Poll: Charlie Sheen is not winning

charlie-sheen-lying-downImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBSCharlie Sheen: Winning?

Not according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll that found a mere 16 percent of adults nationwide have a favorable opinion of the actor, while 71 percent have an unfavorable impression.

Those findings also say 42 percent have a very unfavorable view of the Two and A Half Men star. Ouch.

And while Sheen news is dominating publications and websites (like yours truly), it looks like only 35 percent of Americans are keeping up with the headlines.  Most folks — like 63 percent — are not paying attention to news reports about Sheen curing himself with his brain or his crazy talk about warlocks (perish the thought!). And among those who are actually taking the time to get the dirty details, 57 percent support the Men’s producers while only 18 percent give a thumbs-up to Sheen.

The survey of 1,000 adults was conducted on March 1 and 2 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of error is plus/minus 3 percentage points. For more about this oh-so-important survey, click here.

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  • cscsmb

    “16% of adults nationwide have a favorable opinion of Charlie Sheen”

    Drug users and/or clinically insane.

    • Mike

      And he has 86% of the 12-17 year old boys admiring him as well. (Sometimes people of this age group can be confused with the clincally insane.)

      • Katyna

        It’s scientific proof that 12-17 year old boys brains are physically altered and do not in any way resemble a “normal” brain. So you are correct that teenage boys are clinically insane.

      • sally

        Katyna are you a doctor? What scientific studies are you refering to that claim all teenage boys are clinically insane? Seriously, what you’re saying makes no sense.

      • Zakry

        I fail to see the point.

      • Steve-O

        katyna teenage boys are stoned not clinically insane. so get a life. TEENAGE BOYS = WINNING!!! CHARLIE SHEEN = WINNING!!! WAYY!!! jdmars02 charlie sheen is the one snorting rocks of your mum. WINNING!!!

    • Kim

      Nah, just hipsters.

    • LSK

      Excuse me but I am clinically insane and I do NOT have a favorable impression of Charlie Sheen.

  • jordan

    Thank God! I was starting to think I was the only one who was sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen.

    • AT

      You’re not… I’m getting really tired of it, especially since some of my co-workers have to rehash it all as well. I’m starting to get irritated by EW’s coverage of his craziness superceding just about all other entertainment news too.

    • smaggs

      If your so sick of hearing about it why would you be here reading this story. People like to say they are sick of hearing about something yet they remain glued to the situation. People sick of a situation dont take the time to comment about it.

      • Seapig

        People who are sick of a situation Do take the time to comment on it, obviously. I’m sick of it, and here I am, commenting. Jordan, like myself, probably just saw the title “Poll: Charlie Sheen is Not Winning”, and found it very appealing, as one who is tired of Charlie Sheen would.

        Now go out and play, nub

      • Ames

        It’s like a train wreck, I can’t look away.

      • Delilah

        very good comment, if you don’t like hearing, don’t listen..

    • Steve-O

      You cant be sick of hearing about charlie sheen hes in your mums bed every night and you enjoy listening to her. WINNING!!!

  • PN

    I think when the Charlie Sheen media tour went overboard by a third, that might have increased the unfavorable rating.

  • DH

    16% of 300 million is 48 million viewers for his show. That could be defined as winning.

    • Diana

      The show doesn’t get 300 million viewers. The highest number of viewers is around 11 million. If the 16% who like him is based upon the viewers of the show, that is 1.76 million. I’d guess the actual true number, not one based upon an extrapolated projection based upon a poll, which may or not be drawn from actual viewers of the show, is far smaller.

      • Ben

        Neither math nor logic is your strong point is it Diana. You just reinforced the point DH is trying to make, even with 16% of the US population, Sheen could attract 1.5x the viewers of 2 and a half men. Americans are stupid. Charlie is evidence of that but so are most of the comments here and articles on EW.com as well.

    • sxycindy

      Yes! Charlie is WINNING! Love you Charlie boy, see you on twitter baby! Even the haters cant resist him, you all still read every article about him. Get a life and quit judging how Charlie lives his! Rock on Charlie!

      • Brett

        Better cut down on that Tiger Blood, cindy.

  • Jules

    if you have an opinion about him (like it is matter seriously..eyeroll) STOP TALKING AND WRITING ABOUT HIM !!! The insane one is maybe not the one we though well at least the insane one is certainly not the pathetic, dumb one for sure !

    • laura

      That made no sense whatsoever…you sure you’re not insane? Or perhaps you are just incapable of writing coherent sentences…

    • Zakry

      I’m with Laura, have no idea what you’re saying. Stay off the tiger blood.

  • Reuben DeVries

    Try keeping North Americans away from their favorite TV program and your popularity ratings will go down, imagine what would happen if Ryan Seacrest or someone on American Idol went Charlie Sheen crazy, I think there might be rioting in the streets…

    • Ter

      Huh? Why? Most North Americans really don’t care what celebrities do. They’re there to host or act in TV shows. It’s the handful of us that go to websites like this that care. Most do not.

    • On Behalf of Canadians

      Leave us out of it, eh?

  • GCL

    I think the findings of the poll merely reinforce what Mr Sheen has been claiming all along – that the vast majority of Americans are simply mindless trolls and sheep.

    It is not the number of Charlie’s supporters, but rather the vehemence and loyalty of the Sheen supporters that are of consequence, and that polls and pollsters fail to capture.

    • Delilah

      Love it..

  • jdmars02

    Who IS Charlie Sheen??? Even Charlie does not care…

  • TigerBlood Warlock

    he is awesome!!!!!!

    • Rock Star from Mars

      Ain’t he!

    • Adonis

      He’s got my DNA!

  • Derr

    Obviously the people keeping up are gossip fans and potheads. Duh winning!

  • LOL

    You need tigerblood to keep Sheening this much!

  • andy

    Its so easy for people to criticize others, noones perfect, give the guy a break!

  • Ray

    What I think is crazy is the fact that we making such a big deal about all this why is it a suprise he done this in the past he going to it a again its not news worthy .he on drugs he likes hookers so does most of hollywood are we going to canel all tv movies its his life he wants to piss it away that up to him cbs I understand cuz I worked wit drug addicts and there unreilable .so cut your losses

  • aj

    Charlie has really burnt those bridges for good this time. I think the nation, as a whole, has tired of all these celebs who can’t get it together: the Lindsay Lohans, the Courtney Loves, the Britanny Spears, the Charlie Sheens and more…Let’s find something useful to discuss instead of these pathetic figures who can’t seem to grow up.

    • Rock Star from Mars

      aj, baby…the corn is green…a couple of things, briefly…I get that you speak for the nation, as a whole, when based on the content of you comment you imply that the discussion we as a nation should are to be having is not the antics of the bad boys and girls, but the metatopic of not talking about the bad boys and girls…thanks for the suggestion, the dude abides.

    • Rowl

      Don’t forget the Lady GaGa’s

  • Pete Davis

    Well duh! The study was probably of people with “normal brains” and as Charlie made abundantly clear, you can’t “process him” with a “normal brain.” Obviously the people who did the poll aren’t paying attention!

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