Central

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  • Rygar


    • Devin Faraci

      Zzzzzzzzz. This show is sooooooo booooooooring!!!

      • Mac

        How much “fantasy” is there? Monsters? Magic?

        It seems like it could just be taking place in the Middle Ages…

      • James

        The show hasnt even aired yet you idiot. These are the best books i’ve ever read. If you read them you would know how amazing this show could be.

      • Lame

        You ignorant slut, fantasy shows can be full of creativity and make for great tv. Go back to watching the real housewives or some other trash reality show

      • Mick

        Mac, the book series contains many fantastic elements, including magic, giants, dragons, etc. But these are never the primary focus of the story.

      • Jim

        I’d like to add to Mick, that not only are they not the primary focus of the story, there is very little “fantasy” elements on screen. As the author himself said, “the entire series is infused with a sense of magic, but there is very little on-stage magic.”

      • Clint

        the books mostly contain a “middle ages” kind of theme to them… and especially early on you get the sense that there’s not much fantasy in this fantasy series… but as the storyline progresses it becomes much more evident, but as mick said it’s never been (yet) the focal point of the story.

      • Chris

        The books combined the lyricism of Lord of the Rings with the imagination of Dune and the grit of The Godfather. I feel sorry for anyone who did not get sucked into this incredibly imaginative world. There are few things better in life than literature that captures the soul.

      • JonSnowGhost

        As others have said the fantasy elements of the series are more in the background, they are a plot point rather than the focus of the story and this works well for the series as a whole. It takes away from the generic magic MacGuffin, magic isn’t used as a deus ex machina, instead it is a mystical force that the ordinary individual struggles to comprehend and it comes with a price, makes for fantastic storytelling and a much richer world, a world where things can’t just be solved by the flick of a wand or the reading of a spell and a fantasy story that doesn’t involve everyone fighting for control of the aforementioned magical MacGuffin. A story in which characters are not necessarily good or evil, they are neither black nor white, instead they are morally gray, even the characters that are considered the good guys are flawed and have motives that can be contrived as selfish and amoral, and as for the “evil” characters (if any characters in ASOIAF can be called evil, other than Gregor) there motives are usually ambiguous and given much more exposure and justification than in generic fantasy, it truly makes for fantastic story and character development.

      • xhris

        @Mac. You get to see “the white walkers” in the very first episode, but you wont seem them again until the third season of this show. So dont worry about magic stuff. The real story is the Game. And that’s the most awesome part of Georgys books.

      • hyperion

        tu eres tooooontoooo

      • Nirvsy


        (in regards to the later comment… there’s very little magic. It’s more about human interaction instead of supernatural spectacle. And I think that’s a much more legitimate way to gain an audience’s attention. Anyone can make a monster and a lightshow of fireballs and sell tickets. It takes much more effort to make a fantasy story sell based on political complexity)

    • Jeremy Robertson

      If you don’t know don’t give an opinion, GOT is the greatest story you will ever read. Complex characters, amazing plot, gripping action, page by page pleasure and excitement!

    • Jon Snow

      This show will be amazing. I’ve read all 4 novels and I must say, they’re the best I’ve ever read yet. I read a variety of genre’s too, not just fantasy. I’m studying Literature at university as well. This series, if it’s even a fifth as good as the books, will be amazing, so ignore those nasty comments about how terrible it looks because this is as real as fantasy gets. In the GOT world people don’t really much believe in magic, so the magic and such is a bit more subtle than one might desire, but I assure you, this is not a bad thing in the slightest… IF you’re looking for an EPIC story about a medieval style world where there is war, atrocities, and twist upon unexpected twist as well as subplot after subplot, you’ll LOVE the books, and no doubt LOVE the show.

  • pkelly

    Is that Carcetti as Petyr? That. Is. Awesome.

    • m

      it is carcetti! i have been waiting for him to pop up in something.

    • psyche

      i’m not familiar with the actor, but he totally nailed the cagey [paraphrase] “the wisest thing you did since getting off your horse was to not trust me” line.

      he captures the bootlicker/hiding that he’s probably smarter than you balance amazingly just in those few clips. its all in the eyes.

    • Shotgun Samurai

      Thank you! I thought he was familiar!

    • AC

      That has been my favorite part of the casting so far. Littlefinger is the perfect part for Carcetti to play.

      • BMan

        How about Carcetti is the best actor to play littlefinger?

    • soz

      I was just about to post that. Woohoo!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Game of Thrones and Camelot, woohoo!!! I’m getting my fill of Fantasy epics this Spring! Love it!

    • Eli

      Except Camelot was one giant disappointment.

  • Dale Rippke

    The Wall! A white walker! My Lord this is really happening…

    • crispy

      I wonder if that’s Benjen Stark and his men going beyond the Wall? It also sounds like the deserter that Ned beheads was a ranger. I don’t recall that from the book, but it’s been a while!

      • DocBean

        Ned is beheading Will in this scene. They made the change for HBO, in the books it’s Garad, both are rangers, and that wasn’t a white walker, but a blue-eyed man.

      • Dale Rippke

        It wasn’t a man…at least a living one. It’s nose looks to have rotted off. It was a white walker. That’s what will call it shortly before Eddard decided his fate.

      • Doncosmic

        The deserter that Ned beheads at the beginning of the book is the ranger that runs away and survives in the prologue.

      • nick

        They aren’t white walkers or “the others”. Pretty sure it was a reanimated corpse because in the book it says that when a white walker reanimates a corpse they have icy blue eyes grey skin.

      • ingsve confirmed that it is a white walker over twitter. Ran saw a concept art of it when he was in Belfast.

      • Mafan

        It was Gared, who was beheaded actually.
        Will get’s killed by Ser Waymar’s corpse. Gared stays with the horses and survives.

  • kate


  • MWeyer

    And as fans and Martin himself have known for years, Peter Dinkalage IS Tyrion.

    • Paul

      He’s too good looking!! He’s going to be amazing, but in my eyes Tyrion was always ugly. So excited for this.

      • Inertiman

        I agree, I wish they would have uglied him up, at least a little. This will force them to alter dialogue & interactions. I mean yes he’s a dwarf, but having people call him hideous or be repulsed at the sight of him is going to be a stretch now.

        I wonder if they were worried that people would have trouble connecting and empathizing with the character if he was too ugly.

        That said, DInklage is great casting.

  • Lauren

    The wall looks EPIC! What a great day!!!!

  • Nutwood


  • DarthBek

    This is, perhaps, the most epic trailer. Which is saying something because the others from the making of site have been pretty frickin’ impressive. Best. ASoIaF day. EVER.

  • Russ

    Epic. And Aiden Gillen as Petyr = major win.

  • Solamente Dave

    Wow. Just wow.

  • crispy

    I imagine most of the people squeeing right now are fans of the books. I’m sorta curious what non-fans/non-readers think of it.

    • Gunde

      I haven’t read any of the books but I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a new series this much. Based on the trailers I’m expecting this to be the greatest thing ever.

      • Paul

        Gunde, if you’re not going to read the books… avoid any internet forums about the series. Spoilers will ruin it.

      • Jeremy Robertson

        must read got is #1! grm has nailed it!

    • Lisa London

      I’m like Gunde, I’ve never read the books but very much looking forward to the series. The casting drew me to it (Coster-Waldau! Bean! Dinklage! Leana Heady!) and it’s a genre I tend to enjoy. Paul, you make a good point but I’ve avoided all spoilers so far except the trailers so I’m sure I will enjoy the show.

      • Abe

        If you haven’t read the series so far I couldn’t reccommend it more highly.

    • Quirky

      I’ve never read the books but just seeing Sean Bean starring in another fantasy/period piece has me interested. I loved the Sharpe series.

    • Kelly

      I haven’t read the books (and have no interest in them, even though I devour all types of science fiction and fantasy novels).

      The casting – Sean Bean, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Jason Momoa in particular – caught my attention, and I’ve been very impressed with leaked stills, pictures, and now this trailer. I’ll definitely be watching.

      • smitty

        if you dont read these books your depriving yourself…….BIG TIME!

    • tracy bluth

      I haven’t read the books yet, but I plan to as soon as I get any sort of a break from college. Really I’m mostly excited about this show because of Sean Bean.

    • Beth

      @Crispy: I read the 1st book with pleasure; the 2nd only to get through it. I don’t think I’ll attempt the rest anytime soon. The writing is just OK. I find myself doing little edits in my head as I read because the writing sometimes annoys me. Still, I’m looking forward to the HBO series. There’s not much well-done fantasy on TV. If it’s well-acted and filmed, I’ll enjoy it.

      • J Bay


  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    Can’t wait for this!!!!!!

  • Liz


    • econruth

      Thank you! I knew I recognized the actor but couldn’t place it.

      • Liz

        No problem, he’ll always be Boromir

  • DocBean

    sorry Dale, that wasn’t a white walker, but he did have some blue eyes!

    • Dale Rippke

      Just saw a screen capture of the creature. Looked very zombie-like because of the hole in its face where the nose was missing.Will calls it a White Walker in the scene where he’s trying to tell Eddard what he saw. Its a White Walker (or if you prefer, an Other)

      • MikeNH

        It was probably a Wright, which are “made” by the Others. Will was simply saying he saw a “White Walker” – he wasn’t necessarily saying the thing in that clip was one.

      • Corwin

        While I thought it was a Wight at first it has been confirmed by someone who has seen concept art and other stuff that it is an Other/WW. Somewhat different to how most people imagined them I would guess.

    • stark

      i believe that was Jon Arryn laying dead there after his murder. directly after that scene, Robert names Ned the Hand.

      • stark

        ah ha. i missed that on the first run through. The blue eyed fellow we saw swinging a sword had to be an Other.

      • Dale Rippke

        I’ve heard that the production team decided to rename the “others” as the “white walkers” so they didn’t have the same name as the group from the Lost television program. Works for me. I think white walkers is more evocative anyway.

      • kc53

        ‘Tis! I was in that scene…

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