ABC casts a sexy Edgar Allan Poe -- PHOTO

UPDATED: ABC promised the casting of Edgar Allan Poe in its fall drama pilot would be a physically nontraditional choice for the role, and it sure is.

One of the most intriguing projects of the fall, Poe re-imagines the nebbish-looking, cousin-marrying opium enthusiast as a crime fighter in 1840s Boston.

And the young actor who will play Poe is…

Christopher-EganImage Credit: Billy Ingram/ Kings and Home and Away hottie Christopher Egan!

Outstanding, ABC. A full throttle steam punk choice. If the network got somebody who looked anything like Edgar Allan Poe, well, that would somehow be disappointing.

Here’s ABC’s drama executive giving more details about the show in my previous Poe-st.

And for those who ditched their American literature class, here’s Edgar in all his glory:

UPDATE: In response to this story, user Antron over on the always entertaining Fark message boards created this sexy Poe masterpiece:

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  • mario

    awesome puns and great reporting. can’t wait to see this project only ebcause i love Poe’s stories. but, poe as a “crime fighter”? i dont know. sounds like a bastardization they did to sherlock holmes. also, they best not mess with “The Cask of Amontillado”

    • BFD

      Didn’t they read “Tell Tale Heart?” And don’t they know the “Lost Lenore” from the Raven was murdered by the reader? Really? Poe a crime fighter? STOOOOPID

    • Roger

      She is a hottie, I recall her in the Tudors. I cried when they lopped off the head of my teen Queen.

  • Veronica De Santiago

    A better choice would have been David Tennant, if you want anything like a sexy Edgar Allen Poe. This guys good looks just don’t work for me.

    • Trenton

      Well as long as he’s not american haha…seriously I don’t think american actors need to bother about showing up anymore

      • googie

        You Said it!

      • Seth

        this is american tv and poe was a american writer so suck it!

      • kronos

        I thought Trenton’s point was that an increasing number of American tv shows are headed by non-American actors. Egan is Australian.

      • whatevs

        Seriously Seth, better luck next time.

    • Chelsea

      David Tennant is way above this.

    • Wha’ever

      Well, I think we’ve seen enough of David Tennant in this kind of roles, but I agree with you. This guy’s look really don’t work for me as Poe – first of all, I would have prefered anyone looking older – and not blond. I’ll still check it out, by curiosity.

    • Tania

      Mr. Farts-in-the-TARDIS? Sexy? No, all I think of now when I look at him is how much he must stink.

  • Craig

    I agree with mario, Poe as a crime fighter sounds ridiculous.

    But I am all for a an 1800s steampunk version of Castle, which this has been described as, so I’ll definitely check it out.

    That guy looks nothing like Poe, though. Let’s hope wardrobe and makeup can work a miracle.

    • Heidi

      I’m ok if he doesn’t look like Poe because he is quite easy on the eyes and a good actor, to boot. He played an american in the show KINGS (he played David to Ian McShane’s King (saul – biblical equivalent) and handled the accent very well. He has charisma, not just pretty boy looks. Plus it sounds like they’ve found a way to make the Poe relevant to teens and young adults who are not familiar with his work, by giving him an exciting side-job!! I’m all for it.

      • buffyluva

        this show is an epic FAIL. the premise would be fine if they didn’t feel the need to drag Poe’s name into the mix. Is this show really supposed to be about the poet Edgar Allan Poe? Why? The character sounds nothing at all like the real historical figure so why not just have it be about a guy with another name? Calling him Poe isn’t a draw, it sets up an unrealistic comparison point.

      • Danny Troxel

        How about young adults and teens actually reading about Poe instead of depending on the boob tube for their kicks?

    • Tim

      Why not just create a new character to be in a steampunk version of Castle? Or if they need to trade on Poe’s name make it his nephew?

  • Trenton

    He isn’t supposed to look like Poe. Ugly people aren’t nearly as captivating. Tudors certainly didn’t cast Henry V accurately, and it was an amazing period drama. I kinda get Poe as a crimefighter, so much of his work dealt with murder and death. Much like Castle, it takes a certain mind to understand the rigors it takes to cause rigormortis.

    • Whoa Now

      Wow! Are you the lead in “Beastly?”

    • Brian K

      Tudors wasn’t about Henry V. It was a silly series anyone that people just watched for the nudity.

      • B

        Bodice ripping & intrigue aside, the real reason The Tudors wasn’t truly about Henry V is because it was actually about Henry VIII.

      • Trenton

        My mistake…didn’t read before i posted it.

      • Zoe

        When compared to your average HBO show (Rome, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire), Tudors actually had much LESS nudity. And no, that’s not why I watched it. It may have been a “silly” series to you, but I’d take any show that tackles history over the endless cop/doctor/lawyer shows that clutter network TV.

    • Trenton

      Just stating the hollywood mindset. When was the last prime time drama series where the leads weren’t gorgeous people? It’s what they do. Tudors was kinda gripping, funny, and yes lots of nudity…but the king did have 5 wives so you know lots of nudity is historically accurate

      • Lisa London

        The Sopranos come to mind.

      • aleksa


      • Kath

        Yes, six wives.

    • Chelsea

      Who says they didn’t cast The Tudors correctly? Yeah, JRM didn’t gain 300 pounds by the end of it, but by all accounts, Henry VIII was young & handsome once upon a time.

      • googie

        Yes! He was considered handsome and was very athletic. He only gained weight when a series of injuries forced him to give up his sports. The problem was he ate the same way when he was active and inactive! So, he gained weight, lots of it!

      • Chelle

        From historical accounts, Henry VIII was very tall for the times and had thick wavy Strawberry Blond hair.

      • Ruby

        Also, JRM isn’t intimidating AT ALL. Him yelling at people on the show just made me laugh.

      • Jennifer

        Henry VIII was, by all historical accounts, studly in his youth, but he was also tall, robust and red-headed, not slight, slender and dark like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who was badly mis-cast and was the least dynamic actor among the principals of The Tudors. (Heck, Sean Pertwee was more dynamic in the 5 minutes before his character was assasinated than JR-M was in the entire first 2 seasons.) And yes, the series touched on politics and dynastic drama but, let’s face it, it was mostly about sex. It got rather boring after Sir Thomas More was executed.

  • Adam

    Chris Egan is a FANTASTIC actor. Anyone who watched Kings will know that. He doesn’t look like Poe, but he’ll do a good job. If this show fails it won’t be because of its lead.

    • Trenton

      This feels like its gonna be a lot like the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie. Except more drugs, no…Sherlock was a coke fiend. What would be interesting is if they did their homework and showed what life was like in terms of social mores akin to what Mad Men did with the 60’s. I think it would be shocking to see that…so far removed from that culture.

    • Patti

      I’m glad to hear that this Chris Egan is a good actor – that means that he will make a effort to find traits of the real EAP to use in his characterization. Maybe it will be OK…

  • Brian K

    He looks like a gay Matt Damon.

  • Mephysto

    Maaaaattt Damon

  • Kvivik

    David Tennant would so have been a better choice. Heck, Matt Damon or Robert Downey Jr. would have been a better choice.
    If he shows up on the show as a blonde though, I won’t make it through the first episode.

    • Trenton

      Like they would do the show…he will get dark hair….just a pretty face is all the studio wanted. He did well Kings, anyone who can go toe-toe w/ Ian Mcshane has some chops

      • Heidi

        and he DID. He was quite magnetic and you sensed that they were equals. They played up that “Saul” loved and respected David which was also why he was threatened by him and hated him in time. They played off each other very well. Don’t be fooled by the blonde hair and gorgeous looks, just embrace it as a major bonus!!

  • Lord Fussbudget

    Ya, uh-huh. Looks just like Edgar Allen Poe. I wonder if he’ll find the treat at the bottom of the whiskey bottle.

  • Rebecca

    well that was extremely unexpected, but it is a very good surprise!!

  • Trenton

    I have to say that at least the concepts this upcomming season sound promising. Ron Moore’s 17th Precinct is another one…he is turning it into a BSG alumni show though, Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, and David Callis (who would be a great Poe) are all in the show

    • Jael

      David Callis? I think you mean James Callis

  • Mike

    Cara from Legend Of The Seeker was also just cast in this show. To me that’s much bigger(and better) news.

    • Trenton

      In Edgar Allen Poe or 17th Precinct? Either way she was the best part of that show…her character was perfectly sexy and also dead pan funny

  • MsSuniDaze

    “nebbish-looking, cousin-marrying opium enthusiast as a crime fighter in 1840s Boston”. Imagine THAT pitch meeting.

  • Maddie

    This may be somewhat random, but I totally could see Edward Norton as a perfect Poe.

    That’s just me, though.

    • Trenton

      Poe seems like he was an utter oddball dark kind of person…so I think Johnny Depp

    • googie

      Agree with you! Norton great choice!

  • Trenton

    Hope they do away w/ the hitler stache…

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