'True Blood' scoop: Sookie and Bill breakup will stick! Eric hangs with some telepathic fairies! And more...

true-blood_320.jpg The 500 or so fans who packed the Paley Center’s tribute to True Blood on Saturday in Los Angeles were treated to a fourth season sneak peek in which Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Pam (Kristin Bauer) encounter a protest by anti-vamp religious nuts outside Fangtasia. Hoyt defends his love for his undead date with words and fists and Pam, per usual, steals the scene with a couple of wicked quips about “post-Russell Edgington society.”
But other than the clip, Blood creator Alan Ball and the drama’s 16 cast members were loathe to share spoilers with the crowd, including details on the show’s main love quadrangle between Bill (Stephen Moyer), Sookie (Anna Paquin), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello). When pressed to divulge the overarching theme of the fourth year, Ball put on his deep serious voice and answered, “the duality of existence.” “I come up with a stock answer each season although we don’t really think in terms of themes,” Ball continued. “The theme is true blood, more true blood. We just want to have this fantastic, escapism, emotional, sexy, romantic, terrifying journey with them because that’s really fun.”
EW did manage, however, to sift through the misdirection, vague diatribes and jokes to unearth some spoilerific nuggets to tide diehards over until June when the drama returns. So WARNING! If want to remain blissfully unaware of season four plot points, we suggest you stop reading NOW:
  • Sookie and Bill’s break-up will stick … at least for a little while. “It is hard not to think of them as soul mates when they are in real life,” said Ball. “[But Bill’s] betrayal [of Sookie] is so deep that I don’t think she sees a way back from that. That’s why we need 17 seasons.” Sookie’s desire to find comfort in Alcide was mentioned as a possibility although Manganiello reminded us that his character’s ex “Debbie is still at large.”
  • Eric is still very much in the running for Sookie’s affection. Meanwhile, his amnesia might give him a reason to log lots of time with the telepathic fairy under the guise of trying to piece his life and memories back together. Skarsgard said witches are to blame!
  • Paquin said Sookie comes back from her finale field trip to fairyland with Claudine “different” but still unable to control her “microwave fingers. “She’s still very new at all this fairy stuff.”
  • Bill is involved in a “bite-off” with Queen Sophie-Anne. Teased Moyer, “It’s not just the two of them in this fight.”
  • Gary Cole (Chuck and The Good Wife) will visit Bon Temps, while Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter’s Aunt Petunia) plays Marnie. She’s a “a witch among other things,” explains Ball. Other new characters include some witches, vampires, a handful of shifters, a new werewolf, a couple of humans, a child, a gator and a rattlesnake.
  • Eric’s dead maker Godrick will be back! “One of the great things about having characters who have been around for thousands of years is that you can go back and see them at different points in history,” explains Ball. “Or they can appear in people’s dreams. Vampires dream too.” A Bill/Eric flashback was also promised. In fact, both Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer rallied Ball to go back in time to see Eric and Pam of the past in a future episode.
  • Sam Trammell (Sam) and Rutina Wesley (Tara) alluded to the possibility of new loves this season but fear happiness will be short-lived. Layfayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Jesus (Kevin Alijandro), along with Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Terry (Todd Lowe) and Jessica and Hoyt will remain together for the time being. “The fairy tale can’t last forever,” Woll sighed. “But maybe reality is better.”
  • Despite Skarsgard’s pleas, Ball prepared viewers for the return of the king of Mississippi. “We specifically made the choice not to kill him,” the creator teased. “I don’t know when but there are definitely plans to bring him back. He is gonna be pissed.”

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  • Ian

    Sounds amazing!

    • helen

      I adored James Frain as Franklin in last seasons True Blood and it was silly to kill him off. He acted everyoen else off the screen. Amazing actor.

      • Kelly

        I agree, James was great. Franklin was a great character and they really did get rid of him too soon.

      • mott

        i so agree!! what a waste…most interesting character of the season

      • Jess

        Oh! I agree! I was so bummed when they killed him off! Why, Alan Ball, did you do that!!!???

      • ea

        Ok good, I thought I was a freak ’cause I really liked him. It’s nice to know I’m no the only one.

      • Olivya

        I completely agree. Franklin was amazing and perfect in that role. Wish he could come back somehow.

      • Brad

        He was the one character other than Russell who showed true menace on that show. However, anything that could bring Tara and Jason together I am for.

      • Allie

        I totally agree, he was easily my favorite part of last season!

    • James Franco

      I will be joining the cast at the tail end of the season. I hope you enjoy my performance.

      • Kristin

        haha…Good one, “James Franco!”

  • googie

    I am the only one of my group who is so over True Blood. First season great, second season good, third season crap! IMO it is so silly!

    • Sara

      I was over this show until they sucked me back in with the Lafayette/Jesus plot line. I love those two to bits.

    • Jenn

      No, you’re not the only one. Even S2 was kind of lame with the whole “going overboard” on Maryanne and the meat tree

    • Jess

      Season 1 was great, season 2 sucked and season 3 was amazing! Season 3 was probably my favorite so far. The third book was also my fav.

      • Chelsea

        This just goes to show show differently people see things. I thought season two was AMAZING and definitely the best of all three (wasn’t a huge fan of the Maryann stuff, but loved seeing more Eric, the Eric/Sookie fantasies, and the Fellowship of the Sun storyline).

      • eliott256

        Whereas I loved the Maryann stuff and appear to be in the minority. Really don’t get why that storyline gets so much hate

      • Joe

        I’m with you, Elliot. I’ll admit that I can understand why people felt like the Maryann stuff was too much, but I love(d) Michelle Forbes so much!
        Then again, I’m a big fan of Dexter S.2 and I know tons of people hate Lila. I think I love crazy females!

    • grams

      SO why are you HERE?????

    • madison

      season two was the worst season i think they went to far with the whole mary anne thing

  • B

    Compared to the books, it sounds lame and nothing like the books. Read the books, they make more sense and are way better

    • crispy

      LOL. If you think those trashy books are well written, you must have the reading skills of a second grader.

      • Jess

        Have you actually read the books crispy? They are really good. And what’s not well written about them? Please, explain to all of us with a “second grade reading level” (according to you). Ugh, I can’t stand people like you.

      • James S.

        Sorry, Jess, but crispy’s right: the woman writes like a 2nd-grade ESL student. I made it through five pages of the first book and laughed so hard at the remedial prose, I actually startled the woman next to me in the book store. Don’t be ashamed that you like the books; there’s no crime in that. But they are not well written. Sorry.

      • crispy

        Passive voice, simple sentence structure, overuse of cliches, sparse description, Bubba(!)… need I go on?

      • travisdogg

        yeah, I agree too. They are fun to read, but I think they were written for a younger audience. I would have probably enjoyed them more in Jr. High.

      • Patricia

        That’s why you’re a best-selling novelist and she isn’t… opps, I guess you AREN’T a best-selling writer and she IS!

      • thin

        Yet for all of their faults, they’re still more mature and interesting than this ridiculous TV show.

      • thin

        Let me rephrase that, because mature isn’t really the right word for what I mean. I think cohesive and consistent might be closer to it. The show is so haphazard and scattershot with who the characters are and what they’re doing with them that I just can’t stand it.

      • Jesses girl

        And of course Crispy you are making so much money writing your amazing literary compositions. As I have always told my children if it entertains it is worth while and the books definitely entertain many. Why be so negative?

      • Grace

        I get what people are saying. It’s definitely a simplistic style of writing and some of it gets a bit repetitive and frustrating at times, however I think it’s important to realize that as the book is written in Sookie’s POV it makes sense for much of the writing (which is her thoughts) to be simple, because the character isn’t some great thinker. Sookie is a smart woman but she’s not composing wondrous prose, so why should her thoughts sound like that? But Harris’ plot lines are for the most part vastly entertaining and refreshing, and NOT for Jr. High kids as someone said. Even if you disagree about the writing abilities, the most important thing is that the woman writes a good story that’s loads of fun to read.

      • Melissa

        i’m sorry but this book is definitely not for junior high students.. the content can get a bit racy! but i happen to like the simplicity of the books.. you have to keep in mind these characters are from a simple town where they dont use a lot of complex sentence structure in their thoughts and speech.. so it’s true to the characters. If you don’t like the way the books are written or how the show is composed… Why were you looking it up? Why put down the people who like the books and show? Just ignore it if you don’t like it so much.. don’t go out of your way to insult people!

      • Lourdes Taylor

        If you want well written literature….go to the Classics section…I have read most of the classics; but there is nothing like a passion filled trashy novel full of fantasy to thrill me and allow me to partake of this world of passion,fantasy and decadence!

      • Lindsea

        I agree with all of the ones that said they are trying to capture and stay true to the characters. I’ve had an above college reading level since third grade, and I’ve got to tell you it’s nice for me to grab a book that lets me pour myself into it. I love these books for just what they are simple and entertaining. It’s not like she was trying to write the best classic series in the world. She’s the one who got an award winning TV show made out of her books maybe we should take a few lines from her in our life.

  • Keira

    Finally! I’m looking forward to this season. Book 4 is one of my favourites of the series. More Eric…it’s about time.

    • Chelsea

      Seriously! And thank the heavens boring-ass Sookie/Bill are over. I was worried that Alan Ball would keep them together simply because the actors are married. Glad he sees the light. Sookie should be with Eric! They’re the better couple in the books AND the show.

      • ralene

        I am keeping my fingers crossed for Eric and Sookie!

    • Kelly

      Book 4 is also my favorite…and I can’t wait to see what twists Alan Ball puts on it…he is always full of surprises.

    • Jul

      Book 4 is by far my favorite in the series. Also I hate Alan Ball a little more everytime he says that Bill & Sookie are soulmates. Especially since their time together was based on a lie. He has stated one to many times that he loves Bill & Sookie together and if he keeps pushing in that direction I will forever stop watching True Blood. Team Eric:)

      • viggolover1

        @ Jul. I’m in the same boat. It looks that Mr Ball can’t separate reality from fiction. He said one more time when ask about the soul mate thing. That for him is very difficult not to think of them as soul mates when in real life they are. Is call make believe Mr Ball and I think that is the business you work on.

      • anoniem

        why can’t he do that, I think he really can, because there is magic between Bill and Sookie, more than between Eric and Sookie. You don’t always have to stick to the books, if reality is different or if you see during the scenes things happening or whatever. I don’t agree that he has to stick to the books. Not at all. I’m probably not in the majority but I like Bill much much much more than Eric!

      • Ashuhlee

        I agree, he tries to make it original and base it loosely off the books but, those readers are half his fan base. 7/11 books revolve around Eric and Sookie, you guys really need to get over her and Bill, lol. You will all be so much happier when you see Sookie and Eric together!

      • JillF

        That’s true but it’s not only Alan Ball who has alluded to a Sookie and Bill ending…Charlaine Harris herself said it at Comi-con last year…

      • Ashley

        Team Eric all the way!! I get that Anna & Stephen are married in real life but in the books Eric and Sookie are great together. I also like their chemistry on the show too. I think we will definately be able to choose a team after this season. Can’t wait for next week to come!!

  • Jason H

    Omg I can’t take the weight time any longer. I know summer? But when is true blood back???

    • Keira

      The new season should begin June 12th.I can hardly wait until then!

      • Sahara

        True Blood new season opening is June 26th not the 12th.

  • Jason H

    That was wait lol *

  • MDC

    Can’t wait to see sookie hook up with eric

  • schaden

    Can’t wait for Russell Edgington’s return! Denis O’Hare’s performance when he broke the spine of the anchorman and grabbed the heart in front of the camera gave me the chills. AWESOME.

    • Damon

      Emmy worthy performance there.

    • Jules

      Time for the weather… Tiffany?

    • callie

      I agree…AWESOME! It gave me the stills, as well.

    • Elena

      I totally agree that part scared me and I nearly fell out of my seat with laughter because I could only imagine the humans faces who were watching that news that night

  • Aeriel

    Allan ball is great, but he needs to have the basic story line down. sookie and eric get together there is no geting away from that. I liked the seasons but it seems like he just sticks on one thing sometimes like with the whole maryanne thing that was kind of annoying because she not in the whole book I know you have to do your owen thing on a tv show but stick to the story line please

    • FanOfTheBooks

      Agreed. 100%

    • viggolover1

      same here!

  • Amy

    Eric!! I don’t really care about Eric/sookie or Sookie. As long as I have some Eric on my screens and some Eric/Pam and Eric/Laffy interactions, S4 is going to be awesome!

    • Claire

      And I don’t really care about Bill/Sookie or really Sookie’s love life. What I care about is Bill and seeing him. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Bill!! I’m prob in the minority but Bill is my favorite character followed closely by Eric.

      • Eliza

        Not the only one, I love Bill. That said I have faith in Alan Ball and dont mind at all if he ventures away from the books. I love them but I prefer Alans changes far more than I ever did Charlaine´s storyline.

      • anoniem

        Indeed I just love Bill!!

      • JillF

        I feel the same way I love Bill in the show…in the books he isn’t soo great but Stephen Moyer does a great job…

      • Lisa

        Bill is soooooooooo flippin’ SEXYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LL

    Didn’t Tara leave last season? Can the writers stop making her role bigger than in the books? She’s seriously annoying.

    Book 4 is the best, can’t wait for the fourth season.

    • Deb

      I love Tara when she is funny, Can’t stop laughing…But with the Eggs story and her whining..it irritated me. Rutina is a great actress just don’t turn her into a boring whiner

    • IReadBannedBooks

      From what I’ve read on fan sites, the speculation is that Tara will be the Amelia character or whatever that chick’s name from NO that lived with Sookie…

  • FanOfTheBooks

    Alan Ball: Find your focus again through the books, which inspired you in the first place. Book Four especially. That story is a permanent game-changer for the Sookie/Eric relationship and was intregal to the success of the remaining novels. Don’t lose anymore TV viewers by convoluting these plots.

    • crispy

      True Blood isn’t losing viewers; in fact, it finished season three with some of its strongest numbers yet.

    • VAS

      Not to mention that many of the fans haven’t or don’t read the books. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the books but I equally love the show. Ball made it very clear that the books were for inspiration but that he has no intention of following then to the letter.

      • Eliza

        Glad to see someone thinks as I do. Apparently only 5% of the viewing audience is taken up by people who have read the books. I have read them but I dont care if Alan Ball ventures away from them totally – much of what she wrote will not work for me on screen and I adore the changes he has made so far.

        If fans of the books dont like it, vote with their eyes, and watch something else. Leave the show for those of sus who like Alan Balls´s interpretation

  • Lloyd

    Where’s my Jason Stackhouse?!?

    • Deb

      I agree 100%…his dumb sexy is so hot and funny don’t like the wolf girlfriend thing..don’t feel any emotion from her no reason to care about her…But love Jason~~

  • tickles

    I have read all of the books and completely adore them.
    The weakest part for me is the whole Jason/Crystal plot line and it is even worse in the show.
    Add me to those who loved Franklin. He was awesome! The King of Louisiana a close second.
    Eric and Sookie’s love story is heartbreaking in the books.

    • tickles

      more praise for Franklin! I know this wasn’t an article about James Frain but it should be!
      I am watching that silly new show The Cape just to get my weekly fix of him. As I watch I imagine him on the show as Franklin and how much better it would be. And how many of us have actually practiced texting mother fu**er just so we can utter that infamous line…
      Watch how fast I can type mother fu**er? It cracks me up just thinking about it.

  • Brenda

    Love, love, love book 4!!! My favorite of the entire series. Can’t wait to see Erik & Sookie fall in love!

    • Deb

      Loved this book as well..The shower seen…sooo hot! They better make it as hot!!..Love Sookie & Eric…The dream kissed are soo hot!

      • viggolover1

        @Deb…No they won’t. AB gave an interview to Access Hollywood and he said that he already did the shower scene. He said that there is going to be one that will lead to something else whatever he meant about that. >.<

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