Charlie Sheen's media warpath offends warlocks, rankles Mars enthusiasts

Celebrity rants of yore have offended plenty of minority groups, but Charlie Sheen’s bizarro comments in the past week have alienated some niche communities, including Wiccan groups and Mars enthusiasts.

Christian Day, an actual warlock who’s been outspoken about Sheen’s use of the term “Vatican assassin warlock,” will perform a cleansing ceremony on Sunday in Salem, Mass., to “protect, heal, and bind” Sheen by sending him ideas — directly into his head, via light — against maligning warlocks in the future. Day finds Sheen’s understanding of warlocks shoddy, to say the least. “The Vatican has assassinated plenty of warlocks, but the assassins are not warlocks themselves,” he explains.

Day will use a sword to cast a circle around himself and his fellow magic practitioners during the ritual: “As everyone knows from reading The Odyssey, swords create an energy barrier between yourself and the rest of the world,” he says.

I asked Day whether messages from “vast and extensive Lunar channels” will crowd out Day and his fellow Wiccans’ passage to Sheen’s brain, but Day isn’t worried: “A tinfoil hat might protect [Sheen] from aliens, but it won’t do anything to protect him from witches,” he said.

As a devout Catholic and friend to warlocks, famed ghost investigator Ron Kolek was doubly offended by Sheen’s remarks. “If a cleansing ceremony is unsuccessful, perhaps a good old Catholic exorcism might help him,” he said.

Mars aficionados and advocates of Mars exploration are able to joke about Sheen’s assertion that he’s a “bitchin’ rock star from Mars.” “At last, we’ve found evidence of life on Mars,” said Chris Carberry, executive director of Explore Mars, Inc., which promotes education and innovation for exploration of the red planet. “No publicity for Mars is bad publicity, up to an extent,” he said. “I don’t think Mr. Sheen would make a particularly great spokesperson for us because we’re serious about seeing man land on Mars within the next 20 years — and that won’t be Charlie Sheen!”

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  • LOL


    • Dave


    • Jenn

      This article is just as disjointed as Charlie’s rambles.

    • Mike

      Christian Day better give it up because Charlie has tiger blood

  • JMB in FL

    At first I thought this was a headline from The Onion. lol

    • Sinn

      This is the BEST comment ever!!!

  • Cris

    Ooookay, EW, I have to admit I’ve been reading and for the most part enjoying all the Charlie Sheen stuff. But NOW you’re reaching …

  • dave

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder.
    I’m feeling VERY normal these days.

  • Loyalty

    Maybe he needs to go to Mars to join his brethern in the overthrow of the police state.

  • Natasha Missick

    I’m Wiccan. I was always taught that a Warlock was not a male witch as is commonly thought-but a witch who’s outed other witches-and has been banished from circle. I’ve also always been taught that Wiccans are witches who have ethics which prohibit us from making spells against people-so nobody should ever need protection from a Wiccan. Sounds lke Day is another kind of a witch!

    • Strythiium

      You’re absolutely right. A male witch is a witch, not a warlock. A warlock is an oath-breaker. So if Christian Day proclaims himself to be a warlock, then he is not Wiccan.

    • DeliciousStrawberryFlavoredDeath

      Thank you Natasha! I was just about to say this myself. The term warlock is not complimentary.

  • Natasha Missick

    If Day’s trying to help with cleansing so Sheen feels better great. (Should be with permission though) but the talk of Sheen not being “protected from” Witches, sounds ominous.

    • Sinn

      I completely agree, we have been taught in the ways of the Wiccan and even Italian Straga teachings that a Warlock is a traitor and one who works with the Devil, both of which go against the fundamental beliefs of witchcraft.

      • Pete

        Whaa? R u 4 real?

      • Char

        Christian Day was born Dec. 25 and he needs prayer. Imagine if he found Jesus and became a complete turn around minister of christianity! And what if Charlie Sheen went on Secret Millionaire tv show? IMAGINE

  • Magie

    I don’t see anyone else trying to help CS. I believe he is suffering from Bipolar mental illness. There are plenty of medications that can help CS. I hope Dr. Drew can help

  • jury’s out

    I was talking to someone about this and she mentioned that Charlie hasn’t been himself since he went to the hospital after his last huge bender. Before, he might have been an addict, but he always behaved like a professional on the job and never aired his dirty laundry. This last episode probably left him with brain damage. He will probably never be the same again. The scary part is that he probably is sober.

    • jury’s out

      Ugh. I used probably too many times.

  • Dan93

    I don’t think he’s suffering from mental illness, I think it’s cocaine addiction. Remember he supposidly went through rehab only to be found a few days afterwards causing over $7K in damage to a hotel room on a coke binge.

    • Warlock’s Advocate Jamie

      @ Makroskizar: You state that a male WICCAN/witch is not called a warlock. You must understand that Christian isnt exactly a Wiccan. Wicca is a new age form of the ancient art known as witchcraft or sorcerery. Male practicionists of the older and less one sided traditions at one time called Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers, Necromancers, etc. A witch was originally knwon as a female who practiced witchcraft. Study your history before you go speaking for all of us who practice witchcraft. If you want to call yourself a witch and follow the new religion of witchcraft. That is fine, if you only wish to follow the wiccan ideaology that can only accept the good and live under the rule, Harm None. That is fine as well. But dont go speaking for the rest of us who practice magic. Voodoo.. is not wicca. Santa Ria… is not Wicca. Shamanism… is not wicca. You obviously still have much to learn about the various practices of Magick. I am sorry but I find your statement to be almost as ignorant and closed minded as most christian’s tend to be. You make it sound as if all who practice witchcraft ARE wiccans and should adhere to the wiccan tradition of having our males call theirselfs witches. This type of thinking is exactly what Christian Day is trying to change. I dont mean to come off so harsh, but you really do still have a lot to learn about other forms of witchcraft.

      • Sinn

        Knowing Mr. Day in person I can affirm that this is all a media stunt to get more foot traffic through his stores. Yes, he practices “a form” of magic. But above everything magical the man is a business man who looks at all press (positive and negative) as “good” press. People will want to come in to his stores to do one of 2 things now buy something from a man they respect and give props to OR see the crazy madman who is no better than an addict.

      • Pete

        Hey, you are a Heroes of Might and Magic fan too. I always preferred 3rd, but 2nd part is also great. I always play either as Warlock or Necromancer.

      • X-Man

        On a side note, most ‘Christians’ are hypocrites. Jesus Christ never preached anything about being a hypocrite. With that said most ‘Christians’ are phony disciples. Phony Peter, Paul, Johns, etc. Like Jesse Jackson is a phony Martin Luther King Jr. Just thought I would add that.

      • Makroskizhar

        Hmmm, I think you need to REREAD my comment… I NEVER stated that Christians were Wiccans/Witches… I never stated that Voodoo practitioners were either…

        I stated that the term Warlock was a UNISEX TERM used to refer to a Witch who has been outed from their coven, for WHATEVER reason.


      • Makroskizhar

        Incidentally, for someone telling me I have a lot to learn, you don’t know your history too well.

        Firstly, Wicca is a very muddled term and one I don’t like much at all, because it was coined as a way to disassociate Witchcraft from the negative overtones that term has been slumped with during times such as the Salem Witch trials. Since then it has become, as you say, a very ‘white’ path. Prior to this term, Witch was still a unisex term, and Warlock WAS used to designate someone removed from their coven.

        Just incidentally, I am 32 and have been an actively practicing witch for most of my life, I know rather a lot more about magick and my chosen spiritual beliefs than you seem to acknowledge.

        Incidentally, just for the record… a wise man never claims to be wise… and I never claimed to know everything… there is ALWAYS something new to learn… and anyone who thinks they know everything is stupid…

      • Makroskizhar

        I also NEVER stated that all Witches also refer to themselves as Wiccans.

        All Wiccans are Witches… not all Witches, however, identify with the term Wiccan and the purely white path they follow.

  • Makroskizhar

    I find Day’s understanding of warlocks shoddy, to say the least…

    Natasha is 100% correct. A Male Wiccan / Witch is NOT called a Warlock… we are called a WICCAN / WITCH. *sigh* Our religion has come a LONG way in the past number of years… it is people like Day who set us back with misinformation. I was actually highly amused by Charlie Sheens comment because a Warlock is NOT the term for a male Wiccan, and Day is out of line practicing rituals to directly effect another person WITHOUT permission.

    • Makroskizhar

      Frankly I am much more offended by Day’s comments than Charlies.

      The guy is using a sword to cast circle because, “you know, it like, said swords are powerful in The Odyssey!”

      Swords are merely one tool that can be used. There is also the wand, a staff, the Athame (which is a small, black handled dagger used much like a wand… to focus enegry and not for cutting).

      Good Grief.

      • Mitch Logan

        There’s only one man who can settle this dispute.

        Calling Doctor Bombay.
        Calling Doctor Bombay.

      • CynicalSam

        Mitch, I’d actually call on Uncle Arthur for this one…. ‘with him having the additional power of being the center square, and all.

  • Warlock’s Advocate Jamie

    Do you still think Natasha is 100% correct?

  • Woody

    I know it takes over 1 month for the drugs to get out of Charlie’s ststem. Give the guy a break, lOOk at him! PEACEout,Woody

  • Tye-Grr

    Bring it.

  • waterfall

    When reading his comments I’m wondering if he’s been so out there with drugs that something has gotten in. I work in the field of removing negative things and he’s sounding very familiar…

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