Actual HBO show in the works: Magicians fight Hitler

“It’s not TV, it’s … wait, really?

HBO is developing a drama series about a group of con men and magicians who battle Hitler and the Nazis during WWII. They use their powers of deception to outwit the Third Reich, you see.

Titled Hogoblin, the project is from Michael Chabon (Wonder Boys) and Ayelet Waidman (Bad Mother) and is described as in early development. Can’t think of a joke that isn’t lame or tasteless to end on, so let’s turn just turn this one over to the comment board. What do you think of Hobgoblin? Must see in a cool way, or in a “you’ve got to be kidding me” way?

UPDATE: Truth is stranger — or at least equally — strange as fiction: Wiki reference to Jasper Maskelyne, a British stage magician who did indeed help the Allies during WWII.

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  • Simon Jester

    The description makes it sound crazy… but if it’s anything like Chabon’s AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER AND CLAY, it’ll be awesome. Count me in.

  • Devin Faraci

    Sounds supremely cool to me.

  • Morgan

    Count me in!

  • colormeunimpressed

    This does not sound good. I am wondering if they are going to go with british accents or if they are going to go with bad german accents? This gives me John from Cincinnati vibes.

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      You have no imagination.

  • AK

    sounded ridiculous until Chabon’s involvement was mentioned. if it has any of the complexity, imagination or character as THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY, this could be ingenious television. well played HBO.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Why do I keep thinking of “It’s Springtime with Hitler in Germany”

  • Bill Gabriel

    This is actually based on the life of Jasper Maskelyne a British stage magician in the 1930s and 1940s. Tom Cruise was once thinking of doing this.

    • Tarc

      Like Firefly, it sounds bizarre, but in execution, it’s genius. And I’m so there for anything Michael Chabon does.

  • ladylily21

    sounds really awesome to me as well!

  • jon

    You never know…. Stuff like that might have happened. I mean, prostitutes helped fight the Third Reich!

    What is offensive is that we still think of the Holocaust as the only genocide worth talking about. There have been worse ones and more recent ones. The fact most of you reading this can’t think of one is sad.

    • Simon Jester

      Who’s “we”? Obviously you’ve never heard of SOMETIMES IN APRIL, the HBO film about the Rwandan genocide.

    • pollyanna

      Stuff like this DID happen. Jasper Maskelyne and the Royal Engineers created a host of wartime illusions to fake out Rommel and help Montgomery win the battle of Alamein. With his help, Rommel was never able to take Cairo or the Middle East. Watch “Secrets of War: Spy Games of WWII” (episode 3 Rommel’s Enigma).

  • Jake

    I would stab Joseph Goebbels a million times with a dull knife to see this.

  • Roger Kea

    Firefly hasn’t been brought back and THIS is being made? Who is getting paid good money to make these decisions?

    • Jose

      Two different networks(FOX and HBO, and its been years so get over it)HBO can do shows like this, and Firefly was a western set in space, isn’t that pretty weird? (Not as weird as Magicians fighting Hitler, but still weird)

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Have fun watching The Cape you dullard.

    • Tarc

      People that know better than you apparently. And hey, I’d love to see more Firely myself, but it’s so very, very unlikely.

  • Mike

    Not as silly as it seems. There was a guy, Jasper Maskelyne. his life and those of his group were going to be made into a film called “the war magician.” That was several years ago and Tom Cruise was attached at some point, but it was pretty inaccurate in it’s portrayal and got a lot of negative feedback from the history types. I would not call what he did magic though, it was really more illusions

    • Cee

      Exactly. Tricks are something a wh&$e does for money. Magicians perform illusions.

      • Meg

        Or cocaine.

  • Greg

    It reminds me a little of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell which is an excellent thing to sound like. Also, Michael Chabon, in my opinion, has never missed. Well, what’s he’s published. Kavalier and Clay and Yiddish Policeman’s Union are two of my favorite books and Wonder Boys was great and an even better movie.

  • ClickClick

    Michael Chabon is an awesome writer, amazing! I was intrigued by this movie’s concept even before his name was mentioned (think – ‘Twilight’ with WWII era teens from magic performance families).

    Regarding genocides, recent book on the eastern Europe atrocities by Hitler and Stalin, ‘Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin’, by Timothy Snyder.

    Finally, NEVER ever believe that people don’t think about worse and more recent ones whenever WWII Holocaust is mentioned.

  • thorswitch

    There have long been rumours that religious Witches we involved in creating and holding rituals to try to bring Hitler down, much as I’m sure there were many Christian prayer groups and group from other faith and folk traditions doing likewise in accordance with their own beliefs.

    I think it does have the potential to be a fascinating story, provided they stick more to the “Magick Use” as part of the indigenous British folk traditions rather than presenting them as some kind of “spooky supernatural” gimmick.

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