'How I Met Your Mother' renewed for two seasons

how-i-met-your-mother_l.jpg Image Credit: Eric McCandless/CBSTwo and a Half Men may or may  not be back in the fall. But CBS’ How I Met Your Mother ain’t going anywhere (unless, of course Neil Patrick Harris embraces his inner Harold and Kumar alter ego and starts tripping out on the Alex Jones radio show, which seems rather unlikely).

The network has just renewed the hit comedy for, not one, but two more seasons, which will continue to give CBS a great opening act on Monday nights (assuming the show isn’t shuffled to later spot in the lineup).

So the bad news: You’re probably not going to find out who the mother is until at least 2013.


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  • furiousk

    Jason Segel is probably pissed.

    • Lame

      FAIL, typical yuppie crap, they should develop unique shows instead. It used to mean something when shows lasted for a long time, now every half way decent piece junk lasts forever (ie : King of Queens, Everyone Loves Ray, Will and Grace)

      • Stacy

        including will and grace in that list shows your own lameness. that show was awesome, and i still miss it

      • Josh

        Everybody Loves Raymond is also a classic comedy. Sure it isn’t the most original or even the funniest comedies ever but it has all the hallmarks on what makes a show “timeless”.

      • HomerS

        King of queens was awesome, ur taste is very very bad man

      • ????

        Have you ever actually watched HIMYM? With the exception of having a laugh track, I think HIMYM is nothing like a typical sitcom and I think it’s hilarious.

      • Devin Faraci

        I’ve seen this show and it’s awful. Lowest common denominator crap. Eat up the sh!t, America!

      • Allison

        “Will and Grace” was funny for a long time, but got a little awkward toward the end; and I always cringed a little bit during “Everybody Loves Raymond” – I realize it was based on a slightly different time, but I could never figure out how Raymond and Deborah(Debra?) got together, since they didn’t seem to have any common interests and she didn’t seem to even like him that much.

        I haven’t watched HIMYM from the beginning, but I have been enjoying the repeats on Lifetime and other channels. I hope they have something definite planned – I could how it would get frustrating after this many seasons.

      • reply to ???

        According to HIMYM it doesn’t use a laugh track (I thought the same thing). It has a live audience watch the episode and records its laughs.

      • Wha’ever

        Reply to ???, this is virtually impossible ; HIMYM uses way too much jumps in time and special effects for it to be recorded in front of a live audience.

      • Roland

        Maybe they watch the almost finished episode without the background laugh only. Hm?

      • rac

        I think it’s a great show. I also loved King of Queens, thought Ray was just alright, and have never seen Will and Grace.

        @ Wha’ever lol he didn’t say it was RECORDED in front of alive audience, just that it was watched by an audience and they record the laughs from that.

        Makes sense too, because then the less funny bits don’t get pushed too hard, but I suspect it doesn’t matter much because the people being recorded are probably fake laughing at anything they think is supposed to be funny.

    • Trenton

      If they don’t introduce the anti-ubiquitous “mother” which is unlikely it seems as a cast member the show needs to be called Will I Meet Mother

      • Wha’ever

        Haha, best comment ever !!
        I actually thought he would meet the mother at the end of this season and the next one would have been how their relationship grows to their wedding. But two more seasons ? I love it but I’m ready for this show to end.

      • Ted

        lol, trenton that was so true
        By the way guys they do let a group of audience watch the finished episode, where they get to record the laugh track

    • Caiti

      I am 90% convinced it’s a mislead. If you don’t think the show’s going to end for a while, you are less likely to expect the mother.

      • Brett

        The premise of the show is the lead character telling his kids “how me met their mother.” By this time, if I was one of his kids, I would have left the room already or taken an axe to Dad for being so damned long-winded.

    • VLh

      We get to watch him get fatter and fatter.

      • don dilleshaw

        how i met your mother, IS STUPED

      • Mike

        Don, you spelled “stupid” wrong. Twice. Two different ways… STUPID!

      • MeL

        Mike, you are funny! Don, you re stupeder as stupped does!

      • Bob

        And don’t forget “SHOULDENT”. Is that a medical condition, Don?

  • Jacquelyn

    Best News Ever

    • don dilleshaw


  • Tracey

    I recently got hooked on this show. It’s now one of my favorite shows. I’m glad I’m going to be able to enjoy new episodes for the foreseeable future.

    • Andrea

      Me too. I just started watching two months ago (I watched the first five seasons online in record time). This is the only show that I look forward to on Mondays.

      • maria

        where did you watch them? im new, too, and i can’t seem to find them online!

      • Chris

        I just started watching this show when i found it on netflix streaming. Netflix has the first 6 seasons to stream if your still looking for them to watch online.

    • monique

      Me too! Love this show…just found it..Ted is hot!

    • don dilleshaw


      • kasper

        if you’r just want to say something bad about HIMYM. then i think you should start to say something bad about yourself, and then…… f*uck of!
        have a nice day ( your incompetent bum) (:

  • kyle

    Your kidding me this show has been terrible. I stopped watching the show a few weeks ago. Let me know when the series finale is.

    • John

      Well, most fans (and 9 million other people) think this season is the strongest since season 2.

      • kyle

        I disagree I feel the show has gone down hill since season 4. There’s been a few episodes I have liked but the majority of the episodes have been 2 stupid

      • Christina

        Definitely agree! My favorite season was the second, but I feel like if they keep up the momentum, this season will top it.

      • soz

        No. It is not the strongest since season 2, nor does it have the potential to be, it’s just better than last season, which isn’t saying much. Let’s be real here guys. Nothing will ever beat Slap Bet.

      • Regan

        What Kyle said. Used to love the show but it’s been dragging on too long, an my response to this renewal was simply ‘Dang, now it definitely won’t go out with a bang but with a slow and pathetic whimper’.

    • Neal

      @Kyle: Are YOU kidding me?! The most recent episodes have been amazing. Sorry some shows have some depth and can be funny and dramatic like HIMYM is. It’s the story of a guy and all his friends, more than just meeting a mother. Living life and going through real events (yes, some events in the show are a little ridiculous) in your early adulthood. This is what makes this show so amazing.

      • Devin Faraci

        Then you have very low standards.

      • Diane

        @Devin And you apparently have no heart

    • don dilleshaw


  • Justagirl

    The kids are probably adopted.

    • Brett

      If they’d just go and ask Mom how she met Dad, wouldn’t this whole thing have been over already?

      • Nadine

        ha ha, that’s good.

      • Ted

        Nice one
        Then the should would probably become
        “How I met your Dad”

    • matt lilburn

      your actually stupid cuz in season 5 and 6 at the start of the episodes they show the children while ted is saying- “kids, blah blah blah blah blah” and it really does show their resemblence of cindy and ted.

  • Steven

    HIMYM one of my favorite sitcoms, but I do hope they go ahead and introduce the mother instead of waiting! There are plenty of story possibilities that could be used with Ted dating, getting to know and ultimately marrying his wife!

    • tom in Canada

      Given the dismal state of sitcoms when HIMYM premiered, I imagine lasting five seasons would have been the creators’ wildest dream, so the claim we wouldn’t meet Mom until the series ended made sense. Now that we’re hanging in until season 7, though, they should re-evaluate their original plan. Given that Ted thought he was ready for ‘the one’ five years ago, and has since had the time to mature, and to engage in a number of meaningful(ish) relationships, I don’t think any viewers would feel cheated if they changed their plan and met the mom sooner. They don’t want to get stuck in an endless loop of the same stories over and over. As a recent EW review said, the meeting of the mother is not really what the show is about anymore, given the strength of the cast and characters, so why not meet her. I’d like to see how Ted’s relationship unfolds over a longer period of time than a single series ending episode — I think his wedding would be as satisfying an ending.

      • Regan

        From Tom in Canada’s mouth to the producer’s ears (I pray).

    • Sally

      I agree. All these little hints are starting be more annoying then exciting. i really can’t stand two more years of teasing

  • Craig

    Best news I’ve heard all day!!

  • Sharu

    It just needs one more season to wrap things up (they should have finished this season, but whatever). Two seasons is two too many really.

    • amelyrose

      This is exactly what I think.

  • Justin K

    WOW- that’s surprising I thought that at least one more season- I love the show- but I don’t see how they are going to keep prolonging the “how i met your mother” aspect of it.

  • Angie

    I tend to agree – 2 seasons seems a bit too long. The last season should be about their romance and I’d like to see the series end with Ted proposing to his wife. Maybe a montage of their wedding, birth of kids, interdispersed with photos of occasions with the gang.

  • Chris

    It’s the only quality show CBS has besides 60 Minutes so this was a no brainer.

    • Ethan

      No, you obviously don’t watch The Good Wife

    • Yukon

      Ethan speaks the truth. The Good Wife is the best scripted show on CBS now.

    • Chris

      I’ll admit I haven’t watched The Good Wife. After trying so many horrible CBS shows over the years I have given up. All the CSI’s, NCIS’s, The Mentalist, Hawaii Five O, Big Bang, etc. Pathetic shows on a terrible network. The Good Wife may be decent but the CBS track record is so bad I can’t get past it.

      • Chris

        Sorry I forgot Two and a Half Men and Raymond. Just awful. So many quality shows on other networks and cable. I just don’t get how anybody has time to watch the crap that CBS produces.

      • Yukon

        I can’t stand shows like 2.5 Men, CSI and NCIS too. But The Good Wife is very different. It is an intelligent and nuanced serial full of political, interpersonal and workplace drama masquerading as a legal procedural. It also has great acting, as evidenced by its numerous awards. You really should give it a try.

  • Robert Paulson

    I think two more seasons is perfect. Seeing as the story is being told from 2030 where the daughter looks about TV-16, it’s entirely plausible and even likely that the mother gets pregnant with their earliest child in, say, May 2013.

    • Briguy

      Fair point. Love the Fight Club reference btw

  • Stacy

    I have always randomly watched when i had the time (ie wasn’t working), but finally got DVR so am catching up on what i missed fast through the reruns on Lifetime, CW, WGN etc. I am happy they have another 2 seasons. But i want them to introduce the mother sooner than later, introduce her end of this year then give us two yrs of knowing her.

  • Cris

    At least, they THINK it’s been renewed for two seasons. That’ll all change after NPH goes nuts and is found with 20 tons of crack cocaine and 15 hookers in a hotel room, then goes on a rant about his producers and declares himself a Vatican assassin warlord with fire-breathing fists.

    • Jonna

      NPH can bend me over and slap me silly with his prong all day long.

      • Jerri

        too bead NPH doesn’t swing towards the ladies….

    • Kween

      Lmfao…. If he do that would be hilarious.

  • Katie

    Please…I just want to know who the mother is. Also, great news!

    • Brett

      Mom will turn out to be . . . wait for it….Neil Patrick Harris, whose “Barney” character will have a life-changing event lead him to undergo a sex change operation.

      • soz

        Yeah that’s probably what’s gonna happen.

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