Charlie Sheen fired from 'Two and a Half Men'

charlie-sheenImage Credit: Michael Bezjian/WireImage.comSo long, Charlie.

Warner Bros. Television announced today that it has dropped the actor from its hit comedy Two and a Half Men. “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen‘s services from ‘Two and a Half Men’ effective immediately,” the studio said in a statement.

No decision has been made on the future of the series. CBS still has a deal in place with the studio for a ninth season of Men, which remains the most-watched comedy on television.

Sheen gave the following quote to TMZ: “This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of their bazillions, never have to look at whatshisc— again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension.”

Sheen’s departure caps a volatile week in which he went on the defensive after Warner Bros. TV and CBS announced they were canceling production for the remainder of the season due to “the totality of Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition.” The 45-year-old actor participated in a series of TV appearances on Today, Good Morning America and Piers Morgan Tonight and continued to make shocking statements like “the last time I took drugs, I probably took more than anyone could survive” and “I was banging seven-gram rocks and finishing them. That’s how I roll.”

He also continued his verbal assault against Men executive producer Chuck Lorre (whom he previously called a “clown”) by calling him a “stupid, stupid little man” and said he would only return to Men if he got a raise from $1.2 million to $3 million. “Look at what they put me through,” he told Today. “I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special.” He also threatened to sue the network.

It’s unclear whether Warner Bros. TV and CBS would want to go on without Sheen, especially since Lorre penned the role of Men‘s Charlie Harper with Sheen in mind. Insiders have half-joked that moving forward with a One and A Half Men just isn’t possible, but say it’s ultimately up to Lorre, who is also executive producing The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly for CBS. Since the network announces its fall lineup to advertisers in May, a decision about Men’s future should be made by then.

Since he’s been fired, Sheen should be free to pursue new opportunities like a show on HDnet. The actor also talked about writing a book. In the short term, he’s kept himself busy by starting a Twitter account; he already has 2.1 million followers.

UPDATE: Why Charlie Sheen was fired. Warner Bros. details reasons for firing actor in letter

UPDATE II: Charlie Sheen’s latest Webcast: The saddest performance of his career?

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  • BEBU

    So this means Two and a half men is definetly history now?

    • Bourgeoisee

      I give Charlie 3 years before he kills himself due to realizing that he just lost the BIGGEST and most expensive job in his entire career.

      • bb

        It is about time. Enough said !

      • Woogie Boogie

        Sheen is the MAN!!! LOVE EM. DUDE IS A GOLDEN GOD!

      • Juneau

        @ Woogie Boogie – take some more meth and stay off the internet.

      • maxine mealey

        God, I hope you’re wrong, how sad!

      • Heidi

        He dug his own grave, with every new interview he gave. Now he can lie in his filthy bed. Keep his kids away.

      • meliot

        On Access Hollywood Billy Bush talked to him 5 minutes after he found out and he called TPTB juvenile. Really?? Pot meet kettle! Guess he’s sorry he asked for $3 million an episode. He should have shut his mouth, crawled back and kissed Chuck Lorre’s butt and said I’ll take a pay cut. He will never ever make close to what he was making atg 2-1/2 Men. Time will tell how whether he overcomes or sinks to the depths of his own personal hell. Hey – where’s John?

      • BG 17

        If he killed himself, half the dealers in LA would go broke, and then we’ll never get out of the recession…

      • Roya

        It’s like he killed the goose that laid the golden egg. In any case, I wish him well in the future, and hope that he can find a way to be a good dad to his four kids.

      • Mocna

        Charlie will probably outlive you! HAHA

      • StinkyPieHole

        k unts!

      • TimR

        It’s possible for Charlie to live of his residuals and the money he saved from 8 seasons(assuming he saved any of it). I doubt he’ll go broke.

        If he does, I’m sure plenty will watch his life unfold on E! or VH1 in a reality series. You know it’s coming.

      • The Zohan

        It’s possible for Charlie to live of his residuals and the money he saved from 8 seasons(assuming he saved any of it). …………..Right like drug addicts are known for managing their assets, saving money and planning for their future!! LOL!!!!

    • Nick

      Maybe they should get Michael J. Fox to fill his role…Life comes full circle!!

      • Cris

        That’s EXACTLY what I thought!

      • Karen

        Best. Idea. Ever.

      • Drivel Lady

        Love it, Nick! Life is almost always ironic if you pay close attention. Bring on Michael J. Fox!!

      • Shiny

        Nah, they should film a one hour finale in which Charlie’s brother finds him dead in Mexico after a binge, and the family flies him back to Malibu for the funeral, would be a very funny wake with lots of the guest stars coming by, and the reading of the will where he leaves it all to Jake.

      • Diane

        I’d love the idea except Michael J Fox is way to sick to handle a full time series

      • sara

        ummm, you idiots know that a) Michael J Fox’s health pretty much precludes him from having a full time acting job and that b)he has way too much class for that piece of garbage show.

      • Tony

        And, even though Jake’s gotten pretty huge, if Fox joined the show, they could still call it “Two and a Half Men.”

      • Sally

        I would watch if Michael J Fox did the show, but as sara states. Michael’s health pretty much stops him from doing anything full time and he’s too classy for this piece of garbage.

      • Jeremy W.

        They need to get Judd Nelson to replace Sheen. He was the quintecential bad boy of the 80’s – he can play a washed up bad boy in his 40’s, and probably be better at it than Sheen ever was.

      • CommentsClown

        Hmm.. Instead of Michael J. Fox, let’s get Michael Sheen to do it!

      • John Berggren

        What if you bring in Michael for one episode – as Charlie – then Duckie wakes up and learns that Charlie drove off a cliff.

      • davidjam

        How about they get Emilio Estevez to replace him?

      • Andris

        nobody can replace charlie

      • Mitch Logan

        The kid is old enough to be a full man now, so they need to cast someone else for the half. Perhaps a transsexual.

      • thomas

        damn straight…fox would be amazing in that role…he is funnier and a better actor than sheen any day

    • LOL

      Bob Dylan just retitled his classic album “Tiger Blood on the Tracks.”

    • Mike

      STILL #WINNING…….And he will make a boat load of money when he sues WB.

      • Diane

        For what? Never has a person made a better case for being fired than Charlie

      • fifty8th

        Sue WB for what exactly, they had every right to terminate his contract, you talk like that about your boss no matter who you are and that is cause for termination. When they shut sown the show so he could get help he was paid for those missed episodes they were set to come back and finish the year and he goes nuts. Where were did they do something he could sue them for?

      • Jack Nolte

        Mike, go back to kiss Harvey’s a..

      • Michael

        If you think that there aren’t conduct clauses in Mr. Sheen’s contract that would allow them to fire him without repurcussion, you’re smoking some killer Charlie Sheen crack.

        There isn’t a jury on the planet who would award him damages.

      • Watcher

        Sheen will sue for Breach of contract, since he was fired before his current contract expired. WB will try to argue Sheen breached the morals clause in his contract. It’ll be an interesting case, but I don’t think Sheen’s morals clause was that extensive…

      • Clarence Darrow

        Sheen will sue for breach of contract; Warner Brothers will win the case because Sheen’s behavior demonstrated that he would not put his best efforts forward to work on the show. It has nothing to do with morals clauses, of which there really aren’t any in Hollywood contracts anymore.

      • Juneau

        What judge or jury in their right mind would give him a cent after his psycho media tour?

      • Sally

        Sure Charlie will sue. I doubt he will win though. CBS wouldn’t have pulled the show from filming, much less fired him, unless they had legal cause to do so.

      • Simon Jester

        Charlie can sue all he wants — you can bet Warner Bros. did not make this decision without running it by their entire legal department first. Who knows, he may have breached the contract himself by demanding a pay raise to continue!

      • tnsmoke

        WB/CBS can’t play the morals clause now because they pretty much ignored his bad behavior and RENEWED his contract AFTER his arrest in Colorado for attacking Brooke. They only cared about his morals after he pissed off that Lorre guy! Charlie has a good case.

      • Michael

        Not a chance. Charlie won’t get a penny. He’s not even as close to being as “special” as he thinks he is.

      • AB

        I love all the legal experts online who are so sure Sheen will “win” his lawsuit when he sues. Can’t wait to see you all crying when your idol winds up broke.

      • Lois

        Sheen broke his contract by his behavior. He can sue, but I doubt he would win.

      • fritanga

        Morals clauses are extensive and specific, allowing for any and all possibilities that may come up. For example, in the ’80s a huge record corporation put such a clause in the multi-million dollar contract of a certain now-deceased male pop star, stipulating that during the duration of said contract the star was prohibited from getting sex-reassignment surgery. Yeah, I’ll leave you to guess who that was. My point being: never underestimate how extensive and precise morals clauses are.

      • kathy

        Sheen WILL NOT win one penny in any lawsuit against Warner Bros., or CBS. Their lawyers will bury him!!

      • MsSuniDaze

        Contracts protect the actor AND the studio. I’m sure he will get some money, but not as much as he thinks he will. There has to be a clause in there that protects the studio if they have justification to fire. And Charlie sure provided that. He probably became uninsurable too. I’m sure the studio lawyers went over that contract with a fine tooth comb. Sadly…I feel bad for the rest of the cast.

      • Ap

        I’m surprised the crew hasn’t sued Sheen for loss of wages

    • Devin Faraci

      YES! Burn in Hell, you wife-beating douchebag!!!!

      • Donna

        Thank you, Devin! Finally…someone with some sense. Charlie is an a**hole and everyone knows it!

      • chuck sheen baby

        devin the only loser here is you. Stop pandering to women, they still wont go out with, and him being a beater, so? Did he hit you, no so shut up. He is rich and you are not. Period.

      • @ chuck sheen baby

        And you’re an absolute moron.

    • James Franco

      HAH! (That’s a last laugh BTW.)

    • James D

      charlie sheen is a winner! duh!

    • alberta

      Try actually READING the article.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      First time hollywood has ever cut the money supply from a hit show. Sheen must be so anit semitic to Lorre that even money can’t save his job. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the Sheen Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Aly

        Hardly. I know there’s more current examples but Suzanne Summers got a significantly reduced role in Three’s Company before ultimately being fired, and for far lesser an offense than Sheen.

    • Suncatcher

      No. Charlie Sheen is history now. CBS has an agreement for a 9th season.

    • jake

      wow, can’t believe that cbs and WB actually chose to give up all the millions that they are losing by not having charlie sheen and the show

      • Aly

        They’d lose more if they kept the show, and advertisers started pulling out. I’d be surprised if the issue wasn’t being discussed behind closed doors. Plenty of other reasons he was becoming a liability as well.

    • Alan

      The smart and reasonable thing to do would be to cancel the show, but like all American network shows, if the ratings are still good, let’s bleed it to death long after it should have died. (A warning to you, The Office)

    • Carlos

      think Charlie’s spaceship is going to crash in court if he dares to think he is going to get paid for Warner Brothers terminating the contract. They will have footage infinitum to support their claim that his bizarre behavior is the cause of terminating his contract. Had he shut up after he trashed Lorre, he may have had a slight chance of, as he likes to say, winning, provided he had a REALLY, REALLY good lawyer. Obviously, he took the drug tests for evidence in the event of a legal battle. After that, he washed overboard with all the ridiculous interviews he engaged in. If that wasn’t enough, he puts up “Charlie’s Korner” and sealed the case for Warner Brothers.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Hahaha yes!!! That means that this arrogant a**hole and his insipid show are both finally done with! I love to see douchebags get what they deserve!

    • Mike

      I will truly miss Charlie’s epically awesome responses. LOL

    • X


    • Rush

      Charlie Sheen is a warlock? What level? I wonder if he’d be willing to join my D&D campaign; we could use a good controller.

  • paul williams

    ye right the most watched show on tv they make to much money, they will never sack him

    • Ricky

      Uh…yeah, there’s a thing called syndication. They’re making PLENTY off of him already…no need to keep him since he’s so friggin’ unstable. Good riddance…they should have sacked him long ago. This is what happens when your brain is on drugs.

    • BJG

      um…according to the article, they just did sack him.

    • Anon

      Your right! Because Sheen sacked himself!

  • Jimmy

    This probably not a terrible thing for WB. Considering what Sheen is paid this will probably save them money even if the series tanks.

  • courtney


    • MsDaisy

      If we’re lucky.

      • Jon

        Ditto, MsDaisy.

      • hermione

        You READ. MY. MIND. What a lousy show. Good riddance!

      • bruno

        amen to that. chuck lorre can also go away.

      • Fact

        Lorre has two other hit shows…two FUNNY hit shows, he’s not going anywhere

  • Patrick

    Hmm…well 2.5 men won’t be the same if they keep it running.

    • Devin Faraci

      Good riddance to this lowest common denominator show for morons!

  • Stephanie

    I think I would’ve actually started watching Two and a Half men if Charlie Sheen returned. Shame.

    • Avie

      Hah! My thoughts exactly.

    • mark

      Oh who are you kidding? of COURSE you wouldn’t have…

  • Simon Jester

    Buh bye, Charlie. You’re a legend in your own mind.

    • Barryidiot

      He’s done more than you in your worthless life. You’re taking pleasure In his downfall by crowing on a comment section of a website. He’s counting his millions of dollars

      • menk

        Your Name says it all Barry

      • julia

        and just what exactly are u doing with your life barryidiot? ur commenting on this website to. and who cares if he has millions of dollars money isnt happiness and wont save him when he overdoses and dies

      • BJG

        counting his millions? He’s probably got an accountant for that.

        No, Charlie’s busy tweeting, or searching for a camera, or snorting snow off one of the goddesses stomachs.

      • Simon Jester

        Barryidiot — maybe, but at least I’ve still got all of my teeth.

      • Hidey Ho

        Yeah, cuz money’s everything, right?

      • Lois

        More like Charlie’s blowing his millions on drugs and hookers.

      • Aly

        You can’t take it with you, no matter how fast you race to the finish line.

      • sys

        DAA! Charlie said on the Today show that he hadn’t saved any money. If he does or did drugs as heavily as he admits the he’s probably not as rich as you would think.

      • Gia

        His bosses lose money when they aren’t pcudoring more shows, in all fairness, maybe they have concern for him as a person and therefore are willing to sacrifice for the time being their profits. It is a possibility.

    • Soyolmaa

      Julie Scarborough – Tanya,I love the pictures of Charlie and all the girls. I have alerady prepared Brannen to fork over the wallet:) These are going to make great Christmas gifts for the families!! Thank you so much for doing this for us and for making such beautiful pictures. You truly are so talented!! Can’t wait to see what you did with Peyton today:)Also, I would love it if you could email me your pricing for picture ordering. Thanks,Julie Scarborough

  • FromChicago

    He’s lawyered up. They owe him $16Mil….suckers!

    • brixie

      Right, because he’s so hard up for cash. Let’s make sure he gets his payment so he can continue his journey to an early grave!

    • Shiny

      They have a clause that allows them to fire Sheen for taking drugs. Sheen will not see a penny.

      • sd

        not a penny of making new shows. But he is set with what he gets in syndication. he doesn’t need to work ever again because of that if he doesn’t want to

      • NotAmerican

        Have they proven he’s taken drugs (i.e. – has he admitted to it)? Because, all “woah – dude must be STONED like never before” comments aside, they would have to prove it. From what I understand (I haven’t been following this too closely), he hasn’t had a “dirty” urine test, nor has he exhibited any erratic behavior on set. In Charlie’s words (more or less), “I never flubbed a line, I never missed my mark, I simply have never showed up for taping stoned.” When asked if he ever missed a day of work: “Not a day that cost anybody any money. In the words of the great Allen Iverson, it was just practise, people.” (Drug Free translation – He may have skipped out on rehersals, but it doesn’t matter because he never failed to shine on the set. So, unless I totally missed something, he’s got a BIG “guaranteed-to-win” lawsuit against CBS/WB/whomever fired him.

      • Comixchick

        NotAmerican, he actually admitted taking 7-gram rocks of cocaine; he said that’s how he rolls. You don’t need to fail a test if you’re stupid enough to tell everyone what you did.

      • Oliver Wendell Holmes

        NotAmerican, you’re making the huge mistake of assuming that Charlie Sheen’s been telling the truth. He’s already been caught in several lies in the last two weeks, and his story will go up in smoke like those 7 gram rocks of cocaine before the lawsuit’s over.

      • Duh

        It’s surprising that SO many people had access to his employment contract and can openly comment on this matter. Simply simply amazing.

    • Bebe

      Seems like he’s gone through all of his money. I mean, he seems pretty determined to hawk products on Twitter for $10,000 now doesn’t he? Someone who had held on to his many millions of dollars wouldn’t be doing that.

    • tvwatcher

      Do you really think they didn’t have their lawyers go through the contract before they made this decision? They are ready for the lawsuit, is my guess. And they’ve got tons of material to show at trial because Sheen wouldn’t shut up.

  • Barryidiot

    Are there any unaired episodes?

    • Erin

      I don’t think so.

      • Kevin

        Nope, last one aired on Valentine’s Day. It ended with Charlie flying off to Paris, so…

  • blondiesez

    NOW can everybody ignore him? PLEEEAASE?????

    • B

      No. It’s obvious you can’t either.

  • Mad_Andy

    ha ha ha ha ha. Winning? I think not, you dope.

  • Katy


    • anonymous

      Exactly. The only bad thing about this is that the other cast members and crew on the show might be out of a job because of this jerk.

      • sys

        I hope that the cast and crew are able to sue him for causing them to lose their jobs. He seriously needs to shut up and commit himself to a mental ward.

  • D’s Advocate

    Rename the show “Two Men” and it’s all taken care of.

    • RaRa

      Now THAT’s funny!

      • MARIE

        Call it: “Two and A Half Men Minus One”

  • MWeyer

    A real shame for Jon Cryer and the rest of the cast and crew having to deal with the loss of a job. Sure, they may try to bring it back but, like it or not, Sheen’s character was central to the series. Anyone remember “Laverne & Shirley” when Cindy Williams left?

    • tvfan

      It won’t be the same without CS!!
      Such a shame!

    • ST

      Well, they haven’t officially announced that it’s canceled. If they do replace him, the first episode at least will be highly watched, just to see how it goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do this ultimately.

    • Sally

      Anyone remember when Suzanne Somers left Three’s company over her wanting more money. The show continued form several more years with a replacement character. I think two and a half men could also.

    • Sally

      Anyone remember when Suzanne Somers left Three’s company over her wanting more money. The show continued for several more years with a replacement character. I think two and a half men could also.

      • Tony

        But Suzanne didn’t play the central character, which was Jack Tripper. Charlie Harper is the Jack Tripper of Two and a Half Men, the character around which the entire premise revolves around. No Charlie, no show (or at least not as good a show).

      • Stacey

        Except it was early in the run of the show Three’s Company. Two and half Men is way to far into its run to replace the star. People watch for Charlie. The show can’t just go on, with anyone. So I doubt the show will return. They will probably return BBT to Monday’s in the fall.

      • Lois

        Valerie Harper was the central character of “Valerie” and they fired her. She was replaced with Sandy Duncan and the show was renamed “The Hogan Family” and ran for a number of years.

      • Misha Lauenstein

        I think he wanted to get off the show but didn’t want to be in breach of contract so he figured out a way to get them to fire him. I bet there will be a massive pay-out coming to him.

  • Pope Carmelita I

    Lynette said…”No decision has been made on the future of comedy.”

    I assume she means “the comedy”, as this is (hopefully) not changing the face of comedy as a whole…

    • Micah

      My thoughts exactly. I don’t know how that show could ever change the future of comedy.

      • MelindaB

        Other than make it dismal by inspiring knockoffs, that is. I’ve seen the show here and there, and it’s just not that funny. I understand that my tastes don’t necessarily jibe with others’, but I don’t see how TaaHM could get 8 years, and Better Off Ted was kicked to the curb after not even 2.

      • Simon Jester

        @MelindaB – Better Off Ted was indeed a gem. But at least we can blame ABC, not CBS, for its mistreatment.

      • MelindaB

        Yes, Simon, different networks, but viewers basically ignored it, while they flock to the scuzzy TaaHM. I don’t get it.

      • Renee

        Yeah, MelindaB, I don’t get it either. That’s part of what upsets me about all this: 2 1/2 Men just isn’t that good a show. Big Bang Theory (also by Lorre) is much better. And Better Off Ted was much better. I’m so glad Sheen was fired; I think he got what was coming to him, though I do feel badly about the rest of the cast and crew. They’re the ones who get the raw deal here.

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